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Days Of Our Lives Teasers - March 2010

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Days of Our Lives Teasers on 24 Feb 2010
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Coming up on Days this March, 2010:

Monday, 1 March 2010
Episode 10 550

Sami believes that she can't go through with killing E.J. Celeste tells Sami that tonight E.J. will be roasting in hell. Sami scolds Will when she learns that E.J. paid him to install a few things.

Willow asks Nick to prove that the hairbrush isn't hers. Chelsea begins to seduce Max by taking off her coat revealing a sex outfit and the two end up kissing.

Will yells at his mother for her spending more time with E.J. than her own family. Roman approaches Nick about the "missing" hairbrush from the lab.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010
Episode 10 551

Celeste tells Sami that she has to drug Lucas. Roman approaches Willow and tells her he thinks she took the brush. Philip tells E.J. that he wants an update; E.J. gets Will to teach him how to hook up the surveillance stuff.

Max explains to Chelsea that they have been down that road and that he doesn't want to go back - Chelsea then shocks Max by saying that the reason she is mad at Abby is because she knew about Nick and Billie.

Kate realizes that E.J.'s fiancée is an anagram of Sami's name, she then goes to tell Lucas but he refuses to listen. E.J. is confronted by Kate and says that she is on to him. Nick begins to regret his actions of taking the hairbrush

Wednesday, 3 March 2010
Episode 10 552

Kate wants Philip to tell her what he and E.J. are up to. Sami is able to drug Lucas, but gets Celeste's help in getting there on time. Willow wants to know who stole the brush Nick or Chelsea.

Belle overhears Shawn and Gabby's conversation. Philip promises Kate that he will not tell E.J. where Shawn is if he finds him. Chelsea flat out accuses Willow of framing her by planting her brush at Bo's house.

E.J. thinks that Sami is playing him for a fool. Duck is concerned when he tells Shawn that he fell for Gabby's little sob story.

Thursday, 4 March 2010
Episode 10 553

Kayla and Maggie are astounded at Stephanie's new look as she walks into Chez Rouge. Belle clears the air with Gabby on her feelings for Shawn. Kate says that if Sami is with E.J. she'll tell Philip to kick the door in.

Kayla explains to Stephanie exactly what her father has gone through since she left. Dr. Kraft tells Kayla about her being taken off of Steve's case and is worried about his safety.

Stephanie tells Abby to have a fake boyfriend - someone Maggie will approve and still keep seeing Max. Sami starts kissing E.J. and the lipstick does the trick and Celeste gets the gasoline and starts pouring it everywhere and Sami strikes a match.

Friday, 5 March 2010
Episode 10 554

Abe tells Roman that he is going to have another cornea transplant and will be back at work real soon. Steve breaks down as Kayla brings Stephanie to see him and she sees him bruised and asks him who did this to him.

Shawn tells Belle that Gabby says that she doesn't want her anywhere near him. Roman thinks Kate has lost her mind when she tells him about Sami and E.J. getting married.

Sami breaks down to Celeste and says that she can't do it. Belle has a dream about her father and he asks her if she trusts Shawn or not. Abe calls Celeste and she confirms that Sami is with Lucas. Shawn questions the whole idea of travelling together after Gabby attempts to come on to him.

Celeste and Sami attempt to leave the cabin until E.J. calls out her name. Roman agrees to go with Kate to the hotel to check on Lucas. Kayla and Stephanie tell Roman and Abe that Steve is ready to talk.

Sami realizes that she forgot her suitcase and sees E.J. standing behind her, he goes unconscious again and she makes a run for it and Sami and Celeste watch as the cabin burns with E.J. inside.

Monday, 8 March 2010
Episode 10 555

Dr. Granger gives Steve a round of shock therapy treatment. E.J. yells out for Samantha to come help him but Celeste tells Sami that the cops are coming and they can't be found there and they leave. Kate takes an axe to the hotel room door to check on Lucas.

Bo, Kayla and Stephanie are shocked when it seems that Steve has changed his mind about giving a statement, Kayla then finds burn marks on his temple.

Shawn returns to the room and Belle and Claire and their things are gone. Gabby gives him a letter that Belle left and when he reads it the more he realizes that he loves her.

Kate is shocked when she sees Sami come out of the bathroom, and tries with no luck to convince Lucas that Sami was with E.J. Bo tells Dr. Granger to give E.J. a message that it'll take more than a court order to keep him and Kayla away from Steve.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010
Episode 10 556

Belle calls Marlena and tells her that she wants to come home, but she tells her to stay and work things out with Shawn. She tells her about the dream she had about her father showing her a coin.

Bo tells Stephanie aggravating her mother is not what she needs right now. Lucas is surprised when Sami tells him that she wants to go to New Orleans to help rebuild houses.

Kayla slaps Stephanie when she says that she is wasting her time waiting for her Steve to come home. Everyone receives word about the death of E.J. Wells. Gabby lets Belle have it for making Shawn worry about her.

Marlena checks John's hand and is relieved when she finds the coin. Bo tells everyone that no body was found in the cabin

Wednesday, 10 March 2010
Episode 10 557

Kayla wants Bo's help in helping her break Steve out of the hospital. Sami receives a telephone call from someone who's breathing on the other end.

Shawn and Belle reconnect, and she then tells him that she called her mother. Hope offers to go with Bo to Tinda Lau to look for the kids.

Philip overhears a conversation between Hope and Marlena and learns where Belle and Shawn are hiding. Belle is relieved that Shawn isn't mad when she called Marlena.

Bo is against the idea of breaking Steve out. Sami hides her suitcase under the bed to keep Lucas from finding it. Shawn and Belle push the beds together and the two make love.

Thursday, 11 March 2010
Episode 10 558

Hope tells Shawn what Willow has done to her house and is convinced that the baby she's carrying is Shawn's, which leads Shawn to believe it as well.

Sami shares her theory with Celeste that E.J. somehow put the semi-burned gasoline can in the bed and that he's still alive. Celeste tells Sami that she'll do her best in telling E.J. not to harm Sami.

Billie tells Bo that Philip could've been the one who set up the surveillance in his house, Bo then warns Billie that if Philip harms Shawn he will hold her and Kate responsible. Kate tells Lucas that he is sitting back while Mythic is going down the drain and that they could be unemployed.

Billie demands that Kate tells her where Philip is and thinks she is the reason their family is so screwed up. Celeste makes a phone call to meet someone. Bo warns Shawn that Philip knows where he is and is on his way.

Belle says that she is tired of running and wants to stay and fight. Hope suggests to Bo that they raise Willow's kid. While in the ladies room at Chez Rouge, Sami screams as she sees E.J. in one of the bathroom stalls.

Friday, 12 March 2010
Episode 10 559

Philip shows up. Belle is able to throw hot tea in his face and tells Shawn that he is here. E.J. thanks Celeste and she reveals that she forced Sami to agree to kill him. In return he promised to tell her where Lexie is.

Hope wants Willow to sign over her parental rights to Bo and herself, which infuriates Willow and she refuses.

Sami screams and reveals that she saw a man in the bathroom, she then collapses and Lucas takes her to the hospital. Kate later finds E.J.'s business card in the restroom and confronts Sami about it at the hospital.

The sheriff tells Philip that Tinda Lau has no extradition treaty and that he can't do anything, so Philip tells Duck that he is renting a room and isn't letting Belle and Shawn out of his sights.

Willow calls Nick and tells him that she needs his help. Kate overhears Celeste and E.J. discussing their plans.

Monday, 15 March 2010
Episode 10 560

Kayla suggests to Roman that Adrienne go to bat for her brother Steve. Willow tells Nick that Hope wants her to sign over her baby. E.J. disguises himself in scrubs to get into Sami's hospital room with a syringe as soon as Lucas leaves.

Stephanie agrees to fight for her father a little while longer. Kayla asks Roman if they can fight the court order keeping her away from Steve. Kayla enlists Steve's sister Adrienne to help him get out of the hospital.

Sami yells for help after E.J. injects something in her I.V. and then leaves. Nick agrees to post Willow's bail under the condition that she keeps this a secret. Adrienne agrees to go undercover at the State Hospital to help Steve.

Lucas tells Sami that she shouldn't be afraid of the truth, and then E.J. walks in.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010
Episode 10 561

After telling Abby that she broke up with Nick, Abby then tells Chelsea that Nick plans on returning the hairbrush. Kate goes to Abe and apologizes for her behaviour the other night but Abe wants to know what she's really up to.

Lucas tells E.J. to get out of Sami's room or he'll throw him out himself. Nick posts Willow's bail and is glad to be getting out of jail. After Lucas and E.J. leave Sami's monitors start to go off and she is concerned for the baby.

Chelsea openly admits to Abby that maybe she did use Nick a little and she tries to get her to tell Nick what she told her. Stephanie convinces Abby and Chelsea to join her for a night on the town.

Kate stumbles upon something and thinks she's got Sami; Kate then sees Celeste and says that she knows her dirty little secret.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010
Episode 10 562

E.J. keeps Kate from blowing Sami out of the water with what she discovered. Philip tells Shawn that there is no way that he and Belle are leaving the island with Claire.

Belle asks Gabby for a pass key to Philip's room in order to find out what he is up to. Lucas sprays Kate and E.J. with a fire extinguisher after he and Sami catch them conspiring.

Philip thinks Gabby is keeping him at the bar so Belle can go through his room. Philip begins to feel the effects of the sleeping pill that Gabby put in his beer.

Kate asks E.J. just what exactly is he planning to do at Sami and Lucas' wedding.

Thursday, 18 March 2010
Episode 10 563

Billie lays into E.J. about using her security system to spy on Bo and says that their contract and partnership is now null and void. Philip begins to wake up but slips back into unconsciousness.

Gabby tells Duck to let Belle and Shawn go, Philip comes downstairs and he tells Shawn and Belle that if they agree to shared custody of Claire then all this can end right now.

E.J. goes to Kate and asks her where Philip is and she tells him that he is on an island called Tinda Lau somewhere in the South Pacific. Adrienne tells Bo that Dr. Granger is bringing Steve into the eating area.

Duck pulls a gun on Shawn who tries to escape with Belle and Claire - Duck says that they aren't going anywhere. Adrienne finally breaks through to Steve by getting him to remember Kayla and her. Duck then shoots Shawn and Philip yells at Duck.

Friday, 19 March 2010
Episode 10 564

Steve tells Adrienne that he is turning her in to his 'superiors'. E.J. shows up at the hospital, and realises that Adrienne was planted by Bo and Kayla.

Adrienne turns out the lights in the common and manages to get Steve out of the hospital. Kayla thanks Adrienne for her help. Duck tells Philip to take Claire and run, but Belle tells Philip that he's going to have to kill her first.

Belle goes after Philip when he takes Claire and leaves. Shawn tells the sheriff that he doesn't want to press charges against Duck.

Celeste tells Sami that Kate stole the photo that shows her and E.J. in Lexie's car. Sami starts to tell Lucas the truth but Will says that it's time to get to the church.

Monday, 22 March 2010
Episode 10 565

Sami worries that her marriage will be doomed if she marries Lucas without telling him the truth. E.J. shows up at the church to watch the ceremony. When the photographer can't make it, Will insists on doing the job.

Steve begins the de-programming process with Kayla by his side. Roman tells Sami that she will get it right this time. Chelsea learns that Willow is out of jail when she stops by Chez Rouge.

Nick and Max get an eyeful when Stephanie shows up at the church. Billie asks Chelsea if Willow is telling the truth about Nick taking the hairbrush from the lab at her request, she then lies to her by saying it isn't true.

Kate appears in the back of the church which makes Sami nervous and then E.J. walks in.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010
Episode 10 566

E.J. begins to walk towards Sami and sits down in front. Sami and Lucas are pronounced husband and wife. Kate is then upset that he didn't stop the wedding.

Everyone gathers at Chez Rouge for the reception and Lucas and Sami have a first dance as a married couple. Roman is told by Kayla that Steve was abducted by thugs - possibly sent by E.J.

After the DVD tribute to Sami and Lucas is over the picture of Sami and E.J. in Lexie's car appears on the screen and Sami tries to explain, that she had no choice but to help E.J. escape.

Stephanie gets hurt when Chelsea's reckless driving gets out of hand. E.J. flashes the Devil card in front of Steve and orders him to go to Tinda Lao to kill Bo Brady.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010
Episode 10 567

Kayla takes a drill to the lock on E.J.'s apartment door. Kayla tells Will that E.J. will indeed pay after hearing what he pulled at his parent's reception.

Sami asks Lucas to forgive her, but is shocked when Lucas tells her not to be up set on their wedding day. Kayla tells Roman and Hope that E.J. sent Steve to Tinda Lao.

Stephanie tells Nick to go look for her cell phone at the church hoping it'll bring him and Chelsea back together, when she reaches under her blanket and sees that she had her phone all along.

Lucas cuts a piece of cake and shoves it right into Kate's face which stuns everyone in the room. Sami punches E.J. in the face. Kayla prepares to go to Steve when Hope tells her that Stephanie was in an accident.

Sami is relieved when Lucas tells her, privately; that he has always known E.J. was involved in his rescue, and she tells him she did something else in exchange for saving his life.

Thursday, 25 March 2010
Episode 10 568

Sami tells Lucas that there's a possibility that the baby that she's carrying could be E.J's. Shawn is glad his father is there to help look for Belle and Claire.

At the church Willow overhears Nick profess his love for Chelsea. Bo insists that they use a dog to track down Claire's scent by using an article of her clothing.

Sami tries to convince him that he leaving is the best thing, but is stunned when he refuses to leave her when she needs him the most. Philip asks Belle if she would consider them being a family again.

Lucas continues to surprise Sami and tell her that since the baby is half her he will love it anyway. Shawn and Gabby search desperately for Belle and Claire, who is holed up in a cave with Philip.

Friday, 26 March 2010
Episode 10 569

Kayla tells Adrienne that it's possible that Steve was sent to Tinda Lao to kill Bo and Shawn. E.J tells Lucas that Sami drugged him the night and Sami confirms that she did and that Celeste talked her into killing E.J.

Philip knocks out Shawn and leaves with Belle and Claire. Gabby realizes that the message was that she has the GPS and Bo locates the boat and it's heading to Australia.

Adrienne gives Kayla a gun and is shocked to learn that she plans to use it on Steve if necessary. Kate doesn't understand why Lucas is staying with Sami after all the lies that she has told him.

Sami and Lucas prepare to leave for their honeymoon in New Orleans to help with the Katrina victims and E.J. follows them after they get on the elevator. Bo and Shawn hear a plane overhead and learn from Gabby that the person is looking for Bo Brady.

Monday, 29 March 2010
Episode 10 570

Hope tells Chelsea what to do if she's ready to lose her virginity. Hope begins to worry when Adrienne tells her that she thinks E.J. sent Steve to kill Bo and Shawn.

Nick tells Willow that she has to leave Maggie's house, he then tells her to hide when Maggie checks on him. Chelsea goes to Nick's room and tells him that she is ready to go to the next step in their relationship, she then storms out when Nick doesn't appear to be in the mood.

Bo learns from Hope that E.J. sent Steve to Tinda Lao, Bo then gets Gabby to get Steve away from Shawn so he can talk to him privately and shares with Shawn what Hope told him as Steve overhears nearby.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010
Episode 10 571

Maggie finds a pair of woman's underwear in Nick's room as Willow is hiding in the bathroom and wonders what's going on. Chelsea asks Nick to move out of his Aunt Maggie's house.

Bo tells Shawn that there is no way he is getting on that plane with Steve. Philip wants to make the best of things by bringing Claire up on deck to look at the stars.

Gabby shows Bo the gun that she found in Steve's which convinces Shawn that he is up to no good and then Bo asks Gabby to put it back where she found it. Philip vows to Belle that he will return to Salem the minute Claire calls him Daddy.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010
Episode 10 572

Info. to follow.

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