Innocence Teasers - May 2024

Written by TVSA Team from the blog SABC3 on 01 May 2024
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Coming up on Innocence this May 2024:

Wednesday 1 May 2024
Episode 23

For the psychological well-being of her son Mert, Bahar accepts Timur's return home. Harun and Bahar join forces to protect their daughters. As for Irem, she has gone to see her rival Ela. 

Thursday 2 May 2024
Episode 24

Bahar finds herself between a rock and a hard place, accused of taking a large sum of money from Harun.
Hale is ecstatic and delighted with the situation. Harun is in deep trouble. Public opinion is turning against him.

Friday 3 May 2024
Episode 25

After an article in the press claims that it was her pregnancy that forced Bahar to marry Timur, Bahar storms off to her in-laws. Ela wonders why her aunt and grandmother hate her mother so much. Birce tells Harun that she's going back home for a while.

Monday 6 May 2024
Episode 26

Ela and Ilker share a companionable moment on his sailboat, but when Ilker takes her back to his car, she has flashbacks of his attack and is unable to get in. Everyone attends the psychiatric evaluation to determine Ela's state of mind.

Tuesday 7 May 2024
Episode 27

Ismail asks a private detective to tell her where her husband was on the evening of February 24th.
The committee's findings, which confirm that Ela was under the influence, are announced on television. 
The psychologist explains Ilker's manipulation mechanisms to Ela.

Wednedsay 8 May 2024
Episode 28

Birce describes Ilker as a narcissist, a manipulator and a sadist. He declares war on the Ilgaz family.
Ilker accuses his father of betraying him. According to him, Ismail's merciless and humiliating attitude goes back to his earliest childhood.

Thursday 9 May 2024
Episode 29

Ela explains to her father that it is partly her fault that she chose the wrong boy after seeing how her father hurt his mother. She then goes to help Umut in the pastry shop and then she joins Ilker on his sailing boat.

Friday 10 May 2024
Episode 30

Hale tells Banu that Ismail's phone indicates that he was at the scene of Ela's attack. She asks him to work with her to recover what is owed to her. Ilker and Ela are on Ilker's boat. He receives a call from Irem and does not answer it, but his phone accidentally calls her back. She overhears Ilker talking to Ela.

Monday 13 May 2024
Episode 31

Irem joins Ilker on the boat and he does his best to get her to leave while discreetly texting Ela, but Irem holds out and tells him she will give him time to come to his senses and leaves. Ilker immediately sends another text to Ela. 

Tuesday 14 May 2024
Episode 32

Ismail and Beril seem to have a relationship that goes beyond work. Hale knows everything. Umut is still in love with Ela. But he claims the opposite and pretends to be indifferent. Ela admits that she has an accomplice and that she is not involved in any conspiracy. 

Wednesday 15 May 2024
Episode 33

At the police station where Umut has been arrested for being one of the possible suspects in the attack on Ela, Bahar is waiting for him to be released and has brought Bahadir with her. They are surprised to see Ismail arrive with the police... 

Thursday 16 May 2024
Episode 34

Bahar and Ela are shocked by Umut's arrest. He is taken to prison and Yelda visits him in the visiting room and tries in vain to get him to talk. Irem tells Ilker that the renovation of their house is finished and that they can move in, but Ilker does not seem pleased.

Friday 17 May 2024
Episode 35

In the visitors' room, Yelda desperately tries to get a mutinous Umut to talk, who ends up saying "Ela knows everything." We see Ela and Irem pampering themselves for the evening, obviously with one goal in mind: Ilker. Irem announces to the household that she is going to kidnap her husband tonight.

Monday 20 May 2024
Episode 36

Harun and Beril meet in secret to work out an arrangement. Beril is very suspicious of Harun, who appears to be a rather strong and dominant man. Despite Bahar's fears, Ela cannot get Ilker out of her heart. She admits that her hands are tied by her daughter's feelings for Ilker. 

Tuesday 21 May 
Episode 37

Bahar asks Ela's therapist for a solution to help her daughter, who is completely under Ilker's influence. The psychologist explains to her that Ela can only be "saved" if she wants to be... Ela tells the therapist that she wants to end the therapy. 

Wednesday 22 May 2024
Episode 38

Umut is led into Ismail's cell by an accomplice guard who tries to intimidate him into talking. Umut remains silent and when he comes out of his cell, Ismail calls for help. When Ela makes a remark more or less defending Ilker, Yonca gets angry and Bahar is forced to defend his daughter. 

Thursday 23 May 2024
Episode 39

Ilker appears at Bahar's door and hands Ela a box containing a ring. Outside, Bahar takes it and throws it in her face. Timur picks up Ela, who no longer wants to live with her mother until the end of the trial. Bahar gives Timur a thousand recommendations and asks him to make sure that she no longer sees Ilker.

Friday 24 May 2024
Episode 40

Harun threatens to kill Ilker if his daughter does not recover. Timur sells off his daughter to Ilker in exchange for a rather generous cheque. Fearing that the cheque will not be cashed, Timur and his mother convince Ela to accept Ilker's proposal. 

Monday 27 May 2024
Episode 41

Series finale!

Two trials today, starting with Bahar and Timur's divorce. Timur tries to convince the judge that Bahar cheated on him with Harun. And then the long-awaited day of the trial for Ela's attack, which had been postponed. Thanks to evidence and testimony, the truth is finally revealed. 

A new dubbed Turkish novela was supposed to replace Innocence once it ends but a re-yawn of Swartwater replaces it instead.

Premiere episodes of Innocence air on S3 from Mondays to Fridays at 16h30.


Channels in this post: SABC3


28 May 2024 13:03

S3's lack of consistency is damning. There's no new Turkish telenovela replacing Innocence. They're bringing Swartwater today evening. Really, what is it about being serious with program changes and commitments that is a problem on S3? I still cannot believe we have not gotten any new Brazilian telenovelas after Oprhans of a Nation ended, not to mention the fact that the Brazilian series Aruanas that aired on Sundays has a second season!

28 May 2024 15:11

Urgh ndegwanguru! It's total amateur hour at the channel and has been for too long now.  

They make big proclamations about how they're reviving it every few years but nothing changes. It's no different from the days when Survivor would be delayed by months because "the tapes haven't arrived" i.e. contracts weren't signed.

The same thing's happening with SABC2. Both Raid the Cage SA and SA's Got Talent were supposed to start in June but they're a no-show. 

We've updated the teasers to reflect the Swartwater yawnfest.

29 May 2024 11:17

I was willing to stick around for the Turkish series even though I hihgly prefer Brazilian series, and in 2021, I even thought that maybe, S3 would fill the gap Mzansi Magic left after they stopped acquiring Brazilian series but we only got Orphans and Aruanas and that was the end of that!

Seriously, step up or step out!

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