Generations Teasers - June 2009

Written by TVSA Team from the blog on 29 May 2009
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Coming up on Generations in June, 2009:

Monday 1 June 2009
Episode 2828

The cheque Ngamla writes out seems very much like a bribe. Sharon thinks she's found her man, but Senzo has other ideas. Kopano has no clue that she's being followed…

Tuesday 2 June 2009
Episode 2829

Ajax is oblivious of the explosive information that's in the file he's been given. The shelter situation seems to be getting out of hand. Khethiwe gets a surprise visitor.

Wednesday 3 June 2009
Episode 2830

Samuel's words strike a chord with a guilt-ridden Palesa. When all else fails Ace resorts to threatening. Karabo tries again to reach out but still to no avail.

Thursday 4 June 2009
Episode 2831

Kopano's having a hard time keeping up with all the lies. Ajax gets ready to spill the beans about what he saw in the file… Dumisani battles to focus when a very flirty visitor drops by.

Friday 5 June 2009
Episode 2832

A sudden trip to the bathroom makes Dineo realize something is up. The music awards hold a couple of surprises in store… Kenneth wakes up and is not happy about what he sees.

Monday 8 June 2009
Episode 2833

Queen is shaken when she finds a bottle of muti. Palesa insists it's too late to back out now. A fire breaks out in Siqalo Court.

Tuesday 9 June 2009
Episode 2834

Paul realizes something fishy is going on with his brother. Karabo's sad about what could have been. Ngamla is unsettled to hear Abi hasn't left the country yet.

Wednesday 10 June 2009
Episode 2835

Dineo does a few calculations and is mortified by what they reveal. It's a bittersweet case of so near and yet so far for the star-crossed lovers. Ajax is shaken when he spots a familiar face in the crowd…

Thursday 11 June 2009
Episode 2836

Samuel is adamant the police must've made a mistake. Furious Dumisani's stuck between a rock and a hard place. Senzo gets an sms and rushes out the bar.

Friday 12 June 2009
Episode 2837

Zuki is intrigued when she's asked to do a little favour… Khaphela doesn't know what to make of the contents of the envelope he's given. Kenneth and Ace have no choice but to flee the scene.

Monday 15 June 2009
Episode 2838

Kopano hears what was found in the outside dustbin and quickly flees. The problem with blackmail is that it never ends with one pay-off… Dinner is ready but the guest of honour's nowhere to be seen.

Tuesday 16 June 2009
Episode 2839

Caught out Ngamla knows he won't be able to lie his way out of this one. Palesa is hoping some good can come out of all the bad she's done. Seems it wasn't Kenneth who plotted to get the Fatale photos into Mashaba News…

Wednesday 17 June 2009
Episode 2840

Sharon gets to personally experience the saying 'the truth hurts'. Officer Pokane is surprised when Alfred admits he's ready to confess. Ephraim leaves something at Siqalo for Khethiwe…

Thursday 18 June 2009
Episode 2841

Karabo hates having to keep secrets from the man she loves. Khaphela's about to break bad news, but something stops him. Dumisani gets a grim warning but chooses to ignore it.

Friday 19 June 2009
Episode 2842

Ajax is thrown when he's summoned to the police station. Dineo finally has information that'll bring Thomas down, so why is she not happy? Paul finally makes up his mind about the job.

Monday 22 June 2009
Episode 2843

Khethiwe's dismissive but seems troubled by Gladys's comments. Senzo decides he might as well cash in on being a Dlomo. Samuel gets a little help in destroying all reminders of Palesa.

Tuesday 23 June 2009
Episode 2844

Dumisani listens in on a conversation and is unnerved by what is said. On-a-mission Samuel goes to see Officer Pokane. A mob arrives at Mashaba Media and causes chaos!

Wednesday 24 June 2009
Episode 2845

Khaphela decides it's time to come clean about the photos. Ntombi lashes out and is surprised by the reaction she gets. Khethiwe makes a shock decision after her surgery.

Thursday 25 June 2009
Episode 2846

Paul makes a surprise announcement. Dineo is shocked by Karabo's suggestion. Ajax gets some long-awaited and very welcome news.

Friday 26 June 2009
Episode 2847

Samuel's worried about what he hears on the early morning news broadcast. Dumisani seethes when an unexpected visitor from far away disrupts his happy home. Senzo insists he doesn't want handouts. Little does he know…

Monday 29 June 2009
Episode 2848

The battle of the rappers holds some surprises in store… Someone has a bee in their bonnet about golf. Things get too much for Khethiwe who breaks down and sobs.

Tuesday 30 June 2009
Episode 2849

Ajax feels that proving himself is something he just has to do. Sharon isn't convinced that Palesa is a thing of the past. Dineo is chilled when she receives a grim warning.

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29 May 2009 07:15

First to reply! Generations is gonna be juicy and scandelous!!! Cant wait

29 May 2009 07:30

Finally Palesa leaves generations!!! I was so tired of that fake walk...

Senzo decides he might as well cash in on being a Dlomo... what happened to 
want to being deep first!!! His dad gave him a cheque and he refused...I really want to see his true colours!

So Khaphela is the one who sneaked Khetiwe's pics or .... 

When is Dumisani going to be exposed for the person that he really is???

29 May 2009 07:36

i cant wait  this is becoming juicy

29 May 2009 07:47

bye bye palesa.. good riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 May 2009 08:25

Generations gonna keep me glued in front of my tv this month. I love it!

29 May 2009 08:45

Morning good pple

guys im sorry for this but SWINE flu indibambile,didnt watch Gen nayizolo...
tell me what the deal,and finally they put up June?????

29 May 2009 08:47

im so happy me too palesa leave generation . goobye pale i will no miss you and samuel 

29 May 2009 08:48

29 May 2009 08:48

29 May 2009 08:48

hi guy i new here pls welcome me

29 May 2009 08:50

Finally Palesa leaves and Dineo is pregnant

29 May 2009 09:28

sorry did you say Dineo is pregnant? 

by who

29 May 2009 09:29

Thanks God Palesa is leaving and shame on you Khaphkela I thought you really care about Khethiwe.

29 May 2009 09:30

Morning All,

wow June sounds interesting, let me read first.

29 May 2009 09:34

Is it realy true that Dineo is pregnant, I almost thought Khetiwe is pregnant  taking from the dresses she's wearing  these days..

29 May 2009 09:36

Khetiwe is pregnant in real life but dineo nooooooo.

29 May 2009 09:42

So Dineo is pregnant with Thomas's baby

Khapela is a snack for helping to publish those 4toes

Senzo is not that sane after all

Khethiwe is still around with her stomach

Finally Palesa is leaving but too late for Samuel and Sharon

29 May 2009 09:46

i don't understand, where did Khaphela get Khethiwe's pics. i thought it was Dumi who did it. just have to wait and see!
i just sense more secrets come out of Senzo's identity, looks like Mr S is still hiding something.
Hate to repeat what others have said, but hey i'm also happy that Palesa is finally leaving man!

29 May 2009 09:48

good thing gogo palesa s leaving..Dineo pregnenat with Thomas s baby hahaha

29 May 2009 09:53

Morning maGenB's

GEN is interesting this month and i'm not ganna miss any episode!!!!!!!!!!! 

bye for now

29 May 2009 10:14

Morning people

Its Friday................................I can't wait to go rest

Looks like  June will be vibey. Dinny pregnant?  How is she going to face Kenny? But its good she is so that she can leave Pau for Karabo.
And Sbu I wonder  whom he is writing a cheque

Its gonna be a month hey.

29 May 2009 10:15

i meant Paul not Pau

29 May 2009 10:18

good morning gud ppl!!

hayi khona guyz do u have to be so fast mara......

29 May 2009 10:27

i wouldnt wanna be leaving @ sqalo ryt now, not wit all those hobos! what was khaphela thinking mara heh?

29 May 2009 11:10

What is Kenny gonna say about his LITTLE DINNY being pregnant.

29 May 2009 11:22

hayi dali they not hobos they just pple with no where 2 go...
Plz now its a Fri we dont need pple still asking if Khethiwe is pregnant torho....

29 May 2009 11:22

morning guys, did nt i say that Dinny was pregnant with Mashaba Juniors, child

is there anyone who likes to know how is Palisa going to leave Gen.

29 May 2009 11:41

they r hobos hay.. how r the tenants supposed to feel safe? those ppl r hungry, dont have blankets or money so they might steal from the tenants....

29 May 2009 11:52

no dont they r actually well behaved.

29 May 2009 11:58

yesterday yaaa what about today or even monday

29 May 2009 11:59

Did you guys see those hoboz fighting fro the unreal ...A BIG FAILURE there Mfundi..

ANyways guys I want to get a part Ku do I go about it

29 May 2009 12:04

Dinny pregnant tjo weeeeeeee .......... maud r u sure is Mashaba Junior's child heee inzima lendaba inomeva iyahlaba,,, aye aye!!!!! lets keep on watching guyz we will be surprised. 

29 May 2009 13:19

halla to you generationists.i'm also new but a big fan of GEN.It is really interesting to hear that a little Dinny is pregnant with Mashaba junior's child.Maybe Samuel will gain a weight coz umhakhulu uzakuhamba.Guy you said the little Dinny is pregnant ,but what is she up to ?is she on poul or what?It seems as if uGeneration uzakuroka!!!!!!!

29 May 2009 13:25

Ayeye Generations Ayeye.............

Long time long blog guyz.. I definetly will this month. It is rocking...

29 May 2009 13:33

uthandiswa uPaul as vele umashaba and we all know ukuthi its been a while since Thomas has left so unyorilwe.

naye uPaul nalamehlo akhe you can be tempted if your weak and thirsty like Dinny.

29 May 2009 13:54

hayi hayi maud!!! tyini pls dont fall coz it will be hard!

29 May 2009 14:32


29 May 2009 15:00

TYPICAL BLOGGERS are you that Dumb? Oh actually the voda guy puts it nicely are you Free or are you Dom? You def, are DOM with capital letters
You are summerising the summary Idiots!!!! 
Its not even the 1st of June but already you are commenting on everything........
What happened to one step at a time? Nxxxxxxx NIZISTUNXA Yazi?

29 May 2009 15:11

29 May 2009 15:15

khethiwe is indeed pregnant. i dnt knw y kwigeneration bengakuvezi.

29 May 2009 15:17

Gosh Dalo, having a bad day huh?

29 May 2009 15:20

@Dalo - how are you? its friday of the end of month cant you atleast pretend that you are having a great day.

ndisakuthanda yeva

29 May 2009 15:21

@Dalo nawe usiso for posting a blank reply!!

29 May 2009 15:58

bloggers i had a long day as home time is nearing it feels very far...

29 May 2009 16:33

byeeeeeeee guys enjoy ur weekend, i wont coz im sick- Cape weather

29 May 2009 18:41

Tinna hey guyz plz welcome mi am new.

29 May 2009 21:40

Hey ppl Izobaba more nw i generations

30 May 2009 00:29

Yimani, hogaa... Karabo is pregnant in real life, so when is she falling pregnant in the script? Khethiwe too is pregnant, kanti ithini into yalo Generators na? Since they decided to keep them in the soap while bemithi in real, so mabade bamithe maan... Senzo is gay suka, shoot, uyeka uSharon ebaba kanje ekbeni they pimped her up kanje over these past months!

30 May 2009 01:48

Hey guyz u seem lyk a nyc bunch of people,jst wanted 2 say lets jst wait n c wat is goin 2 happen on da show this winter,bt i'll only watch it during da day or on saturdayz coz load sheding is gonna rock hard this winte.anyway am new n lukin 4 freinds,sendĴm

30 May 2009 13:43

Is Palesa going to jail or is she been written out of the soapie. I hope she is going to jail for helping her father destroying so many lives.  Dineo is getting what she deserves. I wonder what she will do about her pregnancy.  Kenneth can now return to Mashaba media so that the action begins. 

01 Jun 2009 09:22

i will miss u Palesa for that catwalk you rock dear .

01 Jun 2009 09:22


01 Jun 2009 09:31


"I want you to tell Senzo everything except one thing "- hmmmm what's cooking Ngamla s'funukwazi?????

01 Jun 2009 09:43


Enjoy u Gen and June guys plz!!!!!!!!

much Luv all of you Gen bloggers.

01 Jun 2009 10:45

Morning it feels so great to be back here. Anyway uSbu is talking to Dolly's sister kula ndawo athi Senzo shouldn't know everything....blah blah blah or however he said it. Anyway uDinny is preggies with Thomas's baby....even though ke she is not preggies in real life, that is the reason she doesn't use the information she finally gets on that PLAYA boy of hers.

Thank goodness Palesa is finally leaving the show...atsho ngeWALKS ngathi uzothi utyiwa zizihlangu. Sharon should try things out with Sam because she is definately not Senzo's type....uphapha too much shame yena for uSenzo, she would bully the guy!!! Paul wena if you finally take the job at Mashaba you think Kenneth will say THANK YOU young brother for coming back and keeping things in order during the time YOU placed me in a wheel chair....oh bhuti you are such a fool. And some ADVICE.....don't make enemies with Ngamla, you don't wanna be on his wrong side. Stop passing small SNAKSANYANA comments....if you got beef against him, braai it and eat it and get it over and done!!!

lady gaga
01 Jun 2009 10:47

Hey peeps! nd welcome to all newbees!!!!....

i cnt believe so many replies already. i missed out a lot hey!

tjo Generations iya baba mzala dis month!
i cant wait to watch it. its actually good for some of us, we have something to look forward to in these cold weather. halala!

lady gaga
01 Jun 2009 10:50

Sharon should try things out with Sam because she is definately not Senzo's type....uphapha too much shame yena for uSenzo.   tsho! tsho!

01 Jun 2009 10:57

GoodMolweni mabloggers!

Long tym no blog, I've been busy nd missing you though.
Senzo - uyacotha maan, go 4 Shaz uyababa.
Paul - Hayi kodwa bhuti u cud hav taken Dinny' offer, thr company u with no is so running with a loss I can see.

Wednesday 24 June 2009
Episode 2845

Khaphela decides it's time to come clean about the photos.

01 Jun 2009 11:04

M sory bo my loving that was a mistake! I wanted to say Mr.Mfundi is so secretive naye hayi he likes to keep us guessing

Wednesday 24 June 2009
Episode 2845

Khaphela decides it's time to come clean about the photos.
What photos? hope not the1 that was publised by Mashaba Media.

Dinny preg? no I dont think so, or can some1 plz qoute the line ethi u Dinny is pregnent.

01 Jun 2009 12:01

@LUWIE....Friday 5 June 2009
Episode 2832

A sudden trip to the bathroom makes Dineo realize something is up. 


01 Jun 2009 12:01

@ Luwie- it is just a predict you wont find it anywhere, was there a line in previous months that said Senzo was Mr S son , no but we just predicted ,thats what we do predict. it can be wrong it can be wright.

01 Jun 2009 12:09

Go maud....go maud...go maud!!! Hayi sana Mr Mfundi should hold a braai for his gen bloggers, we are good and he gets most of his ideas from the stories we tell here!!! I hope he won't be stupid enough to let Senzo be Sbu's and Busi's son though....

01 Jun 2009 12:11

@ Yogi, Ohh I c now thanks dear.
@Maud<<,was there a line in previous months that said Senzo was Mr S son , no but we just predicted ,thats what we do predict<<, no dear there wasn't, nd we never predicted that we were only hoping for DNA result to reveal that he is Mr S"s real nephew.

01 Jun 2009 12:14

Tjeerrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!who are these people.....are they the new membaz??????????tjo!!! it's been long since i have been on this Generubish blog....where is molibelis???????????

01 Jun 2009 12:34

Oh pliiiiiiiizzzzzzzzz!!!! TKSM to hell ngo Molibelis wakho.....we are the new membaz so get use to the idea haw!!!! uzosphaphela nx.........

01 Jun 2009 12:37

no Luwie you might not have predicted, but i did , if you got time goback to the previous replies.

like now Luwie Kopano is going to date Kenneth Mashaba LOl

01 Jun 2009 12:38

just want 2 say hi 2 u mabloggers ka Generubbish!!!!! i can't wait kude kuvele ukuba who is Senzo's real mother

01 Jun 2009 12:41

@Notari- i thik Mr S knows, he is hiding something, and i dont trust him angathenga no Sisi ka Dolly ukuthi akhulume amanga once u gamla always ugamla

01 Jun 2009 12:43

like now Luwie Kopano is going to date Kenneth Mashaba LOl >maud 
uyayibaxa ke nawe maud i don't c that happening at all

01 Jun 2009 12:52

wait and see

01 Jun 2009 13:40

@Maud<<like now Luwie Kopano is going to date Kenneth Mashaba LOl>>. haa !

01 Jun 2009 14:02

Hi guyz

@ phumzz "I want you to tell Senzo everything except one thing" that Busi is the mother 

01 Jun 2009 14:58

amaGEN bl0ggers.haybo! guyz is it really that u Kopano will date u Kenneth?.
I don't know why ningafuni ukuba u Senzo ajole no shaz coz nani niyazibonela ukuba they are meant to be together.

Guys let's let u poul do into yakhe kuDineo

01 Jun 2009 15:03

Enye into that I forgot please DALO sukusithuka.if you don't want to comment just keep your mouth shut and don't call us idiots please yiyeke usayithanda lonto.otherwise!!!!!!!!

01 Jun 2009 15:07

@mtheza- do you want u Senzo azobora u shaz wabantu- plela u Senzo uyabora pleease 

@Luwie let us bet, if i am right i will have to greet me for the whole month starting from that date if not you have to do the same, by the way is kopano Kenneth Mashaba,s nurse?if yes thats the one

01 Jun 2009 15:08

i ment luwie you will have to greet me if not virsa -versa

01 Jun 2009 15:17

We hav a deal Maud. Yogi u the witness.

lady gaga
01 Jun 2009 15:26

hey mabloger, are most of you from ekapa?

01 Jun 2009 15:41


01 Jun 2009 15:48

I am ekapa replying to you LADY GAGA.Coming to you MAUD, I know you ladies you say us guyz siyabora xa sithule.But imagine esasibini when they are dating bayashisa sisMAUD. buh i know we have different pespective but mna ndithi bayarocka xabe together

lady gaga
01 Jun 2009 16:03

hola mtheza! i can see hore o ngwana kapa with dat reply hao <But imagine esasibini when they are dating bayashisa sisMAUD> what exactly are you saying here? cause i understand the rest but not dis part. i know your reply was meant for u maud ne, im just inquisitive dats all!!!!

lady gaga
01 Jun 2009 16:05

=with dat reply hao= oops! i meant to say ya hao (yours).

01 Jun 2009 16:13

@mtheza Enye into that I forgot please DALO sukusithuka.if you don't want nywe nywe nywe stunxa dont come here with your nonsense yeva? You dont tell me what to do yeva STAKARASH............uyangjwayela ufika nokufika nxxxxxxxxxxxx SDUPHUNGA Uze ungiphendule nje uzony............... uzabona nxa!!!

01 Jun 2009 16:14

@ Mtheza - uSenzo u bora ehamba let alone talking.
Lady gaga- yes babes this was meant for me and no i am from Joburg.
uShaz need someone like Mashaba Junior uyaphapha and u active. not that i like him but his spirit is high.

01 Jun 2009 16:16

Dalo Dalo Dalo phela wena ufanele uhlale ukhuzwa always.

01 Jun 2009 16:24

@ Mtheza....please ignore will get used to it....the more you reply the longer it will drag. We have been having such comments for a while now...ignoring them always works out fine!!!

01 Jun 2009 16:25

@maud Dalo Dalo Dalo ...Nyalo Nyalo Nyalo.....Mabangisukela anibakhuzi kuwrong naye mkhuzeni haaa! I am always the one who looks bad no....

01 Jun 2009 16:36

@Chix...................Uyabheda Tsekl!!!!!!!!!!

02 Jun 2009 07:54

Eish seems like im the only one who likes senzo,Im developing this thing for him, I dont know why. anyhu whats with this "Nyama yenkomo" in the blog?? lol tl tl tl tl 

02 Jun 2009 07:57

Morning beautiful people!!!

02 Jun 2009 08:44

Hello MA Blogger!!!

Tjo Guys i was so happy to see my friend on Generations yesterday..........The one at Isiqalo Court............The one who named his son Samuel so now it's Samuel Junior..........BigMama i'm happy for u ma friend en m very proud.

En these other women finished me off when they kept on saying " Asiyi ndawo sihlala khna la."

02 Jun 2009 09:06


@ Luwieez, Yogiez, JPeez, AkaS & Chix I miced you so much dearz , so much that , that... that i can.......yah nerh? 

Yogi LOL@ Umchamo wesmisane.......ndandikwazi unjalo ke

Mfundi I hope u not going to make Kapela face a trouble & suffer  by leting these pple in, coz in real life we believe in UBUNTU.. and the rewards zobuntu we expext them to be mcwaaah..  more especial when helping poor pple.. sokoyika ke unceda abantu.... 

02 Jun 2009 09:07

I meant Expect

02 Jun 2009 09:13

mornign gud ppl!!!!!!!!!!

i bet yall miss me! ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

02 Jun 2009 09:21

@JadaP............l am so dissapointed in you, why did you have to tell the World. Nxaaaaaaaaaaaa you such a Bore (in Dalo's voice).

02 Jun 2009 09:22

@ JP...En these other women finished me off when they kept on saying " Asiyi ndawo sihlala khna la."  nam ke sana

Kanti balitata phi ixesha lokwenza abantwana na bona??

dont be too much inluve sis ndinoloyiko hleze upoxeke....
Can some1 tell me what  Sbuda is hiding from Senzo?

...anything to spice up Karabo & Paul's affair?  shuu iyabanda maan

Ijax what is his role exacly in Gen.... anything fresh.... puleeeez

02 Jun 2009 09:23

Molweni Manene naManenekazi!!!!!

about yesterday,,,,,,is this women the 'real auntie' or nguye uDolly ndini
Palesa- mudle zono sakhe..:)
Kopano- watch your line bottoms sisi jy is in die diep kaak......


02 Jun 2009 09:38


Pple mna im sick of Palesa why doesnt she just hand herself over????? Nxxxxxxxxx
then we saw "Dolly's sitser" liar i dont buy it Sbusiso!!! Why u make us dom?

Shame poor Senzo he wants this badly and Shaz wants him.... he not interested.
Karabo u boring why she so nosey??? Pual u dum qha!

HAYIBO wats with 'S'qalo shelter'? hayi sana they r too much dali girl now i agree nawe those pple r taking over in a bad way.

KOPANO kopano... do u really think u'll get far with ur lying to Ace?

02 Jun 2009 09:42

@Bigmama......u know u ma gal maan........ so no anger plz en I love u va
Musarigo................i missed u too my love .....where u've been .............u such a silent bblogger sometimes yazi.

lady gaga
02 Jun 2009 09:49

hi guys!

@phumzz <is this women the 'real auntie' or nguye uDolly ndini>  i think she is wena ntanga! if not hai u sbusiso uyabhora ngamasecrets. hasnt he learnt his lesson ngamanga. he makes me angry sometimes. senzo dsnt deserve all this nonsense.

as for u Shaz hai back off sisi bcs uzophoxakala! udlalela ezitsheni eziphukayo. u r toooo much for u him mtwana,u senzo is a triple c.he's cool,calm and collected just de way a gentleman shud be. hint! hint! Dalo? 

02 Jun 2009 09:49

@BigMama Nxaaaaaaaaaaaa you such a Bore (in Dalo's voice).
Hala back BigMama

02 Jun 2009 09:51


Senzo, matsogo ao hle, matsogo ao tuu, when u speak they r Irritating mann.   

02 Jun 2009 09:55

Good Morning

This is my first time here, I think Mr S wants Dolly not to tell Senzo about the Infoplus scandal he was involved in.

02 Jun 2009 09:56

Good Morning

This is my first time here, I think Mr S wants Dolly's sister not to tell Senzo about the Infoplus scandal he was involved in.

02 Jun 2009 09:58

@lady gaga hint! hint! Dalo? What does this mean?

02 Jun 2009 10:00

good morning everyone

@Dalo- ngikhuza wena ngoba uwe oqala uthukane. we are all entitled to disagree but not to swear to  each other. it  paints a bad picture .

Dolly sister my foot- Sbusiso ungikhumbuza asase ungamla.

Ukarabi - there goes your man - you just chased him straight to the arms of the Little devil Dinny

UShaz she is so stupid to allow these three friends to play her.

Dumi- kuzolunga nini?  hamba funa unkosikazi wakho wehlanya bhuti

cool one
02 Jun 2009 10:03

Shaz cannot be rotating amongst friends, they guy will end up killing each other because of her, tiki line.

lady gaga
02 Jun 2009 10:11


hai mtshana, i meant maybe if u cud try acting (ur behaviour) like u senzo, u cud become a triple c. phela wena u r always cursing, u hv dis anger inside of u,bt ungawari kuzolunga! bt if you see nothing wrong den ok its fine!!!!!

02 Jun 2009 10:22

@lady gaga  "i think she is wena ntanga"! 
yes sis wam' the was a huge connection between those two----------Sbuda stop covering lies with another lies uthi uNtombi ak'thembe njani nxa sekunje...

02 Jun 2009 10:54

I have to watch generations lol joh im so glad ngo palesa tjo THE WALK JUST MAKES ME WANA PUKE nxa I walk beta and it's natural ayile fake yakhe ugranny lol akahambe even wen she cries i dont even feel sorry for her...engathi ngingahleka ...*bleep!* mashaba he bites the hand that feeds him Ace shame

02 Jun 2009 10:57

maud does this mean that i cant do what i did on the april gen blog? i feel like exposing sum1 ryt now! im pissed!

02 Jun 2009 11:47

Eish Ambloggers laa amatsha aya bora.Wat happened to XOBHO.etc

02 Jun 2009 11:49

I am looking for a LADY to marry..... this single life is boring.These days its very cold.I want a blanket enamehlo.

02 Jun 2009 11:51

I want someone not FAT nor THIN bu someone like BEYONCE.Is anyone available PLEASE!!!!

02 Jun 2009 11:52

I think I would love to get down with BROWN SUGA or LADDY GAGA.

02 Jun 2009 11:52

@dali- no my dali dont i know you will listen , your a lady pleeeeese

02 Jun 2009 12:06

maud this person is playing mind games wit yall! plz let me expose him! *pretty plz*

02 Jun 2009 12:09

Guys how true is it that Karabo is pregnant in real life???

02 Jun 2009 12:10

Hi everyone!!

What's up with this so called Dolly's sister?!? It's like she doesn't believe or know what she says. Maybe Sbu spoon fed her!

02 Jun 2009 12:28

@Toronto ungade uzi advertise khona ukweliphi iphondo be4 ufune abanye abantwana???
but shame i support u kule uyithethayo

02 Jun 2009 12:37

ngubani ngoku othetha lonto?
@Msoe who told u that or where d'u hear that????????


02 Jun 2009 12:47

Msoe/Hay - I understand that Karabo had miscarriage in really life (the year before last), so i think this can be good news to the family after the loss.

02 Jun 2009 12:49

Slondy ok thanx for that

02 Jun 2009 12:54

@dali - go ahead my sister

02 Jun 2009 13:04

my ex husband xobho has a multi personality disorder!

02 Jun 2009 13:09

nare Karabo wa tsenwa pregnant again???? this is just bedroom suicide dont she get tired of it.  

02 Jun 2009 13:10

@dali-what are you saying is Dalo , your xhobo ,why i am not surprised?

02 Jun 2009 13:11

Heeeheeeee ay shame Gene blog is funny in these ..........some of ppl r coming to look for Sbusiso 's help in their small business en there's r ppl abafuna izithandani zabo yo kubushushu pha

02 Jun 2009 13:12

LOL  @ maud and Dali , can that be true kodwa ?

02 Jun 2009 13:12

@mothotlung- she can be pregnant as much she wants,  she is loaded ,she can afford it , she is married so if she wants a big family let her be. i dont see any problem there.

02 Jun 2009 13:16

Mothotlung - Karabo can't be tired cause she is a married lady. How can she be tired of her own kids? Maybe she has goal and dreams about a big family. I think she must go for it.....

02 Jun 2009 13:17

 lWESTANA03:  Yimani, hogaa... Karabo is pregnant in real life, so when is she falling pregnant in the script?

02 Jun 2009 13:23

Msoe - that's a question!?! but let's wait and see only time will tell...

02 Jun 2009 13:27

@dali Uphambene ke la Dalo lo, i said maka evictwe eS'qalo!!!!

@Mothotlung mna i wouldnt mind bedroom asult, hahaaaaaaaaaa

02 Jun 2009 13:32

and i hope i sisu singaveli uPaul eselale no Dinny and u Dinny sekathe umtwana kathomas oka Paul- there comes the disaster. 

02 Jun 2009 13:41

Hey ma GB amahle i span sindibambile one that's why ndiskasi!! Back to Gen ''Except for one thing? I wonder what that thing could be.I have been trying to rack my brain and think what could be,but nothing crosses my mind.Maybe you guys can help me out.I thought Mr S u r going 2 be honest ku Senzo but it seems like Ngamla will always be Ngamla. Chau Guys!!!!!

02 Jun 2009 13:50


02 Jun 2009 13:57

uGamla wabulala uDolly, because u Dolly knew about infoplus azange ubone ukuthi USisi KaDolly umsaba kanjani. Poor Senzo ujabulise ukuthi bathi ufana no mamakhe.

02 Jun 2009 14:00


anything to spice up Karabo & Paul's affair? shuu iyabanda maan, Seconded

I hope Kopan knowa wahat she's doing and for u Ngamla that can never be trusted.

Winkei you might be right remember He thoght senzo died because if inforplus.

does anyone knows when Ajax is leaving the the Gen, u seyabora shame and angazi nokuthi iyiohi ipart ayidla layo.

02 Jun 2009 14:26

ukhethiwe- shame poor woman, amameternity  dress akhe ayabheda ngathi i one yamahobo asesiqalo court.

bafwethu kodwa nikenacaphela ukuthi lesiphaphani esisebenza esiqalo simile kahle kanjani. ma singamshintsha nje izimphla iyo shaya ukarabo ngestina ku Paul.

02 Jun 2009 14:27

izimpahla ayo ,

02 Jun 2009 14:28

@Lady gaga where are you?

02 Jun 2009 14:37

lmao @ maud blogging alone!

02 Jun 2009 14:39

niphi kanti

02 Jun 2009 14:55


lady gaga
02 Jun 2009 15:04


im here my love, its just dat i dnt know what to write. im just reading your replies! kodwa ill get my mojo back sthandwa sam bt not today! nginyabile namhlanje!!!!

02 Jun 2009 15:04

@maud and Slondy: i didnt mean to be rude to Karabo she's my home sister i was just commenting because i was shocked about her new pregnancy status, but atleat I have learn a good lesson not to tickle the beard of a lions.

02 Jun 2009 15:07

hooray!!!! GOOD RIDDANCE TO PALESA NDU!!!! ok, and what is happening at siqalo court. generations is starting to lose the plot...literally! and karabo should just dump that no-good paul mashaba. that guy has no direction in life. sponging off lady k like that. shame on him. and what's up with sharon???is she the new karabo???she will end up shagging every guy on generations. and what's even worse is that she started off with the friends. lol. this is about to get nasty. oh, and let me no forget about khethiwe and that bandage. when is it coming off coz it's really starting to irritate me.hmmmmm....oh, and what about that kopano woman. doesn't gladys ever see her coming into siqalo court??? i mean, does mfundi vundla think we are stupid?? i mean, doesn't she know that kenneth is supposed to be in cape town ? how does kopano sneak into siqalo without being noticed?
eish...and don't get me started on khethiwe's maternity wear...

lady gaga
02 Jun 2009 15:18

de thing is khaphela shud have known better. u can never help a black person, ba ho leboha ka plate ya masepa!!

02 Jun 2009 15:47

Ay.. Ziyashisa kwi Gen. Hey Guys what's Gladys and Senzo's real names?

02 Jun 2009 15:50

@maud hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
askies mann si busy mann sizama zamana no Senzo,
so ngoku ingathi asiku hoyanga sorry

02 Jun 2009 15:52

true, lady gaga. but ag, that scene with samuel being this nice, kind and humble guy towards the squatters was pathetic. " oh hello, mang mang, still doing well", "hi, wena. remind me to bring your blankets earlier" oh "and who'd this cute fella.." OH MY WORD!!!! mxm, pathetic!!that was fake and i was eating my food and i almost puked...uhm...i'm not mean or anything but they could've at least made the scene more realistic.

lady gaga
02 Jun 2009 15:56


"but ag, that scene with samuel being this nice, kind and humble guy towards the squatters was pathetic." yho! o bua nnete, it was too much ne! phela le yena samuel you could think he is gay sometimes.