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Season 1

Relate is a South African factual entertainment reality television series in which counsellor Angie Diale assists participants who are in troubled relationships to help them relate better to each other.

The series premiered on SABC1 on Tuesday 14 April 2009, at 19h00. There are 26 half-hour episodes in the first season.


Wednesdays: 15h00


Relate takes a hard and honest look at various troubled relationships – whether family relationships or romantic.

Whether it’s a plea for forgiveness or a plea for understanding and tolerance, Relate attempts to allow South Africans to look at ourselves and how we, as individuals, have the power to either weaken, strengthen or destroy our relationships.

Through the ages, relations have been pivotal: Adam and Eve (not the happiest cohabitants), Cain and Abel, Dingaan and Shaka (sibling rivalry that went too far), Lear and Cordelia, Winnie and Nelson.

Relate offers the participants counselling sessions with Angie Diale, who works with them and helps them to relate better.

The show follows the counselling process, from realising there is a problem to agreeing to a solution and finally ‘relating’ within one episode. It also encourages participants to seek further counselling from related counselling partners.

Admitting that we need help is the first step and that’s when we turn to the experts to assist us with our relationship dilemmas. But it’s not an easy journey, and no magic wand is going to transform the situation overnight.

Participants on Relate must be prepared to put in some after-hours work, to delve deep into what it is that makes them who they are, that makes them engage the world in the way they do, before they can enjoy the benefits of a healed relationship.

Relate is a formatted factual entertainment show that has the same structure every week.


Episode 1: Miriam & Ashley

Tonight Angie Diale has to help a mother and daughter reconcile beyond drugs.

The extent of a mother’s love… Miriam wants her child to stop using drugs and is angry with the teachers who saw her daughter change and said nothing. Ashley is ashamed and guilt ridden for almost giving her mother, a nervous breakdown.

Episode 2: Thoko & Thapelo

Tonight Angie has to help a mother and son relate better. Thapelo is convinced that his mother sent him to Botswana to be raised by his grandmother because Thoko, his mother, did not love him as much as his other siblings.

Episode 3: Trevor & Jabu

Tonight Angie has to help two friends relate beyond exchanging bottles and knives. Trevor wants Jabu, his friend, back. Jabu and Trevor fought over money and discovered the price of their friendship. Blows, knives and bottles were exchanged.

Episode 4: Bontle & Duke

Tonight Angie has to help a young estranged couple. Bontle is pregnant and convinced the baby is Duke’s. Duke is equally convinced it’s not his child. If Angie gets it wrong, another child grows up without a father.

Episode 5: Miriam & Palesa

Tonight Angie has to reconcile a daughter and a mother beyond a family pregnancy. Miriam wants her daughter to abort her child. Palesa is pregnant with her uncle’s child.

Episode 6: Thandiwe & Pat

Tonight Angie has to help a niece and her uncle reconcile. Thandiwe is no longer on speaking terms with her uncle, Pat. What’s worse is that since Thandiwe’s mother passed away, Thandiwe and her siblings are left to Pat to take care.

Episode 7: Kenny & Willie

Tonight Angie has to help two friends reconcile for their business’ sake. Kenny and Willie exchanged blows and both feel justified. Can Angie help them?

Episode 8: Thobeka & Vusi

Tonight Angie has to help a young mother overcome her boyfriend’s cheating. Can it be done? Thobeka wants Vusi to stop cheating and commit to her. Vusi is convinced that he goes out of the relationship to find the respect he doesn’t find within it.

Episode 9: Sibongile & Busi

Tonight Angie has to help a niece and her uncle reconcile beyond the family home. Busi wants to reunite her family. Her family is split over the family home that Sibongile believes is rightfully hers.

Episode 10: Selinah & Neo

Tonight Angie has to help a mother and son change their lives to relate better. Selinah hope for a brighter future for her son but is convinced Neo’s Ganja-smoking is robbing him of all that. Neo blames his mother’s drinking for the debt the family is in.

Episode 11: Look Back

Tonight Angie looks back to see if Relate is indeed helping people or not.

Episode 12: Ntombifuthi & Themba

Tonight Angie has to help a couple rekindle their sexual intimacy. Ntombifuthi doesn’t have sexual feelings for her husband. Themba is threatening to take a second wife. Can Angie save this marriage?

Episode 13: Martha & Ahmad

Tonight Angie has to help another estranged couple for the sake of their unborn child. Martha is pregnant and is convinced the child is her husband’s. Ahmad is convinced it’s not his child because his wife didn’t tell him of the pregnancy until her last trimester.

Episode 14: Nomsa & Nzamo

Tonight Angie has to help a sister demonstrate the value of life to her brother who seems to think it’s all a joke. Nomsa is concerned that her brother doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes and when someone talks to him, Nzamo turns it all into a joke.

Episode 15: Look Back

Tonight Angie looks back to see if Relate is indeed helping people or not.

Episode 16: Charles & Ncamisile

Tonight Angie has to help an estranged couple for the sake of their child. Charles wants to be involved in his child’s life and doesn’t understand why the mother of his child stole away like a thief with his child. Ncamisa is convinced that running way was the only option she had to live the relationship.

Episode 17: Noel & Simon

Tonight Angie has to help a nephew help his uncle. Noel wants his uncle to stop smoking weed and focus his attention on supporting his family but since Simon is his uncle and elder how does he suggest that to him.

Episode 18: Thembi & Thembisile

Tonight Angie has to reconcile twin sisters. Can it be done? Thembi and Thembisile are guilty of sibling rivalry. Can Angie help them?

Episode 19: Eric & Thuli

Tonight Angie has to help a young couple challenged with a dysfunctional sex life. Eric has lost a lot of girlfriends. He doesn’t want to lose Thuli too. His challenge is that he can’t keep his erection to satisfy any of his female companions. Thuli looks forward to the day when Eric can satisfy her sexually.

Episode 20: Look Back

Tonight Angie looks back to see if Relate is indeed helping people or not.

Episode 21: Thuso & Tebogo

Tonight Angie has to help two young friends who seem to care too much for each other to a point of it becoming a problem. Thuso would like his friend to accept the people he dates for who they are. Tebogo is convinced his friend deserves better that the beatings he sometimes gets.

Episode 22: Agnes & Mduduzi

Tonight Angie has to help an aunt and her nephew. Mduduzi received and cashed out her mothers policy when she died and squandered all the money with friends. The community chucked him out of the house his mother left for him because they believed it was used to store stolen goods from the community. Mduduzi is out of prison and his aunt Agnes would want to see him go back.

Episode 23: Josephine & Mahlemola

Tonight Angie has to help a mother, much older than she is, struggling with her son who has been in and out of Prison. Josephine as a single mother has done everything she possibly can to try and raise her son. Mahlemola can’t stay out of prison. Josephine would like Mahlemola to be the father his father could not be to his daughter.

Episode 24: Nthabiseng & Palesa

Tonight Angie has to help two friends affirm their relationship by demonstrating trust. Nthabiseng loves her friend. She shares her feelings with Palesa without feeling vulnerable. Palesa loves her friend too but is a little reluctant to share everything with her friend. Nthabiseng wishes she could trust her and share more.

Episode 25: Jabulile & Welcome

Tonight Angie has to help a mother and his son’s friend relate beyond the tragic loss of son and friend. Jabulile is a bereaved mother struggling with the violent death of her son. Jabulile is convinced that Welcome, who witnessed her son’s murder, could give her the answers she needs to heal.

Episode 26: Nthabiseng & Makgoto

Tonight Angie has to help a mother and daughter play their respective roles in the family. Nthabiseng feels her mother is not playing her role as a mother and because of that she is inundated with her siblings concerns and suffering. Makgoto believes she’s doing all she can.

Season 1 Cast

Host - Herself


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