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Muvhango Teasers - April 2010

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Muvhango Teasers on 30 Mar 2010
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Coming up on Muvhango this April, 2010:

Thursday, 1 April 2010
Episode 1124

There's huge excitement about the upcoming book launch, until an over-eager Spha drops chicken livers in the kitchen and Dineo injures herself when she slips in the gravy.

The elders are not happy with Mulalo's plea and deny him access to the inner circle. A baby is dumped on James - and he's accused of being the father!

Spha spills gravy on an author, and quits in anger. James tries to explain things to an angry Juby.

Monday 5 April 2010
Episode 1125

The women think that James is scum and James is worn out having been up all night with the baby.

Agnes sympathizes with Mulalo but can't help him. Pearl has discovered a note that fell from the baby's bundle but James can't make sense of it.

Spha is convinced that he's finally crossed the line, and is ready to leave, but Thandaza won't let him leave.

Tuesday 6 April 2010
Episode 1126

James and Juby play out a proverbial married couple.
Spha continues to try and get Dineo to date him. Pearl agrees to pretend to be Spha's date.

James becomes more infatuated with Juby when he sees her coo-ing over the baby. Thandaza reminisces about Pheko.

Miriam is touched when Thandaza offers her an office in the new building. James gives his statement to the police and social worker, Juby leads them to believe she and James are a couple.

Wednesday 7 April 2010
Episode 1127

This is a moment of change in Spha's life and Thandaza and Mankosi are excited about it.

Thabisile is furious and can't stand to watch Juby playing family with James and the baby.

An emotional Thandaza and a tearful Mamkosi see Spha off on his first day back to school. James admits that he's enjoying spending time with Juby.

Thursday 8 April 2010
Episode 1128

James, Juby and baby pretty present a perfect family picture. Thandaza reminisces when Miriam arrives, the move begins.

It's a final farewell to the old offices.

Juby apologizes for being so tough and controlling, she's falling for James
Spha tries to play matchmaker for Thandaza.

Monday 12 April 2010
Episode 1129

James is an expert dad with Baby Pretty. Thandaza and James admire the Atrium and really feel like they have arrived.

Spha enlists Dineo in his quest to find Mr. Right for Thandaza. The social worker warns James and Juby not to get too attached to Baby Pretty.

James remembers a girl called Puleng from his past and lands up in the dog box. Meme and KK make a sinister appearance at the new offices.

Tuesday 13 April 2010
Episode  2010

Spha is still fixated by the lack of his aunt's love-life.

Thabisile warns Juby to stay away from James. Mulalo suggests something that would set Agnes up for a clash with Azwindini.

Thandaza starts her meeting with all the MH subsidiary businesses all in the same building. Meme and KK surprise the team when they arrive for a meeting; they are the new owners of the distribution and Logistics Company.

Wednesday 14 April 2010
Episode 1131

Thandaza fury knows no bounds. Spha meets Mr. Right, and gets his number.

A furious Thandaza clashes with a placid Meme and KK. Azwindini seems to listen to Mulalo when he advises him on getting a new khadzi.

A hurt Kukie attempts to find holes in the contract, and Nomusa makes an unwelcome appearance with an offer of assistance.

KK and Kukie's relationship is again put under threat by their business interests. KK is angry with himself for again putting his relationship with Kukie in jeopardy, he and Meme toast to their future success.

Thursday 15 April 2010
Episode 1132

Kukie and Nomusa deliver bad news and Thandaza sets off to confront Meme face-to-face.

Thandaza demands to know Meme's agenda - Meme claims it's all business
Mulalo tells Agnes' that Azwindini is definitely replacing her with Lufuno.

James believes Meme's lies again. James and Juby decide they want to care for the baby in the meantime but it may be short lived as the potential mother has come forward.

Monday 19 April 2010
Episode 1133

James take the baby in for the dna tests. KK wants to bury the hatchet, but Thandaza won't accept his or Meme's good faith.

Kukie is concerned when an irrational Thandaza seems willing to pay any price to get rid of Meme and KK.

Thandaza receives a panicked call from Spha, and agrees to come and fetch him from work. James and Juby are in denial about the possibility of the baby leaving.

Spha has set up another blind date for Thandaza.

Tuesday 20 April 2010
Episode 1134

Thandaza's successful date with Mr. Right convinces her that she doesn't need a man. Meme wants to woo MH staff over to their company.

Mulalo drives a wedge between Azwindini and Agnes. Azwindini shatters Agnes' illusions of harmony between them.

Spha refuses to reconcile with his father.

Wednesday 21 April 2010
Episode 1135

Ms Phiri brings reality crashing into James and Juby's lives.

Meme accuses Pearl of sabotaging her by sending her clients to the wrong floor. Kukie ignores KK when she sees him at reception.

A power play is on between Masse and MH, KK took Thabisile's parking. Thandaza offers Miriam the Mukwevho Milling position of MD. Juby confronts James about his relief over the dna tests.

Spha and Mfungelwa come face to face but Spha is furious and doesn't want to know his father

Thursday 22 April 2010
Episode 1136

Kukie realizes that KK is genuine. Juby hides nearly having a breakdown and James gets a call from Ms Phiri.

Baby Pretty is returned to her mother, Juby and James are devastated.

Spha opens up about his father. Mushasha decides to keep an eye on Mulalo.
James convinces himself that he's glad to have his life.

Monday 26 April 2010
Episode 1137

Juby misses baby Pretty, but will she admit to missing James? Kukie and KK kiss and make up.

Spha is speechless when Mfungelwa suggests umsebenzi. The distance between James and Juby seems to be growing. Meme hatches a sinister plan.

The first Buthelezi family reunion is awkward. A policeman arrives out of the blue to enquire about Spha's whereabouts.

Tuesday 27 April 2010
Episode 1138

Thandaza confronts Spha about the police Spha convinces her that he's never been involved in crime.

Spha gives Vusi his necklace and plans to disappear. Miriam's appointment upsets Meme and stirs her into action. She wants to bring her own brilliant minds into her company.

Thandaza is worried when Meiki informs her that Spha hasn't come to work
James goes on a blind date.

When they find that all of Spha's belongings are gone, Mankosi and Thandaza turn to prayer.

Wednesday 28 April 2010
Episode 1139

Thandaza questions Vusi about Spha's whereabouts. Mulalo's plans to unsettle Agnes are successful.

Thandaza finds out that Spha lied to her about night school. Meme wants to buy the Venda Mill but KK is skeptical about Thandaza finding out.

Juby finds out about James's date.

Thursday 29 April 2010
Episode 1140

The detective on Spha's case is convinced that Spha is guilty and puts fear into Thandaza about his innocence.

Miriam proves to Meme and KK that she is the boss. Dineo receives a box of chocolates that she presumes is from Spha.

KK tests Thabisile's loyalty by trying to lure her over to Masase. Thandaza finds out about Dineo's box of chocolates Nomusa encourages her to call to Detective Letswalo.

Azwindini reads Mulalo the riot act, after questioning him about Agnes

Muvhango is on SABC2 Mondays to Thursdays at 21h00.


30 Mar 2010 22:24


i'm not feeling spha. can't someone shoot him already?

31 Mar 2010 01:54

that's all i can say.

31 Mar 2010 08:59

yaa ne movhago wa bora and o ntse o bora sis man

31 Mar 2010 09:12

No pls don't shoot spha,Pleeeeeeeeeeeease

31 Mar 2010 09:15


31 Mar 2010 09:46

31 Mar 2010 10:06

Meme and Kk why do you like to make Thandazas life a living hell

31 Mar 2010 11:04

made it to the top ten yay..

Muvhango is getting hard to watch.....Boring

31 Mar 2010 12:39

am confused fighting again??

sexy d
31 Mar 2010 12:50

boring boring boring and boring why cant they just stop fighting jst for 1 month and they must just love one another and why is thabisile telling juby to stay away from james...does she has feeling for him or what? 

Da Diva
31 Mar 2010 12:54

Eish i dnt like dis juby girl.....

31 Mar 2010 14:46

Memme and KK again AG MAN!

31 Mar 2010 15:14

romance doesnt stay for two months in this soepie why? are they all meant to be alone.I have to contact to writer so he can put me on this soepie so I can Kiss Pearl.

31 Mar 2010 15:56

Same old same old, Meme stay interfering in Tandaza's life, same script that they just edit all the tim, aaaaaaa "ywan" this is so predictable

31 Mar 2010 18:03

SUCKS this month, it's getting worse each month!

31 Mar 2010 19:06

Top 20 wow let me read! I hope I will nt fall asleep reading lol

01 Apr 2010 08:11

01 Apr 2010 08:11


01 Apr 2010 08:11


01 Apr 2010 08:11


01 Apr 2010 08:11


01 Apr 2010 08:12


02 Apr 2010 02:26

meme again,i thot she was cleansed,stil bac 2 her old ways,pls return pheko

02 Apr 2010 10:18


mokgopo enos
02 Apr 2010 19:42

OH NO GUYS. This month on muvhango we are about to see the unpredictable. It is all about MUVHANGO AND MUVHANGO and that's what we want. I am happy to hear that MEMEand KK are back on MH to stir things up and board room fights will begin.MEME will continue to complicate THANDAZA'S life cause without MEME there wont be muvhango.KEEP UP THE WRITERS AND GLAD YOU STICK TO YOUR THEME, MUVHANGO AND MUVHANGO CAUSE THAT'S WHAT MUVHANGO IS ALL ABOUT "ENDLESS FIGHT"

mokgopo enos
02 Apr 2010 19:46

Those of you guys who are saying muvhango is boring you are wrong. Look at the advertisement when is muvhango. Do you think advertisers will want to advertise on show that don't attract human interest. definetely NOT. Muvhango is ranking on top 5 on South African soapies for massive audience. AND is because of all the fights that keep advertisers attracted.

Da Diva
04 Apr 2010 14:05

Muvhango iz interesting dis mnth..i wonder who iz da mother of dat baby coz i dnt think James has a clue.

tsaki tsaki
06 Apr 2010 23:29

muvhango is boring

07 Apr 2010 14:25

.....muvhango is boring!!!!! check out how many replies it receives from us and check out replies of other soapies, that should surely show that it's not even worth commenting on. We now just read through and not bother commenting and watch it when we have nothing else better to watch

mokgopo enos
08 Apr 2010 02:17

Muvhango has the massive audience is just that the majority of people who watch muvhango their living standard is so low that they don't have access to internet and staff, come on guys IJO!

08 Apr 2010 10:42

Shame guys, how can you say Muvhango is boring? I think they are gaining their strength back after taking over from Tshedza, they are still fixing things and I believe they are doing a great job abo Thandaza, James, Thabisile, Kukie etc.

But uKK othithibele kanje asisamjwayele nokho! He must shake things up like Mashaba on Generation uhlale ewuDEVIL 24/7.

Kodwa ngoSpha noZULU BOY some people are luck. Does he really have the potential or it's just that he is a popular face on TV? They are both really ZULU BOYS!

08 Apr 2010 13:20

im not feeling juby, as for meme wu eeee! she is an irritation to thandaza's life she must be sorted very soon her and kk.

08 Apr 2010 13:21

@Krystal.........Its not about the comments other soapies get, Muhvango delivers the best about mostly our cultures. Most of the soapies are being Westernised like Generations, have you ever seen a black cultured gal sleep/ falling in love with man from the same family?
Muhvango does not show us junk...
We love seeing people kissing everytime, but Muhvango is a well reserved soapie, its educational not boring.

08 Apr 2010 15:49

guess you're right Big Mama, yoh we really need to analyse the way we do things nowadays ne? We are so westernised for sure. Thanks for bringing me back to my senses......and roots

08 Apr 2010 15:58

@Krystal...l am glad l helped you. If you are a rural gal like me, you will understand Muhvango....Tah

08 Apr 2010 16:58


08 Apr 2010 19:23

What is muvhango thing? When & where can I watch it?

puppy love
09 Apr 2010 14:12

@mokgopo enos 
stop acting dum coz by now all of us has access to internet where do you come from or are you also one of the people from rural areas...muvhango is darm boring they should shift it to 12 at nyt when everyone is sleeping....Thandaza you rock you should be in muvhango you go to generation or isindingo

Good advice it is sumthing you wouldnt like to know about or watch...

mokgopo enos
09 Apr 2010 18:19

proudly rural boy who is conscious about his culture like  BIG MAMA and KRYSTAL and who understand muvhango argument what they are trying to bring in our homes from mon-thurs. BIG UP MUVHANGO.  BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS what happened to that spirit? that what is trying to revive. IJO GUYS

Da Diva
09 Apr 2010 23:19

@Lushi...muvhango is a very interesting soapie...its on SABC2 4M 9pm-9:30...there is a repeat on Sabc1 at 9:30 am and on SABC2 at 3:30 pm then an omnibus on Saturdays at 1:00pm...try it u will enjoy it.... Its a pity people keep on saying Muvhango is boring bt they still watching it...mfm

12 Apr 2010 09:26

ash i dot like that juby gil

13 Apr 2010 12:59

Hi guys i also enjoy watching Muvhango but i'm enjoying james,jubi and the baby story line at the moment.  i like Spha

16 Apr 2010 12:36

hey guys, m new to this but m a loyal follower of muvhango, but the only sad part is that i have to read the subtitles in order to understand. muvhango can get boring sometimes, i too think that thandaza should move to Gen so that she can shape up Dineo, ((she's one of my favorites)). i love pearl, just wish there was a way i can tel her that her new hair dresser is a big NO.

16 Apr 2010 15:17

ya i loved muvhango when there were abo dubsie n edward. they should hire me to be their script writer they cant keep on saying same staff ai d tym. iqiniso ukuthi UYABORA and i am dissapointed as a their EX-FAN. STOP WATCHING IT GUYZ TILL A BEST SCRIPT WRITER TAKES OVER. that's the only way.

16 Apr 2010 15:19


20 Apr 2010 12:26

i hate that juby character guys

20 Apr 2010 13:03

20 Apr 2010 15:20

Ohh please Meme is boring me now that gal will neva change she's evil....

sexy d
21 Apr 2010 10:11

boring boring boring  someone is always plotting to see sumone fail without that person doing anything to the for instance

mulalo is trying to sabotage agnes
meme for thandaza
kk for thandaza

what is wrong with these people.,...

22 Apr 2010 14:08

it not as if iv got smthing wrong or smthing but why every soapie i nale muntu o selfish ka so imean u meme can't she learn and yeah mablogers i know it a story but still i can't tolerate ezinye izinto

22 Apr 2010 14:24

guys i dont know if im d only who thinks lyk dis, but i think james' frand is hott,amazinyo wakhe yohhhh! i cnt stand kk"s ugly face. thandaza is uber hottttt i thnk dey shld get her a man ASAP. and d couples shld kiss, we r tired of couples who act lyk franz plizzzzzz. othawise luv the show.

22 Apr 2010 14:38

Meme z boring,kk z boring,juby z lyk a 13 yr old sh z boring,th baby story line z boring,th whole chieftancy thng z boring 4rm susan,agnes,mulalo,chief hmself no mamakhe nakakade,they r ol boring!!mfm.Spha z funy,tandaza z cul,kukie hay-i andmaz,thulisile z luvly&jame's frnd i hp he had a fatter part on th play.whow khona shame kubi kula soapi,ngamagqolo maan.thandaza hs natural hair so z kukie&hr translater,evn meme&pumpkin,as wel as juby&tulisile,susan,pfulwani,miriam evn agnes&dat receiptionist hv cheap material in their heads,haysuka tandaza's mum,chiefs mum,th traditional healers wife.whe hv u seen sch a thng.mpaa!!

puppy love
22 Apr 2010 14:51

Exactly Sknara atleast someone sees what im talking about,actually i think they shud hire writer from Gen to spice up 7de laan is even beta dan muvhango......

22 Apr 2010 16:00

Hi guyz i also watch de soapie cos my bf like it.i used to b a no 1 fan bt lost interest ka nako e Agnes ale khadzi nd doing zulu rituals at de same tym.Juby,james and de baby`s part is boring especially Jubygal herself uya bora nje.It seems as if deres no lovelife on dis soapie.Thandaza,kukei wit her translater,thabisile(or watever name dey cal her)de receptionists(who recently appeared on khumbulekhaya and motswako wit her fathers issue) dey r all single not ready to date anyone. I do agree wit u Sknara not only cheap material in their head,even their clothing as for Lufuno used to wear long skirts and tops from eskodini.

27 Apr 2010 13:43

eeish I saw some really bad acting on Muvhango last nite. Juby and that guy u friend kaJames.  Yo what a disaster.

05 May 2010 11:59

mmnh ya movhango waboring a agree wth those abath mavhango wango tyms hv changed,things hv changed y cnt thy modernise e f*kn spoie

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