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Gebroke Harte Teasers - October 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Gebroke Harte Teasers on 02 Oct 2018
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On Monday, 1 October, eExtra introduced a new two-hour block of Afrikaans programming called KuierTyd.

It airs from 19h00 to 21h00 during weeknights, and from 20h00 to 21h00 on weekends, and features a new Afrikaans telenovela called Gebroke Harte at 19h00, followed by a news bulletin at 20h00 and a news discussion show called Nuusdag Perspektief at 20h30.

The telenovela is a Turkish show - originally titled Paramparça - and the South African voiceover artists who've dubbed it include Carmen Maarman, Marcelle van Heerden, Desiré Gardner and Abdu Adams.

Here's a look at the storyline, followed by the teasers:

The story follows two women, Gülseren and Dilara, whose lives become intertwined after their babies are accidentally switched at birth.

Fifteen years later, Gülseren lives with her ‘adoptive’ daughter Hazal and sister-in-law Keriman in a modest apartment and Dilara lives with her ‘adoptive’ daughter Cansu and biological son Ozan in a luxurious villa in the seashore of Bosphorus.

As Gülseren works hard to make ends meet, Dilara's relationship with her husband Cihan, a rich businessman, is on the brink of collapse. The drama comes to a head as the ladies’ lives cross paths again.

Monday 1 October 2018
Episode 1

A young woman is destitute, Gülseren is in the last days of her pregnancy. After she had done her shopping, an inexperienced female driver hits Gülseren with her car and on the way to the hospital her water breaks and she goes into labor.

Tuesday 2 October 2018
Episode 2

Dilara Gurpinar, a member of a wealthy family arrives at the hospital for delivery at the same time with Gülseren. They had similar surnames and one mistake of an absent-minded nurse changes the destinies of the two babies.

Wednesday 3 October 2018
Episode 3

Cansu has an accident, and because of a kidney failure, the family had to be tested as well. The test results reveal that Cansu is not the daughter of Cihan and Dilara. Cansu finds out the truth overhearing her parent's argument.

Thursday 4 October 2018
Episode 4

Cansu and Hazal turns 15 without knowing the truth. DNA samples of Cihan and his wife Dilara are needed after their daughter was in a tragic car accident and a bitter truth is revealed while Gülseren was abandoned by her reckless husband.

Friday 5 October 2018
Episode 5

After her boss's sexual harassment, Gülseren quits and finds another job as a waitress in a cafe. Cansu finds out where Gülseren works and tells her the truth. Cansu confesses to Dilara that she found out her biological mother and father.

Monday 8 October 2018
Episode 6

Hazal finds out where Cihan works and visits him. Alper calls his wife Solmaz and tells her about what he has just found out. Gülseren's husband's sister Keriman gives a call to Gülseren's husband in Germany in order to tell him the truth.

Tuesday 9 October 2018
Episode 7

Gülseren visits Cansu's school to see her while Dilara and Hazal spend an entire day together. Gülseren and Cihan meet again to talk about the situation and Cihan is assuring Gülseren that they don't intend to take Hazal away from her.

Wednesday 10 October 2018
Episode 8

When Dilara and Hazal go shopping together, Gülseren panics and thinks that Cihan and Dilara have kidnapped Hazal. She is worried that Hazal might prefer to live with her biological. Cihan's father Rahmi backs from Russia after 10 years.

Thursday 11 October 2018
Episode 9

Gülseren finds Hazal at home with brand new presents and this drives her crazy. Hazal's psychology changes and she acts different even with her friends at school. Alper blackmails Cihan because he thinks Cihan has a child with another woman.

Friday 12 October 2018
Episode 10

Cihan finally confesses his feelings to Gülseren and she cannot resist her feelings either.  Hazal decides to throw herself in front of a motorcycle to get her biological family's attention and luckily got away with minor injuries.

Monday 15 October 2018
Episode 11

Cansu decides to visit Gülseren at home but Keriman welcomes her, she finally meets her biological aunt. Dilara realizes that there is something between Cihan and Gülseren. Cihan insists on getting divorced but Dilara refuses.

Tuesday 16 October 2018
Episode 12

Gülseren finds a new job in a textile mill. Cihan found out where she works and starts talking about their mutual feelings. Her husband frequently calls his sister Keriman from Germany, asks her to claim on mortgage in order to pay his bail.

Wednesday 17 October 2018
Episode 13

Cihan gets private health insurance and private pension plans for both Hazal and Gülseren and he starts to search for a private school for Hazal. Gülseren drops her necklace in Cihan's car but Rahmi finds it in Cihan's pocket.

Thursday 18 October 2018
Episode 14

Cihan wants to terminate their partnership with Alper. Alper threatens Dilara that he would reveal the secret between them in case of termination of their business partnership. Cihan sets up a plan with Derya for a better job for Gülseren.

Friday 19 October 2018
Episode 15

Gülseren and Hazal come to dinner to Cihan and Dilara's place. Keriman joins the dinner as well and asks for money for Hazal again. Rahmi jumps in and shows Gülseren's necklace and asks for an explanation. Everybody's shocked.

Monday 22 October 2018
Episode 16

After Rahmi showed Gülseren's necklace, everybody blames Gülseren, thinking she seduced Cihan.  Ozkan stabs one of his friends during a fight and is taken into custody by the police. Dilara goes crazy and blames Cihan.

Tuesday 23 October 2018
Episode 17

Everybody misunderstands Gülseren. Hazal says that she's ashamed of being her daughter. Cihan asks his father to leave their house. Hazal finds out that her father regularly sends money to her but Keriman kept it for herself.

Wednesday 24 October 2018
Episode 18

Dilara calls and asks Hazal to live with them. Cihan already left home and thinks that their marriage ended long time ago. Keriman and Gülseren argue at home and she slaps Keriman since she blames her being unfaithful.

Thursday 25 October 2018
Episode 19

Keriman swears to take revenge on Gülseren and calls her brother to tell him that Gülseren is cheating on him. Gülseren begs Hazal to come back home but she refuses. Hazal infuriates Dilara because of her spoiled, unpolished behaviour.

Friday 26 October 2018
Episode 20

Everyone is shocked with the news in magazines which says that Gülseren is Cihan's forbidden love for 15 years and Hazal is their illegitimate child. Keriman accepts to mortgage the house for bail but she is swindled by a lawyer.

Monday 29 October 2018
Episode 21

Cansu leaves home, leaving a letter behind her for Dilara and Cihan. Everyone starts looking for her. Gülseren sends an email to Cansu about her feelings and Cansu believes her sincerity and calls her to come over and get her.

Tuesday 30 October 2018
Episode 22

Hazal gets worried about her status at home and pretends to be on her best behaviour. Keriman wants to make peace with Gülseren and apologizes to her while Dilara and Rahmi device a sneaky plan.

Wednesday 31 October 2018
Episode 23

Rahmi goes to a recording studio and changes Gülseren's words. After Cihan's confrontation with Dilara about the fake phone recording, Cihan's father Rahmi confesses the truth to him, trying to gain ground on Dilara.

Premiere episodes of Gebroke Harte air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 19h00. The omnibus airs on Sundays from 14h00.

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