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Cindy's Thoughts: Week 1

Written by TVSA Team from the blog SCD5: Cindy Nell on 07 Oct 2008
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Hello friends.

Wow, what a shock to my system Strictly Come Dancing has been. Be careful what you wish for you just might get it, I say. I wished to be on Strictly because I have always wanted to learn how to dance!

Well, now is my chance. Firstly let me just say to all dancers out there - of any kind and style - hats off to you ladies and gentlemen. Hats off to you!

Most importantly, I am (even though you would never say it from my rehearsal tapes) having the time of my life. I treasure every moment and love to learn new things, be out of my comfort zone and am actually getting to a place where I think I could just be a good/better/best dancer. Sometimes I catch a glimpse in the gym mirror and think: mmhhh the girl has potential.

Inspiration: Jennifer Grey having the time of her life in Dirty Dancing

OK, so I'm over the initial shock of how much commitment and practice it takes. I honestly thought it would be easy and I thought I'm such a good natural dancer I would pick it up in a flash and 1,2,3 be the champion.

Well newsflash Cinderella, *laugh*.

I have honestly never in my entire life been so frustrated and stupid feeling! NEVER!

Now you know that I live in my perfect little world, with my perfect little house, dog, hubby and all that, but my life is far, far, far from perfect. Everybody has their own drama and I suppose it's all relative to your life and people and so on. At the moment I'm falling off the time wagon and am re-strategizing my time management a bit.

Opening a salon, starting Strictly and filming double hours for Pasella (that's an hour long now), is not exactly the smartest decision in the world, but it all kind of happened - very unplanned. I didn't know when I started the salon that I would do Strictly or that Pasella would double time. So now, what to do? Nothing. JUST DO IT!

A huge shout out to my family and friends for being so supportive!!! U ROCKKKK.

I feel very calm and happy, I really want to do my best in the competition and regardless of how long I stay in, I just want every dance, that week, to be the best ... Baby Steps.

Also there's the "models can't dance thing" - I say it's rubbish. I know some doctors that can't dance and if you really think about it, does it have anything to do with who you are and what career you chose or is it about whether or not you have rhythm?

I think the latter.

I will work hard and show you, then you can let me know what you think. If I'm wrong, well, maybe you like my dress or smile, then still vote for us 'k. Laugh!!!!

Couple nr7.

If I'm not wrong then vote like crrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzy.

You will love my Cha Cha dress.

Besides the fact that it’s very small, you cannot believe how much work goes into these dresses - swarovski crystal, hand beaded work etc. It is truly amazing and I am not only ecstatic about the beautiful costumes but honoured to have this amazing, exciting time in my life that I will always remember and maybe one day show my kids and say, look mommy was a dancer.

Off course I would like to win, but if I could just make it to the final I would be happy (when I get there we will talk again about how I feel) …………….

Great bunch of Celebs on the show. I like all the girls - you would think there is a big, oh checking one another out, but I think they’re all cool. Doesn’t mean I don’t wanna beat there booties, just means they are cool girls.

Guys are nice too and I cannot wait to see them do the group Mambo this week, honestly! That should seperate the men from the mice. Speaking of which, our group dance was fun - not my favourite but fun.

Thought by now I would be used to the limelight but my heart was going at 200miles an hour and to round it off the judges didn’t say a word about me. (What’s up with that?) They said something of all the other girls, I felt so………… well non-existent. But to all the other girls, - You GO GIRLS - they said only nice things.

What more is there to say? Maybe just this: every woman should have the opportunity once in her life to dance like a princess. I thank God for that opportunity and will dance on behalf of all the women that haven’t yet.

Enjoy the show and we hope to make you proud!!!




07 Oct 2008 02:30

I've enjoyed reading your thoughts MORE than the other celebs' open and from the heart. i wouldn't be worried about the judges not saying much abt you .....i'd take that over being called stiff or boring any day!

Good luck!

07 Oct 2008 02:44

great writing there Cindy, well i enjoyed reading your article too.i have put you,Hlubi and Anele as my top three - represent girl. like one of tvsaers said , was it TDC? anayway i also have s trong feeling that this season's title goes to a lady.

good luck.

07 Oct 2008 07:08

Wrong name in the Dirty Dancing picture, its meant to be Jennifer Grey!!!!!

07 Oct 2008 07:19

Thanks for the headsup ! - a dirrty captioning mistake by Admin pre-occupied with Flash Dance.

07 Oct 2008 08:25

Show them what you've got Cindy, I would'nt mind a female celeb winning this year, its been ages since Zuraida won and we need a female winner.....

10 Oct 2008 13:35

gREat performance yesterday!!!!

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