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Heist is a South African television drama series inspired by a events at a stadium near Soweto in 2013 during a Justin Bieber concert, which revolves around a bunch of misfits who decide to pull off a daring robbery immediately after a concert at a stadium.

The story is filmed in various parts of Alexandra adjacent to the affluent northern suburbs of Sandton, focusing on social challenges people face in townships.

When an old man gets fired from his job of more than 20 years at the stadium, along with his counterpart, they walk away with no pension and no dignity.

Unexpectedly, the counterpart commits suicide and this triggers the old man's anger - and he is now out for justice and revenge. The old man then forms a gang of five men and one lady to assist him in that one last big hit.

However, the pursuit for money starts to change the gang. Faced with different social challenges, the gang will eventually turn their backs on each other. Proving that a life of crime never pays off... or does it?

Heist is produced by Branded Soul. The head writers are Rolie Nikiwe and Khobi Ledwaba and Nosibusiso Dambuza is a writer. Other members of the script development team include Loyiso Mbedla, Vuyelwa Maluleke, Sayitsheni Mdakhi and Paul Maila.

Rolie Nikiwe is the director and Khobi Ledwaba a producer. The music is by Lalela Music and All Music, with the title sequence by Jutsu Design. The executive producer for is Luxury Msiza.

Main Characters (in starring order)

Warren Masemola as Cosatu

Cosatu is disillusioned and disgruntled because he missed the gravy-train. All he wants is his slice of the pie... sooner rather than later. He will never say what he wants, but will negotiate for money in the worst of circumstances. He is part of the "street committee" - a vigilante group that is set on making everyone tow the line.

Jody Abrahams as Irvin

Irvin is a cut-throat business man with a shady past. Everyone knows that his rise to prominence involved illegal dealings and a trail of bloodshed. He is more feared than respected and will not hesitate to "eliminate any obstacle in his way".

Mavuso Magabane as Chairperson

The police commander who's on a mission to be the man of every moment. Following the fatal incident of the police dragging a foreign national with a taxi, he's desperate for a PR trump card. He will not rest until he has put the "perpetrators of the crime" behind bars.

Sayitsheni Mdakhi as Mark

Mark is the kid who grew up in the township doing all the right things but who never wins. He's been to "Model C" schools but has always felt embarrassed by how little his family has in comparison with his school mates.

His mother has rammed it into his head that if he worked hard and applied himself, he could be whatever he wants to be. He did well in Matric, but after all the hard work, his mom couldn't afford to send him to university.

Over the years he's lost his crushes to "better" guys with money. He is in love with the girl next door and feels inadequate because he lacks the money to impress her.

Phumeza Mdabe as Dikeledi

Mark's long-time "girl-next-door" girlfriend. They share a 6-year-old-child. She's bubbly, ambitious, caring and real. She's just lost her job and begins to feel the weight of responsibility on her shoulders.

Macebo Twalo as Flash

The get-away driver with mad driving skills. He's been known as the "Houdini of the township" because no one could ever catch him and he has the ability to escape the inescapable.

He comes out of jail a born-again Christian seeking redemption for the death of his childhood friend Kgosi who was shot during a heist that he (Flash) organised.

Mbali Ka Ngwenya as Merci

Merci is a con artist who can break codes and morph into different characters. She's street smart and has the resilience that makes her a force to be reckoned with. Most of all, she's enterprising - no situation is too big for her to handle.

She has the "middle child syndrome" and goes out of her way to get attention. She doesn't really have a home. Everywhere she lays her head, that's her home.

Jerry Mofokeng as Talent

Talent is an old man who works at a stadium as a grass cutter. He has an eye for talent and has in the past discovered some of South Africa's biggest talents across the board: soccer, chess, music, academia etc.

In his world there're two kinds of people: those with talent and those without talent. This makes him a flawed character, because this is a blind spot and there's more to people than that.

On the surface he is a cool, respected guy. However he is also callous, opinionated and always right. This has caused him his family. His wife and son left him because he was unpleasant to live with. His son, especially, hates him because was a "dad" to him, but a coach. Now he lives alone and is lonely.

Supporting Characters

Wright Ngubeni as 5 Bob

20-something 5 Bob grew up in a township and is known for always asking for "5 bob". He is charismatic and is a consummate fan of everything and everyone. He knows everyone and everyone knows him.

He's a street hustler who understands the economics of the street. He can be a nuisance at times but he also has redeeming traits about him. He understands people and can be in the company of anyone and make them feel like he "gets them".

Kenneth Nkosi as Gorgeous Stash

Stash is rich, flamboyant, superficial and unapologetic. He feels that since the media launched Kenny Kunene, he would take to social media for domination and he's winning.

He wants to be respected and considered a role model so he is constantly on a PR mission to keep relevant in the no.1 spot. Everyone questions how he got rich - there's speculation that he killed his wife and inherited her money.

He lacks street cred and is desperate for validation. Everyone wants his money but everyone despises him.


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