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Generations Teasers - December 2009

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 29 Nov 2009
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Coming up on Generations this December, 2009:

Tuesday 1 December 2009
Episode 2959

Sharon tries to reach out and gets snubbed for it. Sara's conscience is plaguing her so she heads for Siqalo. Jason is shocked when he finally sees how callous Neli is.

Wednesday 2 December 2009
Episode 2960

Queen is shocked to hear what the big secret is that's been causing all the fuss. A disgusted Paul let's rip at Kenneth. Khaphela decides to invite Khethiwe to his wedding.

Thursday 3 December 2009
Episode 2961

Seeing his brother's suffering makes Ajax wonder if he did the right thing. Samuel panics about how he'll get the money for the bachelor's together. Karabo's not sure whether to be annoyed or amused by the cocky sales pitch.

Friday 4 December 2009
Episode 2962

Cleo's uncomfortable when she receives a premature wedding gift. Zamani decides to send someone else to LA. The bachelors doesn't get off to a good start.

Monday 7 December 2009
Episode 2963

Ntombi's getting fed up with the silent treatment Ngamla's giving her. Gladys is over the moon when she sees who's back in town. Jason doesn't seem very excited about his new job.

Tuesday 8 December 2009
Episode 2964

Khethiwe's question about his upcoming marriage gets Khaphela's back up. Senzo does not like being made a fool of and makes this very clear. Dumisani is livid when he gets snubbed in front of a smug Ace.

Wednesday 9 December 2009
Episode 2965

Sharon suggests Samuel find another topic for his article. The tension in the music studio at Mashaba Media is palpable… Scheming Neli witnesses an intimate moment which sets her mind racing.

Thursday 10 December 2009
Episode 2966

Nokubonga shows just how much of a brat she is. Jason is shocked when he hears their big secret is out. Ajax pushes and pushes until Zamani finally snaps.

Friday 11 December 2009
Episode 2967

Senzo begs his friends not to let people in on their secret… just yet. Sara makes a last-ditch effort to get the truth to come out. Regret always comes too late as Khethiwe's already seen what's in the journal…

Monday 14 December 2009
Episode 2968

Dumisani can't help feeling sympathy when he sees Khaphela's pain. Sharon is floored by an unexpected proposal. Fed up Ntombi decides is enough is enough - she's leaving.

Tuesday 15 December 2009
Episode 2969

Dineo's apprehensive about her court appearance today. Cleo finally pours her heart out about what really happened with Alistair. Ngamla gets dragged out of Mashaba Media kicking and screaming.

Wednesday 16 December 2009
Episode 2970

A hurt Senzo isn't going to let his father off the hook that easily. Well-meaning Ruby shows that her heart is in the right place. Sara is shocked to see the 'state' Christina is in.

Thursday 17 December 2009
Episode 2971

Zamani and Khaphela find common ground in their pain. Jason's thrown by an unexpected invitation to play golf. The later it gets, the more Ntombi fears Karabo's warning has come true.

Friday 18 December 2009
Episode 2972

Shock and horror as a shaken Dineo explains what happened to her. Accusations fly wildly when Ngamla arrives at the shebeen. What starts out as a confrontation ends up in a long-overdue kiss.

Monday 21 December 2009
Episode 2973

News comes back about the little girl at the mortuary… Dumisani's amused by a blatant ploy to make him jealous. Sara decides it's time to come clean about being in on Cleo's secret.

Tuesday 22 December 2009
Episode 72 2974

After being at odds for weeks the Dlomos are finally united in their pain. Kenneth proves that underneath his cold exterior he does have a heart. Khethiwe finds something unexpected stuck to her door…

Wednesday 23 December 2009
Episode 2975

The world stands still as two terrified parents wait for the nurse to reveal the child… Senzo's slowly but surely getting fed up with his friend's snide comments. Shock and amazement when a surprise visitor shows up at Karabo's house.

Thursday 24 December 2009
Episode 2976

Jason is up to something but won't reveal what it is. A happy moment at the hospital quickly turns awkward when an unwelcome visitor arrives. Zamani receives word from Neli and decides to fly to her rescue.

Friday 25 December 2009
Episode 2977

Paul sneaks into the living room early, is hurt by what he finds. Is today the day Ngamla will hear the truth about his gay son? Lonely Kenneth is surprised when he receives not one but two female visitors.

Monday 28 December 2009
Episode 2978

Ntombi gives her brother hell for getting married. Is Dineo starting to regret getting divorced? Angela is shocked and delighted when Karabo makes a surprise announcement.

Tuesday 29 December 2009
Episode 2979

Sizani tries to appeal to her husband but doesn't get very far. Gladys is skeptical about love being better the second time round. Dumisani has a surprise in store for Khethiwe…

Wednesday 30 December 2009
Episode 2980

Samuel is stressed about an envelope he's been given. The gay lovers decide it's time to do what they've been dreading since day one. Sharon decides to take matters into her own hands, to her own detriment.

Thursday 31 December 2009
Episodes 2981 and 2982
Please note: there's a double episode Generations special on tonight for New Year.

Pakheme's furious when an unwelcome, strangely dressed visitor arrives to see him. Lonely Paul is pleased to receive an unexpected invitation to a braai.
It's a special, touching moment when the Dlomos make their new year's resolutions.

Kenneth gives his ex a very cold welcome when she arrives to wish him happy new year. Khethiwe and Dumisani have an impromptu costume party to see in 2010. An unfortunate Senzo's new year ends on a very violent note.

Generations is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.


29 Nov 2009 14:22

hey hey!im so glad kuti u khethiwe uyabuya emuva!so much drama coming up in december and its good to hear.......................the gay lovers are going to let it out,even more drama.

29 Nov 2009 14:37

Hey! I'm 2nd yep 4 d 1st tym mwha

29 Nov 2009 14:49

hey, im third yipee. khetiwe is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 Nov 2009 14:54

Tjoh...i must say ths decemba kuzaw'bila 1 way... Cant w8 2 c da action! I ddnt notice anythn abt cleo's wedding though...myb it wont happen. I thnk sam n shaz wl tie the knot. N y wil paul b lonely, dnt tl me hez gna brk up wth karabz. Fl sowi 4 senzo...coz hel wl cum loose wen dlomo fndz out n i guess wl hv 2 w8 til nxt yr 2 c hs reaction. Oh ja i noticd khetiwe (wth no padded face lol...) n angela (hpe its stl the 1 we knw) r cmn bk, i guess we hav alot to look 4wrd 2 ths dec. N oh ja hw can i 4get, thrz sm new facez...4got their names n i guess we gna c unok'bonga 2.

29 Nov 2009 16:32

A lot of drama awaits us indeed!!!!!

29 Nov 2009 16:46

Here to being number 6 angela is coming back whoz da gal in the mortuary is it xtina

29 Nov 2009 17:29

A lot wl be happening here. Wl Khapela's wedding take off? Finally the gay lovers' secret is busted lol. OMG, is the gal in the mortuary  Christie?

29 Nov 2009 20:01

This is confusing!

29 Nov 2009 20:46

nah i dnt think its chrissie

29 Nov 2009 22:27

ke number 10 halaaaala!!!!

29 Nov 2009 23:09

And pls ppl of generations,Gladys needs 2b loved

29 Nov 2009 23:11

I hope da gal in mortuary ke Neli,eish wa khenya ngwano!

30 Nov 2009 07:47

yippie @ khethiwe 's come back but the death eish I hate deaths and am worried already cos am too emotional when it comes to such things and thanx bra mfundi seems it will be fun this month is iy a bonus to us

30 Nov 2009 08:10

 ayoba let me read first

30 Nov 2009 08:24

Hiiii blogeristoz!!!!!!!

I hope the gal in the mortuary is that brat Nokubonga while she was flying in 1st class.

30 Nov 2009 08:51

@yogi -- uyazi! unokubonga is such a cow. i wish my teenage child would talk to me like that. the belt would have reached through the phone and the ass-whuppin would have started there and then.

30 Nov 2009 08:55

@ yogi

I hope the gal in the mortuary is that brat Nokubonga while she was flying in 1st class.....................lmao

30 Nov 2009 09:20

LMAO GA you sound like Mofokeng!!LOL!!

30 Nov 2009 09:29

lots of fun this month, iinima tainingwa yakula.

30 Nov 2009 09:31

who is Phakeme, sizani and now??

Nokubonga shows just how much of a brat she is.
eish this child o rata dilo le tjhelete just like her mother lol, maybe she might just fall into her mothers foot steps...

Gosh i hope Chrissy is not the one in the mortuary...that child is cute hle bathong!!

Paul sneaks into the living room early, is hurt by what he its karabo and Angela talking about Tau? Paul stop being a baby but then again, you cant compete with people that have crossed over....

Why is Paul lonely now? 

30 Nov 2009 09:56

A happy moment at hospital i think deneo's baby is not dead they barried the wrong child.

30 Nov 2009 10:00

who is Phakeme, sizani and now??

Ntombi and Samuel 's parents if i'm not mistaken.

Why is Paul lonely now? 
maybe Karabo goes back to the US with Angela for New Year so poor Paulie is left all alone much to Dineo 's bliss! 

.....just like her mother lol jah neh,blackmailing her own mom like that! tjo!

What starts out as a confrontation ends up in a long-overdue kiss
.who kisses who here?

30 Nov 2009 10:02

Hau Mphe ! LOL!!

30 Nov 2009 10:37

I hope the gal in the mortuary is that brat Nokubonga while she was flying in 1st class.

lol lol lol

30 Nov 2009 11:33

thanks Ava, oh yes, you are right, they are maybe they will come back to kill Sam for getting married without!

30 Nov 2009 11:54

You guys are funny!!!!!

30 Nov 2009 12:25

wow gen is ayoba this who is Khetiwe going to date?

30 Nov 2009 12:45

@Tazteeq eish i hope not,the idea of the two of them just feels wrong to me yazi,but then again it would give little Dinny a taste of her own medicine!

@Cody LMAO at Sam's parents coming to kill him.makes perfect sense considering the bride in question- no no no Sharon is absolutely not chief's wife material!

Pakheme's furious when an unwelcome, strangely dressed visitor arrives to see him. Strangely dressed?? could this be Sharon in that hideous orange and brown outfit of hers??? LOL LOL!!!

30 Nov 2009 13:19

@ Ava Pakheme's furious when an unwelcome, strangely dressed visitor arrives to see him. I surely think its sharon...where does that girl get her clothes?dont they get clothes for free vhathu?did you see how good she looked when she went for that girl thingie with Queen and Cleo at Karabo's house???jeans and a simple yellow top but she looked sizzling, where then does she go wrong with her bizarre outfits?gosh There is so much drama in Dec, cant wait...i see uKhapelka finally learns the truth??Khetiwe picks up where she left off with Dumi and the kid??whats going on with the kid in the morgue?its cant be chrissy but i guess the Dlomos are going to have a fright so that their pain brings them together again!!!!! Cant wait at all!!!!!!

30 Nov 2009 13:32

Ayoba december episodes..hehehe "Mlam'wami" is back more drama...cnt wait...Im lost pls sum1 help is the wedding stll tkng place ?..Khaps & Cleo.

30 Nov 2009 14:02

Wow im over the moon, khethiwe and angela are coming back yepeeeeee:....i so very wish they could bring tau back

30 Nov 2009 14:13

i'm glad that secret of senzo and jason is coming out and i wonder ukuthi uSIBUSISO what he will say when he finds out lento kaSenzo and jason. 

30 Nov 2009 14:22

I am glad that Khethiwe is back and I am looking forward to generations this month

30 Nov 2009 14:22

Gugu i think Sharon will be wearing tight jeans with some top or sexy clothes, so you know how zulu chiefs are, a lady has to wear a dress and cover up!!....

30 Nov 2009 14:42

Khethiwe finds something unexpected stuck to her door…  maybe that psycho bridgette is coming after khethiwe again or it is a wedding invitation

30 Nov 2009 14:49

Pakheme's furious when an unwelcome, strangely dressed visitor arrives to see him. 
tl tl..thnx for the clarity ya gore who is Phakama...i was wrecking my brain..thinking maybe Sarah's dead husbandf's brother..khaphela in the mix there...etc etc wheew...

Khethiwe is back and from the teasers i aint happy no more...

I like the new dressed down Dineo...

30 Nov 2009 14:49

bathong let me get this straight is alistar nokubonga's father 

30 Nov 2009 14:54

Nooooooo madleza! the little "......", knows that alistar has money, so like her mother , she is hanging on to Alistar because he has money and he gives her everything she wants, i wouldnt be suprised if he goes and sleeps with Alistar behind her mothers back, i dont trust that child..

30 Nov 2009 15:00

yeah yeah Kheti is comin bac, hp the kid in the morgue is not Christy pliz Gen don't kill babies.
and heheh uSamuel getting married hehe!!!

30 Nov 2009 15:12

30 Nov 2009 15:47

Good Afternoon Bloggers,

Its been a long time, i haven't bloggered for quite a while was enjoying reading the replies.

Just to pass my prayers through to Menzi Ngubane after the wife had an accident at Allendale  3 Weeks ago.

Remember that with God in our hearts everything is possible.  She managed to get out of a coma after three weeks, so she needs more prayers to a speedy recovery.

All the best.


30 Nov 2009 16:00

hawu Jez we didnt know about Menzi's wife,I pray to God for her speedy recovery

30 Nov 2009 16:59

the long overdue kiss is probably Jasenzo is been long time since we saw them in action. i've been waiting for the secret to be out for so long you go boys let everyone know that you gays then you can hav your freedom. Jasenzo rocks.
Generations like killing babes/kids wats wrong wit dem are they Anti-babies. 

30 Nov 2009 17:00

the long overdue kiss is probably Jasenzo is been long time since we saw them in action. i've been waiting for the secret to be out for so long you go boys let everyone know that you gays then you can hav your freedom. Jasenzo rocks.
Generations like killing babes/kids wats wrong wit dem are they Anti-babies. 

30 Nov 2009 20:37

the long overdue kiss will be paul le dineo. she's hot for him. [paul is hot. i'm hot for him, even tho he is so short.] ... this trips me out that ntombi is blaming jasenzo for *bleep!*. got. [jasenzo. i like that. lol]... god, sibusiso finding out on xmas that senzo is ngochani ... not ayoba. been there, done that.

30 Nov 2009 23:29

30 Nov 2009 23:34

dlomo will kiss dineo. eventually ntombi will be wit kenny. dlomo wit dinny. chrisi aint dlomo's kid. watch the space!

01 Dec 2009 07:24

Good Morning all...

01 Dec 2009 07:42

Good morning Lovebry

01 Dec 2009 08:57

Good morning Lovebryoh gosh I love ama bloggers e generations, they are so creative. Oh God know please dont tell me Paul is going to kiss DineoI think maybe its Dineo who is going to kiss Kenneth, im confused. Some times these soaps are so heartbreaking but I will have a ball when that Neli girl dieshahahahahaha(evil laugh) I stick to my story that Senzo and Jason are my greatest love story and my heart in breaking on the anticipation of whats going to happen to Senzo for him to have a very violent end of yearmaybe Jason is gon have an accident or him. Hulala I dont think Sbare and uNomasonto are going to get married after all, otherwise why would uSbare be hurting??Better to hurt than get married to that callous woman with the funny weave that makes her look like umagogo.

01 Dec 2009 09:00

how do i make spaces vhathu??i type my things with spaces but when i post its just one chunky paragraph...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP ME PLEASE MA BLOGGERS!!!!!!!!

Da Diva
01 Dec 2009 09:05

Hi every1 i cant wait 2 c Dlomo when he hears da gay lovers stori. I just wish dat Neli girl must go 2 LA and neva come back, and now she's taking sharon's style of wearing her boyfriends shirts....

01 Dec 2009 09:16

@Da Diva...the feeling is mutual

01 Dec 2009 09:18

personally, i think that the kiss might be khaps le sara.

it seems that senzo is going to get gaybashed on new year's eve, and it will make sibusiso snap out of it. or maybe it's sibusiso that beats usenzo to a pulp.

[all these short people with violence issues. it's so sad.]

01 Dec 2009 09:40

I hope the girl who dies ke Nokubonga,she irritates the sh!t out of me.

01 Dec 2009 10:06

Regret always comes too late as Khethiwe's already seen what's in the journal…when it was in muvhango khaphela must have had  married khethiwe a long time ago for the replacement of her sister .  

01 Dec 2009 10:09

Has the character of Nokubonga been revealed yet? Seeing that people already hate her so much

01 Dec 2009 10:37

i think the kiss is btwn kenny and mtombi and the baby is chrisstie bcos mtombi and the husband are not getting along and they will be united during this time of pain andazi pipo

01 Dec 2009 10:38

@ schoeba

am so with u on gen to stop killing babies but eish lets just w8 and see

01 Dec 2009 10:50

mam ruby wa baba man...she really gave it to samuel without believable

And dinny...just bcos i believe in katlego danke..i choose to believe tht they do change the weave althought into the very same one all the time...she must love it  a lot...

Da Diva
01 Dec 2009 11:00

@Green Arrow u a right ngo Ruby, that's what shebeen queen did they dont take any noncense and money is their 1st priority..... I dont know what iz going on bitwin Dineo and Paul......

01 Dec 2009 11:04

@GML not yet.we only heard her voice when she was speaking to her mom on the phone and she was demanding a first class ticket on an hour long flight even blackmailing her mum to get her one! she sounded so spoilt yazi, so i'm guessing this is were the hatred developed.

@nkochani i dont mean to pry . mara wats with you and short pple?

Hello mabloggers!

01 Dec 2009 11:11

lol Ava, intresting Q.....i was just debating with a friend about short people.....and im kinda sorta sorta sorta short, so i was defending i plight ya "vertically challanged people"

Da Diva
01 Dec 2009 11:17

Nokbonga has no shame, as a child she dont have da right 2 blackmail her mother like dat bt we cant blame her dat much bcos even her mother( cleo) did dat 2 her mother in lobola negotiations, so like mother like daughter... If da wedding will b cancelled what will happen with dis bird's nest on her head?

lady gaga
01 Dec 2009 11:17

hey guys didn't watch yesterday.recap please anyone!!!

01 Dec 2009 11:31

here goes sungthing LadyG

Ntombi was still intears about Sbu with Sarah comforting her. Eventually she went on to tell Jasenzo that she will NEVER forgive them for teling Sbu.

Same old Cleo sulking about her deceit and Dumisani rubbing it in blatantly.

Karabo and Paul were having lunch or something at Ruby's and while dancing:
Paul gave Dineo tht look tht says in future they will hook up, Dineo wa s starrring at them, Mam Ruby came and aksed Dinny if she ddnt marry the wrong brother. She replied, 'thts ridiculous, Paul is with Karabo' (im paraphrasing), to which Mam Ruby relpied...not for long?

oh..Zamani decided to take Nelly to LA. This is just when Ajax was starting to warm up to her. But Nelly showed her true colours when she got excited and started bragging only to realise later that she was supposed to pretend to be sad coz "what about her and zamani"..She did, .but it was too late and Ajax read through her..or it seemed like it......And it was the end...Gen ballard.

I think i missed something tho'

01 Dec 2009 12:08

@GA...nah its more or less wat happened last nyt...

01 Dec 2009 12:28


Shiba's back again...

Missed you all Ma-bloggers.........

Geners will be "HOT" this December... Ayoba that side.........

And then Kethiwe is back "NICE" I like that

Feeling sorry for the Dlomo's if its little & lovely Christtie that will be "DEADLY DOOMED" (I wish it was Neli...... uyabora shame)

Bloggers it's Festive Season time "AGAIN"...... mazibile keep those parties coming - (as if I will be closing off at work soon enough) only closing off the 24th December - yhoo "shame on me"

Anyway this week Friday "SIYAZIWISA or- Kanjani" at the CTICC....

Anyway Mabloggers let me get back to Geners........ Senzo & Jason I like when you' lookin at each other - mmm that eye connection!!!!!

Sharp Mabloggers


Shiba's from da CT

01 Dec 2009 12:37

LOL GA ,i am  just curious i sister is also 'vertically challenged' ( she doesn't have any violence tendencies though and i'm pretty sure you don't either LOL)

I also missed Gen izolo so thanx for the recap!

01 Dec 2009 12:48

i have seen horizontally,emphasis on HORIZONTALLY, challenged people with a very violent nature too so i guess its relative

01 Dec 2009 13:25

guys generations dis month is going to so nice i must say. Kethiwe's come back,cleo's secrete out who did know dat dumisani can be so sympathetic with his enemies sometimes, senzo's secret out and also paul being lonelt hey izinto siyenzeka guys.WHAT NEXT BUT NELI DESERVED EVERYTHING THET IS HAPPENING TO HER.

01 Dec 2009 14:29

I loved generations till last month wen horible things were introduced in. i was hopin thy wont be there this month, bt i can see there are stil there. I guess its goodbye generations from me....

01 Dec 2009 14:35

@Lumuzi...are you homophobic???

01 Dec 2009 15:04

Im with your sister Ava, i dont like violence at all, confrontations or anything like tht. my motto is "meekeness is not weakness"......

but i imagine tht if u are shorter, especially guys, u'd constantly have ur fist ready 4 anynone who will try to bully u coz of ur height....but generally i also think its relative nje ngo gugu
Wasnt it perpetuated by baby Jake?......

Eish quite edgile...if one tried to pull a fast one on me,they would never know how i got on top of their

01 Dec 2009 15:07


01 Dec 2009 15:34

@Elzalolololo, true...

Lobby the girl
01 Dec 2009 15:46

hello guys

Pakheme's furious when an unwelcome, strangely dressed visitor arrives to see him. 

I think is sharon want to impress his father in law or soon to be in the zulu outfit..

01 Dec 2009 15:51

Generations is hotttttttttt this month, I really can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

01 Dec 2009 15:58

what does mam ruby mean really ????????????? phela karabo and paul ba a swanelana  and the poor woman has gone through a lot ....................

01 Dec 2009 16:09

Hello people......Now what's this with the "Little girl at the mortuary"  Generations is getting to me now, What is this hatred they have on children?  Why does the producer always feel the need to kill(murder) kids? I hope its not Ntombi's baby, 

I wonder who is Ngamla going to kiss at Ruby's?????????

01 Dec 2009 16:18

but i imagine tht if u are shorter, especially guys, u'd constantly have ur fist ready 4 anynone who will try to bully u coz of ur height....yeh i guess some of them do feel that they have to overcompensate at times neh.

if one tried to pull a fast one on me,they would never know how i got on top of their heads...LMAO i can even picture you kwa kwa kwa kwa ,I'll try neva to get on you bad side then LOL

Jason is shocked when he finally sees how callous Neli is hope he exposes this heifer tonight!

01 Dec 2009 18:00

shem i fl 4 Karabo, Shes going to lose her Paul to the woman she helped.

Lobby the girl
02 Dec 2009 08:14

Morning People..

Karabo le yena man..o a bata..y everytime men are running away from her..haai suka

02 Dec 2009 08:53

Karabo is going to lose uPaul for sho.Just this once i'm secretly willing for uGen to pull a 'Stefano' on us and bring Tau from the dead .they can just say Jack Mabaso had abducted him and kept him on some remote island LOL! guys i really am that desperate!!

02 Dec 2009 09:09

Morning, yeah I also wish the same cause Karabo realy needs him cause u Paul will be taken soon shame.

Lobby the girl
02 Dec 2009 09:19

@ Ava

lol..Mfundi is not that desperate..but then again u never know hey

02 Dec 2009 09:36

Morning ma bloggers...i missed yesterday's episode please someone recap....pretty please with a cherry on top

02 Dec 2009 09:38

morning  @ ava i also wish that.

help plsssssssssssssss
 out of the topic i want to teach my self quatro pro where can i learn about it.  is  quatro pro and excel the same thing if no how do they differ the problem is that  my computer is installed with microsoft office 2007 programme  and it doesn't have quatro pro

Lobby the girl
02 Dec 2009 09:44

@ Madleza  i also use Office 2007..if you can maybe explain where do u use this application..mayb i can help..

02 Dec 2009 09:53

morning guys.
uuuh...first time i hear of quadro pro madleza....askies but atleast i learnd sungthing  today. ima google it.

hm...Tau comin back ...yeah tht wud be cool im with u Avi....,i mean this is a soapy afterall...uncle Mfundi pretty plzzzz.
On the other hand i think Karabs shud quit this men thing and focus on raising Angela. I think they bond they share ka Tau will alienate (sp) Paul....nd i loved Tau so much i'd take his side even in death.

02 Dec 2009 10:12

@lobby the girl
some times they call it Corel Quattro Pro is a spreadsheet application used to process business and financial transactions of various kinds and is part of corel word perfect office suite

02 Dec 2009 10:23

god, quattro pro has been around for 25 years. eish. i was using it in high school. people strung out on fongkong microsoft stuff, i see.

Lobby the girl
02 Dec 2009 10:31

If it's not installed then maybe you have to google and download the software and install it..even if it installed.., it will tell you gore it's installed do you want to re wite or something..

02 Dec 2009 10:33

loove Ajax glances in the backgroudn when Nelly was talking to her "boo" about how "this is not over"..and the me of my ever suspicious little brother who is laways scrutinizing guests..he trust no one.... and financial transactions......i googled the software in question and the financial terms just eluded allergic to accounting staff and i hate that i have to understand it for general purposes....buit i have toeven in my world.

Lobby the girl
02 Dec 2009 10:39


Remember the applications are upgraded time and gain..e.g we used to have DOS, WINDOWS 98, 2003, AND XP..AND ULTIMATE E.T.C

My point is the quattro u talking about is probably been upgraded to a better application anyway i.e Quattro Pro 12

@Madleza ..pls read below if the specification of this matches the reqirments..

Quattro Pro 12

For best results on Windows XP, you should
download and install the latest Service Packs from the Corel website.)

Da Diva
02 Dec 2009 10:46

Morning ppl... Senzo iz so jelous did u c her/his look on Jason when Neli wants 2 speak to Jason?

02 Dec 2009 11:33

thank you looby back to gen bathong what kind of a mother is ruby telling your child that you will soon be available  

lady gaga
02 Dec 2009 11:44

GA, lovey waka thanks for recap ya Monday, yesterday i cudn't blog it was Hip Hop Happening mo mmerekong, sure mzala!!!

02 Dec 2009 13:18

@ Da Diva...I dont blame the guy, Neli is full of ish!

02 Dec 2009 13:33

im very diss to hesr aabt Sibusiso' s wife i also pray nd hop she'll b better soon.

02 Dec 2009 13:54

iyoo da diva,wena wouldn't you be uncomfortable with some heiffer throwing him/herself at your partner?

02 Dec 2009 13:59

Jason & Senzo are great together I love them! Hhawu, Cleo why ngaye vele? She was overreacting whEN kHAPHELA was suggesting that, they should go for an HIV Test! This girl is full of *bleep!* just like this Neli girl!

02 Dec 2009 14:04

guys please i need yesterday's recap please please please

02 Dec 2009 14:12

@CHA X2....AMEN!!

02 Dec 2009 14:28

Im just glad that the worst will soon be over for poor Zamani andKhaphela.
Welcome back Khethi!. Neli can go hang herself if she nids to, hahaha!!!!

Da Diva
02 Dec 2009 14:30

@lex if we are in that kind of a relationship i wouldnt mind, esp if im not ready 2 reveal my status. Mind dat Senzo knows dat Neli and Jason thing is a setup Jason is nt into girls he(SENZO) knows dat.

Da Diva
02 Dec 2009 15:05

@kmloi i'm with u on dat i dont like dat chick and i am looking 4ward 2 c uSis Khethiwe OMG poor sbari waam what are u going 2 do now...... Just wondering if u will still want 2 mary umlam

02 Dec 2009 15:34

@da diva. jason is in2 girls sometimes. just not now. ....... also, it seems that both jason and cleo dived for cover about the "getting tested" question. i still think that jason got kicked out of the states for being hiv+ [back when they still did that]. ...... i feel bad for zamani. he should come over here and i would rub his head for a bit. yebo.

02 Dec 2009 15:48

@nkochani....didnt he (Jason) agree to do the testing thing?

02 Dec 2009 17:45

bathong can somebody wake Zamani up!!!! o oa ntena

02 Dec 2009 18:16

Generubbish rocks

02 Dec 2009 18:54

Whys Angela coming back now? Haybo! Generations definetely didn't feel the recession this year....oh shame the little girl in the mortuary...whatever they do; if they have replaced Nokubonga it mustn't be with a former YO.TV presenter...

02 Dec 2009 20:31

 OMG! but Ajax why? That was very cruel. I fl 4 Zamani.

Da Diva
02 Dec 2009 22:08

@FLYINGBIRD.... Yes i fl sori 4 Zamani too, bt i dont blame Ajax he waz trying 2 help his brother not knowing how much pain will he get. I hate Neli and Cleo.

03 Dec 2009 07:37

special for you dineo ntombi was not you friend she was just caring

03 Dec 2009 07:45

thanks kenny for talking sense to paul about dineo b4 karabo find them in the bedroom having a meeting

03 Dec 2009 07:53

Guys i havent watchd the last 2 episodes...please recap someone pliz pliz ma bloggers im begging you, im dying from not watching

03 Dec 2009 07:53

aow shame neli for you to meet brad pitt is like me dreaming to see u tata mandela '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''any way keep on dreaming is good

03 Dec 2009 07:57

Guys i havent watchd the last 2 episodes...please recap someone pliz pliz ma bloggers im begging you, im dying from not watching

Da Diva
03 Dec 2009 08:28

Hi mabloggerz @gugulethu72 sori my love 4 da recap i'm nt gd in that maybe some1 will help u. @madleza i dont think Dineo knows da meaning of da word "friend" that iz why she thought they were friends with Ntombi... Its enough abt Ntombi now she has suffered already Sbusiso must 4give her now.

03 Dec 2009 08:37

Dineo what's wrong with her? Poking her small nose where it doesn't belong, is she still married to Kenny or what or has feelings? Yena she slept with Kenneth and became pregnant but Ntombi was kissed by u-Kenneth!

I wish ukuthi that little girl e-mortuary to be this Neli girl! She is just useless in the soap just spoiling people's life. Even noma e-Rehearser she only sing one line that it's done.

03 Dec 2009 08:43

Even noma e-Rehearser she only sing one line that it's done notice that also

03 Dec 2009 08:43

Yena she slept with Kenneth and became pregnant<<<< When did that happen??

03 Dec 2009 08:45

Angela is coming back to do what? Let's hope we will see other interesting characters coming back very soon in this soap because it has it's reputation when it comes to that! i.e. Julia, Tau, Jack, Glen Majozi & Archie

03 Dec 2009 08:53

Madleza - pardon me; she slept with KENNY'S SON and became pregnant that waas worst than what Ntombi did to Kenneth.

Even uS'busiso I think he is overreacting in this whole situation, I think his problem is that, he is imagining things about how it happened. That was just a baby kiss gosh!

Males are all over the same sometimes, you just kiss a guy and it becomes an issue bona they impregnant a girl and they expect women to understand why it happened like that!!!!!!! 

03 Dec 2009 09:00

RECAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

Da Diva
03 Dec 2009 09:09

I can c dat Dineo iz still hv feelingz 4 Keneth bt why did she signed da dvorce papers???? Sbari misses Khethiwe and i think He still love her......

03 Dec 2009 09:12

can't wait to see what the gays will when the spit out whats in their closets....who is the little child in the mortuary??poor khapela and zamani..

03 Dec 2009 09:14

@ gugulethu72

Askies sana, watch Gen. Omnibus on Saturday okay. We love you though!!!!!!!!

@ CHAX3..........................Angela is coming back to do what? 

True that Cha............let them all come back, Glen Majozi bathong."Days of our lives" in Mzansi.

03 Dec 2009 09:21

Morning all...

Da Diva
03 Dec 2009 09:41

Morning lovebry!!!!

03 Dec 2009 10:09

im glad neli got busted. now i just need to buy my plane ticket to go and comfort zamani.

03 Dec 2009 10:13

Tanx Da dIva

03 Dec 2009 10:20

03 Dec 2009 10:55

read about sbu's real wife being injured may god be with her 

03 Dec 2009 11:12

wakaaa   wakaaa   wakwaaa   kawaaa  wakaaaaaa wakaaa wakwaaa kawaaa wakaaa

03 Dec 2009 11:20

@KHAFO...Ouch that hurt....i work on Saturdays but worry not, i get the point!!!!!

03 Dec 2009 11:24

you know, until senzo brought up the "maybe we should go get tested" thing and jason says "we've been safe" -- i didn't even know that they had been *bleep!*. seriaaas. because times ntombi rocked up at the flat, or anyone else for that matter, at some point, it would have been like "why does it smell like sex in here?" but no. i guess i'm getting slow in my old age.

03 Dec 2009 11:41

madleza..injured from what?

03 Dec 2009 11:49

Generations is boring this days awooowaaaaa

03 Dec 2009 11:54

i agree with ya

03 Dec 2009 11:58

madleza..injured from what? ..........................I also want to know. where? and when? the star/ sowetan/ daily sun/ the beeld/ pta. news..................

Lobby the girl
03 Dec 2009 12:19


Did you see that look that Zamani gave Neli after Ajax spell the beans....wuu!!!  He looked vey sexy there..

Lobby the girl
03 Dec 2009 12:20

Sorry for the spelling black im allwed to..

03 Dec 2009 13:01

hi new to tha blog!!!!

fill me in......

generations is definatly gonna be HOT this month

03 Dec 2009 13:07

@ Lobby thr it being plain ignorant?!

03 Dec 2009 13:13

@ sego550...welcome!

03 Dec 2009 13:44

@Cha Cha ,its like ur talking to me my dear.

Lobby the girl
03 Dec 2009 13:52

@lovebry  ya something like that..

03 Dec 2009 14:21

@Lobby the girl...its kwl

Lobby the girl
03 Dec 2009 14:31

Bathong le ko kae...okay  No means coming..

03 Dec 2009 14:39

@LOBBY THE GIRL....Coming where?

Lobby the girl
03 Dec 2009 14:42

The article No means stop dragging me back..areye..

03 Dec 2009 14:46

sunday sun 29 november 2009 page 5 by samantha kambule she was involved in an incident and she has been in a comma for two weeks

03 Dec 2009 14:48


03 Dec 2009 14:54

we are right here lobby g sexy heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it was like moshe looking at neno

03 Dec 2009 14:57

@ madleza

Thank you. I usually buy Sunday Times 'n Sunday World on that day.  Anyway, thanks.

03 Dec 2009 15:05

Hi peeps I'm also new here. Plz welcome me 
generations is rocking this month.

03 Dec 2009 15:05

@Sikho..when it comes to Generations anything is possible

03 Dec 2009 15:15

Hi ntems!

03 Dec 2009 15:15

Hi ntems!

03 Dec 2009 15:20

welcome ntems

Lobby the girl
03 Dec 2009 15:22

hey ntems..welcome..hope u will enjoy your stay..

03 Dec 2009 15:47

hey Ntems

03 Dec 2009 15:49

Hi guys

To all the newbies please feel at home and enjoy yo stay with us.

03 Dec 2009 19:03

Hi ntems....welcome..


@SIKHO...YOU never know hey....but i think so too.....guess well have to wait and see

04 Dec 2009 07:34


04 Dec 2009 08:10

Morning everybody.....

i think Mashaba media must take u Mam Ruby to LA that lady can sing.

04 Dec 2009 08:14

@Mpums...great idea

04 Dec 2009 09:36

Im still on about mam Ruby's singing too Mpums...but the scene when she was singing was just classic...ima break it down coz i watched it from a backstage prespective and i couldnt stop laughing....

Zamani and Neli are having a heart to heart. In the backround mamRuby is singing.."inhliziyo yami i buhlungu..aye ya yeya..etc"....Funniest sight was the extras swaying side to side to her song.....from ladies talking on their dudes holding heineken bottles....what a sight!!!...can imagine having to do tht over and over till whatever "take"....

Enough backsrage ...Back to the soapy
Jason le Senzo...when they flirt..hai shem...they are very convincing man...

04 Dec 2009 09:41

morning Odirile

Generations is boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04 Dec 2009 09:45

@ Green. arrow True that Jason and Senzo are so convincing when they flirt, I stick to my point that they are in arguably my greatest love story of all time. I havent been watching of late. Would someone kindly summarise to me whats going on, what happened to Zamani and that cow Neli?? @Green.arrow please be a darling, from me to you neh, I know you are not much of a writer but please, im relying on you, pretty please with a cherry on top.!!!!!

04 Dec 2009 09:47

Oh and G arrow, while we are at it, I have a problem with paragraphing,I type nicely putting spaces between my paragraphs but when I post it just comes out as one big lumpy paragraph, am I doing something wrong???

04 Dec 2009 09:48

Hi blogeristoz!!!
Eish the scene that i liked the most was when u Ajax was talking to Neli and he just went ' Yhe haake'. Yho it cracked me up, i've never heard such a big yhe hake coming from a man.

04 Dec 2009 10:44

eh..Gugu...if ur using the " backspace" key for the "paragraph spacing" then i dunno whats the problem honey.....

What happened to Zamani nd Neli...:
Well....she met up with him to apologise (mme Ruby singing in the background) nd tht was only after Ayanda exposed her selfishness about the situation (She was more worried about her LA plans crumbling thn she was about betraying/hurting Zamani).....
Zamani decided not to take her to LA no more....aaand she told him tht Ajax was working with Jason...
So tonite Zamani will probably be mad at Ayanda and question his intentions for doing what he did...telling him he's not going to LA either...Bla...

04 Dec 2009 11:26

thanx a span Green.arrow, you are the greatest.....i will vote for you to be this year's Generations blogger...... "if ur using the " backspace" key for the "paragraph spacing" then i dunno whats the problem honey....."lol and you are funny too.

Lobby the girl
04 Dec 2009 11:35

Well GA, I dunno if Im wrong but I think I heard Zamani sayikng Neli is still going to LA..correct me if Im wrong..

04 Dec 2009 11:49

thought i heard him say the opposite Lobby....between the 2 other things i was deoing during the show..cud have heard wrong...but according to ze teasers...none of them are going..ayabda nd neli...

ur welcom Gugs....but uhm...i realy was nt tryin to be funny.....Wanda sykes betta watch out then..;-).....i do hope u'll find a solution to the "paragraph lumping" problem

04 Dec 2009 11:50

daaang...excuse the working  with one hand.....

04 Dec 2009 11:54

and whats the other hand up to GA???LOL LOL LOL

Lobby the girl
04 Dec 2009 12:06

d whats the other hand up to GA???LOL LOL LOL..

I wonder ?

04 Dec 2009 12:11

hey hey hey...dont let ur imaginations run too far

Serioulsy tho' eating now ,channel hopping, scribbling,paging textbooks, chores,telephone, etc in the mix......

Lobby the girl
04 Dec 2009 12:16

Ooohhh okay then...

04 Dec 2009 12:33

@GA...yeah right!!!!!! @Lobby the dont sound so too hahahahahha hahahahahah

04 Dec 2009 12:43

04 Dec 2009 13:12

@ Lobby the girl ... yes you heard him right he said Neli is still going to LA.

04 Dec 2009 15:58

@nkochani...please make them 3...kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa lol lol you at lol lol

04 Dec 2009 21:32

lol..Bathathe mam ruby..." Amjubaa....iyoo..iyooo.."

@ Lobby....u heard ryt....wasnt watching..just listenin..hence i missed the subtittles...

And so enters Khethiwe!!!!!!

05 Dec 2009 07:00

and also enters the khethiwe that was the best part guys cant w8 to c who zamani choses for the LA gig eish neli was just too heavy

05 Dec 2009 10:46

i just want to know are Jasenzo really gay. those two are reaally convincing. i am so hot for Jasenzo. those lips!!!!!1

05 Dec 2009 10:46

i just want to know are Jasenzo really gay. those two are reaally convincing. i am so hot for Jasenzo. those lips!!!!!1

07 Dec 2009 07:55


07 Dec 2009 08:03

Morning ma bloggers...Lovebry, Green.arrow, Machinjiri, Nkochani, Lobby the girl, Madleza, Khafo, Mpums, CHA CHA CHA, Ava...hello hello hello...hope you had a fab weekend, mine was a complete bore!!!!

07 Dec 2009 08:19

Morning gugulethu72....

07 Dec 2009 08:27

Morning my darlings

@Gugulethu72 my weekend was boring like hell.

hey guyz namuhla uyabuya umlam'wami, can't wait to c her.

lady gaga
07 Dec 2009 08:37

Mpums my friend u sebuyile umlam'wami, on friday she appeared.

ooh sori guys for ur boring weekend, mine was dope im even sleepy rite now!!

07 Dec 2009 09:47

Morning Gugu 

i missed gen on Khetiwe is back already ,thot she was only gonna show today.aaarrrrggghhhhh to bad i missed it!

Guyz what premature wedding gift did uCleo get?? anyone? pretty please

07 Dec 2009 10:00

khetiwe het teruggekom!!! hooray! [clearly she's breastfeeding. i don't remember her boobs being that big before.] ..... as for cleo's gift... dumisani got her a gift certificate at the lingerie shop. cleo thought it was a bit premature.

07 Dec 2009 10:23

thanx nkochani.....i'ld say the gift was both premature and inappropriate considering who it was coming from.but then again nothing Dumisani ever does is appropriate!

07 Dec 2009 10:39

Morning Gugu..Morning ladies..

07 Dec 2009 11:29

@GA...wat about the guys?

07 Dec 2009 11:49

welcome back Khetiwe............m so glad Khapela and Noma are not getin married....
is Christy goin to fall sick????
is Nelly goin to catch the Jasenzo couple?
nway this month its more exciting.....wat a good way of ending the year....!!!

07 Dec 2009 12:24


07 Dec 2009 13:23

she sure is BIG1.......

Askies not even gonna justify myslef coz i was wrong wrong wrong!...bad morning or not...

07 Dec 2009 13:38

Ziyawa mo Generations Damn

Lobby the girl
07 Dec 2009 13:44

Goodmorning ppl and Gugu..

I didn't watch on Fri..Khethi is back bathong..well im not a fan  but atleats she is going to bring hell to that Makgosha woman..

07 Dec 2009 13:55

 @GA..its okay, had 1 of those as well.

07 Dec 2009 16:38

yay am very glad Kethiwe is finally back.......lookls like generations is gonna be very exciting this month.......

I wonder who is going to act as nokubonga.....?

07 Dec 2009 17:51

Lollest i'm happy u reffering to the couple of the year 2009/10 as Jasenzo, An't they jst cute together?  I can't wait to see the reaction wen the secret comes out......

07 Dec 2009 23:41

08 Dec 2009 08:41

Welcome all you newbies, hope u enjoy the blogging!!!!!!

08 Dec 2009 09:54

morning every one yesterday was work work work

08 Dec 2009 10:01

o skhokho zamani you acted like professional yesterday and it takes only great men to do that dankie san

08 Dec 2009 10:04

@ zamani i like the fact that you didn't fall for the once upon stories of that pinpop

08 Dec 2009 10:12

khethiwe's face is alright but how can she bounce back with an original straight back

08 Dec 2009 10:40


@Madleza ubufuna abuye enjani umlamu kanti, maybe usazokwenza a nice  hairstyle for the wedding.

08 Dec 2009 10:45

what did Zamani do yesterday?didnt watch Madleza help

08 Dec 2009 11:25


08 Dec 2009 11:48

good day everyone it's been a while i miss everybody.I saw MOVE yesterday Guys Sam and Chaz are getting married the same day bra khaps and nomi are supposed to get married.Bra Khaps wedding will not take place if you want to see pics of the wedding buy move magazine it's only R7.00.

08 Dec 2009 11:53

@ gugulethu 
nelly was busy trying to make zamani remembers the good times they have and he told  her straight forward that they have to talk about the business (trip to LA)

08 Dec 2009 11:59

maphosh i don't have R7.oo ever since you came with the story narrate it who is going to be the wedding planner ????????????what kind of hair style sharon did?????? why bra khaps wedding won't take place???????????

Lobby the girl
08 Dec 2009 12:02

khethiwe's face is alright but how can she bounce back with an original straight back 


08 Dec 2009 12:10

@ mpums it should have been the one that cost at least R200 not the one that cost R80

08 Dec 2009 15:39

Khethiwe came back looking as beautiful as eva n i cudnt wait to watch the omnibus even though i had seen it on friday. im wondering how Sbale feels, i mean deep down, bout seeing her lyk that. 
@maphosh, i dnt have R7, get me a cop[y and send it thru, hahahaha,kidding.

09 Dec 2009 09:03

Morning all!!!

09 Dec 2009 09:33

Eish Generations bloggers have been so quiet, people were busy fighting in the other blog about Big Brother, sho it was hectic, ask MADLEZA, I saw them in thereMorning Lovebry and all the other beloved mablogistoz!!!!!

09 Dec 2009 11:43

Wow, am back from the Big Brother Land. It seems hot this month, will Cleo get married people? Please help.

09 Dec 2009 11:46

Whose baby is going to be hospitilised? Yaa Ne this blog has peace, That Big Brother one was full of hot air, i couldn't breath there. i mis it though.

09 Dec 2009 11:57


09 Dec 2009 12:07

Please post the link for the Big Brother blog. Please guys

09 Dec 2009 12:15

@ Tazteeq and Melokuhleshoo I was shocked at the nastiness vhathu,people are still sooo xenophobic to vast proportions like that, yo yo yo but you know what its up to us and everyone else who enjoys this blog to keep it as healthy and tolerant as possible. Anyhow anyone with an insight as to what happened in yesterdays episode??

09 Dec 2009 12:20

@ Tazteeq and Melokuhleshoo I was shocked at the nastiness vhathu,people are still sooo xenophobic to vast proportions like that, yo yo yo but you know what its up to us and everyone else who enjoys this blog to keep it as healthy and tolerant as possible. Anyhow anyone with an insight as to what happened in yesterdays episode??

09 Dec 2009 14:06

Damn i'm so glad Angela is back but i'm sure it's just avisit for Christmas

09 Dec 2009 14:50

eish what a busy day

09 Dec 2009 15:54

Is it Chrissie

09 Dec 2009 15:55

Good day guyz 

This one goes to my lovely bloggers, the likes of Bigmama, JadaP, LadyG,Madleza,Ms Tebby, Doss, where are they,Cha cha cha,Cix,Bo Akas,Bebeza, Qaqamba, Centre piece,Maudi, Musarigo, Ijoo kante where is everyone or they changed identities and came back on different names, and ALL THE NEW BEES INCLUDING EVERYONE WHOSE NAME IS NOT LISTED. Heish guys you are too many. Its a big crew. 

Big mama and Miss Tebby u dodged me. Sep/Oct. I don't know what happened

We're almost at the end of a very busy year

And for some of us it's still not over!

So before you all go running off on leave, holidays blah blah.....

Just a small note of thanks from my side to you

For making me smile, You don't know how much. But your comments guys.........ijo too refreshing.

For all the quirky emails and all the fun we've had during 2009

Have a very blessed festive season.

Best Wishes for Christmas & New Year.


09 Dec 2009 17:14

@ Gugulethu 72

It fls gud to be mentioned by yu mine i dnt knw bcos i was working ska wara this coming wkend wil b fabulous for u my bestest friend

@ divastyle

Senzo aint gay cos his g/f is the cute gal from mubvango named Pearl (the receptionist) i read in some issue of Drum.

@ every1

I love u all guys for making me fl like one of u when am from far away (malawi) it fls gud to be friends with mzansi pipo, am wishing u all a happy wkend wil come back with xmas an new yr wishes,1nce again I LOVE U ALL

09 Dec 2009 17:40

lots of love in this house...
Year end wrap ups.....been missing gen lately..but i pop by here to see whats going on..u guys are awesum.

hopping away again till the next breather....

09 Dec 2009 18:04

maybe its too early to wish pipo a nice wkend eish am sorry guys 1000000 apologies LOL

10 Dec 2009 07:07

haibo pipo, come lets talk discuss NOKUBONGA, shall we

10 Dec 2009 07:37

Morning all

10 Dec 2009 07:51

i love that kid that plays Nokubonga
i was hopping that they would cast
she is good at being a brat

mara Nokubonga ke sebodu man!
they way she apologised.......
i hope she sleeps with Dumisane and fall pregnant
be too igonorant to realise until its 8 she can see what a pain in a butt is

10 Dec 2009 08:16

Dumisani had a shocked of his life when Nokubonga says: ant you going to offer me a drink....ooh my word, chees but i was also shocked n says WTF.  

10 Dec 2009 08:23

This Nokubonga girl is exaggerating tjerrrrrrrrr.........................she's just too much.

10 Dec 2009 08:31

Yesterday I got into my house at exactly 20:30 hours then rushed for the remote, went to SABC 1 and what did I see?Senzo and Jason at Rubys interlocking hands, my my what a sight, I wanted tp laugh and hide at the same time but all the same they are still my greatest love storythey are so convincing. I WONDER HOW Nelly is gonna play her game I was soo happy to learn that Senzo is going out with Pearl of Muvhango, they deserve each other, 2 beautiful people in one place, WOW!!! Oh is Nokubonga here already?what does she look like?was she in any other production?help someone. Good morning to all the bloggers!!!!!

10 Dec 2009 08:52

Morning Bloggers....

i hope she sleeps with Dumisane and fall pregnant
be too igonorant to realise until its 8 she can see what a pain in a butt is
lol lol lol Blu but i hope it won't get to that hey she is still a baby herself you know.i think what she needs for now is someone to slap that snobbish act out of her!

This Nokubonga girl is exaggerating tjerrrrrrrrr.........................
@Khafo i thot she acted the part well .guess i have to wait and see.when Neli first came i thot she was good too but boy was i ever dissapointed!

10 Dec 2009 08:58

Poor Jason and Senzo the second they decide to show their affection in public who sees them but uNeli! oh well i suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later.But why did it have to be that cow who saw them first,now she is gonna use this to get back at Jason.shame.....

Lobby the girl
10 Dec 2009 09:21

Morning Guys,

Iyoo, taht Nokubunga is a I dont know how to describe peini mo leragong la left...

Lobby the girl
10 Dec 2009 09:58

taht - that

10 Dec 2009 10:02

Good morning mabloggers in the name Generations. I am a new baby here please welcome me. i ahve been a silent blpgger.

10 Dec 2009 10:22

Welcome Pfoki

10 Dec 2009 10:23

Nokubonga is hot