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Generations Teasers - October 2009

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 29 Sep 2009
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Coming up on Generations in October, 2009:

Thursday 1 October 2009
Episode 2916

Ruby is surprised and delighted when a surprise gift arrives at the shebeen. Senzo gets an interesting offer regarding his living arrangements. Kenneth gets an unexpected phone call and doesn't know what to make of it.

Friday 2 October 2009
Episode 2917

Senzo arrives and suddenly Ngamla's put on the spot. Zamani's at the end of his tether with his brother. Kenneth is shaken by an anger and bitterness he's never seen before.

Monday 5 October 2009
Episode 2918

Cleo shares her good news with Nokubonga but doesn't get the response she's hoping for. Ajax's bad frame of mind doesn't seem to be improving. Samuel wants to make some changes in his life.

Tuesday 6 October 2009
Episode 2919

Everyone wonders when Prince receives a huge gift from an anonymous well-wisher. Khaphela is shocked to hear who Dumisani's new houseguest it. Dineo hears something that she didn't want to and is devastated.

Wednesday 7 October 2009
Episode 2920

Karabo walks in at the wrong moment and misinterprets an embrace. Zamani's worried about what went down at the shebeen last night… more specifically in one of it's bedrooms… Senzo is fast realizing that living with Dad isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Thursday 8 October 2009
Episode 2921

Cleo enters the lounge in a revealing nightie and realizes she's not alone. Ntombi is chuffed about an idea, until she hears who came up with it. Jason could kick himself after he unwittingly blurts out a delicate piece of history.

Friday 9 October 2009
Episode 2922

Prince comes up with a perfect name for the ill-fated baby. Khaphela can't help being suspicious when his so-called girlfriend refuses to spend the night with him. Chaos erupts when a drunk Kenneth arrives at the funeral.

Monday 12 October 2009
Episode 2923

Zamani's worried about what he reads after the Jensen gig. Ruby is not about to let an angry Mr Know-it-all get the better of her. Ngamla's intrigued when he's asked to close his restaurant for a special occasion…

Tuesday 13 October 2009
Episode 2924

Senzo's happiness about the trust fund turns to doubt. Dineo cannot face any reminder of the events of that fateful night… Karabo agrees to a favour she's reluctant to do.

Wednesday 14 October 2009
Episode 2925

The Jensen tour suffers yet another setback. Ace decides to arrange a special surprise for his boss. Spoiling his woman did the trick yet Khaphela gets more than he bargained for.

Thursday 15 October 2009
Episode 2926

Cleo seems to be having second thoughts about her impulsive decision. Sharon is more stressed than ever about the ideas she has to present. Neli overhears something that she wasn't supposed to and suddenly her mind's racing.

Friday 16 October 2009
Episode 2927

Ntombi's feeling more and more left out in her own home. Ruby is up to something which involves expensive bottles of wine. Dineo hears about a regular visitor to the Mashaba House and is surprised and unnerved.

Monday 19 October 2009
Episode 2928

Ngamla decides he's the man of the house so what he says, goes. Samuel's no longer that confident about his upcoming meeting with the comic guy. Dave gives Senzo advice on dealing with difficult women.

Tuesday 20 October 2009
Episode 2929

Cleo has to cover for dear life when Gladys asks to see her ring. Zamani seems to be very nervous around Neli all of a sudden. Dumisani resorts to blackmail to get what he wants.

Wednesday 21 October 2009
Episode 2930

Ruby and Dineo seem to be right back where they started. Kenneth decides the best thing he can do now is to back off. Paul is pleasantly surprised when he receives a special gift.

Thursday 22 October 2009
Episode 2931

Samuel nags about the bachelor's until Khaphela gives in. Ngamla's not happy when his farewell dinner falls flat. Senzo hits a nightclub, only there's a distinct difference about this one…

Friday 23 October 2009
Episode 2932

Calculating Cleo has an important visit lined up. Who is she going to see? Jason finds all the evidence he needs for what he suspected all along. Dumisani gets a taste of his own medicine.

Monday 26 October 2009
Episode 2933

Is Ajax avoiding coming home? And if so, why? Ace is bemused when a determined Kenneth wants to know more about marabaraba. Sharon is certain Ntombi's out to sabotage her idea.

Tuesday 27 October 2009
Episode 2934

Karabo doesn't notice that someone's listening in at the door. Zamani decides to throw caution to the wind for once. Queen hits panic stations when she hears when the wedding will be.

Wednesday 28 October 2009
Episode 2935

Samuel explains why the comic issue was so important to him. Sara is disgusted by how far Cleo will go to avoid telling the truth. Dumisani pushes too far and gets punched for it … twice.

Thursday 29 October 2009
Episode 2936

'Zaneli' is officially Mzansi's hottest new celeb couple. Kenneth's doctor warns he'll have to make some changes in his life. Khaphela is forced to lie after being caught in the act.

Friday 30 October 2009
Episode 2937

Dineo has somewhere important she wants to go this morning… It's a bittersweet moment as Jason bids Ezweni farewell. Sharon fetches a file from the office and ends up getting the shock of her life.

Generations is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.


29 Sep 2009 23:30

yipeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! im no to read..

30 Sep 2009 02:54

First post here and i'm second, yay:-) Jason's leaving? They must not do the whole airport catch me before i leave thing cause it's played out. So Karabo is gettin married again I guess? Zaneli aka Zamani & Nelisiwe?? LMAO, TALK ABOUT AN ODD COUPLE. So nothing shocking is happening this month except that Senzo is gonna go to a gay club then they r gonna subject us to all that negativity and hate again, generations needs to stop

30 Sep 2009 05:03

no 3...also 1st post

30 Sep 2009 06:51

Yey no 4

30 Sep 2009 07:27

no.5 yebo

ice princess
30 Sep 2009 07:41

no 6...yay

Ruby Red
30 Sep 2009 07:44

it looks flat for the month.

how far are they going to drag the jensen gig thing?

30 Sep 2009 08:04

Ruby and kenneth getting it on is not on!

30 Sep 2009 08:12

Top 10. I made it....

30 Sep 2009 08:19

princie 's gift might come from his long time jail dad hey hey madleza you forgot the step dad uncle steve

oh oh karabo is getting married and the big mouth queen is going to invite everyone before the invitation comes

30 Sep 2009 08:24

i made it too in top 10, nothing much to look forward to. Who's getting married?

30 Sep 2009 08:28

Zaneli nxa.........

30 Sep 2009 08:34

Im looking forward to watchind generations this month, good job Mfundi. Wanna chat more on mxit about Gen? Invite me 0799455336, drmualusi

30 Sep 2009 08:55

ROTFLOL @ Senzo going to a gay club...Mfundi "pushing the envelope" I see...
I wonder if Psyfo is not frustrated by the direction his charecter has taken, he's suddendly a tantrum-thwrowing bitchy rapper in a soapy..eew!!!  

and the Samuel naked scene is not realistic, I mean any dude throwing a romatic sexy dinner would NEVA go a far as TAKING HIS UNDIES OFF!!..that on its own is a bit...suspect  at least he'would have had  some "supposedly sexy briefs, or jockeys or a G-string.LOL....(UZOSUZELA UKUDLA  uSamuel)

30 Sep 2009 09:00


LOL sponono!

Ruby Red
30 Sep 2009 09:13

where is the gay story?

30 Sep 2009 09:27

Dumisani resorts to blackmail to get what he wants.

umisani ,Dumisani ,tl tl tl when will you learn that you just plain suck at these dirty games.Why don't you just quit whilst you are behind (not ahead) and leave the blackmailing to pple like Kenny.Plus blackmailing a woman just to get into her pants is sooo not on but just downright pathetic!

lady gaga
30 Sep 2009 09:31

so cleo will agree to marry u madala Khaphela,tjo

Zamani and Neli,haikhona there's something wrong with this picture!

will be back to comment more, i think *sigh*

lady gaga
30 Sep 2009 09:33

Ruby just take a chill pill dude!

30 Sep 2009 09:36

there comes kenneth out of his big car he is going side---- by side---- the t-shirt is out of his trouser...................... sho every one is mumbling until mam ruby came horrified
kenneth kenneth he i wena mashaba don't come with your voet voet nonsense here maaan this is funeral not a shebeen and even if it is a shebeen today we are mourning.

30 Sep 2009 09:37

I think you guys are hilarious... Every month you read the teasers, knock the soapie for being boring, and then while you watch during the month, you end up loving the show, and can't get enough!!! Bwahaha! Viewers, niyabora!!!!

Tash 1
30 Sep 2009 09:38

Ruby feeling sori 4 Kenny, I quote " Kenneth u ryt" WTH.

Kenny n' Ruby wil jola, my wish.
30 Sep 2009 10:33

grow up tlhe mma cleo!khapela is a very gud man,he nids a companion

30 Sep 2009 10:35

so at last Karabo n Pauly r tying knots or wht?? Ga ke hlaloganye bathong!! May sum1 brief me. Ruby- u r vey gud at tht, plz help nna ke lahlegile

lady gaga
30 Sep 2009 10:49

guys who said anything about karabo and Paul marrying, its cleo and khaphela maan,agh!

30 Sep 2009 11:05

aahh!! that neva clicked into my mind. thanx 4 tht Lady Gaga. Kana ke rile ke kopa le ntlhalosetse, so Khaphela o nyala Cleo

30 Sep 2009 11:08

This month every1 is getting a gift on Gen.
Atlast Zamani's gonna get some.

30 Sep 2009 11:18

-Senzo movin in with his dad is dangerous, the skeletons will jump out.
-The neli girl is boring she,s worse dan khanyi mbau n kelly khumalo cmbined together.
-Ajax must go his character is soooo boring.
-Jason goin? no no not so fast u senzo uzo jola no bani? anyway does jason know about senzo trust fund?

30 Sep 2009 11:44

anyway does jason know about senzo trust fund?

tjoo Koppy what difference will that make,what r u trying to try heee

30 Sep 2009 11:48

Sara is disgusted by how far Cleo will go to avoid telling the truth.what truth actually that she doesn't love khaphela   

30 Sep 2009 11:51

Cleo has to cover for dear life when Gladys asks to see her ring.

Cleo and Khaphela will be getting married, not Paul and Karabo.

30 Sep 2009 11:59

Khaphela can't help being suspicious when his so-called girlfriend refuses to spend the night with him

why would Khapela refer to her as his Girlfriend and not fiance?

they are not getting married people. Eish....

Tash 1
30 Sep 2009 12:05

I also don' think tht Khaps n' Cleo r getting married. It myt b Karikari aka Karabo n' Paulos.

30 Sep 2009 12:11

dont tell me that poor Yo Tv girl is gonna hook up with ZAMANI  eeeh eh  why not Ajax or betta yet...she shud be Senzo's "testing vehicle" that he'll know for sure if he doenst swing that way..(she wont notice anything about Senzo coz she's young..otherwize that other couger Linda would have picked it soon)

koppy  you have a point about Senzo's trust fund..Jason shud stick around...

about Neli I think the yo-tv girl 's doin a gud job for a first-time acting (at least on a major soapy)..she seems relaxed

30 Sep 2009 12:19

Sharon fetches a file from the office and ends up getting the shock of her life. 

Now this,this could just be very intresting.Maybe she walks in on Kenny n Ruby (mmhh?) or it might be she walks in on .......wait for it........NTOMBI AND KENNY ,you know since she is feeling more and more left out in her own home could it be that she is seeking comfort(sugar ,sugar .lol) from Kenneth?Or .....yu know what i'm gonna stop speculating now b4 my imagination gets the betta of me.I'm so gonna be one angry lady if this "shock of her life" turns out to be nothing at all.not kidding- so watch out Mfundi,you don't wanna mess wit me.HEHEHE

30 Sep 2009 12:43

You guys you say pulling each other on whose wedding is it gona be n you forget they are currently 4 couples in generations: 
Khapela n cleo
sam n shaz
karabo n paul
Senzo n Jason.
and i say senzo n jason are getting married other wise y would queen panic? she always love weddings.

30 Sep 2009 12:58

the might be cleo and khaphela thing but i think the wedding is for karabo and paul.Karabo doesn't notice that someone's listening in at the doorand that someone is queen and they way she was suprised she hit the panic station. Queen hits panic stations when she hears when the wedding will be. who else can shock queen when she is going to get married than karabo or am i interpretting the situation wrong then i guess we have to be glued on our tv to see 

Tash 1
30 Sep 2009 13:02

@Madleza: u spot on.

30 Sep 2009 13:13

koppy  you wish dude, sam & shaz are history already nothing is happening btw the two they facking every moment

Khapela because he is too serious he must try girls like oSara people who have morals and ontanga wakhe not uCleo, the lady is just confused

What about Queen no luck yet? With Dummy they can make great couple or Ace!

30 Sep 2009 14:23

@ koppy you have mentioned them but when coming to senzo and jason is were you kill me .......................tltltltltltltlttltltltltltl b'coz it didn't click in my mind and i wish that too since jason is going to leave gen what a brilllllllllllllllllllllllllnt idea

30 Sep 2009 14:52

@ chachacha ace should be the guy for queen

30 Sep 2009 15:28

hmmmm!thats nice i gues khapela wil 4get abt Khethiwe dis tym he wil 4cuz on Nomasonto,bt he should b careful Dumisani is after him& do u think that kenny & dinny wil evr get back 2gether again?help me guyz

30 Sep 2009 15:41

I think they both learnt lessons, and yes there is a chance that they'll get back together. They love each other to bits.

 I think Sam will think of marryin Shaz, if not then it'll be amazing to see Khaphela marry, jus like how he kissed Cleo the other day.

If not, then Karikari will be tying the knot with her lover boy.

When is Khethiwe returning from the martenity leave?

And when is Grace returning to save poor Ajax?

I cant think of Zamani falling in love, its so wierd, their characters clush.

30 Sep 2009 15:58

I love the idea of Senzo and Jason getting hitched - something to stir some uproar! As for Khaps, Cleo is not worth it. Sam and Shaz, disgusting. Karabo and Paul - boring! As for Queen and Ace, why the heck not?

30 Sep 2009 16:57

hey ppl. khaphela and cleo are not getting married......... i think cleo must have mentioned something about the ring she got from her ex.( the one she traded for a couple of thousands) and as you know that gladys o rata ditaba........ so she asked to see the ring

30 Sep 2009 16:59

hey Gen is interesting....Khaps and Cleo will get married!!

Sharon will see Kenny & Ntombi kissing each other!

Dumisani will taste his medicine nice one i cant wait!!

I wonder what Ace will do for his boss?

Kenny will back off Ruby cause she will ask for money all the time.....mmmh lets wait and see!!!

Senzo will be inlove with Zaneli.....Jason find out that Senzo its a gay!!!!......Sbuda doesnt inform Ntombi about anything that is why Ntombi decided to fall with Kenny

30 Sep 2009 16:59

Jason isn't leaving generations, he might leave for a while or somethin but he'll be back, he was gettin interviewed on DJ Sbu's breakfast show and he said he was shooting some scenes with Senzo. I also think karapau is gettin married.

30 Sep 2009 17:05

Sbusiso knows that Jason is playing 4 both teams n his son doesn't have a girlfrend but he doesn't have a problem wit their frendship n still invite them to golf together. i wonder...... wat you think guys?

30 Sep 2009 17:13

senzo in a gay club. all right for simply blue product placement. lol.

30 Sep 2009 20:34

Ruby n Kenneth. ha ha ha this is funny.

30 Sep 2009 20:36

Dumsani must get ova himself and get a life, ayekele kuba sishimane.

30 Sep 2009 20:41

Calculating Cleo has an important visit lined up. Who is she going to see?    Mhmmm... i hope is not the white guy who gave her his business card.

01 Oct 2009 11:25

it might be that white guy.  They still think she is still a magosha.

lady gaga
01 Oct 2009 12:19

about the wedding thing, whats written on the teasers its about khaphela and cleo getting married whether it will happen or not we all dnt know yet. so stop saying its paul and karabo please!

"Cleo seems to be having second thoughts about her impulsive decision" yini le yinja, dsn't this mean anything to u!

01 Oct 2009 13:10

tjo it seems as this month generation will be full of shocking news neh.

01 Oct 2009 13:23

Hi :)

What story was published in the paper about Thomas?

Thanks =] =]

01 Oct 2009 13:24

P.S its from last month

01 Oct 2009 14:16

guyz pinch me is jason going to be leaving this month or my eyes are fooling me?

Usual Suspect
01 Oct 2009 15:15

It's a bittersweet moment as Jason bids Ezweni farewell

Jason is leaving EZWENI not generations...guys please....focus....come on now.....

Dumisani pushes too far and gets punched for it … twice

This just kills me....hahahahahahaha....

wedding? hope it pulls thru and no drama to disturb the wedding....whoever gets married.

01 Oct 2009 15:47

any one who want to play is welcome the name of the game is guess who  am i

this is the question ?????????????????????????????

i am like a tape worm if i am out of the human body i am useless
who is this gen actor

remember this is a fair play if you got it right i will tell you

01 Oct 2009 17:33

hahaha gener rocks

02 Oct 2009 07:56

Yooooh Bathong, Cleo wahlanya.  How could she just open up her gown to Dee like dat?  ah ah ah, helang!!!

Tash 1
02 Oct 2009 08:36

I smell a rat, Ruby will definately Jola wit Kenny, dd n 1 realise the way she was  tokin' to him, flirt-ish. tjo.

lady gaga
02 Oct 2009 09:22

guys ya'll are scaring me with this Ruby and Kenny sh*t, No not my beautiful Ruby

Cleo is starting to irritate me with her lies, ke eng vele ka yena???.....

now why didn't Zamani beat the hell out of that stupid Ajax, i so wished it happened.

yini u jason se ka funa ukudla u senzo naa..........tjo he is scaring me naye!

are they going to play another persons voice everytime Neli has to sing or it was just a once off.

ooh i forgot to say this yesterday, i loooooved the dress cleo was wearing, i want it!

Pepsi Cola
02 Oct 2009 10:45

Whats up Lady gaga?

02 Oct 2009 10:47

Gud ppl im new here, why do ppl love gay scenes so much, they cant wait to watch yet after watching they make sick comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02 Oct 2009 11:20

Jason should stay we havn't seen enough

zaneli: hai....doesnt even sound rite

Cleo needs to go, take ajax wth u

Paul and karabo are the ones gettin married

And finally i wish i was the one punching dumisani..... mo dan twice

lady gaga
02 Oct 2009 12:04

hey Pepsi, i wnt to come pass ur place today, so will u be home or can i come????

02 Oct 2009 12:23

it's ruby and kenneth getting married!!!!

lady gaga
02 Oct 2009 12:27

lets use Condom,lets use Condom (in peni,peni's voice) do u remember that song even better the

and Oooh by the way i wanted to say Condomm, o a tsenwa maan!!!!

02 Oct 2009 12:50

                      hao!   I miss Khethiwe.....when is she coming back  kanti?

02 Oct 2009 12:53

nxa! tebby y r u ignoring me nxa! cum bac to de bordroom now nxa!

02 Oct 2009 12:53

nxa! tebby y r u ignoring me nxa! cum bac to de bordroom now nxa!

02 Oct 2009 12:53

nxa! tebby y r u ignoring me nxa! cum bac to de bordroom now nxa!

02 Oct 2009 12:53

nxa! tebby y r u ignoring me nxa! cum bac to de bordroom now nxa!

02 Oct 2009 12:53

nxa! tebby y r u ignoring me nxa! cum bac to de bordroom now nxa!

02 Oct 2009 12:53

nxa! tebby y r u ignoring me nxa! cum bac to de bordroom now nxa!

02 Oct 2009 12:53

nxa! tebby y r u ignoring me nxa! cum bac to de bordroom now nxa!

lady gaga
02 Oct 2009 12:55

dali ungazosi hlanyela thina la!!!

02 Oct 2009 12:58

LOL LOL LOL...tell her LG

02 Oct 2009 13:02

lol watever ladyg

nxaaaaaaaaa! @ phikza

sixple nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! @ tebby fo ignoring me even more nxa!

02 Oct 2009 13:30


                                 hao! dali ...speechless!
                                 who is ignoring you? LOL LOLer LOLest  LOListo,, tl tl tl tl

  ........It's a bittersweet moment as Jason bids Ezweni farewell >>>>>please dont tell me he is leaving Genrubish! he is the reason why i watch Genrubish lately *sad face*  ...Bro Mfundi, please just keep him I would rather pay his cheque.

02 Oct 2009 13:32


02 Oct 2009 15:13

02 Oct 2009 18:58

Cleo you embarasing yourself cant you see that pls you are embarasing the name called women,why cant yo talk to Khaphela about the problems tha you have girl! thats not on . you dont know Dumisani,you just playing with fire

03 Oct 2009 10:55

No comment....
Don knw a beta word 4 boring....Else i wud hev used it.
Whats wrong wit da sopies dis month???????

03 Oct 2009 14:14

Jason must NOT go,not tired of these half-stories that neva really reach an end!!! Senzo has cerebos and only Jason can fix that...hahahahaha

wat if the wedding is between Cleo and Dumisani.....he uses muthi maybe he is gonna get cleo on a muthi-high and she wakes up married to him-thats why sara is gonna be disgusted-lol.

Ajax has really become a BORING AND UNNECESSARY character
This Neli, comment yet.
When is Queen getting a man?

I dont like the way Ngamla touches Senzo,he might activate him---kwakwkawkwakwa

I LL b back!!!!

03 Oct 2009 22:12

hi guyz.


03 Oct 2009 22:28

de marrying couple can never be cleo n khaps, espacially not afta de secret is out.
Sooo dat mins dis decision azozsola ngayo ucleo is dat of moving in with uDumie, cz uKhaps uzamqumbela.

N de punching business izoba nguKhaps ebetha uDumie for taking Cleo.izozncama indod'eqotho!!!!

PAUL N KABS will b marrying!!!!! cz der hznt bin trouble in paradise yet.

abt senzo, de teaser r saying 'there'll be a disntict diff. abt this 1..' so i think there's a girl involved. Finally he's interested in a woman after getting a lecture from Dave!!!!!

Princess Fiona
04 Oct 2009 17:49

the whole wedding story is so dubious? who's getting married? cleo and khaphela? yawn...!

cleo should leave. infact i'm not really convinced anbout the benefits of her return. i'm SO sick of ajax's permanent pms. can he stop throwing all his toys out the cot,please?

what's the deal with jason vele? is he bisexual? dating cleo, kissing that capitec exec (phuti) and kissing senzo.  and what is up with the shiny blazers he wears to work?

as for shaz....what is up with her giving untombi attitude? and more importantly, what is up with her and cleo's hairstyles????!! it makes sharon look like a hedgehog!

so zamani will hook up with nelly? BIG YAWN!!!! 

looks like the only amusing thing this month is dumisani getting punched and i wish i was the one who was doing it. guess that's the price i have to pay for being painfully addicted to this nonsense of a soapie

05 Oct 2009 09:45

anybody home?

05 Oct 2009 11:40

guys can u help.....
if anyone knows can u direct me to a blog ya the drama home Affairs


Ms personality
05 Oct 2009 11:52

hi pple.............
yes Condom we are home darling

05 Oct 2009 12:05

is  no one  interested in my game?????????????????? or you don't no an anwer. the name of the actor is dineo........................ coming with another ? in a min

05 Oct 2009 13:47

go and get drum guys and you will say wooooooooooooooooooooou

wo ooooooh this is a very good looking couple and you won't believe if  i say khaphela is very charming simple and handsome man and those beards

05 Oct 2009 13:49

only on the picture were he is wearing jeans can you imagine bra khaps in jean but the one wearing a suit is like induna ya ko mahlabathini

05 Oct 2009 13:59

and cleo 's hair style is like 1960's gogo trying to conquer the world but in those dresses she is all the men want beside the hair style

05 Oct 2009 14:05

and by looking those picture i add two and two together and find the answer = by that hair style i think generation what cleo to look a bit old so that she can match with khaphela    

lady g
05 Oct 2009 14:24

Eish that Cleo... - all things south african soaps

05 Oct 2009 15:03

05 Oct 2009 15:04

wen is kethiwe coming back  ?

05 Oct 2009 15:23

Oh Madleza you the only one without bhabhalazi today. So dominating!!!

05 Oct 2009 15:34

@ condom is how relieve my bhabhalazi  

05 Oct 2009 15:36

@ condom is how i relieve my bhabhalazi

05 Oct 2009 15:49

wag wepre she will come by the time khaphela and cleo are about to walk down the aisle ene her heart full of jealous

05 Oct 2009 16:17

oh the bloggers i think the rival is the house there is something so called and if you were not aware of that condom people are visiting there this days and our own lady g is blogging..................................... i wonder why i feel lonely today

lady g
05 Oct 2009 20:07

Come on Madleza, we don't have rival...we offer diffrent services...lets all bol together happily

lady g
05 Oct 2009 20:35

I just updated Today's episode if you guys don't mind checking it out. I promise to chat here with you tommorrow

Lady NA
06 Oct 2009 07:46

Cud Cleo b getting back to prostitution?

06 Oct 2009 09:06

fuck you lady g you are so boring you and madleza go *bleep!* one another in a ditch somewhere!

06 Oct 2009 09:10


06 Oct 2009 09:43

hi mablogglers
long time no chat,missed you all so much thou,but now im back for gooooood

06 Oct 2009 13:42

@applepizza/tiser we have already done that and the *bleep!* was nice you should try to do that on the that

06 Oct 2009 13:49

@madleza oh know you didn't you bitch who the hell do you think you are heh.stuxa somntu voetsek mqundu wakho.

lady g
06 Oct 2009 13:50

Eish these childish bloggers!!! Hi Madleza, I came as promised

lady g
06 Oct 2009 13:50

excuse the pun...hahahaha

06 Oct 2009 13:59

so now the two gentlemen are fighting for cleo

ntsika mabona
06 Oct 2009 13:59

khapelo is slow poison if h have it at all, rugby uzomthatha ukenneth if deneo akaphumi, hey bra kaps find life dad

lady g
06 Oct 2009 14:07

I see there is a wedding sometime this month, so it is definately one of the getlemen to cleo

lady gaga
06 Oct 2009 14:14

there seem to be changes la ekhaya yazi, mmh i wonder.......!!!

06 Oct 2009 14:20

welcome back lady g hope i didn't offend i was just taking out my stress on you and i'm sorry for that hope you will forgive me someday.

06 Oct 2009 14:21

i'm sorry madleza please forgive me.

06 Oct 2009 14:24

lady gaga, lady g, lady NA?????????????????

lady gaga
06 Oct 2009 14:27

eish BigMama, im thinking of changing my username bcs its seems like soon u wnt know who's who la *sigh*

06 Oct 2009 14:30

@applepits/pie i just like the name bitch is so cute and voetsek that was the most sweet thing no one has said to me and when you say mqundu i just smile and say you *bleep!* try to speak harder a little bit

06 Oct 2009 14:37

the big sis is moving in so ntombi won't do the entire house chores by herself even changing christy a nappy

06 Oct 2009 14:53

shaz 's behaviour is disgusting and you might find that he don't meet the reguirement of marrying chief's son 

check your self girl if you meet this requirement 
1  a virgin
2  come from wealthy family 
3  good career

if you don't......... enjoy every moment of that relationship to the foolest and no one is not going to say anything b'coz later you are going to be thrown away

06 Oct 2009 15:02

is not even a week but kenny think that dineo should forget about the baby and move on .eish tyma the is so called humanity , ubuntu ,botho try that it doestn't cost

06 Oct 2009 15:22

Bra Khaps shld be with sisSarah. she luks like she's got the traditional values Khaps like. Cleo is not your type
Neli gal u need to take a chill pill

06 Oct 2009 15:25

eish Madleza i dont qualify to be married by chief's son,but des only 1 thing that disqualify me

06 Oct 2009 15:53

i have alredy seen your tactics sarah youare pursuating cleo to speak the truth so that bra khps should leave cleo and hook you............................................................ you are clever ne'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''? 

06 Oct 2009 16:52

Yeah man! auntie Sarah is good for Bra' Khap's, is net Cleo has got someaction u know and Khaps wants to also taste the popular cake phela...........Hahahahaaaa!

ice princess
07 Oct 2009 07:46

Did Kheti leave guys?

07 Oct 2009 08:00

oh it was so good to see sibusiso making a tea for his child 

07 Oct 2009 08:00

update please guys.

My hubby was glued to So you think you can dance I never touched the remote at all since we got home last night.

Update pls

07 Oct 2009 08:12

yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....................... isn't paul cute and caring i like him and i think karabo has finally  found a soul mate

07 Oct 2009 08:19

dumisani o a phapha mara hle lena who told him that bra khaps is loaded he shouldn't just get a punch but a knock out

07 Oct 2009 08:45

hey do you think ajax and that little girl shagged? she looked drunk

07 Oct 2009 08:52

07 Oct 2009 09:02

Ah mara Generubish niyabazi banjani now that we are getting excited that Karabo is finally getting her soul mate they will want to kill him ungazi ukuthi why are they not making her the Aggy and her Zebediah baku Gen nxa.... this Biscccches of writers lol,

Amazing Supermember
07 Oct 2009 09:10

Hey Guys

Why were Ntombi and Sbusiso embarassed by Senzo walking in on them kissing? They are a young married couple and Senzo is well aware of that. Kenneth must stop spoilling other people's kids cause he did not want his own grandson regardless of how the baby was concieved, it was still his flesh and blood.

lady gaga
07 Oct 2009 09:30

 - hey do you think ajax and that little girl shagged? she looked drunk

. yebo gogo. they did the dirty for sure!!!!

Why were Ntombi and Sbusiso embarassed by Senzo walking in on them kissing? They are a young married couple and Senzo is well aware of that
Ntombi's acting can be questioned sometimes, did u see how she showed she was suppose to do that, hai suka! and for what vele, they are grown ups and married and senzo is also a grown man.nx pleeeease!!!!

07 Oct 2009 10:25

How will they cope like this. Do they have to go hide each time they kiss?

07 Oct 2009 10:56

senzo must just move in with me and play me that Whitney and Ms Ross

07 Oct 2009 11:13

People what's wrong with the cds that senzo has? At on point i noticed samuel mocking him.

07 Oct 2009 11:38

Tell me guys fish drink water.

07 Oct 2009 11:39

Do fish get thirsty.

07 Oct 2009 12:04

Well Condomm imagine u rock up at ure nigga's place and he is singing along to "I'm every woman..." on top of his voice or Aretha's "willing to forgive..." now that would be a weird sight dont u

07 Oct 2009 12:05

@ toronto Freshwater fish do not actively drink water, but absorb the water through their skin and gills. On the other hand, saltwater fish do actively drink sea water. Their gills process the water and take out the salt. 

NB fish breathe by absorbing oxygen from water

07 Oct 2009 12:16

Okay...thank you madleza..I can see you are an animal Vet

07 Oct 2009 12:16

oh sunshine sunshine my do my do little pontsopontso was a boy oh shame

07 Oct 2009 12:39

@dineo when God created a woman he filled her with love my dear .  if you are pregnant and you don't bond with that foetus growing inside of you instead you see him as a obstacle through your life He sees your wish and He will come and remove the obstacle so that you can enjoy the life again and is pitty b'coz after He do actually removed the obstacle. by that time you realise how hard it is to carry a baby and passed away and is what we called mothers love.  wipe those tears and go on with what you want we need to see more interesting scenes than your silly tears. 

Amazing Supermember
07 Oct 2009 15:19


why are you so hard on little Dinny?

07 Oct 2009 15:40

 @ Amazing Supermember we tell it the way it is

07 Oct 2009 16:02

poor dinny.............but sam & shazzz 's fake kisses are just disgusting. i just wonder why ene sharon is bitter towards ntobi. couples i'm wishing for are senzo + jason, kenny + ntombi so that ngamla learns a lesson that he has to give his wife priority. nd i think its tym for queen to find someone to spend tym with, a tlogele ditaba tsa batho...........daaaaaaaaaarlin'

07 Oct 2009 16:08

when everyone have a still born stress he /she takes it from poor princie first was karabo now kenneth thirdly is going to be dineo

dont pinch me like that
07 Oct 2009 19:59

always thought it was soooo lame to do this after months of reading you guys but here goes: Hey guys I'm new and I actually enjoy reading you guys talking about the soapie than actually watching it : )

08 Oct 2009 07:21

why generation babies are so spoiled brat rude, selfish, lack of respect  is the writers not able to potray the parental responsibility toward the actors

08 Oct 2009 09:08


where?????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????is the gay issue i mean there is no progress in that gay relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08 Oct 2009 09:36

i dont need the gay issue so its fine by me

08 Oct 2009 09:51

i cried with little Dini izolo.....that last scene at mamRubi's really got to me.....good acting right there

lady gaga
08 Oct 2009 09:57

yeah Pooky it was really convincing, good acting indeed! and she reminded me of her days as keketso in Backstage.

08 Oct 2009 10:08

That scene at mamRuby yesterday when Dineo cried it was so touching. it remind me of last year when i lost my daughter, i neva thought i will get over it but i did. Nd to think of it that it was the same month i lost her it just bring back all the memories.

08 Oct 2009 10:26

Sorry to hear about yo baby gal Nzuzo but that scene was really perfect. Even for us who haven't lost loved ones in death it makes us realize wat's important in life. Even tho t'was acting I really felt sorry for lil Dinny.

08 Oct 2009 10:42

to tell the truth i also cried. U were good there Dineo i think u should get an increase there.

08 Oct 2009 10:47

Why is Lady G promoting her own website on her? UYABORA, SISI!

08 Oct 2009 10:47

aaww Sorry about your baby Nzuzo...Beckyre, she deserves an award

08 Oct 2009 10:49

Why is Lady G promoting her own website on here? Especially since she never has anything good to say about Generations. UYABORA SISI!

08 Oct 2009 12:32

yeah Pooky it was really convincing, good acting indeed! and she reminded me of her days as keketso in Backstage.HELP

08 Oct 2009 14:07

Mam Ruby is the best actor followed by Dineo....

lady gaga
08 Oct 2009 15:14

where does this Lady G come from???????????????

08 Oct 2009 15:24

Yhu generation blog is bloggable these days, only 171 replies on the 08th WOW!!!

08 Oct 2009 15:28

Hi Guys

I think Zaneli is Ajax and Nelisiwe, they will sing together and them bazibize nge Zaneli coz I dont see Nelisiwe going out with Zamani. But lets wait and see.

I dont mean to be rude or something but I think she is overdoing it a little bit. Hhayi ngeke. She must get ova it now. Anyway Asifani. 

I looooove Aunty Ruby

08 Oct 2009 15:32

I mean Dineo by da way.. wink wink

08 Oct 2009 17:51

mr ndlovu wts rely giong 2 happn in kenneth 's office when sharon walks in?

09 Oct 2009 08:19

Molweni blogeristoz.
Yheyi yintoni ngoku uJason atheth' intwapha. UMr D ngoku uzozifunela ngenkani ku Cleo athi uzombhatala mooor. 
Hayibo nocleo nangu raping uBra Khaps, yhu i wonder if uyakwazi ukwenza shame.

09 Oct 2009 08:37

@ lady gaga lady g comefrom our friend www.soap dish .com

09 Oct 2009 09:07

is cleo in love with khaphela or dumisani i mean she is more relaxed with dummie than khaphela

09 Oct 2009 09:15

mr ndlovu?

09 Oct 2009 09:19

I also hope Cleo will end-up with Dumi and bra Kaps with Sara

09 Oct 2009 09:25

It is not like Cleo loves Khapela.
I think uCleo want money and security from Khapela. 
What happened yesterday is that she was trying to do with Khapela what should have happened between her and Dumisani.

09 Oct 2009 10:24


09 Oct 2009 10:27

Someone please update me. Please I beg you

09 Oct 2009 10:42

What was Dumi wet of in the morning. Was he steaming (kufutha)?

09 Oct 2009 11:01

He went for jogging I guess

Usual Suspect
09 Oct 2009 12:37

Wassup bloggers....

Gen is bit more exciting these days...still wonder who's the wedding is for....maybe it's Jason and that Kevin

Thought Senzo was gonna comment about the ass or 6 packs of the guys when he was watching soccer with Daddy.....and I wouldn't mind a dad like that...telling his wife to bring me a beer and him a

Neli is done with she's gonna rock Zamani after he cooks for

09 Oct 2009 12:41

ajax  going on a tour for the whole week so zaneli is the next big thing to watch obvious

09 Oct 2009 12:50

Guys am bit unsure as to wat Neli's age on the show is or should be
Isn't she a teenager or something wearing butterfly earrings le masale a di heee she kills me hahahahaha.
Maybe she sings rock or sumting she looks more like the makings of a highskul musical hahahahahahha oh lol

09 Oct 2009 13:27

Lbg I think they re trying to make neli a Rihanna kinda gal... as for Jason febeling usenzo..hayimaan..thats not on...and sbu busy trying to turn his son not on.....and the cleo part is just boring...i think its time for her to go back to mahlabathini...and i miss Khethiwe already....have you guys noticed ukuthi these generations people (some) go to the gym mara their bodies are def not changing...bazidudla nje qha..the only guy who does not have umkhaba is ajax...and we all know ukuthi womelele vele there is no chance in hell yokuthi anone

09 Oct 2009 13:52

Mawiniza I also miss Khethiwe, This thing kaNeli and Zamani it a no no Zamani's character it boring, Can Mfundi bring back uJulia????

09 Oct 2009 14:22

did i miss ?????the episode of christinah's one year birthday ????? or her parents forgot it???????

09 Oct 2009 15:03

cleo's phone ringing tr tr tr tr tr tr tr tr tr tr hallo cleo here 
anonymous : so you called your self cleo this days
cleo who am i speaking to 
anonymous :we need you siyanda come and rescue lu from david evil spirit
cleo : what happened to lu 
anonymous: she doesn't think straight this days she need to get cleansed plz come before she looses her baby 
cleo : i wonder why things aren't in my side lately i used to help people heal them i don't even want to think about my initiation at edlozini caves (speaking alone)
anonymous :are you still there
cleo: yes unfortunately right now i am a born again christian thats why i call my self cleo
anonymous :immediately you change to siyanda come back to rescue lu bye 

09 Oct 2009 15:06

Come-on give us some drama Mfundi. Zamani and Dineo are both boring please, we want DRAMA............................................!

09 Oct 2009 15:49

time to knock

09 Oct 2009 15:51

out guys

09 Oct 2009 15:54

i was left then i realise that i forget to say goodnight to paul

Usual Suspect
09 Oct 2009 16:04

i was left then i realise that i forget to say goodnight to paul 

I was left.....
I was left.....
I was left.....
I was left.....
I was left..... I was left..... tlt tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl *cough* hahahahahahahahahahahaha

you kill me bra

09 Oct 2009 17:43

i dont get dis.... christina is kenneth's baby how cum? i dont remember ntombi having sex with kenneth.....

its seems lyk nobody worries abt kethiwe anymore......

09 Oct 2009 22:21

cloe is da kinda woman who dazn't know her values, n bra khaps is so blind shame, he can't c de ada side ka cleo.
i min guyz sliping with a man dazn't rily fill de fact dat u don't love him.

as ma lv rubs, she's a gud mom n tryng by ol mins to sapot every step of de way.

wht will sam say when Palesa cums bck, cz if she waznt arrested dez no way he cud've hooked with shaz again.

dis mhlalo kasenzo no dad wakhe, i dn't think it's a gud idea cz now he's delaying his work cz of imatch....nha it cud've bin nyc if he wznt busy!!!!!!!!!!!!


09 Oct 2009 22:25

nelisiwe mst slow down a bit cz ingathi uyayover yenza maan le part yake. i min even uAngela was olso yang bt zange abenjengaye.
N wht exactly is she trying to do.......dibanisa iibradaz......disgusting maan

10 Oct 2009 10:53

10 Oct 2009 12:21

sempateng, what was yhis other names??? arg i forgot the other two names
has the lady gone crazy how can she say such stupid names....

12 Oct 2009 07:45

@Tafenit your language?!!!

12 Oct 2009 08:53

People plis wake up!!! This neli girl, wusup?

12 Oct 2009 09:34

hallo everyone

12 Oct 2009 12:14

hi guys Paul is cute guyz

12 Oct 2009 13:21

12 Oct 2009 14:32

I think Generations Teasers people have left. this place is no longer exciting it is very quite lately. What went wrong?

12 Oct 2009 15:51

rest in peace still born we will think about you when we see your mother

12 Oct 2009 17:13

i really cany get the point of jason coming back if he is leaving so soon. as for cleo, i think that the sooner she tells the truth the better for everyone. its about time that khethiwe came back home because dumisani is getting out of control.

13 Oct 2009 07:22

morning everyone

13 Oct 2009 07:52

i like ruby he is the amazing thing to watch in generation this days

13 Oct 2009 07:55

i like ruby she is the amazing thing to watch in generation this days

13 Oct 2009 10:27

can sumbody plz update me! plz.... if  u r a guy i will give u 1 round n if u r a gal,........ eish sorry no rewards

13 Oct 2009 11:55

pminicooper ,,wait for sutarday to watch the omnibus .sorry

Da Diva
13 Oct 2009 12:11

Hey guyz im new here plz welcome mi, anyway i like gen diz daiz umam Ruby iz so interesting &she knows how 2 deal with Keneth bt im starting 2 feel sori 4 uMASHABA they must 4give him now.

Da Diva
13 Oct 2009 12:11

Hey guyz im new here plz welcome mi, anyway i like gen diz daiz umam Ruby iz so interesting &she knows how 2 deal with Keneth bt im starting 2 feel sori 4 uMASHABA they must 4give him now.

Da Diva
13 Oct 2009 12:13

Hey guyz im new here plz welcome mi, anyway i like gen diz daiz umam Ruby iz so interesting &she knows how 2 deal with Keneth bt im starting 2 feel sori 4 uMASHABA they must 4give him now.

13 Oct 2009 12:16

tjo! so many newbies!!!!!!!!!!!! has anyone seen maud?

13 Oct 2009 12:23

wazzzz up back hala to all the, big mamas,koktails, cande,bshuga,jadap u know mos were ma gals @

13 Oct 2009 12:45

Reply from: dali 10/13/2009 6:16:03 PM
tjo! so many newbies!!!!!!!!!!!! has anyone seen maud? 
LOL LOL LOL LOL...tjo! say that again

lady gaga
13 Oct 2009 13:15

dali and ms.tebby - maud took leave for her wedding guys, probably now she's on her honemoon. lucky gal!!!!

13 Oct 2009 23:38

jooo... generations ya ratwa ne?

14 Oct 2009 07:51

i've cried with dineo this month whenever i saw her cry i felt sorry for her, by the way i also love neli very much tho she seems too heavy sometimes but i love her, queen and ace aah pipo uyangnhlanyisa lol

14 Oct 2009 08:06

Dineo must just go back home and leave Paul and Karabo with peace.

14 Oct 2009 10:18

shes used to that living (ka mokabelo) or for free shes boring me , she want every thing to be essy for her, firs she merid kenny becouse of money and her poor background  without lobola now is you guyz feel sori for her she must sufer more than this, she had every thing but she slept with her stapson n fell pregnent, they say beahind a succsefull man thers a wife but not the one like Dineo i no is just a acting but people wach out that thing can happen in the real life ne and is heppening  

14 Oct 2009 12:15

Hi mabloggers!!!!!

jo ppl i have this funny feeling that ma Ruby is after Kenny, what do u think. I mean she keeps showing up at Kenneth's place ununounced. Phela ma Ruby is a shebeen queen and uyayithanda imali. I mean look at Dinny (like mother like daughter). Dinny can't even go home because she wants to squat kwi plush houses.

14 Oct 2009 13:35

Dinny really she must go back home, afterall this is her home. Mme Ruby has supported her through hell, but now she doesn't want to spend time with her.

Paul must watch out! Kuzovuka lokho kuDinny, phela she also had feelings for uPaul.

Ntombi is glowing and losing a step when she walks in Kenny's  office!!! Hhaha!! 

14 Oct 2009 13:38

Kanti where is everybody today mara yhe?