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Season 1

MADtv is an American sketch comedy television series created by Fax Bahr and Adam Small which was taped in front of a live studio audience and consists of sketch comedy skits and musical performances. Much of its comedy parodies popular television shows, movies and music, and covers topical, political and pop cultural humour.

The series aired in the USA on Fox from 14 October, 1995 to 16 May, 2009. There are 326 hour-long episodes in 14 seasons.

MADtv premiered in South Africa on SABC2 on Saturday 17 April 2010, at 21h35. New episodes air weekly. There are 13 episodes in the first season.

Note: the show will take a two-week hiatus after the eighth episode (5 June), returning with Episode 9 on 26 June.


MADtv takes on today's television audiences with bizarre film and television parodies, cutting political satire, hysterical commercial spoofs along with scathing social commentary and pop culture send-ups, all in their own uniquely crazy style.


Episode 1

In a world exclusive, O.J. Simpson's acquaintance, Kato Kaelin (himself), finally reveals his opinions.

Other sketches include Gump Fiction, crossing Forrest Gump and Pulp Fiction to become the most violently heartwarming film of the year; Star Trek: Deep Stain Nine, revealing the adventures of those who clean the clothes for daring space explorers; MTV Week with Poison, in which one lucky contestant goes on a life-threatening journey with the heavy-metal band POISON (themselves); and Republican Gladiators.

Episode 2

Musician Joe Walsh (himself), from the rock band the Eagles, guest stars as a guitarist shopping for new guitar strings in an Air Guitar Shop.

In Quantum Dream Team, Judge Lance Ito sends O.J. Simpson's famous lawyers back in time to represent people who changed history.

Crimson Tide II is about a submarine full of menstruating women battling cramps, bloating and Russia. Supermodel Beverly Johnson and Kato Kaelin guest star.

Episode 3

In Apollo the 13th, a film parody crossing Friday the 13th with Apollo 13, a maniacal killer attacks the space program.

Peter Marshall (himself) guest stars in First To A Million, a game that takes an extremely long time to play. In Outing Dummy, a foul-mouthed puppet reveals that his ventriloquist is homosexual.

Episode 4

In a fight-themed show, an action movie parody features a Woody Allen character who is part clarinet teacher, part hero. Famous boxing ring announcer Michael Buffer (himself) oversees a Gang Fight between street thugs.

Also, professional boxing champion Roy Jones, JR. (himself) gets some unorthodox Advice from his trainers during a fight. Gary Coleman and Adam West guest star.

Episode 5

In When Harry Met Willy, a film parody combining the movies When Harry Met Sally... and Free Willy, a romance develops that transcends race, religion...and species.

In Larry King Gone Mad, the famous talk-show host attends a cocktail party uninvited and verbally offends the guests, and Krishna Rock is about a five-piece musical band.

Episode 6

In the parody Clueless of the Lambs, the flighty high school girl from the movie Clueless and the psychotic killer from Silence of the Lambs interact.

Also, series star Nicole Sullivan quits MADtv and goes to work on the show Party of Five with its stars Matthew Fox, Scott Wolf and Neve Campbell (themselves).

In Calvin Klein, the designer reacts to his recent advertising controversy by debuting some new commercials. Oprah depicts talk-show host Oprah Winfrey in a game of one-upmanship with her guests.

Jamie Farr guest stars.

Episode 7

Professional football player Ken Norton, JR. (himself) coaches the cast on how to have a great show. In Tapeworm Monologue, Dave Foley (himself) explains the differences between America and Canada.

In Math Made Easy with Farrakhan, Louis Farrakhan teaches the best method to use when solving math problems involving the numerical facts of African-American people and events.

And in Hard To Oppress: Dark Territory, an action hero wants justice. Billy Barty makes a special appearance in Tyson vs. Barty.

Episode 8

Musician Quincy Jones (himself), the executive producer of MADtv, is confronted by a cast member who wants to be forgiven for his on-set antics. Cross-dresser Rupaul (himself) attends a high-society charity benefit to gossip.

Musician LL Cool J (himself) offers a monologue on why news shows should be more like talk shows. Daytime Jane is a show in which the guests receive surprises totally irrelevant to why they're appearing on the show.

Sweatin' to the O.G.'s is a parody workout video featuring Russell Simmons and rap artists such as Heavy D and Notorious B.I.G. In Octoroon, series star Bryan Callen goes on a date with series star Nicole Sullivan, tells her that he is 1/8 African-American and talks about discrimination.

And encore segment Gump Fiction shows what would happen if the movies Forrest Gump and Pulp Fiction were combined.

Episode 9

From a set decorated to look like his apartment, actor/comedian Pauly Shore (himself) offers a heartwarming tale about his favorite Christmas memory.

Other Christmas-themed sketches include Vancome Lady: Department Store Santa, in which Santa's sexy elf prevents cheery children from meeting Santa for a variety of strange reasons; Easy to Assemble, which depicts a proud father confronting the familiar dilemma of assembling his child's toy; the movie parody The Christmas Santa Forgot, about one holiday that almost didn't happen; and a monologue from series star Orlando Jones about the similarities between Santa Claus and fruitcake.

Claymation short: Raging Rudolph.

Episode 10

The sketch Clintfeld goes behind the scenes at the White House for a look at a leader who is a cross between United States President Bill Clinton and comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Other sketches include Get Smarty, which crosses the hit film Get Shorty with the classic television series Get Smart, to look at a former secret agent who finds a new job as a movie producer; and Handicapped Toilet Police, who patrol public toilets reserved for handicapped people.

Stand-up comic RIP TAYLOR makes a special appearance.

Episode 11

The popular Grammy Award-winning musical group Presidents Of The United States (themselves) perform their hit song, Lump, as well as a parody commercial featuring songs that aren't protected by copyright such as She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, 99 Bottles of Beer and more.

Sketches include Window of the Soul and Take A Letter. Tony Orlando guest stars.

Episode 12

In Menace II High Society, gangsters, played by members of the rap music group Pharcyde (themselves), order Da Trey Stoogez to kill a drug dealer (David Faustino).

Other sketches include Martin, which spoofs Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell as civil rights leader Martin Luther King and wife Coretta Scott King; and Happy News Network, which finds something positive to report on tragic news.

Episode 13

In The XXX Files, Mulder and Scully investigate a mysterious case in the pornographic film industry. Jim Carrey School of Acting parodies the popular comic teaching students the skills needed to become a star.

Vista Militia spoofs a famous credit-card commercial with a bang. Vancombe Lady: Hostage Negotiator is about a bank manager who makes a robbery difficult for a criminal.

And Quality Time follows a divorced father who is allowed only 3½ minutes per month to visit his child.

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