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Lost in Love Teasers - January 2024

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Lost in Love Teasers on 30 Dec 2023
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Coming up on Lost in Love this January 2024:

Monday 1 January 2024
Episode 915

Teaser unavailable

Tuesday 2 January 2024
Episode 916

Reva informs her parents that she doesn't want to leave Ishaan for her dream, but they try to convince her otherwise. Isha checks on Savi.

Wednesday 3 January 2024
Episode 917

Yashwanth learns about Reva's decision and cuts ties with her parents. Savi reveals the truth about Samarth to Ashwini and Ninad and decides to follow Sai's advice.

Thursday 4 January 2024
Episode 918

Ninad, Ashwini and Harinee support Savi's decision to run away from the wedding. Savi is reluctant, knowing that her decision could lead to trouble for them.

Friday 5 January 2024
Episode 919

Savi arrives at Isha's doorstep and makes a heartfelt request to her. While Samarth and his friends search for Savi, Ishaan heads to the airport.

Saturday 6 January 2024
Episode 920

Isha calls Shantanu after many years, asking him to help Savi gain entry to the Bhosale Institute. Bhavani and Samarth's family arrive at Isha's house.

Sunday 7 January 2024
Episode 921

Isha distracts the Chavans, and she helps Savi catch a bus; Savi is in trouble as two strangers plan to dupe her.

Monday 8 January 2024
Episode 922

Savi misses her appointment with Shantanu; Isha stands by her decision and gives a warning to Bhavani.

Tuesday 9 January 2024
Episode 923

Savi is shattered when Bhavani bursts out in rage and breaks all ties with her. Ishaan is shocked to see Savi in his cabin.

Wednesday 10 January 2024
Episode 924

Teaser unavailable

Thursday 11 January 2024
Episode 925

Savi finally manages to find Shantanu but unintentionally interrupts a board meeting. Yashwanth and Ishaan reject Savi's admission request.

Friday 12 January 2024
Episode 926

The authorities are determined not to allow Savi admission. She takes a chance to appear in the interview, infuriating Ishaan as Savi creates a scene.

Saturday 13 January 2024
Episode 927

Harinee tries to convince her in-laws to allow Savi to stay in their house. Yashwanth questions Shantanu about his decision to give Savi an opportunity.

Sunday 14 January 2024
Episode 928

While Surekha condemns Isha's previous decisions, Shantanu gives her an apt reply. Ishaan is irritated to see Savi, and an argument ensues.

Monday 15 January 2024
Episode 929

The interviewers are baffled when Savi answers every question correctly; Ishaan presents a challenge for her.

Tuesday 16 January 2024
Episode 930

Savi clears the interview, but Ishaan asks her to pay the admission fees. Isha faces a roadblock while trying to help Savi.

Wednesday 17 January 2024
Episode 931

Ishaan seeks aid from a psychotherapist but grows agitated; Harinee tries to help Savi with her college fees.

Thursday 18 January 2024
Episode 932

Savi gets worried as she fails to collect her admission fees. Isha stands for Savi when the Bhosles refuse to give her an extra day to collect the fee.

Friday 19 January 2024
Episode 933

Isha battles the entire college administration to secure Savi's enrolment. Further, Savi establishes her innocence in the theft of Harinee's jewelry.

Saturday 20 January 2024
Episode 934

Yashwanth tells Shantanu that he has to either divorce Isha or leave the house for good. Bhavani is furious to learn that Savi is in Harinee's house.

Sunday 21 January 2024
Episode 935

Savi is excited to attend her class but is caught up in a plot, ending up running late for class.

Monday 22 January 2024
Episode 936

Savi slaps one of Durva's friends when he tries to force her to kiss him. Durva and her friends lock Savi in a room and leave her there.

Tuesday 23 January 2024
Episode 937

Harinee calls Ishaan and convinces him to come to the college to look for Savi; Ishaan is shocked to find Savi locked inside a classroom.

Wednesday 24 January 2024
Episode 938

Harinee tries to console an emotional Savi when the latter breaks down in tears. Ishaan furiously questions Durva and decides to find out the truth anyway.

Thursday 25 January 2024
Episode 939

Ishaan learns that the meeting he called can't take place because of a field trip and asks Savi for some time. However, Savi makes a shocking move seeking justice.

Friday 26 January 2024
Episode 940

Savi claims that Durva and her friends not only ragged her but also sexually harassed her; Ishaan says he can't properly punish them without evidence.

Saturday 27 January 2024
Episode 941

Shikha and Asmita decide to bring Savi to the house and take care of her until she regains consciousness; Ishaan ignores Durva and Anvi's apology.

Sunday 28 January 2024
Episode 942

Savi gets a shock when she finds herself in Ishaan's house and learns that he is Isha's son, and then becomes curious about Isha's past when Ishaan expresses a hatred for his mother.

Monday 29 January 2024
Episode 943

Surekha wants to make things right for Savi, so she insists on her staying at her house. Matters take a comical twist once night comes when Savi mistakes Ishaan for a thief.

Tuesday 30 January 2024
Episode 944

Surekha tries to persuade Savi to drop the complaint by showing affection; at the same time, Savi finds out that Ayush has family ties with the Bhosles.

Wednesday 31 January 2024
Episode 945

Savi gathers the crowd and brings a journalist to the college to get justice for herself; Asmita gets shocked when Anvi tells her the truth.

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