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Generations Teasers - June 2009

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 29 May 2009
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Coming up on Generations in June, 2009:

Monday 1 June 2009
Episode 2828

The cheque Ngamla writes out seems very much like a bribe. Sharon thinks she's found her man, but Senzo has other ideas. Kopano has no clue that she's being followed…

Tuesday 2 June 2009
Episode 2829

Ajax is oblivious of the explosive information that's in the file he's been given. The shelter situation seems to be getting out of hand. Khethiwe gets a surprise visitor.

Wednesday 3 June 2009
Episode 2830

Samuel's words strike a chord with a guilt-ridden Palesa. When all else fails Ace resorts to threatening. Karabo tries again to reach out but still to no avail.

Thursday 4 June 2009
Episode 2831

Kopano's having a hard time keeping up with all the lies. Ajax gets ready to spill the beans about what he saw in the file… Dumisani battles to focus when a very flirty visitor drops by.

Friday 5 June 2009
Episode 2832

A sudden trip to the bathroom makes Dineo realize something is up. The music awards hold a couple of surprises in store… Kenneth wakes up and is not happy about what he sees.

Monday 8 June 2009
Episode 2833

Queen is shaken when she finds a bottle of muti. Palesa insists it's too late to back out now. A fire breaks out in Siqalo Court.

Tuesday 9 June 2009
Episode 2834

Paul realizes something fishy is going on with his brother. Karabo's sad about what could have been. Ngamla is unsettled to hear Abi hasn't left the country yet.

Wednesday 10 June 2009
Episode 2835

Dineo does a few calculations and is mortified by what they reveal. It's a bittersweet case of so near and yet so far for the star-crossed lovers. Ajax is shaken when he spots a familiar face in the crowd…

Thursday 11 June 2009
Episode 2836

Samuel is adamant the police must've made a mistake. Furious Dumisani's stuck between a rock and a hard place. Senzo gets an sms and rushes out the bar.

Friday 12 June 2009
Episode 2837

Zuki is intrigued when she's asked to do a little favour… Khaphela doesn't know what to make of the contents of the envelope he's given. Kenneth and Ace have no choice but to flee the scene.

Monday 15 June 2009
Episode 2838

Kopano hears what was found in the outside dustbin and quickly flees. The problem with blackmail is that it never ends with one pay-off… Dinner is ready but the guest of honour's nowhere to be seen.

Tuesday 16 June 2009
Episode 2839

Caught out Ngamla knows he won't be able to lie his way out of this one. Palesa is hoping some good can come out of all the bad she's done. Seems it wasn't Kenneth who plotted to get the Fatale photos into Mashaba News…

Wednesday 17 June 2009
Episode 2840

Sharon gets to personally experience the saying 'the truth hurts'. Officer Pokane is surprised when Alfred admits he's ready to confess. Ephraim leaves something at Siqalo for Khethiwe…

Thursday 18 June 2009
Episode 2841

Karabo hates having to keep secrets from the man she loves. Khaphela's about to break bad news, but something stops him. Dumisani gets a grim warning but chooses to ignore it.

Friday 19 June 2009
Episode 2842

Ajax is thrown when he's summoned to the police station. Dineo finally has information that'll bring Thomas down, so why is she not happy? Paul finally makes up his mind about the job.

Monday 22 June 2009
Episode 2843

Khethiwe's dismissive but seems troubled by Gladys's comments. Senzo decides he might as well cash in on being a Dlomo. Samuel gets a little help in destroying all reminders of Palesa.

Tuesday 23 June 2009
Episode 2844

Dumisani listens in on a conversation and is unnerved by what is said. On-a-mission Samuel goes to see Officer Pokane. A mob arrives at Mashaba Media and causes chaos!

Wednesday 24 June 2009
Episode 2845

Khaphela decides it's time to come clean about the photos. Ntombi lashes out and is surprised by the reaction she gets. Khethiwe makes a shock decision after her surgery.

Thursday 25 June 2009
Episode 2846

Paul makes a surprise announcement. Dineo is shocked by Karabo's suggestion. Ajax gets some long-awaited and very welcome news.

Friday 26 June 2009
Episode 2847

Samuel's worried about what he hears on the early morning news broadcast. Dumisani seethes when an unexpected visitor from far away disrupts his happy home. Senzo insists he doesn't want handouts. Little does he know…

Monday 29 June 2009
Episode 2848

The battle of the rappers holds some surprises in store… Someone has a bee in their bonnet about golf. Things get too much for Khethiwe who breaks down and sobs.

Tuesday 30 June 2009
Episode 2849

Ajax feels that proving himself is something he just has to do. Sharon isn't convinced that Palesa is a thing of the past. Dineo is chilled when she receives a grim warning.


29 May 2009 07:15

First to reply! Generations is gonna be juicy and scandelous!!! Cant wait

29 May 2009 07:30

Finally Palesa leaves generations!!! I was so tired of that fake walk...

Senzo decides he might as well cash in on being a Dlomo... what happened to 
want to being deep first!!! His dad gave him a cheque and he refused...I really want to see his true colours!

So Khaphela is the one who sneaked Khetiwe's pics or .... 

When is Dumisani going to be exposed for the person that he really is???

29 May 2009 07:36

i cant wait  this is becoming juicy

29 May 2009 07:47

bye bye palesa.. good riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 May 2009 08:25

Generations gonna keep me glued in front of my tv this month. I love it!

29 May 2009 08:45

Morning good pple

guys im sorry for this but SWINE flu indibambile,didnt watch Gen nayizolo...
tell me what the deal,and finally they put up June?????

29 May 2009 08:47

im so happy me too palesa leave generation . goobye pale i will no miss you and samuel 

29 May 2009 08:48

29 May 2009 08:48

29 May 2009 08:48

hi guy i new here pls welcome me

29 May 2009 08:50

Finally Palesa leaves and Dineo is pregnant

29 May 2009 09:28

sorry did you say Dineo is pregnant? 

by who

29 May 2009 09:29

Thanks God Palesa is leaving and shame on you Khaphkela I thought you really care about Khethiwe.

29 May 2009 09:30

Morning All,

wow June sounds interesting, let me read first.

29 May 2009 09:34

Is it realy true that Dineo is pregnant, I almost thought Khetiwe is pregnant  taking from the dresses she's wearing  these days..

29 May 2009 09:36

Khetiwe is pregnant in real life but dineo nooooooo.

29 May 2009 09:42

So Dineo is pregnant with Thomas's baby

Khapela is a snack for helping to publish those 4toes

Senzo is not that sane after all

Khethiwe is still around with her stomach

Finally Palesa is leaving but too late for Samuel and Sharon

29 May 2009 09:46

i don't understand, where did Khaphela get Khethiwe's pics. i thought it was Dumi who did it. just have to wait and see!
i just sense more secrets come out of Senzo's identity, looks like Mr S is still hiding something.
Hate to repeat what others have said, but hey i'm also happy that Palesa is finally leaving man!

29 May 2009 09:48

good thing gogo palesa s leaving..Dineo pregnenat with Thomas s baby hahaha

29 May 2009 09:53

Morning maGenB's

GEN is interesting this month and i'm not ganna miss any episode!!!!!!!!!!! 

bye for now

29 May 2009 10:14

Morning people

Its Friday................................I can't wait to go rest

Looks like  June will be vibey. Dinny pregnant?  How is she going to face Kenny? But its good she is so that she can leave Pau for Karabo.
And Sbu I wonder  whom he is writing a cheque

Its gonna be a month hey.

29 May 2009 10:15

i meant Paul not Pau

29 May 2009 10:18

good morning gud ppl!!

hayi khona guyz do u have to be so fast mara......

29 May 2009 10:27

i wouldnt wanna be leaving @ sqalo ryt now, not wit all those hobos! what was khaphela thinking mara heh?

29 May 2009 11:10

What is Kenny gonna say about his LITTLE DINNY being pregnant.

29 May 2009 11:22

hayi dali they not hobos they just pple with no where 2 go...
Plz now its a Fri we dont need pple still asking if Khethiwe is pregnant torho....

29 May 2009 11:22

morning guys, did nt i say that Dinny was pregnant with Mashaba Juniors, child

is there anyone who likes to know how is Palisa going to leave Gen.

29 May 2009 11:41

they r hobos hay.. how r the tenants supposed to feel safe? those ppl r hungry, dont have blankets or money so they might steal from the tenants....

29 May 2009 11:52

no dont they r actually well behaved.

29 May 2009 11:58

yesterday yaaa what about today or even monday

29 May 2009 11:59

Did you guys see those hoboz fighting fro the unreal ...A BIG FAILURE there Mfundi..

ANyways guys I want to get a part Ku do I go about it

29 May 2009 12:04

Dinny pregnant tjo weeeeeeee .......... maud r u sure is Mashaba Junior's child heee inzima lendaba inomeva iyahlaba,,, aye aye!!!!! lets keep on watching guyz we will be surprised.