Queen Modjadji drama unfolds as series airs on TV

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Mzansi Magic on 14 Jun 2024
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Makoma Mohale who stars as Maselekwani Modjadji
a.k.a Queen Modjadji I
The story began over 400 years ago with history wrapped in myth and by 1800 the Balobedu tribe of Limpopo Province crowned Queen Modjadji I.

Mzansi Magic's new historical drama Queen Modjadji premieres on Sunday 14 July at 20h00 and will take us back to these times to explore the rise of the queendom and the essence of the queen who was believed to have special powers.

It was said that she was a traditional healer who could bring rain to her people and allies, or she could inflict drought on her enemies.

The Balobedu nation has officially been a queendom for over 200 years with six Queen Modjadji's following one after the other in a tradition that's never been broken.

Until now.

Turns out there's a "situation" going on as we speak. You may have seen rumblings about it in the news over the past few years?

It's a battle between sister and brother because now a man and his supporters are claiming the throne in a sibling rivalry of intrigue, death and a promise.

Their mother Queen Modjadji VI died in 2005, when she was only 26, which was perceived as suspicious by some - not surprising considering the fact that 26 is Died Too Young.

According to wiki, her official cause of death was that she suffered chronic meningitis but others believe she was poisoned while others believe it was an act of the ancestors because both her mother and grandmother died in June too.

The only real truth that's clear is that her daughter Princess Masalanabo was too young to become queen when her mother died so her uncle Mpapatla Modjadji became regent until she turned 18 in 2023.
Princess Masalanabo as a youngster.
(Pic posted on a Facebook group called Peace Alliance.)

And on her 18th birthday.

(From the Hands-Off Queen Masalanabo Modjadji VII Facebook page)

BUT... enter her older brother Prince Lekukela Modjadji.

In 2022 the Modjadji Royal Council coronated him as king and her foster parent, ANC MP Mathole Motshekga, tried to get a court interdict to stop it but failed because it happened the following day.

Two factions flared up, one vying for a queen and the other for a king. The Modjadji Royal Council supports him and the Balobedu Royal Council supports her.

IOL clarifies, saying that the Balobedu Royal Council was set-up as a parallel organisation to the Modjadji Royal Council once the dispute hit full throttle.

Flashforward to 2023 and the Balobedu Royal Council announced that they regard the princess as queen and said that she would be inaugurated in a coronation ceremony in August because she'd turned 18 earlier that year.

However that didn't happen. The date changed to April 2024 and that hasn't happened either.

We've been snooping for information on what's going on and got our clutches on a recent notice sent by the Balobedu Royal Council, saying that it's going to happen in September instead.

This from the notice:

Dear Balobedu Nation and Stakeholders,

We extend our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused and hereby announce the rescheduling of the anticipated coronation ceremony of Queen Masalanabo Modjadji VII. Originally planned for April 11, the ceremony will now take place in September. 

This decision aligns with our deep-rooted cultural significance, as September marks the onset of the African calendar and holds special significance as Heritage Month in South Africa.

We are committed to ensuring that Queen Masalanabo Modjadji VII is coronated during this auspicious month.

September will be more than halfway through the broadcast of the series.

Now with added behind-the-scenes tension.

Will Queen Modjadji VII be coronated or not?
Further investigation for you amateur detectives out there:

The Balobedu Queenship Recognised and Dignity Restored (2016)

Modjadji queenship dispute heads to court (2021)

Application to interdict installation of Prince Lekukela Modjadji as the Balobedu King (30 September 2022)

Prince Lekukela Modjadji installed as King of the Balobedu (1 October 2022)

Balobedu Royal Council endorses Princess Masalanabo Modjadji to be installed as ‘rain queen’ (9 May 2023)

Motshekga withdraws from court battle for Balobedu throne (11 August 2023)

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New goss on this:

The Modjadji royal family visited MultiChoice recently and there's no sign of Princess Masalanabo anywhere - no queen in waiting.

Only her uncle Bakhoma Mpapatla Modjadji who became regent after her mother's death. (Mentioned in the article).

According to Sunday World, he endorsed the coronation of her brother as king.

And this IOL article has quotes from him saying why - he claims that the princess was snatched away from the royal house when she was six months old by a woman working in cahoots with the late David Mohale who claimed to be the princess's father.

The question gets more urgent: Will Queen Modjadji VII be coronated in September or not?

The MultiChoice release and pic:

Bakhoma Mpapatla Modjadji, Nomsa Philiso and series creator Duma Ndlovu.

Johannesburg - 18 June 2024 - MultiChoice is honoured to host His Majesty, Ba Mosata, Bakhoma Mpapatla Modjadji of the Royal Family at MultiChoice City, Randburg, marking a significant moment ahead of the highly anticipated premiere of Mzansi Magic’s new prime-time drama, Queen Modjadji.

The series, airing on Channel 161 starting Sunday, 14 July at 8 PM, brings to life the legendary story of the Balobedu rainmaking queen and her enduring legacy.

The visit that included Mokhomana Leshoto Modjadji, Mokhomana Tshepiso Molokwane and Mokhomana Simon Ramafalo, celebrates the cultural and historical significance of the series.

Their presence emphasizes the importance of the Modjadji dynasty, known for its matriarchal leadership and mystical rainmaking powers that have ruled the Lobedu clan for centuries.

“This visit is so important to us at MultiChoice because as South Africa’s biggest producer of local content, we always want to ensure that we tell our African stories in a way that is true and resonates with our audiences.

"This vote of confidence from the Royal Family is testament that we have done them proud in telling Queen Modjadji’s story,” notes Nomsa Philiso, CEO of General Entertainment at MultiChoice.

Queen Modjadji’s story holds profound significance. Born to the throne and blessed with an elemental ancestral gift, she initiated a lineage of queens capable of summoning rain and manipulating the clouds, ensuring the prosperity and well-being of their people.

This matriarchal dynasty stands as a timeless symbol of strength, wisdom, and spiritual power in African history.

The production of Queen Modjadji meticulously reconstructs Balobedu culture, incorporating artefacts and indigenous items sourced directly from the Balobedu Kingdom.

Clay pots, calabashes, reed baskets, and intricately crafted beadwork, all produced by local artisans, authentically depicting the rich heritage of the Modjadji dynasty.

Notably, this production effort also generated over 600 jobs, providing significant economic opportunities and supporting local talent.

The Modjadji Royal Family’s visit highlights the importance of sharing this rich history with a broader audience.

Their story, deeply rooted in African tradition, resonates with themes of leadership, resilience, and pride, offering viewers a unique opportunity to connect with a pivotal aspect of African history.

The royal family’s visit to MultiChoice not only celebrates the launch of this epic drama but also underscores the broader impact of such productions.

By showcasing the rich cultural narratives of Africa, that bring a deeper understanding and appreciation of African heritage to new generations and global audiences alike. 

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