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Written by Brown Shuga from the blog On A Style Tip on 14 Oct 2007
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If I was a size 6, my favourite item of clothing would be SHOES! Unfortunately I'm a size 8 and I struggle to find the shoes I like. 
I come across gorgeous shoes all the time & when I do find a size 8, my feet look horrible in them or there's no size 8 so I always settle for the shoes I don't want. These shoes look nice but my feet would look horrible in them!

That's the story of my shoe life

There are lots of styled up sistas in this place so I thought it would be nice for us to have a blog where we can all share style tips, fashion do's and don'ts and generally just share on what the latest fashion must have's are. 
The plan with the blog is to open it up for those who are interested to have access and be able to write their own articles in it. Kinda like the 5 Reasons Blog, get my drift? So if you want to share style tips or would like to have a platform to raise your style questions, holla and I will ask the powers that be to open up the blog for you. 
My bloggi brothers, don't worry because I am hoping that the ladies will also share what works and doesn't work on a guy.

What inspired the blog? Well, I generally never know where to go to find hott affordable shoes. I don't have money and quality shoes are just expensive these days. I mean, I'm not ready to be paying over R500 for a pair of shoes and shoes today cost ridiculous prices like R4 000, I mean WTF???

Anyway, besides all of that, I was watching Friends Like These on Saturday and DJ Sbu was looking quite good, except he had a "jersey/sweater" tied around his shoulders like the picture below and I wondered why???

So fashionistas out there, please tell me why do people do this? Is it fashionable?
I have never seen my MD wearing a jersey or jacket, no matter how cold it is. He always puts it around his shoulders like Sbu and this lady and I have never had the courage to ask him why. 
Do you know why??

So here are my questions:
1. Do you wanna be a ON A STYLE TIP contributor?
2. Where do I find good affordable size 8 shoes in Jozi?
3. Why do people do this sweater thing? Is it the IN thing?


14 Oct 2007 08:17

Wow...interesting article!!
I'm a size 4/5 depending on the make of the shoe.Always have a problem getting my size as there's a lot of people wearing that size except if a pair has just arrived.

On where to find stunning affordable shoes in Jozi...nna I've given up on that one?? Se ke tlwaetse ho ya beyond the R500 mark Shugs. The 1st time I did, I cud not believe it....but now se ke tlwaetse.

14 Oct 2007 08:34

size 8 poor thing i hope you have small toes!

14 Oct 2007 08:39

Shushu im a fashion addict i love clothes n shoes i cant have enough with those,even accesorries,bags u name it thats me,as u know i make my own clothes sometimes.

The problem sometimes i picture something that i want to have,but cant get it anywhere so somegood friend of mine suggested that i do clothes design but i dont think thats right,that is one over rated industry.

1. Do you want to be ON A STYLE TRIP contributor?
Sure i wld love too,but you must realise i wont be on the site all the time uyazi mos.!!!!!

2. Where do i find good affordable size 8 shoes in Jozi?
Well ke sthandwa sam Cocky is not a size 8,im size 4/5,so idont think i know but try kwa MR PRICE,they sell good stilettos there,but mna i cant wear them,i just admirer,last November i was in horroble car accident,my ankle was completely broken so im still recovering.But i love them stilettos,but they have managed to make good small heels for ppl like me,get those at oxygen,rage,banana republic n legit,edgars,just many stores i dont know about Jozi though.

3. Why do ppl do this sweater thing? Is it the IN thing?
Well love the sweater thing has been here for ages,white ppl love it.It symbolises CLASS my love, you look collected n bold,imagine someone with the jersey on the waist how do those ppl look............?YES!!!!!! excatly thats ma point,they look as if they dont care,but the lady above i dont know why the jersey was there cas she is wearing a jacket under neath,n yes golfers love the jersey on shoulders too,I saw uSbudda wam with the jersey,excatly what i mensioned,status n class.He looked yammmmy as EVER with that.TRY THE JERSEY THING TOO,its pretty!!!!!!!!!!!


Brown Shuga
14 Oct 2007 08:55

<<size 8 poor thing i hope you have small toes!>> ROFL hi hi hi I actually have long ass toes too. Which is why I can never wear that brown pair above plus the pointy ones squeeze the living daylights out of me so I can't wear those either...

<<TRY THE JERSEY THING TOO,its pretty!!!!!!!!!!!>>
Hayi bo Cocky, uthini na apha kum? hehehe ndiyinxibe xandisiya phi??

Flo-Jo, where do you shop for your shoes? Size 4/5, wow, you guys are so lucky!!!!

14 Oct 2007 09:12

Size 8 andiyikholwa ke leyo shushu but ke its yo word against mine.

ndiyinxibe xandisiya phi?? ndine feeling ethi uzenza ilatiti,but  ke okey sisi,uyinxibe on a gals night out,when travelling,picknik although i dont do those,dont wear it eclubini you going to look stupid like a coconut who lost her way.

Mna i like it with ma skinny jeans n thong sandals,or shorts,even on a friday at work you can wear it,use iblouse or ishirt,or those maternity tops,ne stripe sleeve dresses,DONT DO IT WITH T-SHIRTS PLEEEEEAAASE??????

14 Oct 2007 09:14

Do you want to be ON A STYLE TRIP contributor?
No, do not have time, or style for that matter!!

2. Where do i find good affordable size 8 shoes in Jozi? 
Dunno, I am a size 5, have been for the past 10 yrs! And after reading this article, fabulously happy about it. LMAO

3. Why do ppl do this sweater thing? Is it the IN thing? 
I don't know if it's the IN thing but I think it works for some people! Phela some things di na le batho ba tsona, if people could just realise...

Brown Shuga
14 Oct 2007 09:20

Hayi Cocktail, on a gal's night out with that thing on my shoulder? Aren't you supposed to be sexy-nyana when you go out with yo gals? Hehehehe I think I'll pass on this one. 
Thanks for the tips though.

Brown Shuga
14 Oct 2007 09:23

<<am a size 5, have been for the past 10 yrs! And after reading this article, fabulously happy about it. LMAO>> I think I"m gonna regret putting myself on blast like that...he he he he. Rub it in Tshidi, rub it in!

14 Oct 2007 09:25

As i have said love it, it depends on what u wear it with,or whos yo company of friends.

Like?? take imphintshi zakho zasekasi okhula nazo n wear that,i dont think its goona work,take yo friends you made at work on curtain functions then it is going to work.

Thanks for the tips though. the pleasure was mine love anytime!!!!!!!!!!:-)

14 Oct 2007 09:27

or on curtain funtions SORRRY

14 Oct 2007 10:01

hey girls guess im not the only boring blogger blogging on a sunday hayi ke Shushu undoyisile Size 8 well when u come to think of it that is the only size u get on sale here in CT dont know abt jozi!!!

im a SIZE 6 but would go for 7 on some shoes and believe u me sometimes its good to have long feet,,,,,,,,,, abo 4 aba u dont usually get especially here coz when they come amslamusi take them all those are the only ppl that have small feet 

BS mna im not really into fashion but i know my style!! and I know my stuff !!!

indaba ye jersey really it depends on a person's mood!! but i do it sometimes with a shirl not a SWEATER!!!! GOING HOME ,,will c ya'll on tues

14 Oct 2007 11:27

Hayi Mayo sukuxoka uyayithanda impahla,remember i was in yo place,iwardrobe yakho igcwele zimpahla nezi hlangu wena!!!!!!

14 Oct 2007 21:47

@shuga  ihink you must try  NINEwest,i wear size 4 since i lost my virginity till vandag,about the sweater  is a fashion thing like when you wear black/white you can put red jersey,n i think foschini ke phuta di khutsana when coming to shoes you can even wait for sale,before you buy shoes wait for sale, chek the name when you get at home do, will know dintshang than buying something expensive,yoooo guys can i tell you my story hm.i was doing some shoping so i decided to buy those shoes n they where cheap,so i was like when i get home SA they will think they are expensive bcz they come from amerikaaaa,iyoo i wear them for 40min they where burning m like hell,so i decided to send them back.n they where fucktap ka tlase .so i was like can i change this shoes n get something else.ds people they ask  ARE U FROM NIGERIA?let m call my manager, 1+1 they are caling cops.NB dr is this celeb she wear  nice shoes all the time people are crazy abt her but they dont know how much her shoes cost.go to will know what im talking about ,

14 Oct 2007 22:31


15 Oct 2007 00:41

I must say i dont usually notice Sbudah but I thought he looked great espesh the colours of the shirt and jersey

as for tying the jersey on your neck, apperently its about using the jersey as an accessory- like how you use scarves  or how you wear sunglasses, but you place them above your eyes type of thing....and I think the tied jersey looks works for guys who are comfortable with themselfves and dont mind goin the extra mile to look good and Sbuda is not worried about amajita asking "ekse sbudah either uyaligqoka or uyalishiya ijezi mfana"..hi hi hi

15 Oct 2007 01:04

you go Spopo!!!!!!!!!! :-)

15 Oct 2007 01:07

Hi Shuga I think this is a fantastic idea eish u r the best. Nway I had this friend who wore a size8 too n she used to wear beautiful shoes. She had long toes n her feet were thick. She used to buy her shoes from Zoom ( yes they do cater for size8) n also Plum. The trick of ur feet not looking too big on the shoes is to choose very high heels but they mustnt be too strappy n she never put cutex cos she said it draws attention to the long toes!!  

15 Oct 2007 01:18

Size 8, nyhani Shugs??? you look too tiny for that size shoe, i think unamanga. kodwa ke you can find very nice shoes your size eQueenspark nasePrato, im a size 4/5 and i also struggle sometimes coz mostly they've run out of stock or sungthing. Edgars has nice shoes SOMETIMES.

15 Oct 2007 01:23

Oh my, this is excitment.. I LOVE SHOES and I can't help it, everytime I go shopping I leave the house with a mission that i'm gonna buy clothes and hai somewhere I just happen to come back home with 3 pairs and maybe a dress or 1 pair of jeans. 

1. Do you want to be ON A STYLE TRIP contributor?
Sure i wld love too, plus m a size 4/5 depending on the make 

2. Where do i find good affordable size 8 shoes in Jozi? 

3. Why do ppl do this sweater thing? Is it the IN thing?
I Agree with you there COKTAIL the sweater thing has been here for ages it symbolises CLASS , 

15 Oct 2007 01:48

What about Crocs?

15 Oct 2007 01:58

No No no Toxic i cant even stress it enough I dont care how comfortable they are those shoes are just not 4 ppl who are fashion concious really sorry!! i cant even imagine BS wearing those shoes (size8)

15 Oct 2007 02:18

the jersey thing was worn by Queens/Kings Princess/Princes. Princess Diana used to do it as well. It's more prevalent among the English Speaking community.

It's all about CLASS DARLING. I also saw DJ Sbu I must he looked so cute.

15 Oct 2007 03:23

Where do I find good affordable size 8 shoes in Jozi? 
Zoom and Rage (nice and affordable). I am a size 5 though (sorry for rubbing it in once more)

Why do people do this sweater thing? Is it the IN thing?
I agree, it has been in for ages now and yeah it looks cool (phofu mina I like!). I wore it in a Boat Cruise, Golf Game (i wasnt the one playing though) goes with a casual pair of jeans or shorts.

@Tox: Crocs - I dont know why people wear those!

15 Oct 2007 03:30

Yintoni iCrocs?

15 Oct 2007 04:14

Thanks guys im size 6/7 bt i prefer 7. I think Edgars & Truworths bcoz they r affordable & they always have size 8. Just wena yiba ne-choice. And i have these toes ingathi zezamaqgirha or i have chicken foot. My problem is my hands They r big, hard & black. I've been trying everything bt nothing worked & the left 1 is worst. The sweater thing is old & ii luv when i c 2 other ppl.

15 Oct 2007 04:23

@ myname...hahaha tl tl tl tl tl...yho...
hayi sana uzabaright vha! nam guys get give me this (oh no eeeuw) look when they see my feet for the first time... they say u cant have it all, i'm sure umhle ke thats why zimbi zona

15 Oct 2007 04:36

LOL @ myname, try wearing closed shoes, they make feet softer and more bearable. your hands are big, hard and black, im trying to picture this so i can help kodwa i cant stop laughing.

15 Oct 2007 04:40

1. Do you wanna be a ON A STYLE TIP contributor?  Yes please but mina i will need tips more than i will contribute.
2. Where do I find good affordable size 8 shoes in Jozi? 
Shugs Don't they have SHOE HQ there, the shoes are affordable and there is variety to choose from..
3. Why do people do this sweater thing? Is it the IN thing? 
Mina my reasons for wearing sweaters is i am size 3 so i struggle to get my size and when the shoe becomes to skinny for the shoes. So because i can only wear sneakers i find it that they go with a sweater more than blazzers e.t.c

15 Oct 2007 04:43

This is so unfair...rona majita le re kwalla ko ntle...nou all the lovely gals are here discussing fashion. Re flirte le bomang nou? hi hi hi hi.

15 Oct 2007 04:48

I also want to be a contributor, though like cande i'll be needing tips more than contributing.

15 Oct 2007 04:53

@jGil & Blez hee my male freind have these soft hands & he likes teasing mi. So everytime i met him he always prefer shaking hands not hugs. so he wil say "yho sukundinyathela". And j-girl bakhona abantu abanazo zonke

15 Oct 2007 05:00

@Belz : Crocks are those colourful(pink, blue etc) shoes kind of like rubber with round holes on the top..u can get at even Pick 'n Pay....they were most worn by old people back then but a lot of kids like wearing them now too.

Hihihi @TDC 

15 Oct 2007 05:06

i'm sulking, coz i like have this friend, she has it all and i mean the complete package incl. the personality, the style, i'm just sayiing coz there are nyani,
i'm making myself feel better for having a stunning face and a hideous pair of feet

15 Oct 2007 05:25

Gucci, Thanks gal, i dont think ladies should wear those, they are for kids, finish.

DJ Why why
15 Oct 2007 10:22

@ BS, @J-Girl, @myname  gals, i am 6 but have blocks for feet, i could never wear the brown pair also.....strictly no peep toe stuff....they do not fit. You know these cute brightly coloured pumps that HQ (CPT) is rocking.....never my dali! They are all too short at the toe area and they reveal ......eish! ...I cant even pedicure them.....i can imagine the screams from the nail technologist....hawu! Mara this is liberating, maybe i should start a UGLY ASS FOOT ANNONYMUS for those in the suffering like mhwa!

DJ Why why
15 Oct 2007 10:59

Hawu! askies! that should have been ........... i am a (size) 6 but have blocks for feet.......

16 Oct 2007 03:50

1. Do you wanna be a ON A STYLE TIP contributor? 
2. Where do I find good affordable size 8 shoes in Jozi? 
i had a friend who was a size 8 shugs and she was tall...r u also tall? nami i kinda find it hard to believe u r a size 8..anyhoo this woman yena she only shopped at truworths so i guess that would be the best place to look. and trust me when i tell u she wore heels and sandals too! and she neva looked back! u just have to do it with confidence and i promise u u will get away with it, long toes or not! mina i'm a size 6 but when i was preggies my feet grew bigger and i was so afraid i wud be a size 7 for forever! luckily they're shrinking back to normal!
3. Why do people do this sweater thing? Is it the IN thing? haai mina this one i don't understan...i don't care how much money u have!

16 Oct 2007 03:58

i know nix abt fashion or style so i'll just take notes from all the style gurus.......

crocs can look good on an adult depending on what you're wearing with goes for everything!

16 Oct 2007 04:02

I'm a size seven who's forever trying to squeeze her lanky feet into size 6 shoes. I feel your pain Suga.

17 Oct 2007 00:40

Tox ... u sound like someone who owns a pair (Crocs) LOL!!

17 Oct 2007 01:00

i actually don't Gucci, i have just seen people look good in them:p

23 Oct 2007 11:52

I dont believe I only saw this awesome article now!

Nami DShugs I dont believe for a second that you are a size 8... at most you are size 2

Xhosa Chick
24 Oct 2007 01:29


24 Oct 2007 01:35

Then contribute XC, we are all rears!!!

Xhosa Chick
24 Oct 2007 01:39

Shuga's questions: 
Size 8! Yho! I would've never guessed. You have to go for boutiques then for nice heels. Stay away from white shoes, especially at night (your feet will appear even larger)

Jersey drapped around the shoulders: That reminds me of that guy from Fresh Prince of Bel Air! Pls guys, dont tie a sweater around your shoulders! Shushu,they do it  when a they have a good shirt on (in his opinion) , and want to show it off, but since its cold, he wants to keek his back warm at the same time.

White shoes on guys are horrific as well by the way. Yes, even Versace ones

Xhosa Chick
24 Oct 2007 01:40

so manyspelling errors in my previous reply. Sorry.

24 Oct 2007 01:48

U are not alone with ama errors XC, nami I said rears, instead of ears.........hihihi

24 Oct 2007 01:48

Yes XC white shoes for guys are a NO NO NO noma ngabe zidura kangakanani.

24 Oct 2007 01:59

"Shushu,they do it when a they have a good shirt on (in his opinion) , and want to show it off, but since its cold, he wants to keek his back warm at the same time."
LMFAO, waze wangiqeda XC, what u are saying here reminds me of my never where a jersey, jacket or coat with certain tops policy.  I actually have certain shirts & t-shirts that I love so much that I wudn't dare cover them with anything.

24 Oct 2007 02:02

I meant never wear not where, yazi nxa ibantu education ithnda ukuba inkinga mos!

Xhosa Chick
24 Oct 2007 02:04

Annonymous: I know! Even when u KNOW u are FREEZING, u wont dare cover up! 
The other day I wore a summer dress(it was new, and i really did wanna show it off, u know mos!) , but ooooh, Cape Town! It became COLD. People were asking: " Yho, arent u cold?" Im like, "I have high blood pressure kaloku mna. Im actually feeling warm,  I could faint."

What the heck is that???? LOL

24 Oct 2007 02:07


the only affordable one in that list is Truworths. Rage and Zoom are also cool.

okay now i am about to expose myself, i have a great collection of shoes.

I'm a size 5 and find it hard to find sizes sometimes cause all of you have beat me to it. 
I dont by Sissy Boy shoes at Stutterfords or Edgars - I go down town and buy them at BOBS for half the price.

I buy Nine West shoes and bags in "holes" down town.

Xhosa Chick
24 Oct 2007 02:12

Stuttafords stocks Kenneth Cole, and Steve Madden shoes, which are lovely!
Guys, what about baby clothes?
And can someone pls talk about those Popeye Spinach sweaters?

24 Oct 2007 02:13

XC, I know exactly what u are talking about, coz honestly when u add a jersey to a beautiful dress or top, u hide the beauty of it, so what should u do, rather suffer, vele even if u get a cold, it's not like u gonna die now he.....LOL

Xhosa Chick
24 Oct 2007 02:20

Shuga: The Vuitton bag you have on the page is a bit OTT for me. Maybe suitable for Ms Mbau, as for the red shoe, I think it would look better without the ankle straps. The strappy brown shoe: Heeee, sistas u have to have great feet to wear those. I wouldnt, coz mine are not dainty enough for that. Im sure they look good on you Shugs coz ur petite.

Monchoosa: Since ur a guy, and u most probably wear formal clothes, what do u say about pants that have those giant pockets right on each buttock with a ginormous button? Cordrouy pants zona? Are they still "in"?
Also, those suit jackets, that hang  just above the knee? Are they acceptable?

24 Oct 2007 02:20

@ XC, I still believe that Woolies has the best baby clothes, even though even child tends to be waering the same clothes, I have a problem with that buy one, get three free look, don't you???  Oh, and Ackermans has some nice baby clothes latly, as well LTD baby, now they have fabulous clothes for babies!!!

Xhosa Chick
24 Oct 2007 02:21

Ngwana: Whats a hole manje?

Xhosa Chick
24 Oct 2007 02:24

Yeah, I love Woolies baby clothes too! So soft. But once they hit two, its time to move. But Wollies has great vests, socks, GOWNS, PYJAMAS for toddlers too

24 Oct 2007 02:33

I thing Ngwana is talking about those shaddy looking passages that have nice clothes, once u really give uurself time to shop there!!!

24 Oct 2007 02:37

Ngwana where u trying 2say esgodini...?

Xhosa Chick
24 Oct 2007 02:43

Isnt that, like, illegal?

24 Oct 2007 02:51

Cummon' XC, it's not illegal, if it is, well don't u know that everything illegal, pratically legal nowadays??? I know it's confusing, but I'm sure sum1 gets what I mean!!!

24 Oct 2007 02:55

Ngwana where u trying 2say esgodini>>> YES, ha ha ha

24 Oct 2007 03:01

ive see most of the presenters and SA celebrity have clothes zaze Sgodini and they say bazithenge in some Botique ,,,,,but asazi hey mina as long as the item doesnt have a cheap look and i look fab when wearing it ...
@ngwana the Nine West Sgodi is it the one in Jozi  ? think i knw it

24 Oct 2007 03:04

i also know some nice "holes" around CT, and they sell nice stuff, esp. Truworths and YDE stuff, u get it there even before its at the shop sometimes - true, so i understand why XC would ask if this is legal.

24 Oct 2007 03:26

I have a relative that's in this industry and they buy Truworths clothing just before they release it in stores.  I don't know how, but they usually get the latest trends, a month b4 it arrives in stores. So the question of it being legal, does also cross my mind from time to time. 

24 Oct 2007 03:43

is it legal? someone assist plz

24 Oct 2007 04:10

J-Girl, for other's it's legal and other's take the illegal route,happy now???

24 Oct 2007 04:21

how so?

24 Oct 2007 05:00

I buy Nine West shoes and bags in "holes" down town. ....are they for real??? I once went there and saw a huge difference

24 Oct 2007 05:00

I buy Nine West shoes and bags in "holes" down town. ....are they for real??? I once went there and saw a huge difference

31 Oct 2007 00:19

Damn I never thought Id be contributing to any fashion blog let alone a female fashion blog but what the heck, I came across this from the other website, check the link,

and thought Id help those who might be interested in this but havent seen it....


Date: 1st November 2007
Time: 18:30 for 19:00
Venue: Design District, Cnr. 7th Rd & Jan Smuts, Rosebank
RSVP: Ntseng 076 688 3702

You are invited to enjoy the evening with the team and I on Thursday, for the launch of our new studio at the Design District. We have an exciting range of colours and bold prints in some very unique new styles.

We are calling the range a Shangaan-French fashion infusion. You will also have a chance to view our new corporate fashion range that brings a bit of fun and personality to your working wardrobe.

Come relax and enjoy a drink and some good tunes at the studio with us after work on Thursday. I look forward to seeing you there. Invite a friend to the Machere Fashion House Launch


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