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7de Laan Teasers - May 2010 (Updated)

Written by TVSA Team from the blog 7de Laan Teasers on 15 May 2010
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Coming up on 7de Laan in May, 2010:

Monday, 3 May 2010
Episode 2211

Miss Slager wants to talk to Neville and Charmaine about Errol. Felicity gets news from her doctor. Gabriël tries to put in a good word for Gert, but will it work?

Diederik has a plan to keep Clara safe and she has to come up with a story on why she has to go to Romania. Richard hears where he can find Paula and she is frantic.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010
Episode 2212

Tim and Gita have to go for blood test with regards to her pregnancy. How will Neville react if Tim wants to put a stop to Wesley's plan?

It becomes clearer how Richard fits into Paula's life. Oubaas and Hilda are shocked when they hear what happened between Flooze and Gert at the karaoke night.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010
Episode 2213

Xander has strong feelings about Neville's announcement that he will go ahead with the new newspaper even though Tim doesn't think it is a good idea.

Will Charmaine catch Clara in her house today? Richard pleads with Paula to give him another chance - how will she react?

Thursday, 6 May 2010
Episode 2214 

Diederik needs to make a plan when Errol wants to work in the den and Clara wants to go out. Wesley tries to get Tim on his side.

Paula is scared when she hears Altus is coming back the following day and Zinzi suspects that Paula is cheating on Altus.

Friday, 7 May 2010
Episode 2215

Diederik stresses when Lukas wants to phone Clara in Boekarest. How will Gita react when Herman sees there ia a moment between her and Tim? Richard doesn't want to accept that Paula doesn't want him in her life and shows a dark side. Altus sees something shocking.

Monday, 10 May 2010
Episode 2216

Errol catches Diederik and Clara off-guard. Even though Isabelle is excited about their trip to Tuscany, she's still anxious about Vanessa and the Studio 7 exhibition.

A remorseful San-Mari confesses to Alyce and tells her what she did to Paula. Altus gives Paula the cold shoulder. Tim and Gita wait anxiously for the Doctors' results. Neville convinces a doubtful Wesley that there is still hope.

Thursday, 11 May 2010
Episode 2217

Errol promises Diederik that he will keep quiet about Clara. Vanessa and Xander have a huge argument. Mandla impresses the Hillsiders with his article about soccer.

Oubaas and Hilda have to make an urgent trip to Rondomskrik. Paula is determined to resolve the misunderstanding between her and Altus. Richard books tickets for himself and Paula. Gita overreacts when Herman asks her about Tim.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010
Episode 2218

Hilda suspects that Moekie is manipulating Oubaas with her stories. Neville wants to put the Deli up as collateral to start the new newspaper.

Herman feels uneasy about Gita being so distracted. Neville wonders about Wesley's divorce. Wesley's ex-wife, Diana shows up. Diederik declares his love to Clara.

Thursday, 13 May 2010
Episode 2219

Oubaas struggles to handle Moekie alone but Maria has no intention of going to help. Diederik tries to find out more about the gangster. Emma starts accepting the reality of her pregnancy.

Gita makes it very clear to Tim that Herman is now the man she depends on. Richards' uncontrollable jealousy and aggression starts to show. Felicity confides in San-Mari.

Friday, 14 May 2010
Episode 2220

Diederik tells Clara what her and Mandla's plan of action is. Charmaine catches Clara and Diederik out. Everyone wants to put in their two cents worth about the Deli being put up as collateral.

Errol is asked to do a review for the Hillside Times about "The Lost Boy." Emma is not ready to be a mother and she realises that she still has to break the news to her mother.

Monday, 17 May 2010
Episode 2221

Lukas and Vince are determined to get San-Mari's tickets to the World Cup opening. Vanessa decides on an artist. Hilda is convinced that Oubaas isn't going to come back. Emma tells Felicity that her mother suggested that she give the baby up for adoption.

Richard sees Altus and Paula together and he's fuming. He later confronts Paula. San-Mari helps Felicity with a physiotherapy session. Ryno asks Errol to speak at the book launch. Lukas catches Clara and Diederik out.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010
Episode 2222

A tense Errol comes up with all sorts of excuses about why he cannot deliver a speech but Diederik encourages him. Diana wants to speak to Wesley about something.

Emma watches as a mother struggles between her work and baby. Neville gets the go-ahead from the bank. Lukas and Diederik bury the hatchet regarding Clara. Paula finally comes out with the truth.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010
Episode 2223 

Altus is shocked by Paula's confession. Mandla is excited but Xander is still a bit skeptical about the new newspaper. Vanessa is positive about the exhibition.

San-Mari realises why the guys are being so nice to her and she plans her revenge. Charmaine and Matrone hear that Emma wants to give her baby up for adoption. Gita goes into labour.

Thursday, 20 May 2010
Episode 2224

Tim, Neville and Wesley are full of plans for the new newspaper. San-Mari and Zinzi conspire to get Lukas and Vince back for what they did. Neville insists that Mandla do a story about Paula and Richard.

San-Mari encourages Felicity and convinces her that she will walk again. Tim finds it difficult to accept that Gita is shutting him out. Isabelle is in a state when she hears that Emma is giving her baby up for adoption.

Friday, 21 May 2010
Episode 2225

Hilda tells Oubaas that she's very ill. Vanessa is worried about the budget. Paula is upset when she sees the story about her in the Times. Zinzi sets a trap for Vince and Lukas. Diana invites the men over for dinner.

Matrone scolds Gita for not taking things easy. Emma is upset because she has to tell Dawid about her plans. Altus and Paula reconcile after she promises him that there are no more secrets.

Monday, 24 May 2010
Episode 2226

Oubaas reacts to Hilda's "illness", but not in the way she wants him to. Wesley tells Diana how he feels about her. Gita gets labour pains again and this tiMay it is not a false alarm. Only one person is allowed in the labour room with Gita. Who will she choose? Herman or Tim?

Tuesday, 25 May 2010
Episode 2227

Altus hears Paula saw Richard the previous day, how will he react? Gita forgot about Herman for a while, and gets panicky about him. Diana and Wesley don't feel the saMay about their kiss.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010
Episode 2228

Diana tries to break the bond between her and Wesley. Vince has a plan to get Oubaas back in Hillside and Oubaas falls for it. How will Altus react when he sees an article about Paula in Die Oggendblad? Vince gives Vanessa, who doesn't focus on her deli work, an ultimatum. Isabelle wants to confront Emma about her baby.

Thursday, 27 May 2010
Episode 2229

Hilda makes Oubaas more suspicious when she makes as if a certain guest slept over. Will Herman like Lukas' idea for a soccer promotion? Wesley and Diana break news to Neville about their relationship. Felicity has a breakthrough and that makes her optimism stronger.

Friday, 28 May 2010
Episode 2230

A few items disappear in Hillside. While Tim is holding his baby, Gita tells him what the future of their relationship will be. Die Oggendblad wants to interview Paula and Altus pushes het to start the divorce. Hilda is worried that she took it too far and Oubaas is on the war path.

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23 Apr 2010 12:34

ja, ja ek is eerste . it looks if wesley is going to Gita's place to create problems. enjoy the whole month all of you.

23 Apr 2010 12:54

Poor Paul......san marie  you are wicked!!!!

23 Apr 2010 13:38

San mari childish and irresponsible.

sexy d
23 Apr 2010 13:38

finally gita giving birth is about time

23 Apr 2010 15:02

whats up with herman cant he decide which woman he wants to be with.

23 Apr 2010 20:52

Yay may updates!

24 Apr 2010 04:42

oohh!! im on top 10!!!now lemme read

24 Apr 2010 06:38

Ok we now know when the bambino is coming. Cant wait! only one thing they missed. Is it a boy or a girl? and why dont they tell us a name! sad for tim realy liked him and gita together, but herman might just keep her in line. Just wondering what the moment gita and tim has mean, maybe somewhere in the future they will hook up again.

Boss lady
24 Apr 2010 12:59

Poor Paula is going thru a hectic rod but glad she and altie will work things out.

tv freak
24 Apr 2010 17:12

finally dieds get the courage to tell clara how he feels dats long overdue!!! and cnt wait to see gita's baby and what is wesley up to hy lyk suma so skelm!

25 Apr 2010 13:57

Can't wait to see ashley hayden act (diana). I'm watching the omnibus especially for this. After survivor ashley, only greater things wait for u :)

26 Apr 2010 08:26


26 Apr 2010 12:21

Interesting month, i've been wondering, is PAULA pregnant in real life? it must be my eyes deceiving me but i am spotting a baby bump there.

26 Apr 2010 13:24

What part does Diana play?  Where does she fit in to the laan. 
I agree that San Marie was in the wrong but I hate to see females fight.  That was quite a punch.  Everyone is so stupid they believe the stupid gym story.

Shame on you Herman for what you are doing to Felicity cant you see that Gita is a snake.  Those faces she pulls are really ugly.

Yes paula is pregnant in real life and we still dont know if they are going to write it into the script.  Emma looks huge and she has just found out she is pregant.

Errol what have you done now.    I cant stand nosey neighbours but arent you allowed to make a noise until midnight.  I know I have to put up with the noise if a house in hour road has a party

sexy d
26 Apr 2010 13:40

@MakaB Duh she is preg in real life

26 Apr 2010 15:14

still dont bloody know if its a boy or girl

Black Bella
27 Apr 2010 14:00

Wow Paula is married!!

28 Apr 2010 09:08

this is boring

29 Apr 2010 08:48

Boring boring

29 Apr 2010 09:56

omg paula is MARRIED..........OH NO, i'll watch 7delann in June :(

29 Apr 2010 13:12

Looks like Paula git married to that stupid guy hanging around looking for her. So not fit into the script for me man....Dont even have the urge to watch 7de Laan anymore.....

29 Apr 2010 16:56

Paula is married to the guy who played Errol's mum's boyfriend who used to beat them up all the time

29 Apr 2010 20:41


30 Apr 2010 13:27

MS ...duh Paula is married in 7de laan with Richard

30 Apr 2010 13:36

Tazzi  I am talking about her real life husband DUH

30 Apr 2010 19:53

these days i watch 7delaan even though is more like a comedy than a soapie,people have u noticed that gita has been pregnant for more than 10 months.

30 Apr 2010 19:57

i'm glad the writers decided to write emma`s pregnancy into the storyline unlike last time,paula is pregnant too everybody can see that dont you dare you writers to hide the fact i want to see paula transforming to be a mother.

30 Apr 2010 20:08

why is clara dating lukas again,they dated remember or u forgot as for san mari i dont know what to say anymore.i hate whst u are doing to felicity`s character,every man cheat on her vince,xander,neville now goodi goodie herman with a gita the slut no man,felicity is the most beautiful and stylish woman 7delaan has ever had well maybe after,man should be after her not cheating her someone with a status like janhendrick.

30 Apr 2010 23:19

poor felicity cant keep a man and she is so beautiful.     Whats going to happen about Paula's pregnancy? Is it  going to be part of the programe.  Herman I hate you

01 May 2010 19:40

Omg its so true gita being preggs for so long and san mari jou tief ek wens flooze het jou met twee blou oe gelos het, way to go flooze jy rock big time. Ek is moeg vir paula en altus se rollercoaster relationship-ek hoop hulle sort hulle goede uit an alice pls change your hairstyle

02 May 2010 14:10

oh my gosh i hate it when things go sour between paula and altie they are my favourite couple ........i wish they get married

02 May 2010 20:29

does any one know who the english guy is that is looking for paula?

03 May 2010 07:47

Ugh almal gaan an asof gita forever swanger is. Toe nie. Gan kyk na wanneer di baba kom en werk 42 weke trug. Dan maak dit sin! en die ou wat paula soek is richard!

03 May 2010 10:12

Are puala and Gita  the only interesting women of this soapy bcos all men want them.I think Hilda and Ouaas should Retire no.To answer you question googelator that's Paula's ex boyfriend.For you Altie go back to Sanmarie bcos she never did staaf like these before.7 delaan is boring now.

03 May 2010 14:47

I wish San Marie can just grow up and get over Altie. He never really loved her never the way he loved Paula

03 May 2010 14:47

I wish San Marie can just grow up and get over Altie. He never really loved her never the way he loved Paula

03 May 2010 15:10

Its paulas husband!

03 May 2010 19:11

Am I reading correctly, is Paula married, what next do the writers have up their sleeves to break up our favourite couple Paula and Altie....I just hope they are not thinking of putting Altie back together with San-Marie I will stop watching 7de Laan all together should that happen. San-Marie tried worse @Sizeka, and Altie has never loved another woman the way he loves Paula, they were meant to be together from the start, I have been a fan of 7de Laan since the onset, and when Altie and Paula were later introduced they were meant for each other. @MS I cannot stand the site of Herman I change channels the minute his scenes are on, one minute he was in love with Felicity the next he is professing his love for the conniving snake Gita. @Mdl so do I hate when things go bad between Altie and Paula and right now it looks like things are getting sour, I guess with the birth of her baby coming up in June, the writers are up to some dirty trick, I hope that they allow Altie to leave until Paula gets back from maternity leave lol

04 May 2010 08:21

Herman hoo! the sweet guys are really bad, and to think that i hated Emma for what she did to him... i just think the San Mari is just stupid.she never stops 

04 May 2010 17:48

Ever since i started watching 7delaan. Sanmari was nt my favourite, i jst dnt lyk wat she did 2 Paula. She sucks and nt tht attractive! I prefer Paula bcoz she has a gud taste of life than Sanmari. I was very happy tht Sanmari gt punched by Flooze. I wished i punched her too!

At the moment am nt watching 7delaan coz the drama is really frustrating me so i decided 2 gt bk afta the world cup ends. Bt will continue 2 c updates

05 May 2010 09:41

Havent seen 7de laan for two weeks and I cant say I miss it.

JouMira Mira
05 May 2010 12:15

Felicity sal nooit man kry in 7delaan omdat haar man in di regte lewe haar sal donner, so bly maar `n shoe maker siestog.

hey jy, San Marie, ek weens floozy slaan jou ander oog ook toe, jy's mannerig jou ou meit gaan soek vi jo `n man.* lol *

05 May 2010 14:01


05 May 2010 19:04

@ wynie so bek moet jem kry vertel vir haar!!!!!!!

06 May 2010 09:31

Any one talking english here?????

06 May 2010 11:22

I dont know why everyone is making San Mari out to be the bad one, yes she was wrong & childish to do what she did to Paula, but i think that it was wrong of Paula to break up San Mari & Altie knwoing that she's married to Richard.

sexy d
06 May 2010 14:53

i think it was wrong of Paula to break up SanMari & Altie knowoing that shes married to Richard.......WHAT

@LeatitiaPri is it true and if yes when did they got married surely i missed that part cause i had no idea that Paula was married..

In real life who is Paula married to?

06 May 2010 15:53

@sexy d 
Paula got married to Richard, the Englishman, the time she went overseas & started with this whole Miss Madelein thing.  The truth will still come out now in May.
I think Paula in engaged to that guy that took part in 7de Laan, he was Errol's mother's boyfriend.

07 May 2010 13:28

im all ready cheking in daily for june updates.... im addicted to 7de laan

tsaki tsaki
08 May 2010 21:28


10 May 2010 13:40

Oh gee when did paula get married to Richard?  No wonder he is stalking her.

How long do you think you can keep Clara in your bedroom diederick?  You have a screw loose.  Errol wont be able to keep quiet

10 May 2010 14:33

10 May 2010 14:36


10 May 2010 19:21

Zander stop being so boring,banal en pedanties.j is n regte suurknol.stop trying to be mr perfect

10 May 2010 22:17

Herman is crazy first emma then felicity and now Gita where is your taste guy you jump from one to the other.  I think Emma was the best girl for him but now she is pregnant and is it really Dawid's baby.   Neville I think he is taking a huge risk he doesnt even know Wesley. 

12 May 2010 09:11

Shame poor Paula, that guy is psycho.

12 May 2010 13:20

13 May 2010 09:14

Does no one come in here anymore.  I am tired of talking to myself

13 May 2010 09:57

Herman is just crazy, actually with all his workers. Lucas& San Marie! It's like they don't have a life, they are chasing it. What is it one can see from Gita? Maybe he is playing desperation. Now, I believe what others are saying about pregnant women, they normal say "they are attractive & loveable" no wonder why Herman was attracted. 

Paula, why can't she be frank with Alti and tell him what happened while she was away! That was not good for Alti to to see Paula kissing that eNGLISH Man! Paula is not assertive to this guy, it's like she still loves him. Poor Alti, anyway I loved them together with Paula.

Diedi, what's cooking on with Clara?

14 May 2010 09:05

Is Paula married to Richard?  Gooodness he is a pain in the arse cant he just accept that it is over you cant force someone to love you

14 May 2010 13:51

floozie what's your intention with that man (Gert) are you...Paula do you still love Richard?why cant you get some help to get rid of him.Felicity all my prayers are for you i wish you walk again and see how Herman will react.Gita who do you choose?....

14 May 2010 14:01

i hope she picks tim, she loves him even if she wont admit it

15 May 2010 14:57

mmmm 7delaan looks cool!! people clara needs to make up her mind about which guy she wants she is acting stupid ek is lief vir lukie ja? stupid i wonder about gitas kid a girl or a boy and what is the kids name gonna be cant wait 2 find out

15 May 2010 17:20

@smg clara needs to be shot!!!!! im wondering bout the baby to!!!! only 9 more days hey

16 May 2010 14:52

i agree with u clara is sooo stupid! cant wait 4 gitas kid! she should pick no-one they both suck!! gita should rather pick one of her girlfriends p.s. not that she has any!!!!

16 May 2010 19:20

zinzi then everyone will know bout everything in a few minutes

17 May 2010 08:27

Clara is so interesting, Charmaine was speechless.

17 May 2010 10:11

Paula married Richard when she was in UK. Thats the secret he was threatening to publish.  Altie is now pushing for the devorce - I think!

17 May 2010 10:47

I missed the omnibus so I am way behind.  Does altus know the truth now?
and if so what is he doing about it.  Clara is so dumb she doesnt know what she wants I would strangle her if i had to work with her

17 May 2010 12:33

@MS not yet he will know this week and a reconciliation as well

17 May 2010 15:54

Where is the updates for the 31st!!!!!

17 May 2010 15:54

Where is the updates for the 31st!!!!!

18 May 2010 10:27

OKAY thank you so does Richard go back to the UK without her?

Do you think Isabella will try and adopt Emma's baby?

Herman and Gita are so not right together.  I still think Emma and HErman should be together.    Whats happening with Felicity does she know about Herman and Gita   shame poor girl hope you can walk soon

18 May 2010 10:53

@ms yes she does, he told her when they broke up that he is inlove with gita, and that they are together!!!!! i do agree bou herman and emma, gita still loves tim even if sh doesnt want to admit it, just scared i reckon. the herman and gita thing realy had me exited at first, but now i justwant her back with tim!!!!!

18 May 2010 15:31

While Tim is holding his baby, Gita tells him what the future of their relationship will be.I hope she brings him closer to the baby.I like that hushy gul so much m not sure of her name floozie or flossie.(hotlips)

18 May 2010 15:31

While Tim is holding his baby, Gita tells him what the future of their relationship will be.I hope she brings him closer to the baby.I like that hushy gul so much m not sure of her name floozie or flossie.(hotlips)

19 May 2010 11:32

OKay what did Gita have a boy or girl and whats the name.  I think that she should be with Tim,he is the dad.    Is altus and Paula okay now I havent seen the programme for a week. sorry for all the questions

19 May 2010 12:19

@ms she didnt have it yet it coming the 24th, but i reckon its gonna be one of those episodes that end in the middle of whatever is happening, but hopefully well get to see the baby the 24th, paula told altie that shes married to whats-his-face. will see tonite if they are ok, but i do think shes gonna pick tim if you look at the previews for the 25th "Gita forgot about Herman for a while, and gets panicky about him. " i realy do hope she goes back to tim, but get the tv plus gitas on the cover and it gives a pretty good idea of what gita is feeling thinking and why shes doing what at the moment, but it doesnt say who she picks, or what the baby is. :-(

19 May 2010 16:50

Thanks Lizette will get the TV plus

21 May 2010 13:47

eish, some1 needs 2 sort out i wardrobe ye 7de Laan, Isabella and Emma are the worst dressed on set, Vanessa also looks terrible, who dresses them?

22 May 2010 21:06

@rafzozo i think those characters get dresed in the dark i mean yuck!!!!!

23 May 2010 12:32

Still no june updates :-(

24 May 2010 09:40

Is that all you people can comment on is what they are wearing who cares what they are wearing lets chat about what is going on in DIE LAAN. 

sexy d
24 May 2010 12:57

i agree with you MS did you guys see or was it my eyes the book that felicity was reading in the deli has the same pictures that the lady venessa want to held at studio 7 i think that women take pics in the magazine and paint them as her own

24 May 2010 14:12

I am so happy that Altus and Paula are back.  Felicity you cannot judge emma for what she is doing remember you had charmaine who treated you like her own daughter for support.  Who has Emma got?  I think Dawid will come back if she tells him but is it what we want  he is such a skelm.

24 May 2010 14:37

@sexyd - I also think that the pic's in that book looked the same as the ones Vannesa had.

25 May 2010 17:57

I would like herman and gita together rather then Tim. I think gita was selfish to choose Tim in the hospital. I hope Altus and Paula are back together

25 May 2010 18:14

Hi guys! Welcome me i'm new. What's happening on the 31st.

25 May 2010 18:15

Hi guys! Welcome me i'm new. What's happening on the 31st.

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