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Binnelanders Teasers - July 2019

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Binnelanders Teasers on 23 May 2019
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Coming up on Binnelanders this July 2019:
Monday 1 July 2019  
Episode 016/3292
Okkie’s new menus might not solve the problem, while the cat and mouse game in Steve’s penthouse continues. Annelize realises that the truth might be stranger than fiction.

A declaration of love leads to a disillusionment, while final preparations are made for the hijacking. A doctor is taken prisoner, and Tracy’s is in for a huge shock - and not just because a few gunshots are fired.                                                           
Tuesday 2 July 2019
Episode 017/3293
Bianca has life threatening plans for Elana, while Danny places Katryn in a very difficult position. Ilse demands answers from Okkie, and Jax puts her foot squarely in it.

Annelize will have to think fast on her feet, while Danny is ready to reveal the truth - but is cut off with a confession.     
Wednesday 3 July 2019
Episode 018/3294
Okkie and Danny have difficult conversations to start, and Elana eventually talks her heart out. Tracy’s rage towards Danny can’t be contained, while a lawyer contacts Ilse about Brian Els - which enrages At.

Honesty causes a crack in a relationship, and revenge is definitely on the agenda.            
Thursday 4 July 2019
Episode 019/3295
Okkie wants to talk to the lawyer again, but Ilse doesn’t think it is a good idea. A lost suitcase causes huge excitement with the medical staff, and Tracy puts her plan into motion.

Annelize realises who the lawyer is, while Danny and Katryn discuss the hijacking in private. In Jax’s attempt to broker peace with Tracy she sees something that she shouldn’t.

René talks to Tertius about Quinton, while plans are made to put Danny in the cross hairs.                               
Friday 5 July 2019
Episode 020/3296
Okkie’s meeting with the lawyer has consequences, and Quinton’s friends are increasingly concerned about him.

While Danny confronts Tracy, she reveals the new plan to him - and Danny is forced to lie to Jax about his future involvement.

Annelize and At discuss Ingrid’s motives, while a frustrated Jax has to make a difficult decision. Foosball might be just the thing to lift someone’s spirit, and Ilse gives At the assurance that she will get through to Okkie.   
Monday 8 July 2019
Episode 021/3297
Okkie has no other choice but to put all the cards on the table with Ilse, and René’s plans are not met with enthusiasm.

In spite of tension between him and Albert, Danny shows that the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Louis wonders about At and Ingrid, and Jax gets suspicious about Danny’s behaviour.

Elana’s words anger Annelize, while René witnesses something that looks very suspicious.                                                                       
Tuesday 9 July 2019
Episode 022/3298
The idea that At could manipulate Ilse doesn’t sit well with Okkie, and Katryn’s observation makes her very suspicious. Ingrid finds out more about At’s personal life, while René takes Quinton to task.

Jax’s suspicions lead her to a dangerous place, and it is necessary for René to pretend that she can’t play foosball. When a shot is fired there is more than just blood on someone’s hands.                      
Wednesday 10 July 2019
Episode 023/3299
The consequences of the gruesome night send shock waves through more than just one person’s life. Quinton and René are sceptical about their team mates, while At doesn’t agree with Elana about what should happen next.

At and Ingrid are embroiled in a complicated game, but it is clear that a third party is involved. René attempts to have a serious conversation with Quinton.         
Thursday 11 July 2019
Episode 024/3300

Okkie and Ilse’s relationship is strained, and René’s feet get cold quicker than she anticipated. New information comes to light that angers Ingrid - and her newly acquired temperament worries everyone.

Tonik’s coffee is scoffed at, while Annelize fears At’s next move. News about Ben upsets Quinton, and Ross Marks isn’t the only interesting turn of events in a dangerous game.             
Friday 12 July 2019
Episode 025/3301
Okkie gets it from all sides in his household, while Quinton is not impressed with René’s matters of the heart.

Ingrid’s appointment with Conrad makes Annelize suspicious, while a sandwich causes huge problems. René tries to calm Quinton’s fears, and a secret is revealed. Ingrid reports on the unfolding events.                                   

Monday 15 July 2019
Episode 026/3302
Jax shares her concerns regarding René with Tertius, and Annelize wants to use Elana to get information from Conrad. Naomi discusses Okkie’s problems with Louis, while a lack of self-confidence is admitted.

Elana gives it to Steve straight, and At realises what is going on. A Social Media post about Tonik kan cause the business harm, while a clue is revealed by Ross Marks Holdings’s website.     
Tuesday 16 July 2019
Episode 027/3303
Lexi and Chanel try to encourage René, and Conrad’s statement upsets Ingrid. Quinton receives upsetting news, while At feels he has clinched a victory.

Food poisoning leads Annetjie to Ilse, and Steve tries to give Elana perspective regarding Conrad. Chanel wonders what Quinton’s intentions are with René, while Ilse is worried about a date for the wedding.

The puzzle pieces are slowly but surely starting to fit.                               
Wednesday 17 July 2019
Episode 028/3304
Naomi isn’t ready to tell Okkie the truth, and Quinton is convinced that René is irresponsible. At gives Annelize an important task, while Ingrid and her business partner hold different opinions about Conrad.

Chanel helps Okkie in devising a tentative plan of action, and Elana hopes for a better future between family members. Tertius tries to defend Quinton, while Annelize thinks she has the upper hand in a conversation with Ingrid.

Challenging circumstances tries a team’s spirit, and René doesn’t hold back when she speaks from the heart.  
Thursday 18 July 2019
Episode 029/3305
A good offer might not work out in favour of Tonik, and At has come up with a plan regarding a business transaction. Naomi realises in what state Okkie and Ilse’s relationship is, and René gets the shock of her life in Amoret.

A huge fight turns personal, while Louis supports a very stressed out Naomi in her hour of need. Jax hears the truth regarding René’s date, and At is caught off guard by Ingrid gesture.                       
Friday 19 July 2019
Episode 030/3306
Ilse and Okkie’s communication isn’t at an optimal level, while René and Jax are almost in the same boat.

At reaches out to Ingrid with a gesture that is supposed to gain her trust, and Okkie decides to put his foot down regarding exploitation.

Annelize is unsure about how she feels with the new turn of events in At and Ingrid’s saga, while Stefan’s presence upsets René. Treason comes in many different forms.                 
Monday 22 July 2019
Episode 031/3307
Louis wants to help Okkie, and a request is made regarding a family ring. It is very clear that Ingrid understands At, but Sookun makes a remark that makes At nervous.

A name lessens the excitement of a shared interest for a nurse. Annelize is shocked in At’s decision, and a brainstorm takes place to put Tonik on everyone’s lips again.

Annelize’s suspicions compel her to focus on Ross.               
Tuesday 23 July 2019
Episode 032/3308

Okkie and Ilse have a fight after Louis’s presentation, and Quinton has a plan to rescue René. Steve thinks Annelize feels threatened, while Wimpie gives Ilse an idea regarding how to help Okkie.

After a conversation with Louis, At tries to give Annelize reassurance that he knows what he is doing. René realizes what the origin of Stefan’s rage is, and Sookun’s telephone conversation upsets Ingrid.              
Wednesday 24 July 2019
Episode 033/3309
Louis’s excitement is contagious, and old emotions don’t just flare up – it also gets the upper hand. Ingrid comes to a shocking realisation, while Stefan is disillusioned by the truth. Ethan becomes a pawn, and René shares the origin of her inner demons with Jax.                     
Thursday 25 July 2019
Episode 034/3310
A clue deepens a quickly developing friendship, and At doubts his instincts – and it makes him turn on the charm. Chanel has to play open cards with René, and an innocent invitation leads to a fight.

Logistic planning takes up some time – and Ilse feels that Okkie isn’t realistic. Stefan’s animosity stands in the path of happiness, while secret agendas receive a lot of attention.          
Friday 26 July 2019
Episode 035/3311

Chanel questions René’s life choices – and discovers something about Lexi. Ingrid plays a dangerous game with At, while René opens up towards Jax.

The big day for Tonik arrives, and Sookun is worried about Ross’s plans. Louis pleads with At, while Stefan is trapped in turmoil. The winds of change bewilder the Binnelanders. 
Monday 29 July 2019
Episode 036/3312
Annelize realises what her new situation is, and René experiences the good, the bad and the ugly that life can deliver.

At asks Ingrid about her plans for the future, while Lexi is not the only one that is trying to protect her secret.

Ingrid and Sookun are disturbed by events in Mauritius, while Steve is dreaming way too big. Denial and manipulation are at the order of the day.            
Tuesday 30 July 2019
Episode 037/3313
Ross’s health worries Annelize, and Steve has a bright idea that concerns Lexi. A diagnosis doesn’t improve the situation, while Sookun wants to flee.

Steve confronts At regarding Annelize’s whereabouts, and Quinton tries to support René. Ingrid puts pressure on At regarding the deadline.               
Wednesday 31 July 2019
Episode 038/3314
Annelize needs to make a huge decision - while her decision will influence At’s next move. Elana is not impressed with Lexi’s work ethic, and René peppers Chanel with questions.

Ingrid is trapped between a rock and a hard place, while Jax comes to Elana’s rescue. While old feelings are stirring up again, there are others that need to face a swamp of lies – or build a bridge over it.                  

Premiere episodes of Binnelanders air on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30. The omnibus airs on kykNET on Saturdays from 09h30.

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