Date Night

Written by Segololo from the blog Movieholic Rantings on 07 Apr 2010
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Hilarious! Hilarious! Hilarious!! For days after watching this movie, I would still crack up in laughter as scenes crept up in my mind. YOU can’t miss this one! A typical married couple, Phil and Claire Foster (Steve Carell & Tina Fey) have 2 kids and they go out one evening a week to their local hot restu for some chat and me-time... but often these date nights end up being catch up sessions about kids, work, bills and the mortgage. 

They find themselves wondering if they are just roommates when at their book club meeting their close friends and couple, Haley & Brad Sullivan (Kirsten Wiig and Mike Buffalo), confide to them about their relationship. 

date night cops

On a quest to do something different on their weekly date night evening, they vow to have fun and live a little – they find themselves in a whole different world to theirs as the evening progresses into their most exciting evening and the most hilarious that if they ever have to retell it, NO-ONE would believe it or that they participated in those acts... 

The scenes with Mark Wahlberg as Holbrooke will be enjoyed for those peeps that need to see top-less scenes... Completely hilarious!! Taraji P. Henson is also in this movie as Detective Arroyo. 

Date night Holbrooke

YOU CAN’T MISS THIS ONE!!! It was worth every cent I would have had to pay to watch it. If you enjoyed the movie The Hangover – you will most definitely enjoy this movie... I give this move 15/5... Yah, it was that good for me... I swear even while writing this review, I still ROFLMFFFBBBAO when I recall the scenes and acts from that movie... 

date night post

The movie starts showing at Nu-Metro theatres on the 9 April 2010


07 Apr 2010 10:57

How did you see the film before it opened?

07 Apr 2010 11:08

I think ive seen the trailer & i promise to spoil myself so i'll definitely go & see it. 

I need a good laugh. Thanks Sego!

07 Apr 2010 11:20

@ Onkez - there are press screenings that journalists get invited to - so I see the movies sometimes months before it shows at the theater...

07 Apr 2010 11:30

will definately watch it...this is one of my favourite genres...thanks Segs

07 Apr 2010 11:38

I also the preview at the cinema, it really looks hilarious...i admit its a must watch

07 Apr 2010 11:42

Okay Seg will have to go check it out.......... I will probably enjoy it

07 Apr 2010 11:52

will drag that man of mine along and go watch it, sounds good for an easy friday night.

07 Apr 2010 12:20

Is it only in Nu metro??? i cant get myself to go to Nu Metro, something about it...i like Ster Kinekor better

07 Apr 2010 12:28

the Glen has it scheduled for Thursday at 8pm. I will hopefully watch it next week. Thanks Sego

08 Apr 2010 17:11

feel u sthini, nami i cant watch a movie at Nu Metro....dont know why really...

09 Apr 2010 08:32

Watched this last night at the Ladies Night screening... crazy funny movie and definitely worth watching.

09 Apr 2010 08:48

I know that Ster kinekor are airing it. I know that Sterland definitely have it on.

12 Apr 2010 07:56

I weatched this over the weekend but the problem is I watched it after watching Outrageous(which is outrageously funny), so my standards were pretty high, it may not quite have hit all the right notes but the stripper scene was classic, now that was funny. 
I must say that although Outrageous is funny, I din't enjoy the movie because of the stench of urine coming from the place, I am talking about Cine 10 at Sterland. Let me not start with the unclean toilets, don't they pay a company to clean the place. The toilets are so unclean, I avoid buying a drink to avoid having to go to the toilet.

12 Apr 2010 09:46

calamity - what is outrageous? is it showing at sterland?

12 Apr 2010 12:12

It is showing at Sterland, it is sort of like "Kings of Comedy", where you get a behind the scenes look at the comedians. All the comedians were funny but Barry Hilton and Riaad Moosa stood out for me, So, it is sort of like a documentary, and you get to see them on stage performing, starring John Vlissmas, Joey Rasdien, Loyiso Gola, Barry Hilton, Riaad and an Indian lady (can't remember her name). It is hilarious. I must say that the only time I laughed this hard was when I watched Borat for the first time. You should go check it out, and take your sense of humour with you. No topic is off limits.

19 Apr 2010 14:19

The worst comedy  I have ever seen in my entire life... I thought the movie was just not funny at all...

19 Apr 2010 14:31

i also thought it wasnt that funny at all, but kinda okay nothing wow about it

29 Apr 2010 12:20

enjoyed it!!!!!

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