Ugly Betty finale: East Side story

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 19 Dec 2007
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Last night's Ugly Betty Finale was so heart-rippingly hectic it finished me off. The sadness of everything that went down mixed with Claire's hysterical prison escapades with Yoga and Amanda and Diane in the lurrrve dungeon all left me trippily exhausted.

The first moment Santos ended up in the shop I knew it could only end in disaster after the warning that foot-rub guy gave Hilda in Mexico.

The only thing that's gotten me over the final gutting scene is thinking that at least Santos and Justin got the chance to be close and share the special moments they did. Of course the trouble is that Justin's gonna be hurt all over again, which he wouldn't have been if Santos hadn't come back.

Things are as they are though and some situations can't be changed to be different no matter what - unlike Betty's situation with Nerd Boy and his stupid, manipulative girlfriend.

I'm disappointed in the chick who plays her - she played whatsername in Heroes and I liked her in it and now I can't stand her. To quote Diane: "I hate this girl! What's her name, so I can hate her with a name?"

Just searched, it's Jayma Mays.

As for the juicy Amanda/Fey Sommers's daughter twist - it makes the show such a soapie fest. I was thinking about it recently, it's the ultimate 20th century soapie  - it's got the big family business, the murder in the family, the Mead name, Alex's sex-change rise from the dead, murder plots, car accidents and shootings to break our hearts.

Like me I'm sure you feel we need a moment's silence of mourning after it all ...

I'll say a few words ... some classic lines from the episode:

Diane to Betty: You are such a chick flick. I would totally pay twelve dollars to see you.

Wilhelmina: I thought I smelled jewellery.

Amanda (when she walked in on Betty and Henry): Ewww! Dorkus interruptus!

Marc: Inhale Ricky Martin, exhale Colin Farrel.

Fun facts about the episode:

- it's called East Side Story to mirror Justin being in West Side Story and how torn apart the characters are in it.

- The geeky Shrek dental assistant that Diane scared off was played by the actress who plays Betty in the Spanish version of Ugly Betty. The two shows aren't exactly the same but they're both remakes of the same show - her name's Angelica Vale.

- The second season's starting round-about mid-year next year - last I heard June/July sort of time.

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19 Dec 2007 00:41

Oh what a sad episode...i actually cried!!!!

Miss K
19 Dec 2007 01:25

June/July next year?? I cant wait that long!! It was a great finale and it left me thinking whats next?

19 Dec 2007 03:36

That was the most powerful episode...
Wilhemina has a heart after all, how sweet saving Mark and that Fabio or whatever she's called .... what a mouth!? Ha!

And i just liked how Betty and her geek wouldnt give a damn about Amanda
and the disrepectful lot who walked in on them... oh and how inlove Betty is ... it's soo sweet!

And Santos, he's grown on me... and quite a hunk too...
Justin deserves a golden globe, the kid is brilliant... is he gay??

19 Dec 2007 04:31

I didn't just cry, I literally sobbed. I even cried just reading the quotes and looking at the pics.

19 Dec 2007 08:24

And Santos, he's grown on me... and quite a hunk too... Wesi I agree with you
Justin deserves a golden globe, the kid is brilliant... is he gay??  
I think he's meant to be gay in the story, not sure about real life

19 Dec 2007 13:06

Also not sure - there's no indication that he is in info about him. Probs hasn't decided yet! His name's Mark Indedelicato and his interests seem very similar to Justin's - he studies acting and singing and he's been in a couple of theatre musicals.

Re-Santos, agree too - he also grew on me in hunkdom and how he saw the light - I was just thinking about it though - youngsters are so forgiving on parents aren't they? Santos rejected him at the beginning and Justin was so willing to have a relationship with him no matter what - it's really sad that such situations happen. Also the thing of what happens when you're older - like if you've got family that rejected you for years and then suddenly want a relationship - what do you do??

Snap re crying and sobbing - I'm still feeling that drainedness from it. Whenever it happens I get hysterical too - it's crazy that you can be so finished by a story that's not real but that's also more than real. 

The show was defs in my Top 3 shows of the year - fully with'ya about mid-year being too far away K - I want the next season NOW - apparently the action starts three weeks after now.

19 Dec 2007 16:58

I recently started watching Ugly Betty and it was a great sitcom, yeah the young Justin is gay, he is so hilarious! as for that evil gal who snatched Betty's geeky man, hope they find out it's the Dr that made her preggies!

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