Ha Ri Vayi (We Are Not Going) (10 March 2009)

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Special Assignment on 10 Mar 2009
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On Special Assignment this week:

Episode Title: Ha Ri Vayi (We Are Not Going)
Date: Tuesday, 10 March 2009
Time: 21h30
Channel: SABC 3


Tonight Special Assignment looks at the controversial bus rapid transit (BRT) system the government plans to roll-out across Gauteng by June this year.

Intended as a major upgrade to our ailing public transport system - the BRT concept has been surrounded by controversy from its inception. Amidst allegations of financial kickbacks, lack of proper consultation and improper planning - the greatest opposition to the system is coming from the multi-million rand taxi industry. The introduction of brt presents a very real threat to the livelihoods of taxi drivers and their bosses.

Protests against the rapid bus transit system - christened the 'reya vaya' (we are going) movement by government - have already taken place across the country, from Port Elizabeth, to Cape Town, to Soweto.

Despite government spending millions on an advertising campaign for the project, it appears there hasn't been buy-in from many of those most affected. Commuters, however, welcome the new system, saying it will change their lives.

Opponents alledge the government did not consult them properly, and that there have been 'buy-outs' of opposing voices in a bid to silence dissent to the idea.

As the final implementation date looms, Special Assignment speaks with those most intimately affected by the BRT, from taxi drivers, to entrepreneurs who make a living hawking at taxi ranks, to those in favour - commuters for whom a daily task like going to work or school, is beset by a myriad of transport-related problems.

Special Assignment is on SABC3 on Tuesdays at 21h30.


tha - bang
10 Mar 2009 12:29

this looks very interesting

11 Mar 2009 10:36

Taxi drivers will NEVER agree to anything goverment initiates with respect to public transport. I mean what happened to the taxi recapitilization project?

11 Mar 2009 10:53

Dima, hello!

tha - bang
11 Mar 2009 15:27

eish ke danderheads ditaxi driver

11 Mar 2009 20:22

I wish the programme will have something different from what we have read in the papers.
As for Amataxi driver. I do not understand why mabestriker batshisa ezinye iimoto.

11 Mar 2009 20:29

Hey maan sidikiwe ngonotaxi nesigezo sabo....I would really appreciate it if they can speed up the process.

11 Mar 2009 20:36

Guys is the randburg queu issue not annoying?to be in randburg on time u hav to be in noord b4 630 ungena ngo 20:30.mondays are a bitch enoord,u just wana b heavily pregnant just 4 mondays so u can jump the queu.claim/twist street is also hectic coz of the reavaya construction

11 Mar 2009 20:40

Molo sisi...i missed you on sunday......

11 Mar 2009 20:48

I feel sorry for Jhb commuters cause Jhb taxi drivers are so rude to their passangers!!!OMG Forgetting that they are the reason they are able to put food on their tables! Hope this is in full effect soon for that reason...hayibo onotaxi!! Hm 

Bra Bizza
11 Mar 2009 20:55

watched it y/day and its a flippen good idea....we much get Julius to kill for this idea and its a done deal...i dont know whats up with them taxi peeps

11 Mar 2009 21:09

Apparently this morning there were some road blocks and 24 taxi drivers were arrested, 8 escaped and 1 handed himself to the JMPD

11 Mar 2009 21:10

Bra Bizza: U worse lol lol. I hear Juls was on 702 this morn. Missed it.

11 Mar 2009 21:21

Iyo teeza that must have rocked!i've been googling all his statements.the boy is entertaining.

11 Mar 2009 21:32

Ja he was on 702......I stil can;t believe that when Juju was still not famous, everyone was on his case...and now more people are starting to see the humour side of all this JM business....the funny thing now is that everyone is calling him juju on Facebook.....lol

11 Mar 2009 21:38

Ok, so when they call him Juju, are they being complimentary or....?  Did you enjoy the interview Mjj?

Lady D
11 Mar 2009 21:42

nna i listd and i must tell you,nna i was impressed.Juju i really funny but also brainy,he is not an empty vessel as many claims him to be.The boy is also brave.I listened to the whole interview,he handled Redi Direko so well.I LOVE JUJU!

11 Mar 2009 21:46

I missed it...but Lady D was listening....Lady D where r you?

I call him Juju as a compliment........he makes mu day i tell you.....His vocab makes me LAUGH without hearing what he is trying to say....shame Juju makes politics interesting.......lol

11 Mar 2009 21:50

Yazi i love everyone that can tell Redi and Debra Patta where to get off....those 2 think they can victimize people just for the fun of it......


Lady D
11 Mar 2009 22:07

I am here mokgotsi,i am being genuine,that boy is not only a comedian,but is also brainy.Redi read some emails from listeners after Juju left,and there were those who said they change their minds completely after the interview,they see him in a different light.There is more to this boy than he's given credit for,he might not be the good public speaker but he i also  not stupid as the 'so called intellectualls' makes him to be.This boy was well composed and ready for anything.He answered all questioned so ipmressively and calmly,

Juju knows his politics!!!

Brown Shuga
11 Mar 2009 22:47

Loved the interview....gives a fresh perspective of Juju. I can't help wondering if he was given the questions BEFOREHAND?

Redi sounded calmer than usual...

11 Mar 2009 22:51

Do you think it ws going to make a difference if he was not given the questions?

Maybe they told Redi not to get over excited.......I'm sure she learned a lot from the Thabo Mbeki interview......

Brown Shuga
11 Mar 2009 22:54

<<<Do you think it ws going to make a difference if he was not given the questions?>>> Hawu...you really asking this?? heheh

11 Mar 2009 22:58

Juju's interview - http://www.pod702.co.za/podcast/bestofredi/20090311Redibest.mp3

11 Mar 2009 23:46

Peruse ur PM mjj

11 Mar 2009 23:54

MJJ view email communication via Piro

28 Mar 2009 23:03

SupaPiro niphi?

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