Real Goboza Episode 3

Written by Brown Shuga from the blog SHUGAS BLOGIWOOD on 12 Jul 2007
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Bathong, before we start, you know I really hate getting into politics but last week's shady comments are forcing me to. 
There were some concerns about "I can't be a referee and a player", I mean hullo, am I the presenter? am I the producer? NO to both questions so why can't I BLOG on my BLOG about what I wanna BLOG about? (mhh..that rhymes...) 
With all due respect, if you have an issue with that, you really don't have to read. Find that red X on the right hand corner of your screen.... those fun loving peeps out target market: 

Wasn't Trevor just awesome last night?? Oohhh I must say it was a pleasure to see him walk in alone...hey, I almost jumped with joy. He just gets hotter and hotter each week. 

RGB3 1

Dineo didn't leave her smashing personality at home...she was as energetic as ever mara they almost killed my joy with those 3 chicks in studio.

rgb3 18

So why did Vanessa agree to come to the studio if she was gonna avoid questions like that? Nothing on the juicy bits..

rgb3 17

Oh Gaaddddd, her sister was sooooo boring!!! Trevor tried to get some juice from her but she took her time to answer questions, told us all the nice things, damn gal, it's Real Goboza, we want to hear the dirt!!!

rgb3 20

Ooohhh was this guy dancing or pleasuring himself? I was sleeping here and Dineo's screams kept waking me up.

This segment went on for too long and as much as I wanted to pay attention, those gorgeous ladies were just not doing it for me. Definitely not my cuppa tea. Now, if it was Ntando's wife-to-be up on that couch, I woulda paid attention. 
And that thing about the stripper being the same as the one who danced for Vanessa in her other bachelorette party...damn!!

rgb 3 4
rgb 3 8

So clearly this episode should have been entitled, Pick Your Nose. Look at Dineo's pic and this one!!

rgb3 15

I so wished I was in Durban too...I've never been to the Durban July..I think Dineo rocks On The Rug!!  Oooh that sweating moment was just plain whicked!!! 

rgb3 13

If you know Shuga's Blogiwood, you'll know that I love getting you the REAL story. So last night, we were gettting our make up done and I asked Dineo, "So what was up with you telling Sunday Sun you were crazy?"

Dineo: Well, it's my past I can't hide it but it's not my fault the article was twisted like that."
Oh well, she said something along those lines.
So guys, I can't write everything word by word coz this was not an interview but all I can tell you is that Sunday Sun is at it again. 
Basically what happened is that they've been bugging Dineo, asking to do a nice interview with her and finally she agreed and sat down with them for two hours chatting. 
She didn't voluntarily go to their office and give them the story like we were made to believe, I mean , why would she do that? 
She's on TV every week for a whole hour, it's not like she thrives the publicity. She's also on drive time radio for 15 hours a week and she doesn't need to beg for the spotlight. The spotlight is on her. 

Anyway, she agreed to give the interview, sat down with the interviewer for over 2 hours chatting about her careers ups and downs, how she got here and the "bohlanya" thing got mentioned at some point, she spoke about it and left feeling great about the "wonderful" interview she'd had talking about various aspects of her life and career. Imagine her shock when she reads the paper and sees that it only talks only about one tiny part of the 2 hour conversation!!! 

Believe it or not, it's up to you. I choose to believe her because I know that publication is famous for lying and a whole lotta shady business. I still haven't forgiven them for calling Andile gay!!! Bangamavila qha, they must get me to write for them. I can get great stories for the type of resources they have. Aren't they part of Media24? 

Anyway, it's very difficult for me to stand by and watch a good person gets tainted so I'm sorry for putting a private conversation out to the world Dinny but I love you too much to shut up.


Speaking of good people....hooo, Zola should present the next All You Need is Love coz the brother is a super flirt!!

Right after that he should go back to acting coz that whole "past" thing he was on about was news to me. I was meeting him for the second time. The first time was at the Golden Horn Awards when I asked to take a picture of him and Dee. Not that I needed to explain...

So you finally got to meet Ofentse (RIGHT HAND SIDE), the sequel to Two Can Play That Game is in production and they've approached him for possibly including his song Run Run on the Three Can Play That Game soundtrack. Great news for an artist who hasn't even released an album yet. 
I'm sure y'all gonna hear a lot from him coz he's also been assisting Loyiso on his upcoming album. Well, I'm gonna be supporting him all the way, coz he's representing SA and I love my country!
And no, he's not gay. Let's stop with the gay stuff guys, he says he's not and I believe him.

Okay, I recorded the full Khabonina interview so don't worry, I know I promised Blogiwood the interview a long time, well, it is still coming. Soon as I find time to type it up. 
Well, as you all heard, what she said to me in that RGB interview is very different from what she said to me when I called her after hearing she was fired. And it's also very different from what she said in the Drum interview but ke only she and Duma know what the real deal is. 

I had such an embarassing moment with the guy from the Parlotones. I asked him which country he was from and imagine my horror when he says "South Africa". Oooohhh, I was like "mhlaba vuleka ndingene"...ignorance is so not bliss. 

I'm having trouble inserting more images on blogiwood so I've added a gallery of pics on my other blog SHUGA SNAPS. Was too lazy to redo the whole article there. Check them screengrabs HERE.


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