New On National Geographic In March 2008

Written by TVSA Team from the blog National Geographic on 06 Mar 2008
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Coming up on National Geographic in March:

Bible Uncovered
Premiered: Sunday, 2 March at 22h00.

A team of scientists joins forces with religious scholars to investigate biblical tales of murder, miracles and mystery. Did the events detailed in the holy book really occur?

In 1947 in the Judean desert, a shepherd stumbled upon one of the greatest archaeological finds of all time, a cache of mouldering texts, written on papyrus and animal hides.

Soon the world would know them as the Dead Sea Scrolls, but what secrets do they hide about Judaism and Christianity?

TVSA's Bible Uncovered Mini-Site.


Street Monkey's
Premiere date: 16 March at 20h00


The Vervet monkey is one of Africa's most versatile and widespread primates. So much so that this endearing cheeky monkey has now forsaken its wild habitat for suburban South Africa.

Instead of lianas - think telegraph wires; instead of trees - think streetlights and roofs; where thorn trees once stood there is now barbed wire.

There are, however, still predators aplenty. In the hills and valleys where leopards once roamed, guard dogs now patrol and where rivers once carved up the territory, now it's tarmac roads with a new deadly predator - the car.
But, somehow, the Vervet monkeys have managed to adapt and thrive in this new landscape.

Alongside this animal cast sits a rich collection of human characters - some who love them and devote their lives to saving them, others who simply want to understand them and then there are those who hate them and can't wait to see the back of them.

In this 5-part series we'll discover just how well these two primates get on.

The result is a suburban animal soap opera featuring the Pani Troop and the Sugar Cane Gang - two rival troops of Vervets, each 20 or so strong, who have found their forest world shrunken to a just couple of acres of bush, and a sugar cane field.

It's street gangs at war, slap bang in the middle of a wealthy and exclusive golfing estate on the outskirts of one of Africa's fastest growing cities, Durban.

Sinking A Destroyer
Premiere date: 19 March at 22h00


How much military power does it take to sink a top naval warship? Experience the mission at the hands of the US and Canadian Navy and air forces as they mount a ‘sink exercise’ on a massive 4,250 foot long destroyer, to test their firepower and skill.

The information garnered from sinking the modern warship, HMCS Huron, will inform the Navy on all levels of defence for the fleet still on active duty.

See firsthand what happens to a warship coming under attack and witness the rivalry that breaks out between naval and air forces as they scramble to be the first to sink the destroyer.


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Bra Bizza
10 Mar 2008 10:43

i'm not sure if its my web browser or what but it seems like the mini site about the bible story has kinks...

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