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Imbewu: The Seed Teasers - June 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Imbewu Teasers on 24 May 2018
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Coming up on Imbewu: The Seed this June 2018:

Friday 1 June 2018
Episode 35

Nganono stands with Zakithi before the board. Zithu is asked to give his credit card to Bangizwe. Shria stands with Mira against Nirupa. 

Monday 4 June 2018
Episode 36

Zakithi confronts Logan, accusing him of calling the board meeting. He denies it, but admits he felt the board should have acted against her.

Zakithi plays her secret green-co hand. In the aftermath, Logan admits he judged Zakhiti unfairly. Zakithi finds out about Zithulele’s credit card fraud. Phakade encourages MaNdlovu to make things right with Zakhiti.

Nirupa shocks Mira when she invites Adam around for another dinner. 

Tuesday 5 June 2018
Episode 37

Zakithi can’t bring herself to fire Zithulele, and passes the buck to Shria to deal with him as she sees fit. Zakithi refuses to sign Maluju’s redistribution contract until she’s made some drastic cuts to it, much to Shria’s horror.

It becomes clear that a deep seated issue lies between Zakhiti and MaZulu, but MaZulu seems unprepared to discuss it, much to Zakithi’s outrage.

The dinner with Adam and the Rampersads goes well and Nirupa becomes open to the idea of seeing what the future holds for him and Mira. Zithulele keeps ducking and diving and Bangizwe and is elated when a top singer signs up to perform at his gig.

Wednesday 6 June 2018
Episode 38

Zakithi can’t stop her mother from joining her for a morning run, which turns into a morning walk. Mira asks her mother for permission to let Adam come over and change, to which she agrees. Nirupa then discovers a box of condoms in Mira’s bag.

Shria decides to protect Zithulele, but then learns of an official complaint being lodged against him, which neither she nor Zakhiti can ignore. Zithulele discovers with a shock that the Oswenka event he envisions is not at all what Msobho wants.

Maluju’s key distributor discovers, to his dismay, that his contractual agreement with Ngcolosi has been overridden and reduced by Zakhiti.

Thursday 7 June 2018
Episode 39

Zakithi and Ngcolosi clash over Bra Tiny but he eventually comes around. Zithulele quits Maluju, causing a stir amongst the family. Nirupa is devastated by the discovery of the box of condoms.

The matriarch's agree to play matchmaker for Zakhiti to try find her a husband. MaZulu struggles to recover from her running exploits.

Friday 8 June 2018
Episode 40

Nganono lets Zithulele know that he is there for him. Nirupa confronts Mira and Adam, and becomes convinced they’re having sex. MaZulu uses the morning jog to probe Zakhiti about her love life, and, satisfied that there are no prospects, later plots with MaNdlovu to find a suitable candidate.

Zithulele, energised by his resignation from Maluju, tackles preparations for the Oswenka show which has finally arrived. Zakithi apologises to Shria for hurting her feelings but stands by what she said, leaving Shria disgruntled.

Bra Tiny returns to Zakithi to beg for the contract. Bongi is impressed by Zakhiti but Bangizwe warns that the staff will be targeted next. Msobho leaves home for the show, but collapses on the street.

Monday 11 June 2018
Episode 41

Shria tells Zakhiti that staff members receive 13th cheques without their performances being evaluated. Zakithi looks to change this. The staff members feel threatened by Zakithi’s planned changes and Bangizwe urges them to resist until Ngcolosi and Pranav return from overseas.

Phunyuka learns about the staff members’ discontent and goes to warn MaNdlovu and MaZulu about it. Zithulele discovers that Msobho collapsed and is shocked to find him bedridden in a clinic.

Zithulele delivers this unfortunate news to the Oswenka crew and has to encourage them to go on with the show in msobho’s absence. Thando finds that Mira did not sleep at home, Nirupa calls Buhle. 

Tuesday 12 June 2018
Episode 42

Phunyuka informs MaNdlovu and MaZulu of staff unrest at Maluju. Mazulu thinks they should stay out of it, but MaNdlovu resolves to confront Zakithi. Meanwhile, Bangizwe demands a meeting to discuss the 13th cheque situation.

When the meeting descends into protest, MaNdlovu’s fears are realised. Meanwhile, Mira tells Buhle about the condom embarrassment.

At the Oswenka show, Zithulele misses Msobho, but is happy when the old man arrives in the nick of time, setting the stage for a memorable finale.

Finally, also at the show, Zakhiti castigates Nganono for caving to the staff, and Nirupa and Mira finally reconcile.  

Wednesday 13 June 2018
Episode 43

MaNdlovu wants to call a board meeting, but Zakithi convinces her otherwise. Mira tells her mother that she didn't sleep with Adam.

MaZulu tells Zakithi she tried to protect her all those years ago. Bangizwe misrepresents the talk he had with Nganono to the workers. Zethu is appointed alongside Bangizwe.

Zithulele pays Zakithi back. The meeting with the reps starts well, but breaks down. Futhi has earned a scholarship to study outside of KZN. Zakithi removes Nganono from the decision-making regarding the bonuses.

Thursday 14 June 2018
Episode 44

Mira breaks up with Adam and urges Buhle to put herself out there. Lindiwe and Nomusa are introduced and it’s learned that Lindiwe is having a fling with the manager of Emsamo, much to Nomusa’s consternation.

MaZulu and Zakithi’s relationship continues to deteriorate. At the same time, Zakithi is losing control of the workers and it’s up to Nganono to rescue the situation. This puts even more strain on their relationship. Futhi returns home, afraid to tell her mom that she plans to study in Cape Town. 

Friday 15 June 2018
Episode 45

Zakithi fires Nganono. Livid Shria insists that Zakithi must reinstate Nganono but Zakithi refuses. Secretly though, Zakithi is pained by what she has done.

Desperate Shria phones Zithulele in the hope that he can help. Mira encourages Buhle to post some selfies online. Thu Sheleni flirts with Nomusa.

Futhi can’t yet bring herself to tell her parents that she’s been accepted to the University of Johannesburg but Phakade and Namadonsela find out about it anyway. Bangizwe urges the Maluju staff to keep fighting for their rights.

Monday 18 June 2018
Episode 46

No teaser available.

Tuesday 19 June 2018
Episode 47

Bangizwe takes a stand against Zakithi and refuses to back down. Zakithi retaliates by calling in security. Thu Sheleni cleans himself up for Nomusa’s, but learns from Zithulele that she’s not that kind of girl.

MaZulu establishes the real reason MaNdlovu is calling a board meeting, and warns Nganono of her true motivations.

Namadonsela asks Futhi outright about the letter. And Phakade is informed by Macingwane of a crisis in the family which forces him to seek it out. 

Wednesday 20 June 2018
Episode 48

Zakithi’s forcible removal of Maluju staff hits newspaper headlines, triggering a board meeting. But when Zakithi refuses to reconsider any of her decisions, she is suspended.

MaNdlovu wants to appoint Nganono as acting CEO, but her plan is derailed when the board vote for Shria instead. MaZulu angrily confronts MaNdlovu, accusing her of being responsible for Maluju not having a Bhengu at the helm for the first time in it’s history.

Meanwhile, Thu Sheleni is distressed to learn Zenzele is trying out for a bar job at Emsamo, fearing he will steal Nomusa’s interest. 

Thursday 21 June 2018
Episode 49

Mira feels that Shria posting on twitter about being acting-CEO is going too far.  Nirupa warns Shria against doing anything crazy at Maluju; but Shria believes this is an opportunity to be seized. Lindiwe pulls out the high-heels to snag Zenzele.

Bickering between her and MaNdlovu thwarts MaZulu’s plan to unify Nganono and Zakithi. Futhi googles her destination and is horrified with all the dangers that await. Lindiwe's plan backfires when Shukela thinks she is trying to make him jealous.

Shria finds out if she can reinstate Nganono, and assures Pranav there's no reason to rush back. Nomusa also makes a go for Zenzele. 
Friday 22 June 2018
Episode 50

Phakade is relieved to learn that MaCingwane cannot expose his secret but is devastated to learn that there is still no way around the Umemulo.

Futhi grows desperate to reconcile with her mother and begins doubting pursuing the scholarship as her mother’s fears about life overseas take stronger hold. The gloves come off between Lindiwe and Nomusa in their battle for Zenzele as Nomusa declares that she’s up for the challenge after all.

Lindiwe sabotages Nomusa at every turn, grows overly familiar with Zenzele and misinterprets Zenzele’s chivalry when he defends her against a physical attack from Shukela as proof of his affections.  

Monday 25 June 2018
Episode 51

Ngcolosi returns and accuses his family of not standing together and causing chaos at Maluju. MaZulu stands up for Zakithi’s decision-making in front of Ngcolosi and MaNdlovu.

Phakade asks Zakithi for advice on Futhi’s scholarship and the merits and disadvantages of living overseas. He tells Namadonsela that they should encourage Futhi to go but she does not like this at all.

MaCingwane again warns Phakade to right the wrongs or the Bhengu’s will continue to suffer. Nomusa and Lindiwe battle to gain Zenzele’s attention and affections and the competition between them spirals out of control.

Tuesday 26 June 2018
Episode 52

Zakithi considers leaving for overseas again. Ngcolosi is left with a dilemma, as he tries to accommodate Nganono and Zakithi at Maluju.

Despite being hailed as a saviour, Shria is asked to step down. Thu Sheleni challenges Zenzele in a duel to reclaim his honour but loses. Futhi struggles with her decision about leaving KwaZulu Natal. 

Wednesday 27 June 2018
Episode 53

Ngcolosi has set new terms for Zakithi’s employment, but is sorely disappointed when she refuses to accept them. She wants to be COO, no strings attached, or nothing at all.

Buhle is mortified by Zenzele’s presence and wants to leave Emsamo, but as Murphy’s Law would have it, the two meet in a collision of Hollywood proportions.

Concurrently, Nomusa urges Lindiwe to stop her pursuit of Zenzele, but Lindiwe is certain she’ll bag him. Namadonsela prays for her daughter to stay and MaNdlovu implores Ngcolosi to let Zakithi go.

Thursday 28 June 2018
Episode 54

Zakithi challenges Ngcolosi, suggesting his new terms are designed to pander to Nganono’s ego. Ngcolosi rebuffs him, suggesting Zakithi doesn’t care of her family.

At Emsamo: Shria learns Nganono is making a play for COO, and she is behind the curve. 

Friday 29 June 2018
Episode 55

Zenzele’s attempts to woo Buhle end terribly when Thu Sheleni sabotages him. Zenzele makes it clear to Lindiwe, he’s not interested. And finally, Thu Sheleni and Nomusa agree to go for a date.

Phakade confesses to MaNdlovu that MaCingwane knows their secret.

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