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Keep His Name Out My Mouth!

Written by E*star from the blog Aunty Savage Tea Party. on 16 Jan 2024
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Being a celebrity isn't child's play, people stay scrutinizing your life and your choices. You lose your ability to be just another human being and are held to a much higher standard than most. Enhle Mbali is sick of this and addressed it in an almost 10-minute video she posted on her socials. 

Let's discuss some of the points she made in the video. But firstly, let us go through some history (because I wouldn't be Aunty if I didn't give yall some background info now would I Chile). 
Enhle Mbali has graced our screens since the days of Tshisa, she has been on drama series such as Rockville, Broken Vows, Isibaya, and many more.

She then shocked us by ending up marrying Black Coffee, which was not short of an adventure for us. Their fairytale wedding had our hearts melting but in the background, the fire and flames she was seeing we could never fathom.

Cheating allegations followed that relationship like a stray squirrel that was given peanuts (the exposers even gave us pics, bona he wasn't playing about his cheating, Black Coffee took cheating on Enhle very seriously, it was like his second job after being a DJ). 

However, Enhle Mbali stayed with her man through all these rumours and exposés (I hate when a mistress knows she is a mistress but starts chasing clout and wants to be seen, like babe, you knew what this was from the get-go, why are you spilling tea?).

In 2019, to our surprise, Enhle announced her divorce in a lengthy video where she explained how hard she tried to be the perfect wife, mother, and friend but to no avail and was tired of trying because her heart was breaking (I love how she never does short videos, she gonna tell you the whole thang, nothing but the thang, so help her godt).

Then we started seeing her do the most when requesting maintenance money because she did it on the social media waves as well - she became the very thing we were not ready for but I mean if the mistresses were using social media to expose her cheating husband why can't she do the same to get her needs met.

That was a funny time as well because remember the video where their lights were cut and she made a video under candlelight (So unserious but so needed). 

Then our sweetheart shocked us with allegations of her becoming a mistress to one of her close friends and business partner Justice.

His wife was the one who aired her out because her husband asked that she become his second wife. I am not going to lie, I was judging her hard here because after being a woman who was cheated on how do you then become someone who gets cheated with?

Now that we have all that history out of the way, let's dissect the video she posted over the weekend.

Call From A Journalist - She said a journalist called her to ask her for comments as she was being bullied on Twitter, which she believes is a platform for bullies so she wasn't surprised at all. Now I will say this, Twitter isn't a place for the weak, actually social media. I've seen wild fights in Instagram comment sections that blew my mind. 

Sent an email to her ex - So she decided to do the right thing as she said her mother raised her right (Chile okay girl, whatever you say hunny), which she claims was responded to with something very aggressive - she was told not to pretend like she cared, which detailed her reasons to care. That is the father of her two gorgeous children and she wouldn't want anything to happen to him (neither would I if my lifestyle depended on it).

She discussed some of the reasons she filed for a divorce - he was having two kids at the same time with different women when she had made the hard decision to divorce Black Coffee - in her words, when a woman leaves her heart is gone a long time ago.

I totally agree with this statement, you can try and try but the day you decide to leave there is no turning back (also this guy was having babies, not only was he cheating, but he was leaving evidence and not caring about their health, omg though).

She also invited us to the divorce hearing in November so we could hear the truth, she also told us that Black Coffee was having another newborn (my guy has a whole racially ambiguous girlfriend and he is still cheating like get a grip).

She is in a relationship - She is dating and she is happy (We love it for her and wish her all the best because the dating pool is literally lava so finding someone that makes you happy is amazing). She explained that she missed out on her 20s so she is playing catch up. She is a young lady from White City and she isn't afraid to be the tough guy for her peace. 

In conclusion, she told us to mind our business as she lives her dreams and fetches her life (whew chile were we not fetched and dropped off at the nearest location of mind your business, we still had to walk to our destination). 

Do yall think this was necessary for her to address especially because the posts from Instagram weren't about him? 

I love to hear from yall and build some community so stay in touch with Aunty!

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