Survivor SA: The case for Smash to win Immunity Island

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 16 Sep 2021
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This is it. Immunity Island Finale Day after 15 episodes, too much intrusive advertising and three finalists who become two tonight (16 September).

I've now firmly decided that the win needs to go to Anela a.k.a. Smash a.k.a The Dude and this is why... what I'd say if I were his lawyer arguing the case to the jury:

Everyone always goes on and on about what someone's done strategically to win the show. Their social, physical and mental game gets unpacked, scrutinized, judged and tallied.

A player's résumé has become all important, the big moves they pulled and the way they made them.

And yet here we have a player who hasn't done a thing.

Someone who's found himself in ideal circumstances on numerous occasions throughout the season. He's effortlessly been at the right place, at the right time, with the right person. 

The only time this hasn't been the case was when he tried to make a big move by going back on his decision to vote out Kiran.

It proved that he tried too hard and trying too hard doesn't suit him.

Does this mean he hasn't done anything to get where he is? Does it mean he doesn't deserve to win?

No. The opposite. It means he's done everything right, particularly when it comes to his attitude:

1. He's never taken anything personally. No matter what's happened or what's been said, he's never judged anyone or gone off at them or been nasty in any way. 

2. Yes, he's flip flopped on people like Kiran but it wasn't personal and he ended up telling him the truth about why he changed his mind. He's also always been honest when talking to us.

3. He's been part of a meaningful, loyal alliance with a fellow castaway that's been much more successful than anyone else's alliance this season.

Not even Kiran and Tyson can compete because they came across as a threat whereas Anela and Nicole never have - no-one's ever realised what a united front they've been. As Tyson said to Chappies last week, they came back from being total underdogs.

Their alliance could be regarded as one of the most successful in Survivor history.

4.  He's also been strong in some challenges. Not winning material but still, not a loser either.

5.  He's been decent and funny.

What makes him so funny is that he could be the star to the sequel of The Man Who Knew Too Little. The first movie starred Bill Murray as a guy who gets accidentally caught up in a spy conspiracy without knowing that he's at the centre of the action.

He just sort of ends up in one crazy situation after another and manages to escape without any effort because he isn't aware of the danger he's in and doesn't try too hard. He just is. 

Ultimately this is how Anela's outwitted, outlasted and outplayed. He may not have won challenges or pulled big moves or done the usual things expected from strategy. But whose rules are these anyway?

They didn't exist when the show first started. They've been created by players and viewers and fans so they can be changed at any time. 

It's different for each season and it feels like this season's perfect for shaking things up. The world is so full of people telling other people how to be valid, what to say, how to think, how to behave, what's right, what's wrong, how to win. 

I fully believe the jury should rebel against this by voting for Anela because The Dude abides, man.

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