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Riona Teasers - February 2021

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Riona Teasers on 28 Jan 2021
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Coming up on Riona this February 2021:
Monday 1 February 2021
Episode 11
King Otokun celebrates the birth of his son. Toghanro shows his true colors. Ofor and Ogbemi hatch a plot to depose the king.
Tuesday 2 February 2021
Episode 12
Ofor and Ogbemi explore their options. Akwaugo makes a decision. All over Oyomere and beyond, the children of the dark moon are given their names.
Wednesday 3 February 2021
Episode 13
King Otokun doesn’t regard the gods. Akwaugo spends a night with Atigbi. Arubi learns about the fate of her father.
Thursday 4 February 2021
Episode 14
Aso bonds with the baby. Otokun questions Arenyeka over the attack. Ofor stops Arubi just in time.
Friday 5 February 2021
Episode 15
Idolor cannot get through to Otokun. Abieyuwa has a plan of her own. Arubi’s plan is foiled.
Saturday 6 February 2021
Episode 16
Arenyeka assures Otokun that death is still coming. Tofe fears for Aghan's and her life.
Sunday 7 February 2021
Episode 17
Omereyon finds himself at odds with Otokun. Atigbi makes a shocking observation about Baby Agbeyegbe.
Monday 8 February 2021
Episode 18
Idolor pushes a paranoid Tofe to the brink. Ofor warns Edonmi off Arubi. Toghanro apologizes.
Tuesday 9 February 2021
Episode 19
Roli receives a summons. Omereyon has a suggestion for Otokun. Arubi has a challenge for Edonmi.
Wednesday 10 February 2021
Episode 20
Fregene is tasked with a life-threatening assignment. Tofe draws the battle line between herself and the other Queens. Arenyeka has a frightening encounter in the forest.
Thursday 11 February 2021
Episode 21
Ofor gets his house ready. Abieyuwa reports Tofe to Idolor. Tofe gives Idolor some shocking news.
Friday 12 February 2021
Episode 22
Toghanro and his men are set up by Itse with help from Fregene. Norioghene goes to Atigbi for help. Atigbi gives Aso a dire warning.
Saturday 13 February 2021
Episode 23
Jolomi and Alero learn to cope with their acquired status. Ofor and Omereyon make strong alliances. Aso and Tsema have a close call.
Sunday 14 February 2021
Episode 24
Norioghene gets a chance to fulfill her debt to Atigbi. Itse deals with the Ibiedo rebels. Toghanro answers his name.
Monday 15 February 2021
Episode 25
Aso returns home to devastating news. Toghanro is nowhere to be found. Tofe makes new enemies for herself.
Tuesday 16 February 2021
Episode 26
Aso goes looking for trouble and gets more than he bargained for. Otokun gets help from Arenyeka, but it comes with troubling news.
Wednesday 17 February 2021
Episode 27
Arubi sues for peace with Ofor. Tsato continues to flirt with Alero. Toghanro’s death is confirmed.
Thursday 18 February 2021
Episode 28
Otokun grows desperate and sends for the witch. Amaju pays Aso a visit. Edonmi challenges Majumi to a duel.
Friday 19 February 2021
Episode 29
Misan gets a change of heart. Arubi and Abugewa fail to discourage Edonmi from fighting. Queen Omah makes a decision.
Saturday 20 February 2021
Episode 30
The warriors go witch hunting. Edonmi duels Majumi. Atigbi protests.
Sunday 21 February 2021
Episode 31
Olegua lords her new position over Nere. Itse and the warriors get a taste of Atigbi’s power. Edonmi makes his intentions for Arubi very clear.
Monday 22 February 2021
Episode 32
Abieyuwa’s actions with Otokun have consequences. Ibiedo men seek peace but trigger Itse instead. Ofor gets new information.
Tuesday 23 February 2021
Episode 33
Omereyon has a change of heart. Tsato reaps the fruit of his labor. Amaju sends a warning to Aso.
Wednesday 24 February 2021
Episode 34
Baby Tsema’s life hangs in the balance as Aso faces Itse. Ofor seeks answers and finds his world rocked by what he discovers.
Thursday 25 February 2021
Episode 35
Abieyuwa gains enemies. Aso waits on Arenyeka's ruling. Idolor warns Omereyon about Ofor.
Friday 26 February 2021
Episode 36
Ofor goes after King Otokun. Esanjumi bites more than she can chew. Sparks fly between Edonmi and Arubi.
Saturday 27 February 2021
Episode 37
Nogho is sent out of the palace. The children left behind by Ofor make a blood pact. Tofe and Otokun have a falling out.
Sunday 28 February 2021
Episode 38
Edonmi learns of Ofor’s death. Otokun demands the truth from Idolor.

Premiere episodes of Riona air on Novela Magic from Mondays to Sundays at 20h30.



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