New on Universal in December 2010

Written by Tashi from the blog Universal Channel on 02 Dec 2010
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New to Universal Channel in December 2010:

Monk 8
Premiere date: Thursday, 9 December 2010 at 20h05

Monk is thrilled to serve as a bodyguard for his favourite actress, a former child star, until he learns the hard way how different she is from her television alter-ego.

For more about the series, see: TVSA's Monk 8 Show Page.


Christmas Mail
On: Wednesday,1 December 2010 at 18h30

Sparks fly when postman Matt meets his mysterious new co-worker Kristi. As an official “Santa Writer”, Kristi is buried in children’s letters to Santa; her job: respond to every letter addressed to Santa.

But their petty boss Fuller gets suspicious of this new employee that fell out of thin air, so he enlists a reluctant Matt to spy on her. But the more Matt gets to know Kristi, the more he falls in love with her.

Christmas In The Clouds
On: Wednesday, 2 December 2010 at 18h30

Through a pen pal dating service, Joe Clouds on Fire is paired with Tina Pisati, a chic New York professional whose family name is Little Hawk. Joe has told Tina about his luxury resort but hasn’t mentioned that he is 30 years older than her.

Meanwhile, Tina goes to stay at the resort just as everyone is expecting a visit from a luxury hotel critic. Everyone thinks that Tina is the critic while Tina believes that Joe’s handsome son Ray is her pen pal.

Christmas Do Over
On: Monday, 6 December 2010 at 18h30

Frustrated commercial jingle writer Kevin (Jay Mohr), begrudgingly spends Christmas Day with his son, ex-wife and family.

His ex-in-laws are less than thrilled at the reunion, but most put on a good show for 6-year-old Ben. Kevin’s ex Jill has a boyfriend who is everything Kevin is not - successful, thoughtful, gracious and attentive.

Everyone but Kevin has happily moved on, but when Kevin finds himself repeatedly reliving this Christmas Day, he also gets the chance to win
back his old life.

The Christmas Gift
On: Monday, 13 December 2010 at 18h30

St. Thomas orphanage is overrun by three so called unadoptable boys; insecure nine-year-old Henry, independent ten-year-old Mike, and brainy Ray, also 10.

When renovations begin on the orphanage, the boys are sent to stay with farming couple Jack and Cherie who make Christmas toys for underprivileged children.

The boys can’t resist pulling pranks but Jack and Cherie try to teach
them self-respect and consider adopting one of them. The boys hear of the plan and decide to stick together, pack up, and runaway.

Christmas In Canaan
On: Tuesday 14 December 2010 at 18h30

The Texas town of Canaan in the early 1960s is home to a pair of ten-year-old classmates. White farm boy DJ Burton and Rodney Freeman, a young black aspiring writer, have a contentious friendship.

When their differences escalate into a fight, DJ’s widowed father, Daniel, and
Rodney’s grandmother Eunice conspire to bring them together to get along. Tough times hit Rodney’s family, bringing him and DJ closer over the Christmas holidays.

But during opposition to the Civil Rights movement, a racially charged atmosphere threatens everything they have been fighting for.


There will also be a movie marathon on Christmas Eve/Day featuring a line-up of various movies inlcuding:

Holiday Switch

A housewife wishes she married her now famous boyfriend from high school. Her Christmas wish comes true and teaches her a lesson about life.

The Christmas Choir

Based on a true story, The Christmas Choir follows the efforts of a group of homeless people who become a successful singing group.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

A tale about a chaotic family who come together for Christmas.

Grandpa for Christmas

An estranged family is reunited and a dear old man, enjoys being called grandpa for the first time in his life.

Universal is on DStv, Channel 108.


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