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Red Dwarf review

Reviewer: TheFearlessDave - View all reviews by this user
Show: Red Dwarf
Review date: 29 May 2018 14h43

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I have to write this quickly.

You see, my wife has just dished an Amazing lunch. If I don’t get to the table quickly, my 9 year old son will just about scoff everything in sight and leave me with only some disfigured grey –beige cartilage thingy left behind after the chicken carcass has been absolutely vandalised and decimated to a pulp of gooey skeletal remains.

Red Dwarf is the funniest comedy to have ever been created. Ever.

It's funny as heck. It's original. It's just smegging awesome.

It starts off slow - to establish a story line - then blows up in your face!

There's Lister. The last human being alive. He's a talentless slob. He has the manners of an inbred louse. The last time he was with a woman was 2 Ice Ages ago.

There's Cat. He's a cat. He hates dogs. He washes his clothes by licking it.

There's Rimmer. A hologram. You want to hate him so badly, but you're going to love him so much!

Holly is the Ship's computer. It once had an IQ of 6000. It now has an IQ of 6.

Kryten is a mechanoid with a head shaped like a novelty condom.

This show was banned in pre-Apartheid South Africa due to the multi-racial cast. My friends and I used to watch pirated VHS copies hoping noone would catch us before the episode ended.

And my wife just popped her head into the doorway, glanced at the computer screen and asked: “Are you bitching on some website again?” Sigh... Let me go and see if I can find any chicken left on the grey-beige bony lunch remains my kid left me.

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