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Season 1

Jane Eyre is a British television mini-series adapted by Sandy Welch for the BBC from the novel by Charlotte Brontë about a young woman who becomes governess to the ward of Mr. Rochester, a brooding and enigmatic man, with whom she falls in love.

The mini-series originally premiered in the UK on BBC One on 24 September, 2006. There are four hour-long episodes in the series.

Jane Eyre originally aired in South Africa on DStv's BBC Prime channel from Monday 9 April to Thursday 12 April, 2007, broadcast daily at 20h00.

A rebroadcast of the series premiered on BBC Prime on Saturday 14 June 2008, at 15h00. New episodes air weekly.


The classic saga of Jane Eyre is brought vibrantly to life in this lavish, complex and sexual adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's much-loved novel.

After a wretched childhood as an orphan, Jane Eyre accepts the position of governess at Thornfield Hall. She soon falls in love with the brooding owner, Mr Rochester.

Jane gradually wins his heart, but before they can find happiness as man and wife, they must first overcome the dark secrets of his past.


Episode 1

Orphaned as a child, Jane Eyre is brought up first in the cruel and loveless household of her aunt, Mrs Reed, before being sent to Lowood School until the age of 19.

Jane embarks upon a career as a governess, and her first position is at Thornfield Hall, the home of the mysteriously absent Edward Rochester.

Out walking one afternoon, Jane is almost run down by a rider. Startled, the horse falls and throws its rider. Jane helps the dark, enigmatic stranger to his feet and back onto his horse. Only later does she realise that it's Rochester, returned from his travels.

Rochester is quickly impressed by Jane's spirit and is increasingly drawn to her. Jane, in turn, is captivated by Rochester's outspokenness and dangerous edge.

But the dark corridors of Thornfield Hall hold untold secrets and, no matter where she turns, Jane seems to feel the eyes of laundrywoman Grace Poole upon her.

Awoken by a strange laugh one night, Jane follows the noise to Rochester's room, where she discovers his bed on fire and his life in grave danger.

Will she be able to wake him on time? And who is responsible for this murderous act?

Episode 2

Jane wakes Rochester from his burning bed. She waits in his room, watching through the window as Rochester's lamplight moves toward the North Tower. On his return, Rochester draws Jane close to him.

After the excitement of the night before, Jane rises to find Rochester has left Thornfield without word of when he might return.

When he eventually comes back, he brings with him a group of distinguised guests, including the beautiful and accomplished Blanche Ingram and her imposing and opinionated mother, Lady Ingram.

Below stairs, gossip is rife that Rochester is to be married to Miss Ingram. Jane's disappointment at this news is both raw and visible, especially when Rochester insists Jane attends the evening soirees at every opportunity.

When a mysterious guest turns up uninvited, Rochester is clearly unsettled by the news. That night, the whole house is awoken by blood-curdling screams. Rochester calms the situation, but Jane realises something is badly wrong when she sees a pool of blood dripping from his injured arm.

Rochester asks Jane for assistance, and takes her into the North Tower to tend to Mason who has been violently attacked, as if by a wild animal.

Jane stays with him whilst Rochester fetches the doctor. But she is frightened by loud banging on the other side of the door. Who or what is hidden in the North Tower?

Episode 3

Jane embarks on a journey to fulfil the dying Mrs Reed's final wish. Once there Jane learns of a secret and a dreadful, vicious lie told for revenge. An uncle, she didn't know existed, had offered to look after her, several years earlier. However, Jane forgives her aunt and after the funeral returns to Thornfield.

There, the rumours of a wedding between Blanche Ingram and Rochester are still rife.

When Rochester presses Jane that she must leave Thornfield, she reveals her strong feelings for him. The charade is over.

Rochester admits he has no intention of marrying Blanche – instead, he's in love with Jane, and proposes marriage to her. Jane can hardly believe it, but once convinced by the strength of Rochester's feelings she accepts his offer.

Two nights before the wedding, Jane has a nightmare and wakes with a start to the terrifying vision of a woman in her bedroom. She wants to believe Rochester's explanation that it was part of her dream – but the results are scarily real. Jane's wedding veil has been ripped in two.

As the wedding day arrives events take a turn for the worse. The wedding is interrupted by a lawyer who reveals some devastating news for Jane. Rochester is already married, and his wife, Bertha, resides in Thornfield's North Tower.

Episode 4

Having left Thornfield, a heartbroken Jane finds herself alone, penniless and starving on the moors.

Utterly exhausted, she lies down in a final act of surrender to the elements.

However, she's rescued by local clergyman St John Rivers who, together with his sisters, Diana and Mary, nurses her back to health. The family are poor, but intelligent and spirited. Jane forcefully represses all memories of Rochester's desperate attempts to make her stay and resolves to begin a new life as the parish teacher.

A year passes, and Jane's school has improved beyond measure when St John Rivers announces he has been looking into her past. He's discovered she is an heiress.

He also learns of her disastrous relationship with Rochester and proposes marriage to Jane and a life of companionship as a missionary.

Torn over her decision, Jane thinks she hears Rochester call out her name and knows she must go back to Thornfield. But what she finds there is shocking – nothing is as it was and, finally, the secrets of the North Tower are laid bare.

Season 1 Cast

Blanche Ingram

Edward Fairfax Rochester

Grace Poole

Jane Eyre

John Eshton

Lady Ingram

Mrs. Fairfax

Mrs. Reed

Young Jane Eyre


Eliza Reed

Gypsy Woman

Lynn Brother

Rosamond Oliver


St. John Rivers


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