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Football Dreams 2 Teasers - May 2019

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Football Dreams on 05 Apr 2019
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Coming up on Football Dreams this May 2019:

Wednesday 1 May 2019
Episode 23

While the United States team plans tactics for the game, the Colombian team decides to spend time with their families.

Thursday 2 May 2019
Episode 24

In spite of their efforts, the Colombian team are beaten by the Americans - and their fans let them know how bothered they are by their loss.

Friday 3 May 2019
Episode 25

Pibe is tired of all the bullying and defamation against Maturana - the coach of the Colombian national team - so he decides to defend him.

Monday 6 May 2019
Episode 26

Carolina finds out about Tino's infidelity and decides to ask him for a divorce. Meanwhile, Caremonja tries to seduce Tino's sister.

Tuesday 7 May 2019
Episode 27

Ivan is faced with a new scandal and sanctions after he tests positive in a drug test; days later, he discovers that his father was responsible.

Wednesday 8 May 2019
Episode 28

After electrocuting herself, Higuita's grandmother recovers her memory and asks her son in law to leave the house after his manipulation of her.

Thursday 9 May 2019
Episode 29

Yadira asks Diana for help negotiating with an Italian team and the Junior team take on Serfie in the Copa Libertadores.

Friday 10 May 2019
Episode 30

After the separation of Carolina and Tino, Tino decides to start a relationship with Renata, a very famous Italian model.

Monday 13 May 2019
Episode 31

The Junior team of Barranquilla prepare to face Belezagui of Argentina, but the possibility of a drawn match suggests a penalty shoot-out.

Tuesday 14 May 2019
Episode 32

The Junior team loses to Belezagui and are elminiated from the Copa Libertadores. Meanwhile, Tino insists on getting Renata back in Italy.

Wednesday 15 May 2019
Episode 33

Pibe receives the news of his supposed daughter with Daniela the journalist and does not know how to tell his wife Clarisa.

Thursday 16 May 2019
Episode 34

The fights between Ivan and Yadira continue, leading her to consider divorcing him definitively. Meanwhile, another robbery occurs in Medellin.

Friday 17 May 2019
Episode 35

Freddy is very bothered by the presence of his mother's friend in the house, so he decides to kick him out, only for the man to die days later.

Monday 20 May 2019
Episode 36

Yadira asks Ivan for a divorce, leaving Ivan disappointed and sad. Meanwhile, a drunken Daniela visits Pibe to get her daughter back.

Tuesday 21 May 2019
Episode 37

Ivan makes a decision to live with Viviana, but she makes it clear that she's in a relationship with Manolo and won't get back together with him.

Wednesday 22 May 2019
Episode 38

As Freddy continues his awful streak of bad luck as a football player, bad vibes generate between himself and his wife Diana.

Thursday 23 May 2019
Episode 39

Ivan and Viviana get back together, prompting Ivan to propose; that same day, he learns that he won't be called up to play for the national team.

Friday 24 May 2019
Episode 40

After assaulting a journalist and anchor, the team make the decision to fire Pibe and call in Ivan as his replacement.

Monday 27 May 2019
Episode 41

Ivan loses interest in getting married to Viviana after a conversation with his mother but finds a way to avoid hurting her feelings too much.

Tuesday 28 May 2019
Episode 42

After the Colombian national team loses the first game in the Copa America against Peru, they win against Ecuador and all despair is forgotten.

Wednesday 29 May 2019
Episode 43

The second game is played against Brazil; sadly, the Colombian team loses the match 3-0, with Higuita accidentally scoring for Brazil.

Thursday 30 May 2019
Episode 44

Ivan never gets to his wedding; the families are devastated, and a humiliated and disappointed Viviana decides to abandon him.

Friday 31 May 2019
Episode 45

After a fruitful game against Paraguay, Colombia win on penalties - and Freddy's performance catches Real Madrid's eye once again.

Premiere episodes of Football Dreams air on EVA from Mondays to Fridays at 14h00. The primetime reboradcast airs at 20h00.

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