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Bold & The Beautiful Teasers - July 2009

Written by TVSA Team from the blog The Bold And The Beautiful Teasers on 30 Jun 2009
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Coming up on B&B this July, 2009:

Wednesday, 1 July 2009
Episode 5297

Storm tries to convince Ashley that he is not dangerous and promises that he would never be violent with her because he is falling in love with her.

Katie explains to Nick how Storm shot Stephanie because of the love her brother has for his family; she says that Storm is the kind of person who protects the people he cares about, not hurt them. Katie assures Nick that Ashley would be lucky to have a man like Storm in her life.

Stephanie calls a family meeting where she tells her children and Eric that she plans to step down from her position at Forrester Creations. Eric is extremely touched when Stephanie pronounces that she wants him to buy her half of the house and hold his and Donna's wedding there.

Thursday, 2 July 2009
Episode 5298

Brooke tells Donna that Storm has been dating Ashley and that Ridge disapproves. The sisters know that Storm could never hurt anyone ever again and wish that Ridge would understand how much Storm has done for their family. Brooke hopes that Ashley is able to see the goodness in Storm despite Ridge's warning.

Bridget pays a visit to Nick, happy to see that Katie is not there, and hopes for a quiet night home alone with him. When discussing Storm and Ashley, Bridget becomes offended by Nick's attitude towards Storm and his protectiveness of Ashley.

Nick is unable to tell Bridget why he dislikes Storm because of the promise he made to Katie to keep her family's secret. Bridget senses that Nick has something against Storm and confronts him about it.

Friday, 3 July 2009
Episode 5299

Ashley tells Ridge about her frightening evening with Storm. Tired of Storm's actions lately, Ridge decides to call Lt. Baker to tell him that Storm was the one who shot Stephanie. Lt. Baker chastises Ridge for withholding this evidence for so long.

Ridge calls Brooke to warn her that the police are on their way to arrest Storm and that Storm will most likely be spending the rest of his life in jail. Brooke spends some quiet time with Storm and says some hurtful things to him about his recent behaviour.

After hearing that the police are after him, Storm concocts a plan to divert the cops and leaves a note behind.

Monday, 6 July 2009
Episode 5300

Lt. Baker and his son, Charlie, arrive looking for Storm. Donna is angry at the sight of them and tells them to leave because Storm isn't around to arrest.

Ridge apologizes to Brooke for telling the police about Storm shooting Stephanie and then asks if he has been arrested. Brooke tells Ridge about Storm's abrupt exit and how she regrets the things she said to him.

Ashley tells Brooke how Storm was just trying to be heard and was reaching out to her, which she didn't realize until after the fact. Ashley understands Storm a lot better now and knows that he is very misunderstood.

The note Storm left behind is found.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009
Episode 5301

Ridge begins to feel guilt over telling the police about Storm shooting Stephanie. Ridge fears that this may affect his relationship with Brooke.

Brooke and Donna are tempted to open the note that Storm left behind even though it was addressed to Katie. Donna calls her father, Stephen, and asks him to come back to town to help the family deal with everything.

Later, Brooke gives Katie the letter from Storm which reveals that he had left her a gift. Upset that Storm wasn't arrested, Stephanie has some choice words to say about him. Eric compares Stephanie to Storm, stating how both of them would do anything for their families.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009
Episode 5302

Katie is extremely upset with Storm's departure even though her sisters defend his actions. Stephen arrives looking for his family and is troubled to learn about Storm.

Stephanie apologizes to Katie about not turning Storm in; if she had, Storm wouldn't have escaped the way he did and would be in jail.

Stephen feels more and more responsible for the kind of person that Storm turned out to be and promises to be there for his children the way he should have when they were young.

Katie has a hard time accepting Storm's gift.

Thursday, 9 July 2009
Episode 5303

Eric and Stephanie sign their divorce papers just in time for Donna and Eric to marry the following day. Eric shows signs of remorse because he has seen a different and gentler side of Stephanie recently.

Noticing that Eric seems to be having doubts about marrying Donna, Ridge uses it to his advantage to try to talk his father out of getting married. Stephanie gives Donna a manual of how to be "Mrs. Eric Forrester." Donna is suspicious of Stephanie's kindness to her knowing that Stephanie always has something up her sleeve.

Later, Ridge calls Stephanie to tell her about Eric having cold feet. Stephanie tells Ridge that if the wedding does happen tomorrow, she plans on being there.

Stephanie thinks that if Eric sees her and all of their children there, he will change his mind about marrying Donna.

Friday, 10 July 2009
Episode 5304

Donna is excited about her and Eric's wedding that will be taking place the following day. Later, Rick arrives and offers to be Eric's best man. Eric is grateful for Rick's support, not knowing that Rick is in a relationship that others disapprove of, also.

Bridget finds solace in Nick's arms after dealing with the events that took place with her family. Bridget tells Nick of the miracle which took place at the hospital the day before. Brooke and Donna are shocked at Katie's negative attitude towards Storm.

Monday, 13 July 2009
Episode 5305

Katie tells her sisters that she doesn't want Storm's gift and that she regrets talking Stephanie out of turning him into the police. After not seeing eye-to-eye with Brooke and Donna about Storm, Katie informs her sisters that she will not be at the wedding.

Bridget tells Nick that she is aware that things between them were going pretty fast, but she's interested to see if there is a future for the two of them; if it doesn't work out, there will be no hard feelings. Nick agrees.

Stephanie can see that Eric is having some doubts about his wedding, but isn't admitting it. Eric and Stephanie share a tender moment as he tells her that no matter what paths their lives take, he will always treasure all that they have shared; he will never forget her.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009
Episode 5306

In the Forrester living room, caterers and florists are bustling around to get the house ready for Eric and Donna's wedding. Stephanie tells Ridge that she hasn't called the movers yet in the hope that Eric will change his mind about marrying Donna and decide to come back to Stephanie.

Brooke is troubled when hearing from Ridge that Eric is showing signs of cold feet. Brooke reminds Eric how happy Donna has made him; especially in comparison to his years with Stephanie.

After overhearing Brooke and Eric's conversation, Stephanie confronts Brooke about letting Eric make his own decision without Brooke's influence.

Brooke warns Stephanie to be on her best behavior because the Logan family are the "new" Forresters; Stephanie just might find herself on the outside looking in.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009
Episode 5307

Eric's children arrive for the wedding at the demand of Stephanie. Ridge goes after Rick for bringing Taylor as his date to the wedding while Brooke chastises Taylor for flaunting her relationship in front of the family.

Just as the wedding is about to begin, Stephanie takes advantage of Eric's doubts by giving him words of advice that could make his cold feet even colder. Stephanie sits amongst her family with anticipation, hoping that Eric makes the right decision and doesn't marry Donna.

Nick tries to help Katie deal with all that her and her family have been through. Nick sympathizes with Katie's situation, but still unsuccessfully attempts to get her to see her family's point of view.

Thursday, 16 July 2009
Episode 5308

All of the wedding guests are on the edge of their seats impatiently awaiting Eric's "I do." Eric tells Donna that he loves her, she's changed his life…. And he WILL take her as his wife.

The Forrester children are deeply disappointed as the minister pronounces Eric and Donna husband and wife. Eric looks over at a devastated Stephanie, who sits in complete disbelief.

Before leaving, Stephanie makes a toast to the couple.As Stephanie exits, she realizes that the house that contained all of her memories now belongs to someone else.

Nick gets through to Katie and is able to cheer her up. Katie's hopes are dashed when Nick mentions that he's been spending a lot of time with Bridget.

Later, Ashley tells Katie how the situation with Storm was misinterpreted. Katie becomes overwhelmed with guilt when realizing that it is her fault that Storm is gone.

Friday, 17 July 2009
Episode 5309

Ridge tells Brooke that he is ready to marry her and no longer has reservations about her devotion to him. When Ridge asks that they not hold their wedding at Eric and Donna's house, an argument ensues between him and Brooke which brings up underlying issues that they have.

Stephanie, coming straight from the wedding and having nowhere else to go, visits Katie in the hospital. Stephanie shows an unusual vulnerable side as she makes comparisons about both of their lives having been turned upside down.

Neither Eric nor Donna is able to enjoy their wedding night as both have other things on their mind.

Monday, 20 July 2009
Episode 5310

Ridge tries his best to put his feelings toward the Logan family aside and be supportive of Brooke during this tough time. Donna has a fantasy about how her life as the powerful Mrs. Eric Forrester is going to be.

Katie wakes up to find that Stephanie slept in her hospital room all night. Stephanie has some advice for Katie that may or may not have a positive effect.

Later, Stephanie visits Eric at work where their warm moment is deflated by Stephanie's warning about Donna. Stephen visits Katie and finds that she is having a very difficult time dealing with Storm's death and having his heart.

In a locker room somewhere, a young man examines the newspaper announcement of Eric and Donna's wedding and quickly makes a call to purchase a ticket to Los Angeles.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Episode 5311

Nick visits Katie in the hospital and encourages her to move forward with her life. Katie listens intently to Nick's words of wisdom, and tough love, and later makes a surprising request of him, which Nick obliges.

A young man arrives at the Forrester mansion and is mistaken for a caterer. This stranger uses the opportunity to attend an event in the home and observe the Forresters and the Logans.

Brooke unnecessarily flies off the handle at Rick, who calls her out on her actions before telling her that she is acting like the kind of mother he was always glad he didn't have.

A stroll down memory lane is interrupted by a surprise guest.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009
Episode 5312

Donna is concerned that Katie is going to ruin the day but Katie surprises everyone with her words. The young stranger learns more and more about the Logans and the Forresters from their conversations throughout the day.

His appearance is familiar to Donna but she doesn't know why.

The Logan children bond before their father leaves to return to Paris. During a conversation, Taylor begins to psychoanalyze Stephanie knowing that she is going through a big transition being without Eric.

Stephanie vows to not sit around and wait for Eric's marriage to Donna to fall apart.

Thursday, 23 July 2009
Episode 5313

Bridget is moving out of the beach house so that Stephanie can move in. When Eric stops by to make sure that Stephanie is settled in, she tells him that the distance between her and the family will do her some good.

During a visit, Katie's good mood quickly changes when Nick tells her that he has been spending a lot of time with Bridget.

After learning that Bridget has nowhere to live, Katie selflessly convinces Nick and Bridget to move in together.

The caterer returns to see Donna and introduces himself as Marcus. Donna thinks that Marcus is a tabloid reporter posing as a caterer and tries to throw him out. After Marcus convinces Donna that he is not a reporter and not a stranger, Donna asks him where they have met before.

Friday, 24 July 2009
Episode 5314

Donna is rocked by Marcus' question and apologizes that she can't help him. As a disappointed Marcus leaves, Pam sees him and becomes suspicious of why he is with Donna. Donna accuses Pam of sending Marcus as payback for Tiny's death.

Katie's doctor is ready to release her from the hospital and tries to talk her out of moving into a nursing facility. While moving into Nick's house, Bridget has an idea to have Katie also move in during her recovery.

As Katie is being released, Nick and Bridget arrive and talk her into moving in with them. Eric becomes troubled when Stephanie forces him to realize that he and Donna may have different opinion on having children.

Monday, 27 July 2009
Episode 5315

During a visit, Katie flips through Donna and Eric's wedding album and comes across Marcus's picture. Donna is forced to tell Katie that she had given up a baby for adoption when she was a teenager and thinks that Marcus could be that baby.

Home early from her Australia trip, Phoebe sits at The Insomnia Café with hopes of reuniting with Rick. A chance meeting begins a conversation between Phoebe and Marcus as each share their woes.

Taylor comes home to find a romantic set-up in her bedroom by Rick. Taylor tries to stand her ground with Rick about not getting physical yet, but she can no longer control her feelings.

As things heat up between Taylor and Rick, Phoebe enters and is in shock at seeing her mother and the man she loves in bed together.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009
Episode 5316

Phoebe assumes that Taylor is seducing Rick until Rick tells her otherwise. Taylor and Rick explain to Phoebe how they fell in love and how much they mean to each other. Since Phoebe is distraught and refuses to accept this relationship, Taylor tells Rick they can no longer be together.

Donna refuses to reveal to Katie who Marcus' father is. Later, Donna becomes entranced by Jack and begins to think of what it would have been like if she hadn't given her baby up. Nick consoles Katie as she is forced to look at the scar from her surgery.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009
Episode 5317

Katie volunteers to help Donna obtain information regarding the child she had put up for adoption. Donna fears that she may never see Marcus again and may have blown her one chance to reunite with her son.

Donna, who is late for a Forrester business meeting, prompts Eric's children to reveal their true feelings about her to Eric.

Ridge calls a private meeting to discuss how Forrester Creations needs a new leader; one whose wife will not bring scandal and shame to the company. Brooke feels betrayed by Ridge's stand to additionally oust Donna and Rick from the company.

Marcus visits Donna at her office where she sneaks him in so no one can see. Katie calls Donna to give her information about the adoption. Donna and Marcus agree to meet Katie to discuss the situation.

Thursday, 30 July 2009
Episode 5318

Marcus recounts his search for Donna as she explains how giving him up for adoption was the hardest thing she ever had to do. Donna and Marcus' emotional reunion is cut short when he becomes resentful towards her for abandoning him.

All but Brooke are in agreement about Eric stepping down as CEO of the company. While Eric is in his office with Stephanie, he is blindsided by his family and their suggestion.

Eric is so confident in his new wife that he makes a deal with Ridge; if Donna brings any scandal to the company, Eric will step down.

Friday, 31 July 2009
Episode 5319

Donna is worried that Eric will be upset when she tells him about Marcus. Eric warns Ridge that he is jeopardizing their relationship by pushing too much. Confident that Donna won't let him down, Eric reiterates his deal about stepping down if Donna brings about another scandal.

An emotional Phoebe runs into Ridge's arms after learning about Rick and Taylor's relationship. Phoebe tells Ridge and Brooke about Taylor breaking up with Rick.

Rick attempts to convince Taylor to change her mind about ending their relationship and tries to slip the engagement ring on her finger. Taylor stops Rick and tells him to please let her go and never look back; it kills her to lose him but she cannot betray Phoebe.

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02 Jul 2009 12:05

i'm first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02 Jul 2009 12:33

I thnk B&B wil be interestin ths month.

02 Jul 2009 12:46

Donna's got a son? WOOOOUUUW
 & Phoebe walking in on her Mom and his bF..
 nick + Bridgette + Katie under one roof?
& Stephanie is finally going to get what is coming to her
This is 4much....

i'm 2nd yipeeeeeeee

02 Jul 2009 12:47

eish no3 is not badzzzzzz

03 Jul 2009 11:13

I'v neva felt sorry for brooke whn she cries but ystdy i nearly cried whn she found storm dead, i lykd the slow motion thng after th gun shot.

03 Jul 2009 14:58

When two people are in love, no one can stop wat they feel. This is the utmost truth, not even Phoebe can stop wat Rick feels for Taylor. Sorry Phoebe..

03 Jul 2009 20:53

Oh this is so painful, if ever it had to happen in real life, i dont know if i could fit on Katie's shoe right now. To all the Doctors keep it up.
Good night good peeps.

13 Jul 2009 07:23

cant agree more with u melokuhle

14 Jul 2009 12:59

wats got into taylor?

27 Jul 2009 15:53

It bold and it painful to phoebe after what her mother does, Taylor she was acting ennocent and acuse Broke for ukufeba but i see her on following Brokes Foot steps.

Is Donna really have a child and who is the father?

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