Episode 5: The Girl Who Kissed A Male Model

Written by Tashi from the blog Americas Next Top Model 6: Episode Teasers on 04 May 2009
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tyra_large_70On the latest episode of America's Next Top Model 6 ...

Episode title: The Girl Who Kissed A Male Model
Broadcast date: Monday, 4 May 2009

The life of a top model has an expiry date and Tyra Banks knows this first hand. In order to prepare her ten protégés for a life after modelling she has a frank discussion with them about possible careers after retirement.

Immediately afterwards, the girls have to act out their occupations in a sexy photo shoot.

Eccentric former supermodel Janice Dickinson teaches the contestants the fine art of commercial and editorial poses. She also stirs up trouble amongst two contestants when she demands to know who the biggest DIVA in the house is. This leads to a major confrontation back at the house.

In another steamy photo shoot one girl, who has a boyfriend, locks lips with a male model.


05 May 2009 11:36

Ok call me weird but i didnt c why Nnena' boyfreind was angry with her? For Peters sake she was doing her job LOL. Honestly i luved it! And futhi who started kissing?? Its the male model.

It was so real & cute!

Go Nnena, Go Nnena!!

05 May 2009 11:45

Damn I reall y liked it too myname.....the gal is roccking ...I wish Nnena cud win the ANTM................I jst love her.....en it was so cute when they were kiissing
But I think that male model was into Nnena

05 May 2009 11:53

Ha ha Gina was very funny yesterday....she really deserved to go home .the gal is so boring...............ungazuthi ikati the way she pose.

05 May 2009 11:57

I feel u JP. She was lost even these simple things.....hai bo. Even isitlayela could c this woman is leaving tonite.

Savanah Dry
05 May 2009 12:01

I also loved the Kiss did you see she was laughing when her Bf cut her off..

05 May 2009 12:10

she was laughing when her Bf cut her off..

I thot she was crying nje mna...

05 May 2009 12:12

me too zowee i thought she was crying

05 May 2009 12:13

that was so cute, they had so much chemistry together...I'm glad Gina is gone, i cringe whenever she opens her mouth and i dont even wana mention that disastrous foto shoot

05 May 2009 12:19

Gina needed more than her cheek bones to stay on the was about time she went home I couldnt stand feeling sorry for her week after week...good thing she stood up to Jade before she went home

05 May 2009 12:27

Gina is depression nje yena ngobuyena. I don't know how she survived up to that far. She deserved to go home....

Oh...I would have kissed Nnena too if I was in that guys' shoes.......I love her. I wish that she would stop depressing herself with that jealous, insecured boyfriend and take that model. That was a sweet moment indeed....

05 May 2009 12:29

That kiss did it for me, wat a turn on, oooowwwweeeeeeee

I'm sure Gina is mentally challenged, she's just tarty.

That boyfie of Nina is feeling insecure shame, he needs to chill cos Nina will be back home since she ain't gon win the comp.

05 May 2009 12:43

Tjo i loled when Jade said that she is in Janice Dickinson's league.
ngwanyana o le o na sebete

05 May 2009 12:52

Jade is so full of herself.......she thinks everything revolves around her. She thinks she knows it all.

Savanah Dry
05 May 2009 12:55

Where is Nnena from ?? Her accent makes her hot!!!

Twas about time Gina went home how can she let some Biatch wall over her and mess up her shoot.. I could have done better with that tape measure and that Man!!!!!!!!!!!

05 May 2009 12:57

I also think Nnenna is HOT, hope she wins...i also would have kissed her.

I'm sure Gina is mentally challenged, she's just tarty.
Gina needs SERIOUS help!!!

05 May 2009 12:59

Where is Nnena from ?? Her accent makes her hot!!!

05 May 2009 14:17

Jade:  coz Janice and I are on the same league

Me: (speechless)

witty lady
05 May 2009 14:22

Hmmm that male model was just too yummy, le nna ne ke tla mo suna strong!

Nnena is cool I also like the other black gal with a gap between her teeth, GINA IS A WEIRDO good riddens, and there's this other one with a strange face everything is BIG the lips, Chin..... haai she must go home

boyfriend ya Nnena ke loser hehehe

05 May 2009 15:00

Darlings Jade is a bitch and that will be one factor causing her the throne of Americas Next Top Model 
I Just love Danielle she is good and I Love her Southern Accent 

Nnena is the best she turned on the guy and I was LOL after her photo shoot she is lovely its a pity she wont win and  even if she does not win I still love she showed that African Sisters Rock

05 May 2009 15:04

@pnyembe .....yes she did.en hey ii also like Furonda...SHE HAV WATEVER IT TAKES TO BE THE NEXT TOP MODEL

05 May 2009 16:16

hey guys,

as I love watching the does a colleague of mine "apparently"
so here we are chatting about the show and how I wish my favorite could win..............and baaang

 she tells me who the winner is...and I hate that (well not the winner), but I like to keep guessing until the end of the show, now i'm gonna lose interest...damn

don worry I won tell you guys, keep watching.....

05 May 2009 18:07

..tell and u die kidding...but it boring when pple just spoil the suspense...but i have a bad habit of spoling it must be banned...

The show:

Nnena Nnena Nnena...nx nx nx
...i agree the boyfriedn is a jerk...but the model dude...i dont haev the ryt word to describe him...he flirts in a very "club" way...lyk i wanna getr into ur pants ryt now.....a ke mo understande..

..sumhow i feel lyk this whole Nnena thing was an ack..lyk the boyfie was laso in on it...bcos it totally went againts her character....sunthing is fishy there ke le botsa...

I lllluuuuvv Danielle...

Brown Shuga
05 May 2009 18:10

Thanks Plastic!!!

Oooh!!!! That kiss between Nnenna and Vaughn was a major major turn on!!! I was so "wow!!! Oooh...mara that boy...."If you want me to turn on the heat , just let me know" ...he's SUCH a player!!!!! Mara I loved them!!

My funniest moment was when Jade said she wants to be a kindergaten teacher and Danielle was like "If Jade is a kindergaten teacher then I'm homeschooling my kids" lol

(is there homeschooling in SA?)

Gina...good riddance!!! lol

Brown Shuga
05 May 2009 18:12

Yho Green.arrow, seems we feel the same way about Mr. Model dude....

05 May 2009 18:13

...o tseba Jade mara...that was funny....i was scared at the idea

yes there is homeschooling in sa...

Gina..i wishd i culd hug her...but she needd to go ..shem nunu wa batho..

DJ Why why
05 May 2009 19:45

"If Jade is a kindergaten teacher then I'm homeschooling my kids"

I also lolled at this, nothing about jade says she loves kids.

Am i teh only one that is tired of hearing about Tyra's life, when i was 19....when i was 18....dang! woman!

I loved Miss J (runway diva) when shim was mocking Gina's poses, that girl had to go...maara she took beau pics.

M rooting for Nnena, maara she must start talking and being ALIVE, uthule gqitha! No wonder Vaughn wanted a piece and just took it, tl tlt

05 May 2009 20:21

Nnenna is pretty but miss j dnt like her much so she must step up! Am gona miss gina, gal was so clueless, ka ka ka ka

06 May 2009 08:03

Guys they say that it is the quiet ones that you have to watch. The guy seems very insecure, it seems as if Nenna is a bit of a flirt.

06 May 2009 11:45

The guy seems very insecure, it seems as if Nenna is a bit of a flirt.

@ Calamity,
I also think so because the boyfriend knew exactly what she did, even before she said it. So tyhe girl is a flirt and I wouldn't blame the guy for being insecure! 

But it was hot!!!!

07 May 2009 13:41

i looove nigel! theres just something about him. gina was 2 funny,she used to crack me up everytime,especially During that spider shoot last week...

16 May 2009 14:04

Hi,  What happen to the fire Tyra use to have in her first shows!  THE DISCIPLINARIAN.  Hope she can come to South Africa - Western Cape 

DJ Why why
18 May 2009 18:45

Mhmmmmmm, close shave with Jade on the last show, wonder whats cooking tonight......

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