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Written by online from the blog (: **** SA Adverts Suck **** :) on 31 Oct 2007
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It seems to me that South Africans don't hate advertising - they just hate bad advertising.

Show us a great ad on TV and we talk about it at the drop of a hat. At dinner parties great ads take precedence over politics, taxi drivers, crime and yes, even rugby if they are really and truly magnificent ads. Well, that's the way it used to be.

Nowadays I don't hear too many people talking about advertising at all. In fact rugby, cricket, crime, taxis, insurance claims and the absorption quality of disposable nappies take precedence over discussions about advertising.

Could it be that we have simply fallen out of love with ads? That we now have too much to think about and talk about without having to resort to that great dinner party ice-breaker - "have you seen that new ad for?."

Or is it because advertising these days is simply rubbish?

Well, interestingly enough when a bunch of top advertising industry people got together a few months ago to choose South Africa's all-time greatest TV ads, not one of their top half dozen ads was produced or shown on TV in the past five years.

And I'll bet that if the South African public had to choose their top ten best advertisements not one of them would have been made in the past ten years.

Just where have all the great ads gone or heaven's sake? Ads like the BMW "mouse"., ISM's "Elephants," those great Cardies ads and all that cheeky irreverent stuff from Nando's?

Well, it seems to me that there are a number of reasons why we're not seeing any great ads or talking about them even if there are some good ads out there.

First of all the whole advertising environment has become very cluttered. The average consumer is now exposed to about 10 000 advertising messages a day and I guess for a lot of us that's so much overkill we're just not noticing them.

Commercial breaks

Research from Europe is also showing that upwards of 70% of TV viewers just don't take any notice of commercial breaks anymore.

And then we have radio which for ages now has assaulted our ears with the most pathetic advertising imaginable.

Of course that grumpy old doyen of South African Advertising, John Farquhar, who is the editor of the country's most read advertising magazine, AdVantage, believes that the reason most of our advertising is rubbish is because the people who dream them up live on another planet and are completely out of touch with the rest of the solar system let alone just Earth.

Another view I have often put forward is that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) went through a phase some time ago where it banned ads right left and centre even if complaints came from one individual whacko, just to prove that they were doing their job properly.

The ASA is not nearly as ban-happy anymore but the perception still exists among ad agencies that ads that nobody would have worried about ten years ago, will be banned at the drop of a hat these days. And now that clients have started telling ad agencies that if ads are banned, the ad agencies are going to have to pick up the cost, a lot of agencies have either just decided to play it extra safe or have brought lawyers into their creative teams. Which in terms of creativity and pushing the boundaries is like tossing a horny dog into the arctic.

I must say I miss those social gatherings - those dinner parties, braai's and uncomfortable corporate cocktail parties where you don't know anyone and knew that you were guaranteed to be the life and soul of the party by being able to trot out a string of great ads.

Not sure I'd like to risk doing that these days. I have the feeling that talking about ads at a dinner party these days would be a bit like discussing in graphic detail, the sphincter muscle of an incontinent hyena.


31 Oct 2007 06:04

Just wanted to be the first one for a change... adawise no comment for now... i'll shaya iround later

31 Oct 2007 06:07

Do shay' iround nhe!!!!

Brown Shuga
31 Oct 2007 11:07

I have sent my comments to Chris, the writer of the article. Thanks.

31 Oct 2007 11:37

hhawu Shuga.. hi hi hi!!!

I must say I love the Vodacom Ads(Radio)... the ones with Vuyo and that other nutcase of a guy!  Well done Vodacom.... you are the best

31 Oct 2007 13:42

At the moment...I luv the Redds Phola ad

31 Oct 2007 14:23

I enjoy watching good quality adverts.........the latest MTN adverts are good especially th one with guys on threadmill and the one with kids playing tap tap game(by sop i love to baby)................and the worst ad is the one about student loans and the song goes like "i wanna be somebody....i wanna a doctor...blah blah" looks very cheap and boring

31 Oct 2007 14:37

You're referring to Edu-Loan ads.Ja,they're *bleep!* but the worst have to be Barnetts ads.This one time,inorder to promote their "buy furniture,get raincoat" special,they showed a very frail,old man that didn't have a clue of what was going down,wearing a fugly raincoat.That had to be the worst thing I'd ever seen on TV.I'm really feeling Coca-Cola's "Brrr" ads.

01 Nov 2007 00:32

Arh don't even talk about Edu-Loan adverts, they wack wack wack.. less is said about Mag Washing Powder adverts, i never seen boring adverts like those. MTN as Vodacom, they on the right track so far. Telkom Card adverts where a women is speaking on the phone, That ringa waya waya thing... yeses who ever came up with that adverts, should be fired once and for all. lastly there's this adverts maan, that one of Rajha, that one goes like this.."I'll be happy to see mam and dad again, i forget to give them directions" WACK WACK WACK.. Get a life people...

01 Nov 2007 00:39

For me Nando's ad's are always the best especially the latest.

01 Nov 2007 00:45

I wanna be sumbady.......................I wanna be edu loand.....................
ROTFL at  the stupidity

01 Nov 2007 00:50

All Vodacom Ads rocks big time,da one ad eng'ikhinyayo is that cell c ad "U can talk 4 free on weekends" dat women's voice just puts me off, makes me wanna switch the TV instantly.I hope they bury the ad since cell c is said to be reducing those "talk 4free on weekends" rates.

01 Nov 2007 00:53

Cell C pinned it with the ad with "Can you believe it, you can talk for free on the weekend"!!! First time I saw that ad, I was like iyooo abakhange bayenze into enje...

01 Nov 2007 00:54

*loud sigh*

01 Nov 2007 00:56

@ZOZOZO Hayibo,  I bought a cell c starter pack just to talk for free on weekends. Uyive ngabani lento uyithethayo?

01 Nov 2007 00:57

The Edu-load ad sucks big tym, and the coca-cola one "BBrrrr" , vodacom and MTN ads as very nice.

01 Nov 2007 01:00

as very nice. Meant are nyc.

01 Nov 2007 01:09

@ Flo jo, I dig those ads espacialy the one with "minister of finance" (Bogani)         J-Girl hi hi hi!!! Have u seen their new hummer,hummer ads!?! They're so wack we either mute or change channels Eish!!

01 Nov 2007 01:34

@Amazing - I only saw ur response now, It was on e-news last week if i'm not mistaken , in the written news @ the bottom of the screen. If u don't believe me just google the info.

01 Nov 2007 02:08

like all the Redds ads and the old Polka ads, and i hate all garage ads coz the petrol attendants are always abodarkie... maar why heh?why?... Do you still remember la ad of that guy that is made to taste everything,onions, flour etc... and at the end he ends up saying, "mmmmn that does taste great", hate hate hate hate it. He needs to be shot just for accepting to do that dum, degrading ad.

01 Nov 2007 02:19

Pooky my friend, how about u go & see Shuga's blog about Khanyi's new mag called Destiney.  Not that I am saying that this adverts blog is not good, it's just that having been on TVSA as long as I have u are bound to be a victim of repetition or similarism of past blogs. 

01 Nov 2007 03:10

Annony chomza am going there right now, i distinctively remember giving the same views on another artilcle about adverts not so long ago....hmmmmm let me  ehhh... think *scratching my head*..... oh it was actually three and half weeks ago. he he maar eish choma i couldnt resist repeating that same s*** i said the last time... guess i'm kinda a victim neh hi hi hi

01 Nov 2007 03:30

as boring as it is to some of you guys, mara mina i love the cell c ad where the only words in your mind would be hummer and cell c. (hummer hummer cellc) the first time i saw that ad i was with my whole family watching tv and when we saw it made us laugh strong yoh. and its the joke of the house now, we talk the hummer cellc language when ever we are happy

01 Nov 2007 03:41

I must agree with you monchooza, I was listening to one of the Expert in Advertising one day, he said that adverts should live you laughing with excitement. Trust all of the adverts with that will stay in your mind for sometime.... 

01 Nov 2007 04:58

LOL@mochooza we talk the hummer cellc language when ever we are happy 
i find it hilarious too.  i was telling Mr Libra about it last night.

i keep asking myself what ad agencies have been used for some of the ads we see- they are the omo ad that proves to washes 5000 socks - sunlight did the same with the plates already.  such a yawn

01 Nov 2007 05:06

hummer hummer

01 Nov 2007 06:09

we've talked about this here on TVSA, i'm glad other people are noticing

Xhosa Chick
01 Nov 2007 06:14

Ads. Yawn.

Bra Bizza
01 Nov 2007 06:36

i saw the coca-cola brr ad last night for the first time and fell in love with it right thuurr.....i'm having a brr moment right now....

01 Nov 2007 06:51

ja well....NEXT!

13 Nov 2007 17:37

how about the sms "something" adverts and win  blah...blah..blah...or download something....especially etv.

28 Nov 2007 06:45

28 Nov 2007 06:45

i always switch channels during ad breaks

witty lady
28 Nov 2007 06:51

CTM ya Khanyi Mbeo le mpya ya hae is the dumbest!!

yeerrrr maan yesses!! nxe!

29 Nov 2007 06:15

sum ads are not that bad how about the one with khanyisile mbau the ctm one or the one of the "U NEED TO FIND YOUR OWN UNIVERSE' and the REEDS Ads are the bomb especially the one of BONGANI the one who always pops out money lol

31 Dec 2007 04:48

i think most of them do suck like the 5alive they actually get funding is beyond me...but i have to give props to mtn's marketing team...funny, entertaining, proudly south african adverts that we can relate to....

31 Dec 2007 04:48

i think most of them do suck like the 5alive they actually get funding is beyond me...but i have to give props to mtn's marketing team...funny, entertaining, proudly south african adverts that we can relate to....

14 May 2008 05:04

wow u kno what iads that is realy enjoyable is the from sabc 1 with uSkhumba... u c these shoes.......!!! bla bla bla it is very nice i always laugh when i'm watching it

Krazy boss
04 Sep 2009 01:32

every ad on tv is *bleep!* i mean adverts av lost the plot n these white boys come up with such fucked up adverts its traumatising n theres no good content instead they are rubbish and shit

Benji Wa Bantwana
13 Jul 2010 15:42

I hate the Castle Lite ad not because it is not good , but because they only air it when i am broke and i cant get 1.

04 Nov 2013 17:25

You're right, all the do is ridicule stereotypes. That dark Savana advert, KFC, Hansa, Castle Lite...all fucked up.

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