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Gangaa Teasers - October 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Gangaa Teasers on 11 Oct 2018
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Zee World's new series Gangaa premieres on Thursday, 18 October at 21h00, replacing Begusarai, which ends the night before.

If you've missed the preview for it, you'll find it here: Coming soon: Gangaa - Zee World's new 21h00 novela

These are the first teasers: 

Thursday 18 October 2018
Episode 1

Story about a little girl who only loves two things in life, her papa and her self-respect. She gets married off at a tender age, unfortunately a tragic event occurs that causes her to lose her papa and her husband on the same day.

Friday 19 October 2018
Episode 2

Sudha tries to forcefully cut off Gangaa's hair. Niranjan saves Gangaa from Sudha and the other widows, soon after he makes a bold decision. We get introduced to Niranjan's family and now his mother starts to question who Gangaa is.

Saturday 20 October 2018
Episode 3

Amma puts Niranjan in a very difficult position as he has to choose between her and Gangaa. Gangaa realises that in order for her to gain entry into Niranjan's house, she will have to befriend his son, Sagar.

Sunday 21 October 2018
Episode 4

In the early parts of the morning, Gangaa disappears and everyone is looking for her. Mairi steals jewellery from Madhvi and blames Gangaa. Niranjan finds her looking for her father just to perform his last rights.

Monday 22 October 2018
Episode 5

Gangaa realises that she will have to keep Sagar happy in order for her to continue staying there. Sagar asks Gangaa to be by his school at 12 pm sharp, only problem is Gangaa is trapped inside the house. How will she get out? 

Tuesday 23 October 2018
Episode 6

The vendor sees the cloth rope hanging from the terrace and decides to climb up. Gangaa gets shouted at by Niranjan and he stops talking to her. Prabha takes advantage of the situation as she manipulates Gangaa into doing all the chores.

Wednesday 24 October 2018
Episode 7

Niranjan buys shoes for Gangaa. Prabha tries her best to get rid of Gangaa and she asks Amma to help. Gangaa and Sagar become very close as Gangaa stands up for him. Niranjan makes a very tough and heart breaking decision.

Thursday 25 October 2018
Episode 8

Prabha's plan comes to fruition as Gangaa leaves with Rashmi and her husband. Turns out that Rashmi had her own hidden agenda why she wanted to adopt Gangaa so soon. Gangaa calls to speak with Sagar, but he refuses to hear her out.

Friday 26 October 2018
Episode 9

Gangaa leaves home just to help Sagar in the nick of time to win the kite flying competition. Rashmi, Amma and Prabha's plan for Gangaa is on the verge of being ruined as Gangaa tells Niranjan about her new baby sister. 

Saturday 27 October 2018
Episode 10

Niranjan finds out that Rashmi indeed does have a daughter and as a result he takes Gangaa away. Yash decides to teach Gangaa a lesson. What could he possible have planned?

Sunday 28 October 2018
Episode 11

Amma takes it upon herself to teach Gangaa the rules and regulations of being a widow. Madhvi asks Niranjan to organise a promotion for Ratan, but he refuses. Sagar calls Gangaa in the early hours of the morning just to give her food. 

Monday 29 October 2018
Episode 12

Sagar and Gangaa work together to fool Maharaj and Amma. Gangaa saves Amma from an attacking dog. Gangaa is stuck between telling the truth and lying. Which will she choose?

Tuesday 30 October 2018
Episode 13

Niranjan refuses to believe that Gangaa stole the food. Madhvi and Gangaa appear to be getting closer. Gangaa chooses to still go through with the fast. Is this a disaster waiting to happen?

Wednesday 31 October 2018
Episode 14

Gangaa now has to deal with  all of the obstacles Sudha puts in her way. Sagar tries his best to make her break her fast, but Gangaa shows how stubborn and determined she really is to finish.

Premiere episodes of Gangaa air on Zee World from Mondays to Sundays at 21h00.

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