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Series Review: The Boys Episode 8

Written by tha - bang from the blog Movies and Things with Thabang on 12 Oct 2020
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Season 2 was not perfect but, like one of my uncles once said, "It's not about how you start, it's about how you finish - and finish well." 

The Boys did.

Let's dig into the great episode... 

The finale brought all the threads the season has been dealing with, tied them up and left some juicy threads for Season 3.

The thread of Stormfront's Nazi history and her being a prototype of right wing American politicians was well paid-off.

It's poetic justice that part of her downfall was actually social media and television outing her - when she used these to fan hatred the entire season.

The chicken came home to roost for her and it was great to see her on the back foot.

To sweeten the payback even more, the show did a great meta joke with the three girls giving Stormfront a beat down - a nod to the pot-shots the show has been taking at faux feminism that's popular in the cinema and media.

But I doubt this will be the last we see of Stormfront. Although she was baked like Anakin Skywalker, the show could bring her back as a Darth Vader like character. Time will tell if they do it.

But I don't believe we will miss Stormfront that much because the show has paid-off another thread, which was created as a major misdirect, which is the role of Victoria Neuman.

Neuman was introduced as the progressive politician who is willing to take on the big evil Vought corporation.

Only for the last episode to reveal she was planted by Vought.

Her role is to appear to be opposing Vought, whilst protecting Vought's interest.

To make things even worse, she is the Supe who's been blowing people's heads off since Episode 1 and it looks like she is destined for the White House, which Season 3 will be dealing with I think.

This showing that mega corporations are that devious and always have their hands in everything - like here in SA where you find the DA, EFF and ANC, at times, have the same donors - although the parties look opposed. I'm interested to see how deep they go with this in Season 3.

The episode also draws a closure on the Butcher/Homelander duality the show has been toying with.

This season has been comparing and contrasting Butcher and Homelander to a point where they are shown as two sides of the same coin.

The finale showed that there is still some humanity to Butcher and Homelander's humanity seems to have been whipped out. 

Butcher, by saving Ryan, restored some decency whilst Homelander's last shot shows that he's probably going into more of a villain role more than he has been because he's lost the woman he loves and the child he wanted to hold onto.

So Homelander has been tussling with the idea of who he is: does he need people or does he not? I believe we will see a Homelander in Season 3 who has shut that debate completely.

So what is there to look for in Season 3? Probably Hughie's mom coming back, new members of the 7 being reintroduced and the fight for the White House.

I have a feeling poor Hughie's sunny disposition will be destroyed by Neuman.

Time will tell and hopefully we'll get an answer about what was in those Frescas.



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