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Written by Tashi from the blog Interviews on 28 Oct 2009
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We're four weeks into SA's Got Talent, with Episode 5 coming up this Thursday. The episode covers more auditions from round the country and next week (5 November) they wrap with the judges choosing and announcing the Top 21.

The week after that (8 - 12 November) the show's gonna be broadcast live every night of the week at 19h30: Monday to Thursday, with the 21 acts competing for the title.

With all this round the corner I thought it would be a perfect time for a chinwag with judge Shado Twala in Cape Town before she leaves to Jozi for the live finale week.

We hooked up at Cafe La Vida (self-service but with free chocolates) in Green Point and chatted to the backdrop of the new World Cup stadium:


Tashi: What’s it been like for you watching the show on TV?
Shado: You know, absolutely amazing because, when we were were recording, you’re kind of not sure what they’re getting. The long days, sometimes you weren’t lucky enough to find a talent and you see the show and think “Oh my goodness, this is what they’ve made of it all.”

Also, because it was pre-recorded, you forget some of the acts and think “Wow, did I really say 'yes' to that?” or “How could I have said 'no' to that?”

Tashi: So there were those that you said “No” to that you thought you shouldn’t have?
Shado: Yes and some that I said yes to that I shouldn’t have. It’s been a lovely picture of what South Africans are doing. While we’re all worried about the recession and all that, there are people who are living their dreams - for me that’s been so exciting.

There are people playing in bands in their garages, groups practicing dances, a woman running round with her dog trying to get it do things - a woman with a snake!

Tashi: Ha, yesss.
Shado: What was she thinking?? It was just amazing to see all of them. I’m loving the fact that so many young people are dancing - I mean we had a beatboxer from Boksburg - I would never have thought, he’s a beautiful boy.


Tashi: Which act did you say no to that you think you shouldn’t have?
Shado: I don’t think you’ve seen them yet - I’m not going to tell you exactly but it’s a dance act. In retrospect I should have said yes, like I think “What was wrong with me?” I think they get through though because Randall and Ian probably gave them the nod.

Tashi: If you’d entered, what would you have done?
Shado: I would probably have tried to sing. *laughs*

Tashi: Do you sing?
Shado: No I don’t - in the shower I do. Maybe I would have done some poetry with music to it. *laughs*.

Tashi: What is it about a contestant or an act that makes you the most emotional?
Shado: Their stories I think, mainly. Just them finding that within themselves which is, for me, it’s finding the truth about themselves and believing in it.

I think all of us are searching for the same truth and some people just tap into it - when they find it - that’s the thing that does it for me. Especially when people’s lives aren’t what they should be: when people are jobless or poor - being able to perform that which is God given.

There was a woman who sang and when we asked her why she took so long to perform she said “Life happened.” She didn’t have to say much because you could see she’d had a difficult life - she’d said she’d been busy living for what everyone else wanted instead of herself and now that everything had failed she decided to do the audition for herself because it’s what she always wanted to do.

She didn’t even need to say that, just saying “Life happened,” - when she sang I understood and just broke down and cried.


Tashi: And the little girl who finished you up?
Shado: Ah, there she was just giving it all, living her dream, believing in herself. The essence of who people are comes out and that’s why you can tell a gifted singer from someone who’s been practicing all their lives versus someone who feels it in their gut.

Tashi: If you were to hire any act for a party, which would it be?
Shado: The beat-boxer without a doubt, he would set it alight. He really knows how to read the audience, automatically.

Tashi: Who do you want to slap most: Randall or Ian?
Shado: I’m thinking ... I sometimes think that Ian gets too technical - I appreciate that he can tell people things that are good to know but I think that sometimes, some of them are so heartsore that telling them what to do better doesn’t help.

Randall does what he does very well and now and again I want to slap him - I wanted to slap him for keeping that snake there for longer than he should have. I was very happy when she didn’t get through.

Tashi: Have you ever had a bad snake experience before: like come face-to-snake?
Shado: No but I don’t Do them, black people just don’t Do snakes *laughs*.

Tashi: Who’s your ultimate talent hero/shero of all time? In the world.
Shado: Busi Mhlongo. She’s the most amazing singer and writer, she’s absolutely amazing, she’s had an ongoing battle with breast cancer and now she’s releasing her new album, I’m actually going to the launch in Jozi this week.


Fast facts

Shado lives in Hout Bay with her daughter Owami, a Miley Cyrus (trendy/teen).
She doesn't like malls - but Owami does natch.
Shado's fave colour: red.
She was a founder of P4 radio station, which has become Heart FM.
She loves washing dishes and won't let anyone else wash them.
I didn't get a pic of the stadium unfort. - it rocks and I wanted to show you in case you haven't seen it yet but it was all too gridlocked in Green Point to stop to get a good view. I'll be on the scout and get a grab when I can.


What's in Shado's Handbag?:  snaparazzi_gallery_pic


28 Oct 2009 08:06

I love Shado to bits and she looks good for a woman her age.  I thought Vusi was her only child.

28 Oct 2009 10:08

Oh Shado inspires me big time. I love her and she looks so cute!

28 Oct 2009 10:15

mathaz...I love her even more...was so glad to see her on TV ...i remember when she was on metrofm..when it had lots of white listeners and these guys would propose to her on air...LOL...(and we BOTH love Busi Mhlongo...yeepy)

Shado is rite about the positive spirit thats outthere and the media is constanlty shoving the worse news down our throats every minute, meanwhile there are people who take time to do stuff that makes them happy ...inspite of recession, rape,  crime, ect.

I could SLAP IAN for beng too analytical  this show should be fun coz its varied, and the guys doesnt knwo about EVERY kind of talent to get so technical...sometimes he should just say naah that wasnt good and leave it at that..

RE" the woman who said Life happned..yeah she made my eyes watery..(if i'm not mistakened) she menitoned how Susan Boyle -from Americann Idol ?)influenced her and she just had this positive outlook onllife and was kind of "if not now then when"..about her singing..made me realise that its neva too late and one shold give up on anything 
I hope somebody gives her a chnce..she sange fromt he heart.

28 Oct 2009 10:21

 oops.(.lots of sp errors).
I meant  
one should  NEVA  give up on anything
I hope somebody gives her a chance..she sang  from the heart

28 Oct 2009 15:21

i like her sooo much  .

but tooth whitening and  some botox.....they will work for her.

o kare o tsoga dikobong!

29 Oct 2009 10:10

eish! dis means no 3 talk wih cheesa dis week eish

GEE leo
30 Oct 2009 11:18

i love the lady and im a big fan of SA got talent

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