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gobozaniHello you normal people you, this is the star Brown Shuga here...hi hi hi hi hi

Yho guys, so it happened and I was yawning, waiting for my 2 minutes to come up...yep, it was really difficult watching the show with all the calls and sms's guys but thank you so much for watching and for was a nerve-wrecking experience fo sho. (Damn, did anyone count how many times the presenters said Fo Sho?? Hi hi hi)

Okay, I'm part of the RGB family but let's talk the truth now...hope my new "family" will not disown me for it...
Wassup Khwezi...hi hi hi

So the clock says 21:00, I tune in to SABC 1 and Sfiso is on saying "I'm not going anywhere!" (Stole the line from Lahvee)...I'm getting impatient with Gazlam and seeing that Khethiwe on my screen but ke eventually they disappear and RGB comes on....


Trevor Noah looked smashing as expected and oh damn he sounds absolutely brilliant. (I told you guys to put him on the HOTT guys list and no one listened!)
Dineo seems to be the main guy and if that's the plan then I suggest they scrap it and give Noah more time....He seemed so relaxed and like me doing that link thingy, Dineo was nervous as hell...fumbling all over the place Dinny were'nt you?
I  thought last night's show was pre-recorded....editing, what happened???

Honestly, I wanted Dineo's job but after watching the show last night, I know I would have failed to execute that task...
I reckon with time she'll bowl us over so please guys don't be too hard on her..TV is different from radio...ummm, so is writing (KB from Channel O pointed out the last bit to me...uyaphapha KB!)

So honestly, before I came on, I was bored...I don't know if it was because I just wanted to see my face on TV but damn I felt let down by the whole thing and it didn't help that I kept getting text messages and calls with people telling me to wake them up when my slot comes up he he he South Africans are naughty....
I didn't really see much of what happened before my slot, but those who called/sms'ed during ad breaks complained that it was too much like E! News and the whole feel/style of the show was copied directly from there without any new ideas.


What I did see though was Penny Lebyane (hey Penny!) making me go "WTF??"" with Chris Brown...hi hi hi hayi Penny, what was up with THAT greeting my sister? 
"Hello Chris, how are you Chris, i'm fine Chris" before Chris could even respond to the Hello....
Oh, and the questions, damn!!! Must we always ask americans the same questions??
 "What did you expect to see?" ,
 "Did you expect to see lions and tigers?"
oohh weeee....

Gal, you know I love you but damn!!!!!


This trauma was enough to get me admitted to an institution...The terror of seeing Rantebeng on my screen again???

Dinny and Lelo
RGB Chicks at the 2007 SAMA launch!

So "TV With Lelo" came ...ohhhh before that, Noah introduced my slot and mispronounced my name!!!!!!!!!!! Noah!! How do you do that bro?? 
My surname is BOYANA and you say the BOY in it like you would pronounce BOY or Bhoy. BUT when he said I'M HOTTTTTT, all was forgiven...You're hott too Noah now when do we celebrate our hotness??


Umm...who's that guy????


Okay, so my slot came, I thought I looked beautiful after the make up lady played with my face but seeing it on TV, it was not as nice....a bit too much...
Yeah, you've all seen my pictures so you know I'm not big on make up. 

RGB 22

Ooohhh did you see me bat those fake eyelashes?? Were they too obvious? he he he....eish mare I was beautiful maan!!!   

Future face of Loreal?? Move over Sonia Sedibe, Dark & Lovely take me I'll rock a weave!!

Beautiful aside, I was a bit "off", I know. Let's blame it on the nerves ok? I was more Lelo and less Brown Shuga, I know, I know.....I even got the Desperate Housewives time Lahvee kindly pointed out...hoooo mistress...

RGB 24
My R49.99 Yaki Bulk from Kinky doesn't look too bad, huh?

I agree with everybody who said Brown Shuga came out when I did the interview with Mandla. It's true and I will work on week will be Brown Shuga all over, I promise to leave Lelo at home. (If I don't get fired after this, of course)

RGB 25

My mom and one friend of mine complained about me speaking Zulu instead of my home language, Xhosa and I don't understand why we have to stress about such things. It does not mean that I am not proud of who I am!!
If anyone wants to complain, they should complain about Sizwe Dhlomo's date!! I ain't saying nothing about the sista's skin colour but I told Sizwe he is a traitor of some sort.....Hawu mabloggers, nikhona???


Hating aside, when Khanyi Mbau came on we all woke up! She's fun and though she may appear arrogant, I kinda think it's all an act...
So yeah, let's enjoy it coz they call this industry "entertainment" and she's just trying to do that. (Thanks BDeity)
The only thing I heard from her was "My husband  also supports me, financially and "....making sure that the baby has everything" and when she said "I love my husband and we're not divorcing" or something like that wethu...niyayazi ukuba I like remixing things....


So clearly we have been undermining Rebecca Malope' influence. What was up with the crying Mrs Mthembu??? Missing the old man??


Metlae feela....


'chick is damn fine though....

rgb 5
There's Dineo saying "Fo Sho" again... hi hi hi

Okay, I've had my say now it's YOUR turn. 

What did you think of the first episode of Real Goboza? 
Do you like the format?
What do you think of the hosts?
Ain't Noah the most beautiful thing since Wentworth Miller?? 
Doesn't Dineo sound great??
(If you're wondering she is Manaka Ranaka's younger sis so she ain't the one who is in Gazlam, that's Manaka)


Umm...just in case you missed me...hi hi hi

PS. guys, I know I put a whole lot of me pictures in there but hey, this is my blog after all and maybe Noah and Dineo should start their own TVSA blogs...on second thoughts, Dineo can do it , not Noah...All my readers will go to Noah's blog...Phela I know you people and gorgeous men....

Ta 4 the luv guys, I can never get enough of it....TV with Lelo is our spot so let's make it rock. I was thinking of paying the G Spot crowd a visit, what do you think of that idea? Should RGB holler at Bra Mfundi? I know you wanna klap him!



11 Sep 2007 06:36

We want to see all the parties u went to and Guys what happened to Phuti's party, because it was never broadcasted on real gobhoza. KHWEZI?

21 Sep 2007 02:56

Trevor is soooo HOOOOOOOT!

23 Nov 2009 16:06

lmao @ anal depression! OMG! belzi! u jst killed me ryt there! lol lol lol lol

23 Nov 2009 16:43

BS you are strong sisi someone would have stopped with all this TV presenting thing after this but you carried on untile the last episode

I think it has something to do with the contract Cheesa! lol

28 Feb 2011 08:42

what real happened

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