My DVD Wishlist: Compiled Between 1:00am and 2:00am

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 12 Dec 2006
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24_season 1The past two weekends have shown me that I've missed out on something soo excellent, I can't believe I've managed to stay alive up until now without seeing how brilliant it is!

A friend lent me the first season of 24 on DVD, I've never caught any of it before and I'm finished.  How could I have missed it on TV??

I've spent the past two Saturdays giving myself major Square Eye watching 13 episodes in two humdinging sessions. I could have carried on watching more, more, more but time caught up with me in the same way it so fiercely chases Jack Bauer.

I just lurve how each episode gets introduced with the hours between when the action happens. It creates such a perfect mood for what happens, espesh when you watch it during the actual hours everything happens in, which is what I did.

The first episode starts at 12am, which is when I when started watching on Saturday morning and went all the way through until 7am, ending in the same blinding light that zaps Jack.

It really is very trippy how every hour of the day has such a unique feeling of it's own. Take a look at these times and think about what your day looks, feels, and smells like between them and picture what the light's like:

2pm - 3pm

5pm - 6pm

9am - 10 am

How kooky is it?

The tight structure the real-life 24 hours gives the show is to die for and I fully understand why it's won as many awards as it has. Before seeing it I thought it was a great idea but when I actually experienced it in action it's more thrilling than I imagined.

Jack's character's also faboo and the situation's he gets into are so killer it's impossible to believe they're true, even though you know they defs are.

The timing makes you feel that you're right there with him as he desperately tries to do the right thing, while needing to do the wrong things to make it happen.

If you've seen it, you'll know what I mean and if you're like me who's kept missing it I'd highly, highly recommend you catch it. But beware - if you get it on DVD or take it out from the video store you will have nooo life until you've seen every moment.

It's all I want to do is go back to my couch to catch more. If you've watched it on TV how did you manage to cope between episodes? That's the one good thing about seeing it like this - as soon as an episode ends you can whammy straight on to the next without going mad for a week.

I normally hmm and hum about what's on my Christmas wishlist but this year I know for sure. Seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5 on DVD with 4 days to be able to watch them.

I've found them on Take2 so I'm gonna send this to all my family pronto. Gimme, gimme, gimme! Imagine really watching for four days in a row. I'm SO going to do it no matter what the state of my peepers when I emerge.

Are you someone who's seen 24 already or not? Do you have stuff on your DVD prezzie list? If so, what?

PS: Do you think I'd break fancy world records if I did 2 - 5 in one go?
PPS: We should enter TVSA into a Guinness Record breaking thing for watching TV the longest.

Season 1 (R353) Season 2 (R405) Season 3 (R405)
24_season 1
24_season2 season 3
Season 4 (R405) Season 5 (R405)
season 4 season 5


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