Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
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SEASON 1 | 2

Episode 1

Dibuseng Makwarela is tumbled into the world of intrigue and lies when a sudden and devastating accident brings her marriage and everything she holds true, tumbling down. Embarking on a quest to uncover the deceit, she could lose everything but stands to gain exposing the truth.

Episode 2 

Determined to save her family and do what is right, Dibuseng realises nothing is as it seems and she starts to dig to expose the truth. A decision that puts her directly in harm's way.

Episode 3

Safety is restored when Adam, family friend and business partner, returns from a business trip. Dibuseng is relieved to have someone she can trust and armed with a name who might help her understand what is going on, things are looking up.

Episode 4

Dibuseng meets the intrepid investigative journalist, Dipuo, but instead of finding clarity she is faced with more questions screaming for answers, questions poised to unmask a devastating traitor.

Episode 5

Still reeling from this crushing betrayal, Dibuseng finds comfort within the safety of her family. Nothing prepares her for the damning truth, so innocently exposed by her daughter, Kone... A truth that speaks of conspiracy, lies and murder.

Episode 6

In the midst of this thriller her life has turned into, Dibuseng realises her young daughter is in the throws of her first love. No wonder Kone is pressing her mother for the truth about her parent's marriage.... while Dibuseng stares blackmail in its ugly face, she meets temptation head-on. The choice is hers... shut up and restore her perfect life, or carry on, dig deeper, speak up and lose it all.

Episode 7

Having chosen, Dibuseng realises she has to take drastic action for her family to survive... the odds are heavily stacked against them. In the process of trying to save what she can, Dibuseng runs into a spear directed at her heart, when her closest friend's secret is exposed.

Episode 8

Dibuseng joins forces with Dipuo, investigative journalist, to uncover this hornet's nest of corruption and lies, and discovers a link in the chain to lead her to the truth. She confronts the man in no uncertain terms, but she realises that she is fair game to all of them. It will take everything she has and all she is to survive this.

Episode 9

Dibuseng stumbles under a blow straight to her heart when her erstwhile best friend brings her news that forever changes Dibuseng's marriage. Upon hearing that Adam has been murdered, Dibuseng now knows that none of them are safe. The people she is up against will not hesitate to kill.

Episode 10

Dibuseng snoops around the late Adam's house and realises his murder is undeniably connected with the corruption-cartel she is uncovering. Feeling she is being watched Dibuseng carries on with her life, getting everything in order with her house up for auction... then...Dibuseng is arrested.

Episode 11

Dibuseng has to make life and death decisions for her husband while preparing to defend herself from this murder charge. As she lays her husband to rest, she meets an undeclared son from her late husband's past... Kingdom. A meeting that will have devastating and fatal consequences.

Episode 12

While fighting the prosecution's evidence stacked against Dibuseng, declaring her to be guilty of Adam's murder, Dibuseng tries to contain and calm her rebellious daughter, Kone, under Kingdom, Kone's half-brother's spell... Dibuseng's snooping in Adam's home after his murder did not go unnoticed and is used against her in court... the case is not going well. Dibuseng looks very guilty.

Episode 13

Dibuseng and her lawyer, Steve, realise that there is another force behind all this evidence against her. Somebody out there is determined to prove her guilty of Adam's murder. Kone steps up. She can prove her mother is innocent. Kone is Dibuseng's only chance to get out from under this murder-charge... but before they can get the proof... Kone goes missing.

Episode 14

Kone is still missing and Dibuseng is losing her mind with worry, but Steve tracks down Kone's boyfriend who leads him to Kone's proof of her mother's innocence. This brings hope for Dibuseng, but at the same time, her greatest fear is realised.

Episode 15

The autopsy reveals, Kone did not drown, she was murdered. Dibusengrealises she has to push to the end now. Her daughter, the future generation, has already paid a devastating price for this corruption-cartel. Together with Steve, Dibuseng unearths more information... but there are forces out there who will stop at nothing to silence Dibuseng...

Episode 16

Dibuseng's attempts to resurrect the construction company is not successful. She is hit with one rejection after another. She needs work. She needs to earn. With the discovery of the information about offshore funds in her name, Dibuseng has only one way out to survive... make a deal...

Episode 17

Dibuseng unearths another name, a woman, and Dipuo and Dibuseng embarks on an undercover operation to milk this woman of whatever information they can find. Neither expected to find an avenue of information that propels Dibuseng into the past as she takes on an undercover role that inspired a revolution.

Episode 18

In her new-found role as 'maid', Dibuseng searches and digs for information to lead them to the head of the snake... Deceiving her family, she keeps her quest a secret, petrified of the lethal force out there willing to kill to protect themselves. She stumbles upon valuable information... for a moment.

Episode 19

Dibuseng finds and holds on to proof of this corruption-cartel, but is thrown in jeopardy when the 'madam' interferes, insisting on her good deed for the day, to help Dibuseng. With Dibuseng's sister, Dieketseng, targeted to get to Dibuseng, Dibuseng has no choice but to make a run for it...

Episode 20

The information damaged but still in her hands, Dibuseng sees light at the end of the tunnel, only to find Dieketseng had to pay the bloody price. Not to be taken down, the women unite as Dibuseng, her sister and Dipuo stand firm to take these 'enemy' forces down. The unexpected arrival of the 'madam' swells their numbers but also increases the impact of the horror about to strike them.

Episode 21

A child abducted... the price is high... The cartel starts to unravel. One by one the movers and shakers of the corruption-cartel is arrested... but a child is still missing and somebody is still out there....the same somebody still watching Dibuseng... 

Episode 22

A kidnapping results in a court-house killing. There are no other leads. The kidnapper insists... Dibuseng is tasked to get the kidnapped child to safety... there is only one way. She has to get to that offshore funds and turn it over... or the child dies.

Episode 23

The pay-off goes wrong and Dibuseng fears for the child's life. The kidnapper has the money but took off with the child. Below the surface the old destructive forces are at play, hell-bent on seeing Dibuseng destroyed. The prosecutor is handed new information... calling into question the life and death decisions Dibuseng made on her late husband's  behalf.

Episode 24

Dibuseng works it out who is behind this kidnapping... but is too late to stop him before he takes off. The kidnapped child is returned unharmed, dropped off at Dibuseng's home. All seems lost... there is only conjecture and not much proof... Those life and death decisions are now back to haunt her... and Dibuseng is arrested for the murder of her husband.

Episode 25

The prosecution is determined to let Dibuseng pay for her crimes. Dibuseng cannot help but feel the dice is loaded against her... no matter what... they will find a way to destroy her... the prosecution drags Shoni, Dibuseng's young son, to the witness-stand and Dibuseng breaks... she would rather confess than see her child take this hit.  

Episode  26

The trial is not going well. Dibuseng's best friend testifies against her. The evidence stack up, burying Dibuseng... screaming that she is guilty of murdering her husband. Evidence that could speak for her is silenced. Dibuseng is about to pay the ultimate price while discovering that indeed nothing is what it seems.


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