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Written by TVSA Team from the blog SABC1 on 07 Feb 2022
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SABC1's new talk show Igumbi Lamakhosikazi premieres tonight (7 February) at 21h00, with Musa Mseleku's wives as the new Noeleen.

For more on the series, see TVSA's New on TV Today here.

These are topics for the 13 episodes:

Polygamy and what it takes to be in it
Episode 1
7 February 2022

Musa Mseleku’s wives unpack polygamy and what it takes to be in it. They talk of their own experiences and how polygamy has affected their lives.

Resident guest, Bab’ Ndabe Myeza joins the hosts to help unload the cultural and historical dynamics of polygamy. 

Episode 2

 14 February 2022

The conversation around in-laws and the involvement they should have in our lives has been on-going for years. What roles should both parties play in order to make their marriage work?

Today's show looks at the effects of having in-laws that are too involved in your marriage. 

My partner’s intentions
Episode 3
On: 21 February 2022

Relationships are not always rosy, but communication makes things a little smoother. Many people enter a relationship without outlaying many important things: Is this relationship serious? Where do you see us going? What are your intentions?

These are questions that could help people better understand what they are getting themselves into.

In this episode of Igumbi, the hosts deal with intentions and the directions of a relationship.

Intimacy and sex in marriage
Episode 4
 28 February 2022

Intimacy and sex in any relationship needs to be an open and honest conversation between the parties involved.

A lot of people still find this conversation to be taboo and they often shy away from telling their partners their sexual and intimate needs.

Igumbi opens up the conversation to talk candidly about healthy sexual relations and communication between two people. 

The case of the ex
Episode 5
On: 7 March 2022

People enter relationships with their own baggage, no one is perfect. Sometimes our past relationships affect our current ones.

Igumbi speaks to building good relationships with your ex, especially when there are other parties involved, like kids.

It is also good to know when to cut off a toxic person, regardless of the shared history. Today's show unpacks the issue at hand. 

Episode 6

On: 14 March 2022

When you are in a committed relationship, it is important to talk about finances and know what your partner is dealing with financially.

A lot of marriages and relationships fail because people go into them blindly and don’t talk about important things such as finances.

Financial compatibility plays a huge role in the success of any relationship. Whether we admit it or not, money impacts the choices we make, both as individuals and as a couple.

The hosts get into the uncomfortable conversations that money brings up in a relationship: is money more important than love? Should all financial responsibility be shared?

Episode 7
 21 March 2022)

We all parent differently, each generation, each household, everyone has their own parenting way. Each child is also different, so how then do you become the best parent for your child? How do you become the parent that your child needs?

Igumbi discusses all of that and more, while the hosts also speak to their own individual experiences of parenting.

The hosts also address concerns from a viewer who has written in - they are dealing with an emotionally abusive parent. The hosts and the resident guest, Bab Ndabe Myeza speak to how the situation can be remedied. 

Different belief systems in a relationship
Episode 8
 28 March 2022

Times have changes, as they should. People get into relationships with people of different races, from different countries and different religions and love knows no boarders. 

In today's episode of Igumbi, our hosts talk about religious compatibility in relationships. Is it a deal breaker? Should it matter and how can you navigate different belief systems under the same roof?

Is love enough to cross the religious lines and if so, how then do people co-exist and celebrate each other’s differences in the union?

The age gap in a relationship
Episode 9
 4 April 2022

In today’s episode, the hosts help a young woman who is in love with an older gentleman.

They talk about the misconceptions about dating someone older: should an age gap be of concern and also, and shouldn’t the ultimate prize in any relationship be love?

Some conversations around age gaps have argued that there could be a disconnect if there is a big difference in age.

Things such as life experiences, maturity and generally an outlook in life have been pointed out as possible disconnects. Igumbi unpacks all of that on today’s episode. 

Gender Based Violence
Episode 10
 11 April 2022

A viewer has written to ask the hosts for advice about her abusive boyfriend.

In efforts to assist this young woman and many others like her, the hosts talk about what GBV is and how to spot it.

How do we heal as a country and what is really at the root of this serious issue? 

Mental health
Episode 11

18 April 2022

Today's episode explores what mental health is. How do we work through mental health issues, especially during these uncertain times we live in?

Anxiety is very high, people are stressed, depressed and sometimes they feel suicidal. The episode also has a viewer who writes in - a mother who is dealing with postpartum depression.

What does that look like in black culture and how do we help alleviate stress and pressure from new mothers?

Episode 12

 25 April 2022 

Infidelity has become somewhat common and is easily accepted in today’s society as a norm but that still doesn’t make it right.

The act of infidelity breaks down trust in the relationship and leaves the person who was cheated on feeling vulnerable and insecure.

Igumbi speaks to some of the aftereffects that come with cheating - low-self-esteem, resentment and heartbreak amongst other things. 

Different Marriage Systems
Episode 13
 2 May 2022

The world and the way people live has evolved, more and more people are living their truth.

Polygamy for the longest time was one of the other “acceptable” marriage systems that was “understood” and “accepted”. But now, there are many different relationships people get into.

The season finale of Igumbi tackles different unions and how they can be managed, especially if there is more than one person involved.

Premiere episodes of Igumbi Lamakhosikazi air on SABC1 on Mondays at 21h00.

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