I need a miracle

Written by Nonny from the blog I need a miracle on 06 May 2008
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I am so traumatized I a can barely think straight. I got sick from Friday and I had cramps and yesterday I sated spotting. I went to the doctor and he informed me that my womb is not expanding my baby is suffocating and tomorrow I am going to be admitted.

Does everything really happen for a reason........?
I might loose my baby the moment I walk through that hospital door tomorrow, it might be the last time I lie on that cold bed as a pregnant women when I close my eyes tomorrow it could be for the last time when I have something great to I look forward to see when I wake up....

I need a miracle I need God’s phone number I need to hear him say kuzobaright!!

Dear Lord ukuphi kanti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bloggers this was written by Mabhebheza, then edited and posted by Nonny, I tried to make it as simple and original as possible. Mabhebheza asked me to do this because she is weak and scared and TVSA being her extended family she would like to ask for your support and words of encouragement in this difficult time in her life. 

Thank you all in advance


06 May 2008 07:56

Hey there Mabhebheza sisi, I have edited & posted ur article as per ur request. Mina I say don't loose faith and remember that if God can bring you to it, He can also pull you through it. Qina sisi, uzobaright. U know I have u and Hlohlimpi (baby's nickname) in my prayers!!!!

06 May 2008 08:03

OK, I suppose this mean no-one has seen this yet, coz I know that u guys would never desert a blogger in need angithi?????

06 May 2008 08:07

Oh my goodness Mabebeza! Qina sisi, for your baby. My prayers are with you.

06 May 2008 08:07

Thanks Nonny u really are a true friend!!!

06 May 2008 08:07

Argh shame...dont worry Mabhebhy everything will be alright. Try not to think of the worst that could happen as the stress might also put the baby's life at risk. It will be fine...God knows how much you want that child and He wont dissappoint. Nonny ...you're a true friend indeed.

06 May 2008 08:08

Ah shame girl ,I know its a tough time for you be strong and just look to the lord he will help you heal. 
Just a short verse I knew you before you were born only the lord knows what he has set before you so have Faith He will pull you through like Nonny says

06 May 2008 08:09

Rene those words are kind but how do i do that?

06 May 2008 08:12

Oh Nkosi yami, mabhebhe be strong sisi, and pray hard, prayer is God's phone number, you can dial it by kneeling down and talking to him. kuzobaright mhlobo wam' will pray for you i promise!!! shame man. dont give up, have faith neh?

06 May 2008 08:12

You remain positive, however hard that may be. There really is not joy in thinking about the worst that could happen. So please Mabhebheza, think of this as a routine check up, nothing more, ngiyakucela.

06 May 2008 08:12

Okay Nonny Thank you for letting us know @Mabhebheza sisi wam the is a bible verse in Luke 1: 37 The saying goes like this " Ngokuba akukho nanye into eyakumnqabela yena uThixo" so gal there is nothing impossible with God if u put ur Faith and Trust in Him akayi kuhluleka so keep on praying and dont give up i promise u, u wont be dissapointed and everything has a reseaon so Qina sisi uzoba Right i'll keep u in my prayers.

06 May 2008 08:14

@ mabhebheza - Rene those words are kind but how do i do that? 
Just believe in Him and keep on praying. It will be alright dont think too negatively about this. YOu'll be fine gal

06 May 2008 08:15

Thank you guys, I feel like a friend indeed kwamina!!!!!

06 May 2008 08:18

belz.....wil try 2b strong 4baby !
Bulie...i need more faith ...i need God touch 
Rene...i wil stay positive ...

06 May 2008 08:18

Oh Nkosi, I hope that everything goes well and your baby be alright. Keep praying ntombazane and eveything will fall into place. I know you are scared and probably wondering why you but sometimes we ask questions in a wrong manner, the question is WHY NOT YOU?Sometimes God do things to us because maybe we have forgotten about him, so maybe he wanted you to come close to him.

06 May 2008 08:21

And guys, thank you kwamanje for all ur encouragement I am sure uMabhebheza uzizwa ekhAthazekile. U know when she PM'd me and she said I must do this blog for her, I wasn't fond of this idea, but now I see that it was a good thing, u guys are all a blessing............(((((((((((((CYBER HUG))))))))))))........thank u all on behalf of myself and my friend Mabhebheza!!!!!

06 May 2008 08:21

Zolx,,,,,i cant help but face the reality becoz when u spotting the possibility of getting a miscarriage are high....so eish just negative thoughts all  the way!

06 May 2008 08:21

Be strong girl remember we all are praying for you

06 May 2008 08:21

God is right there with you and your baby, those were the doctor's words and not God's word, for the lord says that "he that had begun a good work in you is able to finish it until the day of Jesus Christ".  Rest assured, he has got the both of you covered by the blood of Jesus.

Fluffy Head
06 May 2008 08:23

I'll pray for and with you girl...Now don't stress too much (I know easier said than done).

06 May 2008 08:25

The miserable thing is that i was happy & boasting about my tummy not being big & saying i stil look like a sexy mamma only 2find out dat its a problem & my baby is suffocating....

Nonny wena((buzum hug)) !!!! 
I hear u all bloggers & thanks 4the support

06 May 2008 08:26

the LORD says HE will never leave nor forsake people who trust in HIM,  im pretty sure that HE will never leave u as long as u pray. keep on believing in HIM and everything will be fine. 

im sure all the Bloggers will pray for u.

06 May 2008 08:26

those were the doctor's words and not God's word - just think of these words, doctors get things wrong too. I'l pray with you gal

06 May 2008 08:27

Imeant I am sure uMabhebheza uzizwa ekhuthazekile............as in stronger!!!!

06 May 2008 08:28


just know we are with you ........be strong................. for u will pass thru this phase. Tomorrow after leaving the doctors room u will be smiling back home knowing everything is ok with Hlohlimpi,
 I will be praying for u and I do beleive God will be with u thru everything u r going thru just put ur trust in him

06 May 2008 08:29

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" (Jeremiah 29:11). 

Be strong and trust in him Mabhebheza!!!

06 May 2008 08:29

Awu Mabh.Sisi ...dont give up Hope....UThixo akasinakanga umoya wabugwala

Remember .....He will not leave you or forsake you ..just put your trust in HIM
He will neva let you down....

Keep on praying

Here is a hug just for you....(((((((((((((( )))))))))))) we love you


06 May 2008 08:32

I will pray for you galfrend, try not o stress as dat will have an effect on the coming bundle of joy. I believe God is with you both rite now, he will come through for you just believe.

06 May 2008 08:33

Mabhebheza my luv plz hang in thr sweetheart...iz gonna b alrite luv! 
God luvs u so much & wil neva disapoint u, not now not eva luv...hang in thr 4 Hlohlimpi.. luv u gal!

06 May 2008 08:36

My dear do not lose hope at all.I was told I would never have a baby,but now I'm pregnant.I've had a very difficult pregnancy,nearly miscarried two weeks ago,but with prayer and trust in God everything is possible coz now my baby is healthy.You're still in for a long,scary,painfull road(that's pregnancy).Don't dare loose hope honey,just pray pray and pray.Yibanenkani n pray until you run out of words.I will definately pray  for you sweety,DON'T WORRY TOO MUCH,KUZOLUNGA.

06 May 2008 08:36

Girlfriend. uyayazi mos, indlela uThixo akuthanda ngayo.
He would never put a mountain in front of you and not give you strength to go over it. Never!
uzabaright sisi, mna andithi dont think of the worst that that can happen or whatever. Just be aware that there are posibilities... and pray to God that he gives you strength to go over this mountain.

Its better to think of the worst, while at the same time having faith that everything will be fine... rather than blocking off the thoughts then breaking down when it happens. 

But im praying for you, ma-B. u know, sometimes things happen in our lives just so that the glory of God can be manifested... Same reason Lazarus died and stayed in the tomb for four days - that was so that the people that see that will know that there is a God.

So, friendship, everything is in His hands. He knows exactly what He's doing. All you need to do is go on your knees, kuphela.

06 May 2008 08:36

His strength is perfect when our strength is gone He carries us when we can't carry on. U r braver dan u bliv stronger dan u seem plus u have amabloggers. Qina sisi ol will b well.

06 May 2008 08:37

@ Mabhebheza, Hlohlie is a fighter just like his name, so don't worry love I didn't name ur child Hlohlimpi for nothing........LOL!!!!

06 May 2008 08:38

Mabhebheza sisi wam kuzoba right.....i just dedicated a prayer for you after reading this and now i am replying to tell you that Kuzobaright.....i know kuzolunga

pastor chic
06 May 2008 08:50

truth be told, we cant say or do anything thats going to make the situation any better, all we can do is be here for you and really keep you in our prayer....realli gal your in my prayers...

06 May 2008 08:50

Mabhebeza ndiyibona ngoku sana intlungu yakho and an sorry for not noticing earlier KODWA  everything He wants to be, is: yonke into afuna umdali ibekho ikho ke! so be strong my lovie and know kaloku that asilwi nanyama( if that was the case we would have defeated a long time ago!) silwa nemimoya(principalities) emdaka! The evil one is always jealous of Gods creation and is always tempering with it,and wants that everytime something goes wrong we blame God coz we know him so well. so my lovie TRUST your creator He will never let you down, he knows you and that baby more than you know yourself! When you trust somebody you leave everything in that persons care! WE LOOOVE YOU!!

06 May 2008 08:52

it could be for the last time when I have something great to I look forward to see when I wake up.... 
dont you ever think like that love. You are going to get out of that hospital room the way you went in; with Hlohli safely tucked inside. You know why? Because the big guy up there will never dissapoint if you have faith in him. Please do yourself a favour, and stop worrying. I know it cant be easy but just try to be possitive my dear.  You are in my prayers gal and i believe that the Georgeous-sexy-irristable-yummy-baby you are caring is going to break hearts in the future. (((((((CYBER HUG sisi))))))))

06 May 2008 08:52

did they doctor say the womb was closed or open it s very critical that you know it ,because if it is still closed there's a very  very good chance that the litlle one will survive and the spotting can mean  so many things mababes u need to understand that  , trust me i know what im talking about and dont forget to go for a second and third opinion , it also helps a lot to stay calm so your blood perssure doesnt rise ,keep track of the baby's movements and dont forget to pray

pastor chic
06 May 2008 08:55

put ur hope and trust in HIM, romans 5:5 says now hope does not disappoint,because the love of GOD has been poured out in our hearts by the holy spirit who was given to us.....WOMAN U R STRONGER THAN U THINK, U WILL PULL THROUGH...

06 May 2008 08:56

Have faith in the Lord sisi, He is a lord of many miracles.
Will pray for u n ur little one.

06 May 2008 08:59

another thing it will also depend on how far along you are after 22 weeks the baby should be mature enough to live your womb and develop inside an incubator ,also find out about that and is this doctor a GP or a Gynae ??? he should be a specialist ,Mababes you need to be strong ,think clearly weigh your options, find out more and speak to people who have been through

06 May 2008 09:02

Cheers guys, I am outta here now, thank u for all ur support. Mabhebheza sisi, we'll talk more behnind the scenes of TVSA.............*wink wink*!!!

06 May 2008 09:04

oh sthandwa sam be strong and dont lose hope and stay strong in prayer.........I love you my sister and wherever you are, know that we are with you in spirit and fighting these challanges with you in prayer....

06 May 2008 09:07

Before I go ,I think you need to know that im expecting too and have had the same problem with my son ,he's alive healthy and he's 4 turning five ,2 months ago  I was hospitalised ,I was spotting the doctors said the same thing ,the womb doesnt wanna carry the baby ,went to a second doctor thats when i found out very vital information about this kind of situation ,im still pregnant ,i still have ups and downs but reading and digging for information helped me a lot ,I now know what and what not to do ,but at the end of the day  it will all depend on the man above 

sweetie my baby
06 May 2008 09:18

oh my lord - all my positive thoughts, good vibes and energy are going to you, sweetheart. i'll say a prayer for you and your little baby tonight. be strong, i know it's so scary, but you'll survive this. miracles DO happen, just believe.

06 May 2008 09:23

You dont need a miracle, you need faith, have faith that Gaad knows what he is doing and he will be with you until the end. Have faith that, God will give that miracle inside of you, to you. Have faith that this wont be the last time you sleep in the hospital bed, but it will be the last time you sleep in that bed full of fear coz the next time you are sleeping there you'll be holding that miracle in your hands.

I have to say this prayer for you, for myself also coz I am terible hurt by this.

Dear Lord, please restore the little miracle inside of me, make him live till the day I hold him in ma hands, honour me with the opportunity to raise your creation. you have trusted me enough to give me this baby, its painful for me to think that you are doubting that I'll be able to raise him, like you wanted him to be raised when you created him. I ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ and i beleieve as you said you are the way, the will and the truth that your will, will be done. You also stated in Johan 14 verse 14 that everything we ask in Jesus name will recieve. I have faith in you my Lord for I know your word is alpha and it is omega.


I once had a miscarriage, i know the pain and this article has opened old wounds of mine, but God knows what hes doing for he knows best

06 May 2008 09:28


06 May 2008 11:25

mabhebheza....i'll pray for you..God wont give you anything thats bigger than you

meantime i'm trying not to laugh at the name "pastor chic"   considering all the prayers we are sending...LOL maybe that's the  miracle right there.....

06 May 2008 11:55

I will remember you in my prayers. Uqine ntombazane....

In his book, The Purpose driven life, Rick Warren has achapter titled "When God seems distant", in it he says that when this happens we feel abandoned and estranged from God. He goes on to say this is a test of faith that we must all go through at least once in our lifetime. It is a normal part of of the testing and maturing of your friendship with God.

God has  not left you, remember He has promised never to leave you nor forsake you. Hold on to that promise and always remember He loves you and has big pans for you.
(((((((((((CYBER HUGS))))))))))))

06 May 2008 12:27

Qina ntombi, god will never give you more that you can handle, whatever happens know that isabelo sakho and you'll deal with it in the best posible way....all the best

06 May 2008 14:15

I have never felt so loved & cared for its amazing wat cyber life can brig in2 ones life y'all r great ppl & deserve all the blessings in life

Andi101..ur prayer ur words are healing & im mediating them 
Spice its a gynae & i went  to 3diffrent docters one 4rm eastern cape( went there this past weekend when the cramps started) 
2 4rm Joburg & they all saying the same thing  if not similar so i guess its the truth my hubby family & friends recomeded traditional ppl & apparently ( sum1 wants me 2loose the baby...) so andisazi but ke as all the bloggers say nothing is above God faith!!

Sponono & Moonchooza....*smiles* ..thank u 
Bloggers my family appreciates ur comforting words & i want 2say Thank u & 2moro when i walk in that room i know i wil b assured dat ur faith & prayers & God wonderful work wil pul me & Hlohlie thru!!

06 May 2008 14:18

Nonny ur right....!!!!!!!

TVSA is my EXtended family fo sho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hlohlimpi is realy going to fight 4his life 2moro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06 May 2008 14:28

That's the spirit girl.....................he surely will fight 4 his life

Lady D
06 May 2008 14:32

Hi girl,as a mother i know what you are going through right now,but hey,you know gore everything happens for a reason.Its only normal for you to think of the worst that can happen hence the spotting.But girl God will never give a load He knows you can't carry,He has designed for you shoulders strong enough to carry the load he allocated to you.

I am not going to lie to you and tell that all will be fine i dont know that,but what i know is that irrispective of the outcome you will pull through.I can only tell you what i wish and hope for,I WISH YOU AND THE BABY CAN WALK OUT OF THAT HOSPITAL SAFE,I hope this is just a false alarm.I pray that you dont loose faith in him,its moments like this where He proofs He is our Father,He wont forsake you because He is by your site,

Ask for his mercy and protection.I am praying for you and the baby right now.We love ypu girl,!!!!

06 May 2008 19:14

Mabhebheza: Remember one thing the lord our father is not sleeping have faith ,be strong for  HLOHLIMPI and yourself  
nawe uzawuphuma mphethe owakho umntwana njengabanye omama

06 May 2008 19:17

"Greator is He that is in you than he that is in the world'' I hope you get to read this Mabhebheza. Stay positive girl. Believe in the One above because He knows our needs and He says it is well. By His stripes you are healed. 
The devil is a liar and a thief but your Father God is with you to protect you and give what belongs to you. You are not gonna loose your baby in God's name. Amen

06 May 2008 23:53

Haai Mabhebheza Negative thinking is definately not the way to go about it.
And God heard you and Angeke akunikeze okungaphezulu kwa Mandla akho
he knows that you can handle this and KUZOBARIGHT SISI.
Already nje I am reading your future article Titled: Me and My baby are fine
Remember to stay strong and God will be with you from the moment you go through that hospital door and all the way.Mncwaa 

07 May 2008 00:07

Mabhebheza anything is possible through our might LORD,have faith ntombazene qina,GAAAAAAAAAD wldnt put u in a place u cldnt handle,u r also in my pray.

07 May 2008 00:11

Nonny luv ..... you are Simple The Best
i normal knock of at 15h30 and yesterday on my way to pick my cycter the spirit of the Lord came to me and told me to Pray it was round 15h50, ididnt know what i had to pray about but i started praying ...today when i see  this article i just made another prayer To God thanking Him because i believe in my Heart than thas prayer was meant for you Mabhebheza

here is what i'll say to you my sister
"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,"
declares the LORD. 9 "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9 NIV

Whatever the Doctors have said Just know that God's thoughts are NO MEN's thoughts and His Ways are Higher than any men's way including doctors. They might have seen what they said but God is seeing something else ... Mabhebheza He saw that you are capable of caring a soul hence He allowed you to be pregnant and doctors have NO SAY TO THAT ... God Trusted you with His Image and your Womb to carry it.

Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near. 7 Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts. Let him turn to the LORD, and he will have mercy on him, and to our God, for he will freely pardon. Isaiah 55:6-7 NIV 

What i can say to you now is to seek the Lord while you can find Him, turn to the Lord sisi He will Definatelthave Mercy on You ...Pray Dear and Pray More. there is this saying we normal say at home when things seem to be againt us PUSH(Pray Until Something Happens), so PUSH my siter, i'll be PUSHing with you.

Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. 23 They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. 24 I say to myself, "The LORD is my portion; therefore I will wait for him." 25 The LORD is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him; 
Lamentations 3:22-25 NIV

Keep you hope in the Lord my luv, for His copassions never fail

and Lastly, He promised and His promises are Yes and Amen(they are true and done/kept), He said
"For I am the LORD, I do not change; therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob. Malachi 3:6 NKJV 

Keep Strong and Pray unceasingly
Much Luv

07 May 2008 00:20

Amen Best-Achiever...
We praying for you sisi

07 May 2008 00:43

Thank u all for the wonderful advice and encouragement, thanks allot for ur prayer BA, bloggers u guys are phenomenal...........God bless u!!!!!

07 May 2008 00:45

Be strong sisi you will make it God is a Lord of miracles just trust in him.

07 May 2008 00:50

Hallelujah, im so moved by all these prayers and verses. Mabhebhe iNkosi ibenawe today, yazi when i was praying i found my self laughing out loud ngoba i said "Lord please be with Mabhebheza and Hlohlimpi today in that hospital bed" and i thot the Lord must be asking himself ukuba ngubani uMabhebheza no Hlohlimpi, hihihi, but i've got faith that the Lord will be watching over!!!

07 May 2008 01:02

Mabheby: Irrespective of the outcome, God will never leave you nor forsake you. You & Hlohlimpi are most def in my prayers.

07 May 2008 01:04

PhlyLady i didn't know you know anything about the bible..LOL

07 May 2008 01:14

Good morning family,

I am not good with words but the Lord knows that Mabhebhy you are in our prayers and bloggers said it all, i saw this article late last nyt and i could not believe what i was reading and immediately called Mabhebhy, did not know what to say & was stuttering and out of words but Mabhebhy was very calm and collected. Like i told her last nyt doctors are human too and they do make mistakes and make wrong judgements, and its only normal to get worked up & freaked out over over such an announcement and not all pregancies are a smooth sailing. 

I am deeply moved by all the love and support you have given to our fellow blogger. TVSA family you rock big time hence its difficult for one to abandon this space.

07 May 2008 01:23

You guys are simply Wonderful people.....

07 May 2008 01:35

Yho Mabhebhy, I really can't post what I want to say to you under this blog, so I'll send you a private message.

07 May 2008 01:35

Bafwethu i just received an SMS from Mabhebheza now and it reads.......

"Morning monchooza, I am Outside the  Hospital about to go in,
please thank all the Bloggers for their support and prayers
truly I am blessed and positive what ever the outcome i have them(bloggers)
as my rock."

so yeah guys mabhebhy appreciates all the support, love and prayers.

07 May 2008 01:39

Just dont know what 2 say, when reading this article, i found myself crying, the thot of loosing a child, Damn...I really hope U Mabhebhy and Hlohlie/Bonyongo are okay,,,,,,I'm parying for both of you guys,,,,,

I really love this place, ol dis love going around for sum1 sum dont even know.  This is my 2nd home, Ya'll are special. group hug every 1(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))).Love ya'll.

Charlie Brown
07 May 2008 01:40

Dear Mabhebheza,

You have been destined to make it.
And you shall surely pull through all your obstacles 
All your agonies will be diverted
Victory and prosperity will be incoming in abundance.

Today God has confirmed the end of your sufferings, sorrows and pains
HE that sits on the throne has remembered you.
He has taken away the hardships and given you... JOY.
He will never let you down 

Hang in there my girl,  nothing beats the power of PRAYER.  All shall be well. 

07 May 2008 01:40

Sure Monchy.

Charlie Brown
07 May 2008 01:44

I receive these prayers via email everyday.  Today this is what I got:

Verse: 2 Corinthians 1:3 (NIV)

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort.

- No matter what you are facing, God knows and understands.
- He wants to comfort and greatly strengthen you!
- He is the God of ALL comfort.
- He knows exactly what you need at every stage of life.

This was not meant for me today - it was meant for me to pass on the good news to you Mabhebheza.  So know in your heart of hearts that He is listening and He is with you through this difficult time.

07 May 2008 01:48

Mabhe this really touched my heart!!  Jesus is there with you "...I will never leave you nor forsake you, I will be with you even till the end of time..."  Pliz take comfort in these words.

I won't give you many bible verse but I will give you GODS phone number it is ... P.R.A.Y.E.R!!!  Just talk to Him like you would talk to us, don't try and use any fancy flattery words....just say what's in you heart (He knows what's in there)....come on talk to Him!!!  Just ask Him to touch you....and believe that it's done!!!

I have prayed for you....He will give you strength to fight and overcome.  Amen

07 May 2008 01:53

Thank you people, i have just made contact with our Mabhebheza just before she went inside the hospital. she wants to thank you all for the prayers and the love you have showered her with through this difficult time. This is really a difficult time for her and i also want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the endless love and support you are giving her, thank you and let us all keep the faith, she is going to overcome this and raise above this adversity. Thank you moafrika o motle!!!!

07 May 2008 01:55

Oh yes Charlie Brown.....from Andrew & Vanessa, I get those too, I find them to be a great way to start a day!

07 May 2008 02:05

@ Mabhebheza I hope u will stay possitive. The mighty God loves us all, He gives you that child for a reason.

07 May 2008 02:12

Mabhe Sweetie get outta that bed.......I can't wait to read your new blog titled "MY LITTLE MIRACLE"!!

07 May 2008 02:12

Hi guys, I'm usually a silent blogger but this touched me
@ mabhebheza be strong sisi god will never let u down and stay positive for the baby as well, will keep u in my prayers

07 May 2008 02:49

molo mama ka Lwandle

07 May 2008 02:59

Someone alerted me to this blog,and all I could think of is a phrase Jesus used in a prayer He taught His disciple 'Thy kingdom come,thy Will be done'.

Faith is Not positive thinking,nor a get out of jail free ticket,but a way of life.Therefore when His will happen in our lives it is not because we dont have enough faith or that He is testing you-trouble and sorrow are a perfect ingredient to keep us grounded and totally  depended in Him

Therefore,come what may,it wont be because of your faith,lest you boast,nor of our prayers having failed or not have prayed enough-He is still in control and His will and llove trascends time and human wisdom-In fact
 he knows the future and His will be done in our lives

One love.

07 May 2008 06:05

molo nawe Pooky  *smile*

07 May 2008 08:33

Guys anyone know what the outcome was?is she still in hospital?

07 May 2008 08:36

@belz ............Was actually thing same! Does anyone know?

07 May 2008 08:37

oops.....meant to say thinking not thing

07 May 2008 08:45

i will definitely speak to her later tonite.

Brown Shuga
07 May 2008 10:51

All the best Mabhebheza, kuzobagrand sisi. Faith!

Lady D
07 May 2008 13:14

Guyz howz Mabhebheza and the baby,we really are worried,anybody,any update????

07 May 2008 13:47

I'll let you know as soon as she makes contact Lady D.

Lady D
07 May 2008 14:07

Thanx dear!just hoping all is fine.Well i guess i should just go cuddle my pillow!

07 May 2008 14:30

Don't worry bhebheza...God is in charge of everything...all will be okay at the right time!

08 May 2008 02:45

Guys firstly I'd like to say, thank u once again for the support that u guys have given Mabhebheza, I have just spoken to her, and I am sad to let u all know that in Gods's way Hlohlie (the baby) didn't make it, but Mabhebheza is fine. Guys she also added that I must say thank us do much for ur prayers and she trully believes that we made her strong, believe me I can even hear the strenght she has when I speak to her.

Mr Mabhebheza, is also thankful that his makoti has such a caring cyber family *he is actually stunned that such love and care happens with people that know each other through the internet*. He has been a silent blogger and he has been reading our posts in this blog and he says thank u to all.

@ Harambe24 & Cnglemother - Mabhebheza said I must tell u guys that she is aware that u both tried to contact her izolo, but unfortunately u couldn't talk to her. She says the reception is quite bad in the hospital, and thank u for ur effort nonetheless.

She will also be taking some time off from work, and when she has the strength she'll be back and blogging with us.

Much Love

Miss K
08 May 2008 02:53

Thanks for the update Nonny. I'm really sorry Hlohli didn't make it. I'm thankful to God that Mabhebheza is doing well and strong. We'll keep praying for her.

Fluffy Head
08 May 2008 02:55

Nonny: I am very sorry to hear that. Will keep on praying for her strength and for God to help her through this trying time.

Send her my love.

08 May 2008 02:57

Thank u Fluffy & Miss K, u have no idea how much this means to Mabhebheza, her family and Mr Mabhebheza.

08 May 2008 03:03

Oh nkosi yam kwavele kamuncu, i dont know what to say - Thanks Nonnz.

08 May 2008 03:03

Awu Nonny. I am really sad to hear that. God's plan shall prevail. I will keep her and her family in my prayers.

08 May 2008 03:07

Thanks Nons for the update, im sorry about Hlohli kodwa im glad that Mabhebhe is strong, i'll keep her in my prayers, kuzolunga Mabhebhe sthandwa, hang in there.

08 May 2008 03:11

Thanks Nonny for the update, u are realy a good friend and to Mabhebhy everything happens for a reason my love, hang in there, evryting will be fine.
just remember what the Lord said " I knw the thoughts that i think towards u, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give u a future and a hope, an expected end" (Jeremiah 29:11)

08 May 2008 03:12

"Oh nkosi yam kwavele kamuncu, i dont know what to say - Thanks Nonnz"
@ Cnglemom - don't even talk of isimuncwana, sigcwele umlomo kumanje sana. I had to take mints to make it better...........LOL........

08 May 2008 03:13

"Lord lift us up where we belong, up on the mountains high, where eagles fly" . Let all us continue to shower our beloved Mabhebheza and Mr Mabhebheza with love as we allow them the space to cope with this adversity. 

08 May 2008 03:19

Thanks Nonny

I'm very saddend to hear all this...Hlohlimpi passed on a little fighter and a hero....Mabhebheza i'm praying for you right now that God gives you strength through these trying times, have faith in Him even more and know that He loves you and is with you....

My condolences to you,Mr. Mabhebheza and your family, be strong.We love you

08 May 2008 03:22

Thanks guys, Mabhebheza is strong, she even told me that she has been crying so much that she has no more tears left, so the nurses asked her to drink lots of water, so that when the tears com again, she will be ok. This is really tough, but she's also going to go for counselling and God will also show her that there is nothing we can't overcome through Him.

08 May 2008 03:22

Condolonces to Mabhebheza n her family..........

08 May 2008 03:23

Condolonces to Mabhebheza n her family..........

08 May 2008 03:24

I'm so sorry for your loss....take it one day @ a time. If you need to cry, scream, throw things around or just talk, call or e-mail ne sweery. Lots of love

08 May 2008 03:24

Nonny dear May the love of God be with you always .. you are  such a great friend

Ms and Mr Mabhebheza & Family .... may God keep you in the palm of His Hand and comfort you in every way possible ... be Strong and Find Comfort in knowing that All things work together for them that loves the Lord. God loves you and will see you throught this ... we are holding you in our hearts and prayers

08 May 2008 03:26

mabloggaz yall are too awesome!!!!!!

08 May 2008 03:26

Thanks Nonny 4 de update. Mabhebz no 1 bt God understand de pain dat u going thru. He has made us de promise dat He will neva leave us nor forsake us, allow Him 2 comfort & strengthen u & ur family. Nonny  ur a real BBB.

08 May 2008 03:33

Mabhebheza standwa sam...sorry things had to turn out this way, but dont forget that God has better plans for you. Have strenght and hope that you coping at this difficult time.lotsoflove

08 May 2008 03:41

Indeed everything happen for a reason. gal, we'll keep you in our prayers, hang in there and actually, I wish I can give you Yolanda Adams CD, there is a song called 'this too shall pass' and 'in the midst of it all' those songs will bless you and help you with your pain. lots of luv to you 

08 May 2008 03:44

Yho I am so amazed at you Guys all in different places but can stand by someone and be the best friends in time of need I salute you all TVSA bloggers.......

Mabhebhe be strong, and remember there is always a reason why things happen dont ask your self why me but ask God what he has planned for you now. God bless you and your FAMILY

08 May 2008 03:44

"Nonny ur a real BBB."
Thanks Ntwana, but mina I feel that kumnandi (it's nice) to blog waya waya & sometimes be impresonal, have fun, joke and tease each other. But in times like these we also need to show that ubungani (our friendship) goes beyond that. Thank u guys, after today u all mean more than u ever did to me..........
((((((((CYBER GROUP HUG))))))))))))

"Nonny dear May the love of God be with you always .. you are such a great friend" Thanks BA........*ngiyabonga mtanasekhaya*!!!!

08 May 2008 03:52

thnx Nonny, Gosh I don't even know what to say to u Mabhebhy but as they say everything happens for a reason but God will always luv u, be strong gal and keep the faith. am glad u're well and strong though

08 May 2008 03:53

eisshh..dnt knw wat 2 say guys, Mabhebheza my i'm vry sori gal, but kuzobarite~ God is with u vry step of tha way, i'm vry sori gal..& thanx Nonny ur a true friend!
Hang in thr, okay gal..

08 May 2008 04:30

I really dont know what to say. When i read yesterday i was like i hope she comes out ok with the baby. God did not bring u this far to leave you, so be strong and hang in there. There is a song i like that always gets me through tough times." Be still and know I am the Lord,Be still and know I am the Lord be still and know I am the Lord". Condolences to u and yo family MAbhebheza. Ta Nonny for the update.

08 May 2008 05:13

hey girl   everything will  happen  theway you  want   just say the words andhave   faith  ,girl  i'm not talking  about any  faith   imean  the  that can move   mountain if  you  bealive  in God  and trustHIM   all  will  be  well   dear.you   will  be  on  my  prayersdear    i honestly   do  not  want  you  to  lose the  baby  as  i  don't  want  you  to  go  through  what  i have. i   lost two angels .but let  me assure  youOKUNGENZEKI EBANTWINI  KUYENZEKAKUTHIXO.AND  BEALIVEMEGODSTILL LOVES  YOU GOOD  LUCK  N  MAY  GOD BE WITH  YOUAND  YOUR ANGEL  LUV  YAH

08 May 2008 05:28


08 May 2008 05:47

Thanx Nonny
Mabhebhy :ungaqumbi uqalekise kuzawudlula silila kunye nawe ,be strong and God will wipe ur tears 
lots of love

08 May 2008 06:03

soze akunike   ubunzima    ongeke omelane  nabo. nonny  thanks  4  being  so  kind  to mabhebeza you  are  really   afriend  .May God  bless  you  to.please let  herlean  on  you hope  she  will  strong   soon .love both  of  you

08 May 2008 06:25

i can still recall the day,my baby was taken away from me, right next to my bed in hospital bcos doctors saw something fatal from his behaviour.he was never returned.it was seven years ago.I still cannot figure out how i survived that but i did. soo Mabhebheza, my prayers are with you girl and I know you will make it. God never gives you baggage you can't carry.There's a reason for all his actions and some day you will come out of this stronger.

May the precious soul of your little "miracle", rest in peace.

08 May 2008 06:32

My mother used to say  " Ungakhathazeki kakhulu mntanami uNkulunkulu uhlale eyazi into ayenzayo noma  wena ungaqondi, Konke akwenzayo unesizathu".  A colleague of mine died 2005 while pregnant because of complications. Mabhebheza-sisi ngithi qina idolo ntombi, uNkulunkulu akuthobe nenhliziyo". Izibusiso zikaMdali azipheli zihlale zilinde thina. Usazokubusisa futhi ungathuki uma sekuphinda futhi uzithwala but trust the Lord. We love you sisi...

08 May 2008 06:42

I'm sorry babes.... Dealing with loss is never easy and it will never be.... Just trust God and keep praying....

Much love

08 May 2008 06:44

Muntuza sisi wami waze wangithinta ou, ngiyazi umyalezo wakho uwuqonindise kuMabhebheza kodwa ngendlela uNkulunkulu asebenze ngezimanga ngazo ngizithole nami sengiduduzeke ezinxakaxakeni zami engibhekene nazo. Ngiyabonga kakhulu ngalokho dadewethu!!!

08 May 2008 07:20

reading this replies makes my eyes misty, you people understand the power of love.

08 May 2008 07:25

I know what u mean Harambe24, bloggers trully understand the power of love!!!!

08 May 2008 07:34

I have been quiet throughout cos i honestly don't know what to say, i'm the kind of person who bottles up emotions but i would like to say that whatever reason God has for taking ur angel so early, one day you will see why. You don't have to understand it now. Maybe she's taken so that she can add to the number of angels that are protecting you and looking after you...we will never know however, it is not for us to question his actions, he knows best. You will be fine, you'll see, there's an extra angel watching over you now.

08 May 2008 07:45

@Nonny you are a true friend indeed may the good Lord richly bless you going in and going out
Mabebby sisi God knows exactly what he is doing wena just keep the faith and hold your head high I know it's not easy Kodwa this is the time to practise what is called "the midnight prayer" pray noma sekungavumi uvule umlomo God will help you.

08 May 2008 07:49

God is great, he just did a miracle for me ... he'll do the same for you Mabhebheza. Pray dear...pray with no doubt. I will put you in my prayers as well. Pray dear. 

Tell God that you are seeking his face through all of this and may his ruling be upon your favour. Dont fear or panick -- let his will happen. He knows what is right and he knows when the right time for everything is. Pray.

08 May 2008 08:06

Condolences, may the good Lord grant you strength in this difficult time.

08 May 2008 08:11

ohhh!  ppl u're just too good, sweet and caring individuals I just wish the world had  more ppl like you, I'm sure mabhebheza will get better  just by reading ur replies they are so encouraging 
@ Nonny u're the best sisi 

08 May 2008 08:11

Ya ne life cannot always come the way we always want it to come, I guess that is y we always look forward to the new day. Mabhabhes girl I am sorry 4 what happened bloggers said it all. Gather all ur strength and remember God knows what his plans are 4 u and Hlohli. Much luv my dear............

08 May 2008 08:17

To Mabhebheza

The word of God says seek me and I will be found..God never created us to suffer, it also says that " I know the plans I have for you, not to harm you but to prosper you and give you Hope for the future, all I want to say is that you dont really need us, you already know who to turn to and you have turned top Him and for that God has heard you and will not ignore your Cry/Call unto him....the one thing you should do is trust in Him and dont have a wavering mind( Doubt ) for he hates a wavering mind. God is the only one who is faithful and True to us at all times even when we dont deserve its in his character to care for his children and to proctect from things that will bring us great pain.....and with Nothing just happens everything happenis for a greater reason so that He can show his excellence through us.

08 May 2008 08:21

An Angel says, 'Never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn't happen, you have worried in vain. Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice.' PRAY my sister n Have FAITH..

08 May 2008 08:53

What a difficult time Mabhebheza is going through (talking from the experience as I was also hospitalised in new year for the same reasons). My advice to you is that you must cry it all out, even if it means that you have to scream, do it. Mourn your baby, and you shall come alright. It takes time though, but eventually it gets better. One step at a time, sisi. I really am so sorry and I feel your pain

08 May 2008 11:45

Uqine idolo sisi, you are in our prayers

08 May 2008 11:56

You guys are amazing. I've been reading this blog since yesterday and I honestly didn't knw what to say bt you have jst touched me with the way eni-supporta uMabhebs ngakhona. Honestly, you've touched my heart in a great way.

To Mabhebs, sisi all I can say is you couldn't hv done anything to prevent it. When God says it must be done, we hv no control over that. One valuable lesson I've learnt in life is that we should trust Him all the time...trust Him even in this difficult time. Paul and Silas praised the Lord when they had been incarcerated for no reason, David praised Him all the time, even when His own son had turned against Him, Job trusted Him even when he had lost everything valuable in his life, even his children. 
What I can say is that God's ways are high and so are His thoughts. The Bible says He thinks about us, He who never sleeps nor slumber. Pick yourself up my luv and hold your head high for the Lord is still God. And He shall restore all that the devil has stolen from you.

08 May 2008 12:12

Mabhebeza sisi uzobaright, just have faith and pray to GOD, akasoze akulahla.

Brown Shuga
08 May 2008 12:13

So sorry to hear of your loss Mabhebheza. We know how excited you were about Hlohli. Much love.

Lady D
08 May 2008 13:48

Nonny:Gal friends like you are difficult to find,be blessed
Harambe24 & Cnglemother:YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING,continiue supporting MaB,the way you've been doing,she need you guys more than ever
MaBloggers:I am out words,you guys are beautifull,i have never cherished and respected you like i do right now.Keep the love flowing
Mabhebheza,Mr Mabhebheza &Family:Time heals!!!!
Hlohli:baby,you are where the Lord wants you to be.Be the star that you mum and dad will look up to in times of distress,rest in peace baby,we loved you without knowing you.


08 May 2008 14:04

really sorry to hear this......

08 May 2008 14:14

MABHEBHEZA...Nizoba-ryt(u n ur baby)as long as u kip ths on ur mind..."If u cry bcos u dnt c da sun, tears won't let u appreciate da stars!" n ofcos, evrythn happns 4 a reason. U nid 2b strong sis!

08 May 2008 14:19

Guys am out of office for today and tommorrow, however I just logged in to check on this particular blog.
Mabhebhy..........so sorry to hear about your loss. the pain will get better with time sisi.

08 May 2008 14:30

This is the update that we were definitely not looking for. Sorry gal about your loss. uzoba right!

08 May 2008 14:30

Oh man...M sori! I ddnt notice nonnyS update...B STRONG, MABHEBHEZA!

08 May 2008 14:35

you guys are the best

08 May 2008 15:13

Condolences to Mabhebheza, Mr Mabhebheza and family. Sikhala nani singa ma blogger.

Bloggers, you guys rock!!! You are trully the best. God Bless and love you stax.

08 May 2008 23:26

Keep the faith and God will do the rest,life is simply an act of faith

09 May 2008 00:47

Mabheb's, I only saw this blog now. AND Now I can't stop crying! I am so sorry dear... Go tla loka (all will be well). God is always looking after His children. 

You and Mr Mabheb's will be blessed with lots of Hlohlimpi's!

09 May 2008 01:17

Hi bloggaz

to Mabhebhs " I'm sending you this (((((((JESUS HUG)))))))) to set your spirit aglow, it's a little taste of heaven while we wait on earth below enjoy it. May God cuddle you and family. uyeza u Mesuli.

09 May 2008 01:25

Bloggers, thank u so much for ur ongoing support & prayers, it means the world to me and it also helping Mabhebheza in a tremendous way!!!!

pastor chic
09 May 2008 01:36

Bless you and your family woman of Strength.....There is nothing too hard for the Lord....

09 May 2008 01:56

Mabhebheza: Try to be strong and eliminate all negative thoughts, communicate with your God and have faith.....Everything will be alright Babes uzobona.

09 May 2008 02:39

Hey MaBlogger

i am so touched by the love and support expressed here (read every msg)that i decided to  sign up and also express my love and condolences to Mabhebeza and family be strong ntombazana THE WILL OF GOD WILL NOT TAKE U WHERE THE GRACE OF GOD WILL NOT PROTECT U ..b.t.w im also in the early stages of my pregnancy and nobody knows except my man and one friend and now i am actually scared of all the possible things that could happen...but i will stay in prayer and then God will do the rest !!

09 May 2008 02:46

Welcome to TVSA ITBabezz........congratulations on ur pregnancy, and remember love to never compare ur situation to another's. We all have plans thant seldom go our way becoz at the end of the day God has the master plan, which we cannot challenge, we just need to have faith and obey the Lord. Don't be scared, God is in contol.

09 May 2008 02:56

Thanks Nonny..for the welcome and the encouraging words..ill keep the faith but this whole thing has just got me really depressed !!! hayi maybe amahormones..

to Hlohlimpi RIP thwana thwana !!

09 May 2008 02:59

OMG ,OMG i just saw  this now , Lord i dont know what to say OMG im sorry for this mababes ,I suppose its the will of God ,but knowing you mababes you'll pull through there's no question about it ,Im still shocked ,stay strong Gal  ,keep the faith ,and thank him ,he does everything with a reason ,will chat when you come back on site

09 May 2008 03:01

My Condolences to Ms & Mr Mabhebheza @ Nonny i didnt know yesterday when i sent u a PM that Hlohli didnt make it now i feel sad i dnt even know what to say Nonny. Let me take a deep breath then i'll b back.

09 May 2008 03:21

U've said a lot my bloggers so Mabhebheza sisi okwenzekileyo kuyafana nokudaliweyo ungaqumbi uqalekise uThixo uyayazi into akubekele yona ndithi kuwe akuhlanga lungehlanga kunje kuzo zonke intlalo. Awungowokuqala ukwehlela yilento imbi kangaka ungengo wokugqibela as long as u put ur Trust in Him he'll answer ur prayers so Qina sisi. I remember the day my mom Died it was the 03 of May 2003 I told myself when ever again someone dies i'll never cry again but now my tears r running thru my face how can an innocent child who has'nt seen the world yet die but i didnt mean to open ur wounds again but I'm so so so sincerely sorry. Be strong and gud luck on ur future & to all ur family.

Nonny u've showed us what kind of friend u r to Mabhebheza so keep up the gud work sisi u r the best & to all ma bloggers wow u know how to mend sum1's heart ur words of wisdom has shown me how caring & how gud hearted u people are Thank very much ((( CYBER HUG TO ALL OF U)))

09 May 2008 03:54

I only saw this today (on leave for the past two days) May the Lord keep you and your family, Hlohlimpi went up so he can watch over you & his daddy.  Keep the faith sisi.

09 May 2008 04:03

"@ Nonny i didnt know yesterday when i sent u a PM that Hlohli didnt make it now i feel sad i dnt even know what to say Nonny"
@ Bulie, I'm sorry that I also didn't realise that u were unaware of the current situation when I responded to ur PM, I thought u had seen this article & the update . But ke nonetheless uzobaright umngani (Mabes's) I know that!!!!

09 May 2008 05:00


I would like to to inform you that I just spoke to our Mabhebhy & again she would like to thank you all for the love and support you have given her, she was strong and calm through out our conversation. She has taken time off work as Nonny mentioned ealier. 

Thank you TVSA family.

09 May 2008 05:45

OH Mabhebheza, I'm so sorry for your loss sisi. I hope the support and love you will receive from your family, friends and us here on TVSA will pull you through this period of sadness. 

09 May 2008 06:39

No man Noooooooo i didnt know something happened yhazi. Im so sorry mababes. Shame man dont know what 2 say but im so sorry my love. Look after yourself sisi & Nonny ndiyaxolisa sana bendingazi ku-buzy apha ekhaya. Sorry nhe

09 May 2008 07:09

i found myself laughing & crying at the same time thinking Belz 's expression the time she ws praying that prayer. Honestly its like i lost something i know & something i own.................this is sad guys & ntombazana yomelela

09 May 2008 07:41

Be strong my sister, i  am so oooo sorry, i dont even know why to say , uyehova soze akunika umthwalo ozokusinda,everything happens for the reason sisi.

09 May 2008 08:06

"Look after yourself sisi & Nonny ndiyaxolisa sana bendingazi ku-buzy apha ekhaya. Sorry nhe"
It's okay Myname I understand mngani!!!!

10 May 2008 14:31

Dear Mabhebheza, I am sorry for yor loss. Let it be my sister. It is well because it is His will. I had to go through an emergency caesar 3years ago to save my life and my baby 3years ago. She only lived for 6days on machines. I never cried. I only sang hymns everytime I missed her. One song:"Se o nkadimileng sona ha o kgutla senka hape, HO LOKILE, HO LOKILE." I still even today listen to Debra Frazer's song (that she wrote after loosing her baby) when I miss my baby. I never had another baby because of my health conditions. 

"God has shown you what He is gonna do in your life. No matter how long you had your baby He showed you that you are a mother. Mama ka Hlohli HAPPY MOTHER's day. I know it's hard but Hlohli is one of CHERUBIMS(baby angels) with Onthatile and all the other babies singing happy mother's day to all their mom's. He is probably rapping Tupac's Mama song or Oscar's song. Smile girl cos God is gonna give you more than you have lost.
Pss.... Onthi just told me to tell you Hlohli is fine. He is still shy cos he is new but he is gonna be popular for his looks( I don't know why I'm assuming Hlo is a boy).

STAY STRONG Mommy!!!! Mpwahhh!!!!!

@ McDee apparently your son is the senior Cherubim and quite a hunk of a baby (Lol!! I just love make believe world. It's how I see my baby's world)

11 May 2008 23:57

Argh man Vanusseed, what a nice response to wake up to on a Monday morning. Thanks gal!!!!

To all the other TVSA mothers, ladies I hope u enjoyed ur day and have a fantastic week!!!!

12 May 2008 00:13

Wow Venusseed, this is really beautiful...I mean really really beautiful!

12 May 2008 00:51

How did i miss this????????
Mabhebheza; I dont know where to start, all has been said and sisi i'll put you in my prayers.
All the best!
love lots
((((((((cyber hug enkulu))))))))

12 May 2008 03:40

So sorry to hear of your loss Mabhebheza *so dumbstruck*. Read up on why it happens-the more knowledge you have the better you understand why it happens (sort of places things in perspective) and you may then need "early intervention" the next time you fall pregnant.

Take as much time as you need to HEAL and don't pressure yourself into feeling well when you don't....cry as much as you want and get talk as much as you want about your feelings-sounds really bland advice but it helps!

I won't say much more than necessary for fear of saying all those things that may make you cringe.

12 May 2008 04:06

To Mabhebheza & her partner, I am really sorry for your loss hope that you understands that God will never put you through something that he will never take you out of it and may Hlohli's little soul rest in peace

12 May 2008 04:19

@ Venusseed, gal thoz r beautiful words...thank u...
2 all u TVSA bloggers ur al amazing, such a lovely family u r....talkd 2 Mabhebheza, she's getting strong by tha day & appreciate all tha msgs..she says Mr Mabhebheza is actually shockd by all thz, & wondarin how do pple u meet on internet can hv so much luv 4 1 another..
thanx guys, i've realizd 2 how lucky i am 2 belong 2 thz family...
2 all mothers hope u had a lovely day yest... 

16 May 2008 09:11

NO words can decsribe the gratitude i have for all the bloggers ...
I would like to inform you thta im getting there day by day..therapy is helping alot & the awesome comforting replies r making stronger every day !!
To all the slent bloggers that broke their silent & showed me support...Much love y'all a wonderful god blessed bunch

Nonny & Harambe,Foreign observer,cnglemother,monchooza,Beyonce,Pullie,Preshii,Cande,Lavhee,Vutmi
..your sms and calls were highly appreciated in the mabhebheza family & may God shower u with blessings ..Makwande kwi Zenzo zenu
i can prouldy say i have an extended family & im the luckiest soul!!

as i stated ....im overwhelmed by the loved i received ....
Thank You TVSA ( tashi & crew)
Thank Bloggers( the silent & phaphiyos )
Thank God for showing me that im not alone that in him we are family and family always offers a shoulder 2lean on!!

dankie mabhebheza dankie

17 May 2008 03:34

I just saw this my luv.Hold on and pray for strength and peace of mind.I'm so proud of how strong you've been.Have hope,faith and keep praying everyday of your life.Luv ya.

17 May 2008 04:58

Eish mara neh,Sorry Sisi.YOu are in our prayers and even though at the moment it might be difficlt to realse or to accept (Everthing happens for a reason)
Just dont give up and he will bless you with Tenples(lol) Next time
Keep the strenght up Mncwaa
and allow yourself to grieve its okay to do so

17 May 2008 06:14

HAAI MABHEBHY. I' m new here I just saw this 2day. I know what u going thru, I've been there, u feel like  the world has been turned upside down, u feel like uthathiwe wabekwa kwenye indawo washiywa, but one thing 4 sure yonke into iyedlula I KNOW IT IS NOT EASY, but hang in there, I know ayikho into engavala esi sthuba but THERE IS GOD IN HEAVEN. just let him b ur therapist. EVERYTHING WILL FINE EVENTUALLY.

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