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Great Season

Reviewer: fratpack9 - View all reviews by this user
Show: Erfsondes
Review date: 12 Dec 2017 16h22

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I just love it when a storyline comes full-circle. From the first episode we knew something is off-ish and there is something about to happen in the Spencer household to Jacco's arrival. I also loved the themes that the shows's story team tacked and not being obvious and boring. Especially, when they tackle Greek Methodologies, you can see that this done through the work of art, and great creativity came into play. The story team/writers articulated the story with meticulous perfection (only skilled writers are able to achieve this type of writing).In this season of Erfsondes, i was great character development, especially Kate- here character grew. Big-up to the writing team.

Here, we saw Jacco- as crazy as he was, longing for his mother's unconditional love and affection. Although, i believe he went the wrong way to prove that he also deserves his mother's loves just like her all her children. He went all all his way to destroy his siblings lives. This reminded me of the OEDIPUS complexity -  of male children and the love/relationship they have/yearning to have with their mothers. 
Irrespective of the fact that his coming to this world wasn't an act of love. But an act of violence. And thus, he's a product of that violent act. No-one should hear that they are not conceived out-of-love. This fact could have taken a toll on his mental health.
Also, this could not been easy on Kate, a constant reminder that she was raped by a man who she trusted and regarded to being her father figure. At this point, you could see that rape proves to being a vicious-circle to the Spencer household. First it was Kate raped by her teacher, and now it was her adoptive daughter raped by her son Jaco. This felt like history repeating itself.
Both Kate and Jaco hearing voices of Jaco's father. Even in death, Jaco's father continued to control their lives from his shallow grave. There he was controlling both of them like they were his puppets, pulling strings like a puppeteer and living in their heads and that's the only reason why Kate killed Jaco. She stabbed him because she was seeing his father through him; her rapist.
I must say, i hated how much Vuyo tried to fight Stanley, and how he couldn't win. Thanks to his heroic intuition. But in the end he won the battle against Stanley and crime.  Because fighting crime is never a personal battle, but a fight for the good of all citizens. Vuyo cane at the right place, at the right time to unwittingly save Kate's daughter- his niece. Now she's safe from from being trafficked and sold to the highest bidder.
But it would seem, his heroic efforts would be in vain since the police think that he is part of the drugs and human trafficking cartel. Because, there he was carrying a gun, shooting at a moving car - trying to stop the real culprits from getting away with crime. The police won't see it like that, since they have a reasonable suspicion to believe otherwise, because at this point all evidence points to him. This was one cliffhanger at the finale. I guess the question is, what will become of him? I just hope he gets exonerated and cleared from all wrong doings, his only crime was standing against evil.
I am giving this season of Erfsondes a rating star of 9/10, because this season of Erfsondes conveyed the still much-needed message of mental-illness, rape, the residue of rape, fighting crime and corruption at all cost. An uplifting storyline that helps restores faith in humanity, that- yes people can stand against crime and win. I hope SABC 2 won't make uswait another 5 years for a new season.

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