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Episode 1: "Lovey o a Ntsaya" (I'm Getting Hitched)

Life in Jouberton is not always plain sailing for the Ratau family, especially for Jane the henpecked daughter of elderly retired couple Ratau and Josephine.

In the first episode of this Setswana comedy we see how hard it is to hold onto your last born child who is desperate to leave the house but would make a hopeless wife, and we meet the whacky, troublesome but always helpful lodger Tsustsuma.

Episode 2: "Metsi a di-oorskiet" (Left-over Water)

High electricity bills are driving Ratau crazy and it's time to set his wife and daughter straight and make some serious savings, but Tsutsuma keeps giving him silly advice, and taking long baths all the while.

Josephine finds her voice while competing with Esther for the solo spot in the church choir in an effort to get closer to her daughter and out-shine the Pastor's wife.

Episode 3: "Ra-Ditender" (Tender Man)

"Plain Jane" starts selling beauty products in her Joubertina neighbourhood and Josephine is forced to sabotage her daughters attempts to leave home by dying Jane's hair shocking pink.

Ratau enlists Tsutsuma's help with a cry-room Pastor Tlhong wants for church, but Ratau needs Tsutsuma's eyes more than his hands...

Episode 4: "A Selo se Tlhalo?"(Is This a Divorce?)

When Josephine applies to change her marriage certificate from "in" to "out" of community of property to avoid her husbands "blacklisted" status, Ratau thinks his wife is trying to leave him.

Meanwhile Pastor Tlhong feels guided by a sacred dove to buy the park next to the church and convert it into a parking lot for high-rolling churchgoers.

Episode 5: "Sweety, Atamela" (Sweety, Come Closer)

Desperate to fall pregnant, Esther turns to Tsutsuma's ill-fated herbal concoction but it's not long before Pastor Tlhong turns to Tsutsuma for a concoction to cool down his overheated wife.

Ratau concludes that the only man to marry his daughter would be the "cooking and cleaning" type which makes Cyril turn into "super-maid".

Episode 6: "Reverse Apartheid Diet"

It's female food fiasco in the Ratau household as mother and daughter take up a diet challenge, which sees Josephine adopt a "whites only" food diet, much to Ratau's disapproval, and sees Tsutsuma turn Jane into a heavy-weight boxing champ ready to take on the reigning boxing pro "Tiny" in a rumble in Jouberton's back street jungle.

Only problem is that Tiny is not so tiny after all...

Episode 7: "Table Manners, Bathong" (Table Manners, People)

When Ratau accepts his wife's offer to host a traveling pastor, he had no idea he'd be inviting a reformed mastermind thief into his house.

When items go missing, Ratau is determined to set a trap and catch himself a rat, but will it be his fingers that end up being pinched?

Meanwhile Esther and Josephine endeavour to teach the tea slurping Tsutsuma some good table manners for his upcoming date.

Episode 8: "Anniversary ya Eng?" (What Anniversary?)

Jane prepares a surprise 40th anniversary dinner for her aging parents, but they mistake Jane's strange behaviour as her making secret plans that escalate from her finding a boyfriend, to marrying a broke lay-about and finally her bearing an illegitimate child.

Pastor Tlhong has a case of "wardrobe envy" as Esther is offered designer clothing by a retail store and he is not.

Episode 9: "Ha o Phazama wa Jewa" (When you Falter you Lose)

A traveling salesman tries to convince Ratau to buy an expensive security system, but Ratau insists he is the security in this house, until they find themselves in the lounge the next morning and the house completely cleaned out.

Among the stolen goods are the sheets Jane has been washing and ironing for a local old age home which forces Jane and Cyril to come up with an elaborate bleaching-washing-ironing plan.

Episode 10: "Bogadi ba Amerika" (American Lobola)

Jimmy, a visiting Pastor from America, gets Jane interested in more than just church. While Josephine is worried about her daughter's misplaced affections, all Ratau sees is dollar signs as he hears how much lobola cows cost in the states.

Jimmy's preaching energy causes trouble for Pastor Tlhong as well as Esther points out Tlhong used to be just as energy-filled...

Episode 11: "A Obatlalift, Baby?" (Want a Lift, Baby?)

Ratau is over the moon when he thinks he's won a 4x4 and rubs it in everyone's face, but when it turns out he's won the chance to compete for a 4x4 in a fishing competition, Josephine does a bit of rubbing herself.

Pastor Tlhong has lost his voice and Esther gives Cyril the fright of his life by asking him to preach on Sunday.

Episode 12: "Dikakarlata ke Tseo" (The Cockroach Invasion)

The Tlhongs invade Ratau's house while their own house is being fumigated for cockroaches. Jane's unpleased to lose her bedroom, but Ratau finds Esther's cooking, cleaning and her brandy in his coffee as a pleasant change from a rather left out Josephine.

Tsutsuma sees the money-making potential of acting as the Pastor's senior and offering prayers of blessing to his congregation, for a small fee of course.

Episode 13: "Returned Soldier"

Matshele, Ratau's oldest daughter and the bane of Jane's life, returns home after a fight with her husband. But Josephine and Ratau quickly remember why they were so glad that their loud-mouthed, cellphone talking, airhead daughter left home in the first place.

Tsutsuma, on the other hand, is only too happy to have Matshele home and enlists Cyril's help to "dribble" Matshele and help him score a goal with her...


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