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The Wild Teasers - August 2019

Written by TVSA Team from the blog The Wild on and eExtra Teasers on 24 Jul 2019
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Coming up on The Wild this August 2019:
Thursday 1 August 2019
Episode 139
Mama Rose and Modise are suspicious of Itumeleng's sudden desire to embrace Isaac as part of the family. Mama Rose walks straight into Itumeleng's trap and her world falls apart. Jack's dogged attempts to find the pot poacher pay off.
Friday 2 August 2019
Episode 140
Mama Rose's secret is out. Modise and Marang blame Itumeleng for a friend's trauma.  Jason is only interested in Zoe for one thing, and it's not her creative vision. Marang and her daughter struggle to find common ground. To everyone's surprise, Sarah van Reenen returns and opens up some old wounds.
Monday 5 August 2019
Episode 141
Isaac struggles to come to terms with the truth about his father. Lelo steals Zoe's thunder but this time Zoe won't stand for it. Tiro gives an old rival a temporary job which boosts his morale, but infuriates the employee’s family.
Tuesday 6 August 2019
Episode 142
Isaac is in hiding when Modise and Itumeleng find out that he wants to sell his inheritance. Sarah provokes a relative to live up to his new lofty ideals. Jason announces that he has secured the final funding for Zoe's project, and continues to nurture his friendship with Tiro, despite tension between their fiancées.  
Wednesday 7 August 2019
Episode 143
Modise and Itumeleng are on the lookout for Isaac to confront him about his inheritance. Jason turns Zoe into a jealous wreck after flirting with a visitor.  The visitor starts rubbing people the wrong way. Sarah encourages a family member to go after the Conservation Assistant job.
Thursday 8 August 2019
Episode 144
Isaac's paternity continues to complicate his relationship with the Tladi's. Tiro asks Jack to propose rangers to assist an Tristan - but the ranger that he puts forward will antagonise them. Marang's daughter Zintle sets her sights on a lodge employee - and pursues a romantic encounter, despite her mother's objections.
Friday 9 August 2019
Episode 145
Mogorosi attacks an old rival in a bid to hold onto power, but the three Tladi brothers go on the offensive to stop him. A van Reenen family member starts his job as conservation assistant, much to Kate's annoyance.  Zintle continues to snub her mother, but has a lot of affection for a lodge employee.
Monday 12 August 2019
Episode 146
Under pressure from Itumeleng, an elder announces the date for the confirmation of the new chief, but he continues to sow seeds of doubt about who the new chief will be. Jack stands up to Tristan and an old employer. Diksie finds the culprit who broke into the chalet.
Tuesday 13 August 2019
Episode 147
Zintle's sexuality causes conflit at the lodge. The Tladi community prepares to mark the end of their mourning period for RraTladi, with a traditional ceremony. Itumeleng allows an elder to remain in place as regent, while making it clear that the reins of power now belong to him.

Jack's rapport with the Dinaledi rangers pays off and Jason sets a chain of events in motion which could devastate the Lebone family.  
Wednesday 14 August 2019
Episode 148
Sarah's suspicions that Kate and Jack had an affair are confirmed. Kate fears that Sarah is going to tell her Tristan everything. Itumeleng continues to use the elder as his political puppet. Jason asks Tiro to lend him a huge amount of money for Zoe's project.
Thursday 15 August 2019
Episode 149
Zoe tells Tiro and Lelo that a close friend has made a run for it. Isaac feels pressure concerning the inheritance that RraTladi left for him, and what he should do with it. Karel finds out that Kate has admitted to Sarah about her affair, is she going to tell Tristan the truth? 
Friday 16 August 2019
Episode 150
Jason and Tiro try to convince Lelo and Zoe to work together. Itumeleng seeks to win the hearts and minds of the community with Mama Rose's help. Ashwin teases Zintle and aggravates Jason.  A desperate Kate drops a bombshell on Jack.
Monday 19 August 2019
Episode 151
Kate tries to dissuade Sarah from revealing her affair with Jack, but Sarah remains unmoved. Finally, as the pressure intensifies, Kate takes matters into her own hands. Just when Jason thinks he is on the roll, a lodge employee makes a surprising demand.

With the help of Mama Rose, the Tladi men plan a Christmas party for the community.  
Tuesday 20 August 2019
Episode 152
The Van Reenen family is plunged into a crisis that can destroy the family. The heat is turned up on Jason. Itumeleng proves that he has a heart at the community Christmas party.
Wednesday 21 August 2019
Episode 153
Jack flees for his life while the Van Reenen family teeters on the brink of destruction. Marang's Christmas party is nearly derailed when old family resentments come to the fore. Is Jason’s masterplan going to work?
Thursday 22 August 2019
Episode 154
The hunter becomes the hunted. Zoe's world shatters when she finds out the truth. Marang and Zintle continue to pit themselves against each other in the age old mother-daughter battle.
Friday 23 August 2019
Episode 155
Mama Rose goes on a mission to find Isaac a wife. Ashwin and Zintle continue their flirtatious dance, and things get even more heated. Tiro and Lelo go head to head with their failing Magadi negotiations. Kate tries to save what's left of her relationship.
Monday 26 August 2019
Episode 156
Tiro tries to get back in Lelo's good books when he attempts to solve their Magadi issues. Zintle continues to throw her weight around the lodge by offending Mama Rose while seducing and upsetting a ranger.
Tuesday 27 August 2019
Episode 157
Jack tells Karel to let go of the past but can Tristan ever forgive Jack?  Tristan wants to protect Amber but Sarah won't allow anymore lies.
Wednesday 28 August 2019
Episode 158
Tiro and Lelo's magadi arrangements become gossip fodder for the community. Marang and Zintle continue to drift apart.
Thursday 29 August 2019
Episode 159
Tiro tries to do damage control concerning Lelo and Uncle Whatnot. Tristan and Jack team up to stop a new poaching threat.
Friday 30 August 2019
Episode 160
Preparations for the Lebone wedding are disrupted by Uncle Whatnot's continued refusal to attend the nuptials.

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