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Doodsondes Teasers - April 2020

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Doodsondes Teasers on 25 Mar 2020
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Coming up on Doodsondes this April 2020:

Wednesday 1 April 2020
Episode 63

After plotting to destroy Yildiz's life, Ender stumbles across a secret that could mean trouble for Yildiz. Although her secret isn't the only one to be discovered. Meanwhile, Zeynep's bad day out with Alihan's sister becomes worse when she discovers Zerrin invited Hira's mother to join them. 

Thursday 2 April 2020
Episode 64

Zehra starts getting closer to Kemal, despite Yildiz's open approval and threats. Alihan notices strange things happening around him and Zeynep but she assures him he's imagining it. Ender tells Halit something that may finally end his and Yildiz's marriage for good. 

Friday 3 April 2020
Episode 65

While Zeynep and Alihan celebrate Alihan's safe return, Ender vows revenge against Halit after he fires her. She hopes to join forces with Kemal to take down his company. Meanwhile Yildiz and Halit have different ideas of what they want from this pregnancy and it causes friction.

Monday 6 April 2020
Episode 66

Sparks fly when Hakan meets the Yilmaz sisters’ rebellious cousin, Irem, at an eventful dinner held by the Argun family. Is Halit eager for the arrival of his next child? Is Zerrin finally ready to make up with Zeynep? Is Ender considering murder, as a final solution to her problems?

Tuesday 7 April 2020
Episode 67

Tragedy strikes the Argun household, and Yildiz’s mother is shocked to learn of Kemal’s presence in her daughter’s life. Emir is given another chance at work. Alihan comes to a shocking realization that could have dire consequences for everyone.

Wednesday 8 April 2020
Episode 68

In the aftermath of his violent outburst, Alihan confides in Hakan, and Alihan sets himself on a destructive path. In an interview, Ender’s caught off guard by the reporter asking her about Yildiz’s pregnancy. On his birthday, Erim is given a gift that’s very precious, but also the source of much anguish.

Thursday 9 April 2020
Episode 69

Erim’s birthday party has finally arrived, and who knows what will happen next! Halit fans the flames in Alihan, when he goes into detail about his promiscuous youth. Not even Zeynep is safe from Alihan’s temper when she asks about his issue with Halit. Emir gets very serious about Lila.

Friday 10 April 2020
Episode 70

As news of Yildiz’s miscarriage becomes public, Erim feels a sense of responsibility for the ordeal. Yildiz suspects the Argun family is celebrating her miscarriage, as Zeynep tries to comfort her. Halit, in a fit of guilt, gives out a generous gift. Alihan allies himself with a very dangerous individual to take down Halit.

Monday 13 April 2020
Episode 71

Theft in the Argun mansion! Halit fires all of the house staff, leaving the Argun children stunned. Ender and Caner try to figure out what exactly set Alihan on his path of vengeance. Kemal leaves Zehra wanting more. Kemal reveals to Yildiz that he knows what she’s been hiding from everyone.

Tuesday 14 April 2020
Episode 72

Hakan is off on his mission to acquire more shares for Alihan, however before he goes, he shows concern for Alihan’s relationship, could heartbreak be around the corner for the on-again-off-again couple? Zehra and Yildiz come to a verbal standoff over Kemal, when Zehra doesn’t hear from him.

Wednesday 15 April 2020
Episode 73

Alihan goes through scenarios of what might happen if he told Zeynep the truth. Meanwhile, Zeynep is organizing their engagement party, unaware of the coming storm. At the party, Ender makes a surprise appearance, with an announcement nobody walks away from unscathed.

Thursday 16 April 2020
Episode 74

As everyone is still recoiling from the shock, Caner confronts Ender about when and why she would do go this far. Halit barges in, and secrets are brought to light, while a certain someone listens in on the fight. An Argun runs away, and Kemal is called on for help.

Friday 17 April 2020
Episode 75

Zeynep returns to Alihan’s house to pick up the pieces, until the new Lady of the House arrives unannounced. At work, Alihan is made aware that Zeynep isn’t coming to work, and he hatches a plan to make sure she stays in his life. Zehra confronts Ender, and after a heated debate, Ender speaks her mind.

Monday 20 April 2020
Episode 76

The day of the Shareholders Meeting has finally come, and Ender is nervous of the outcome. Zeynep becomes curious as to who exactly her new neighbours may be. Ender meets with Kemal to discuss strategy. Zerrin creates a rift between the Argun and Tasdemir factions, when she makes an unexpected announcement. 

Tuesday 21 April 2020
Episode 77

Erim begins to fall in with a new group of friends at school. How will Halit react to his son mingling with those outside of his circle? A quirky new character is introduced, and immediately makes an impression on Zeynep. Irem, Yildiz and Zeynep have a girls night out ending with hilarious results.

Wednesday 22 April 2020
Episode 78

The girls all deal with the consequences of sending out their messages. Ender and Emir finally meet in Caner’s new apartment, much to Ender’s dismay.  Halit tells Yildiz off for getting drunk in public. Yildiz is unimpressed by Erim’s choice of friends.

Thursday 23 April 2020
Episode 79

Dundar goes to apologise to Zeynep, however he runs into Emir and Caner, and chaos erupts. Zeynep’s dog runs away, and her search leads her to Alihan. Yildiz runs off to live in a hotel to Halit’s dismay and Kemal seizes his opportunity. Ender finally meets her match. 

Friday 24 April 2020
Episode 80

Worried that her mother won’t approve, Lila and Emir recruit Zeynep and Caner for a plan that will win over Zerrin. Alihan and Ender go through growing pains in their faux marriage. Yildiz tries to shake things up, but Halit remains unenthusiastic. Zeynep becomes aware of Alihans plan.

Monday 27 April 2020
Episode 81

Zehra gets flowers while Yildiz gets yelling. Caner questions whether he should get Zeynep and Dundar together. Alihan tries to convince Zeynep not to tell Halit about the shares but only makes things worse. 

Tuesday 28 April 2020
Episode 82

Yildiz is set on leaving Halit for Kemal but she walks in on him getting engaged to Zehra. Zeynep throws a Christmas staff party, Caner invites Dundar and Alihan isn’t impressed. 

Wednesday 29 April 2020
Episode 83

Yildiz is still upset about the engagement and seeks comfort from Zeynep. Kemal asks Halit for his blessing but Halit has other things on his mind. 

Thursday 30 April 2020
Episode 84

Yildiz confronts Kemal about his engagement to Zehra. Halit tells Zehra and Kemal that they need to get married in two days. Dundar kidnaps Caner and we learn more about Ender’s past.

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