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Days of Our Lives Teasers - May 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Days of Our Lives Teasers on 20 Apr 2018
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Coming up on Days of Our Lives this April 2018:

Monday 1 May 2018
Episode 12538

Eve and JJ make plans to meet up at her place, clearly intending to sleep together again. They’re interrupted by Roxanne, who’s freaking out over Jennifer’s call. JJ tries his best to convince her to stick to their plan and charms her back at her hotel room. A jealous Eve shows up, and Roxanne flees – this is all too weird for her! 

Paige helps Maggie prepare for the charity drive and nearly sees the telltale jacket. She opens up about JJ and also her mom, which leads her to seek out Eve.

Will confides in Marlena, who urges him to talk things out with Sonny and suggests couples therapy. 

Tuesday 2 May 2018
Episode 12539

Jennifer finds Eve in bed with JJ and is stunned. She lashes out at Eve and it turns physical before JJ can finally separate them. Jennifer leaves in disgust, and JJ rushes to catch up with his mom in the square. He tries to explain but Jennifer rips into him… just as a curious Paige arrives.

Will finds Paul in Sonny’s hospital room, and reacts with jealousy. Sonny drops a bombshell: he’s leaving Salem to recuperate. Sonny hugs Will and tells him he loves him, then goes. 

Adrienne and Lucas both pull back before they kiss. 

Wednesday 3 May 2018
Episode 12540

Melanie has a run-in with Theresa and reaffirms to Nicole that she is dropping the whole Mandrake thing – but Theresa overhears Melanie and blasts her for nosing into her life.

Paige almost overhears JJ’s secret but he and Jennifer cover. JJ then follows his mother home to explain why he slept with Eve.  As a despondent JJ abandons all hope of ever getting another chance with the girl he loves, Jennifer is struck with an idea. 

Thursday 4 May 2018
Episode 12541

Jennifer consoles her grieving, emotionally wrecked son. Jennifer takes some responsibility for what happened, feeling her lifelong feud with Eve played a large part in this. Meanwhile, Eve tries to convince Paige to leave town (before Jennifer can tell her about the affair). Paige refuses. 

Eric counsels Theresa to stay away from Melanie, Melanie bristles at Brady's defense of his ex.  

Serena is thrilled to locate the missing elephant and makes plans to visit Melanie to retrieve it. Later, she receives a visit from a dangerous woman who threatens that Serena’s time is almost up.

Friday 5 May 2018
Episode 12542

Jennifer tries to force Eve to agree to her ultimatum. When Paige runs into them, Eve realizes Jennifer is not bluffing about telling her daughter about her affair with JJ, so she reluctantly gives in. 

Ben learns Jordan has been offered a dream job out of town. He convinces his sister he will be fine alone in Salem, and she agrees to take the job. 

Will confronts Paul about his continued presence in Salem, accusing him of sticking around to make a play for Sonny. Paul forces Will to accept responsibility for his infidelity. 

Monday 8 May 2018
Episode 12543

Adrienne overhears Will and Paul talking about their affair and lets them have it. Adrienne admits to Justin that she kissed Lucas, but they stopped because it was wrong. Curious, she wonders if he can say the same thing about him and Elsa. 

John and Marlena go on a date at Edge of the Square and run into Paul, who’s there with his mother, Tori. However, before John can meet Tori, she manages to disappear. 

Preparing to leave town for a new job, Jordan says a touching good-bye to Rafe.

Chad claims he wants to start fresh with Ben and Abigail but they don’t buy it. Later, Ben makes a special meal for Abigail and things heat up. At the same time, Chad returns home and Kate razzes him about losing another love. 

Tuesday 9 May 2018
Episode 12544

JJ confides to Jennifer he is definitely going to try reuniting with Paige. Jennifer, having second thoughts, warns her son a number of things could prevent this from working out. 

Earlier, Daniel bumps into Paige, who’s making plans for a date with Cole. Later, JJ interrupts Cole and Paige. JJ makes a heartfelt apology and declaration of love to Paige.

Rafe and Maggie are concerned about Victor’s apparent depression. However, Rafe soon realizes Victor is playing a game to get Clyde to let down his guard. 

Stefano decides to seek help – from Victor!

Wednesday 10 May 2018
Episode 12545

Stefano calls Victor with an unusual request: he wants to collaborate on getting payback against Kate. 

Eric wakes up with Serena, surprised to find her somewhat preoccupied. Serena, knowing she is close to completing her mission, lays the groundwork for perhaps having to leave Salem. 

After learning Melanie can’t make it to dinner, Nicole arrives at Daniel’s apartment and waits for him, wearing a sexy dress. However, Serena shows up instead, hoping to switch the elephant statues.

Thursday 11 May 2018
Episode 12546

At Daniel’s apartment, Serena is startled when she discovers she’s not alone and drops the two elephant statues. Serena tries to figure out which of the two statues is the one she has come to get. Daniel arrives, and she has to make a quick choice. 

Lucas visits Will, who is busy going over all his notes on the story he did about Paul. Will’s trying to find anything he can use to push his rival to leave Salem. 

Friday 12 May 2018
Episode 12547

Stefano and Chad anticipate the impending DiMera board meeting, confident they will finally be able to kick Kate to the curb. Meanwhile, Kate celebrates with Victor. She reveals not only will she use Victor’s intel to outwit Stefano again but she’ll also get rid of Chad and become the sole CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

JJ admits to Jennifer he tried to get back together with Paige but she shot him down – hard.  However, he’s not giving up. Later, Paige and Theresa go to the student lounge, where Paige is set to perform in a music showcase. However, Paige soon realizes JJ is there to perform, too.

Monday 15 May 2018
Episode 12548

Kate and Chad are stunned by Stefano’s surprise appearance in Salem for the DiMera board meeting. Stefano declares new leadership is required, and his assistant passes out an exciting new proposal to the board members. 

After realizing their kids are both scheduled to perform at the college music showcase, Jennifer warns Eve never to go near her son again. Eve points out that’s impossible if JJ and Paige get back together. A vulnerable JJ is alone in the student lounge when Eve approaches him.

Melanie and Brady make love during her break from work. He gets around to asking about her time in Europe, and Melanie clouds over a bit. 

Tuesday 16 May 2018
Episode 12549

Kate accuses Stefano of setting her up, which he deftly denies. The DiMera board members quickly vote Kate out and make Stefano the CEO once again. Stefano then demotes Chad but tells his son he will teach him the ropes so he can one day take over. 

Daniel breaks up a fight between Theresa and Melanie. Eve tries to talk to JJ, who refuses to listen. Paige arrives, and Eve is forced to allow JJ to speak with her daughter alone. JJ urges Paige to meet with him later but she leaves without giving him a definite answer. 

Wednesday 17 May 2018
Episode 12550

Justin comes to say good-bye to Adrienne. He’s going back to Dubai to finish his deal, and Adrienne guesses that means he’s going back to Elsa, too. 

Paul is set to leave Salem, but John asks him to reconsider because of the charity event. Brady swears he didn’t use drugs, and while Daniel looks over the blood panel, Melanie takes matters into her own hands and goes after Theresa. Theresa is busy with Clint and it looks like he might drug her, too, but instead they have sex.

Thursday 18 May 2018
Episode 12551

Jennifer bolsters JJ for his possible reunion with Paige, while Daniel and Abigail start to twig to the idea that JJ's been keeping a secret. Paige blows off Cole to meet with JJ, who makes his pitch to reunite. JJ tells Paige he cannot live without her and asks if she will give him another chance.

Will puts the screws to Tori, telling her he will reveal to Paul her secret – that Paul's father is a DiMera. Tori doesn’t confirm or deny, she just promises to get Paul out of town immediately after the little league benefit. 

As Eric confides his worry to Marlena that Serena may be leaving town, Nicole challenges Serena over her assertion that there is only one elephant statue. 
Friday 19 May 2018
Episode 12552

Sonny and Will argue about Paul as Will defends that he has a right to know as much as possible about his “competition.” Lucas arrives and interrupts. While Sonny reunites with Arianna in the other room, Will tells Lucas about his theory that Paul’s father is a DiMera and Tori’s covering it up. 

Paige has slowly been drawn back to JJ but still has to wonder: is there anything he hasn’t told her? JJ hesitates, then follows with an impassioned speech about how he made the mistake of losing her once and given another chance, he’ll never make that mistake again. 

Serena returns to her hotel to find the room trashed. She gets a call from her contact, Navidad, who levels a warning: “he” is out of patience. Serena has no more time left to deliver on her mission.

Daniel and Nicole have a sexy, close moment as she finishes shaving him…

Monday 22 May 2018
Episode 12553

Sonny lets Will know he ran into Paul upon returning to Salem, and Will’s fears and paranoia come charging to the surface.  Adrienne comes to visit Sonny and admits she knows about Will’s affair. 

Serena finally gets her hands on the contents of the mysterious elephant statue, revealing a stash of precious diamonds. 

Abigail visits Ben for a night of homework and a little romance. Ben throws her for a loop when he asks her to move in with him. She insists she’s flattered but isn’t ready to take that next step. 

Tuesday 23 May 2018
Episode 12554

Melanie picks up Brady, who’s being released from the hospital. Daniel reveals Brady wasn’t given any other drugs besides the tranquilizer. They wonder why someone might have drawn blood from him.

Later, Clint drugs Theresa and finally manages to draw her blood. He’s about to leave when Melanie arrives… and several of his vials fall to the floor.

Serena tells Eric she finished phase one of her research. Eric fears this means she might leave Salem soon.  Kate packs her things to move out of the mansion. She assures Chad she doesn’t hold her removal from the board against him. 

Wednesday 24 May 20188
Episode 12555

Nicole and Daniel get into a big argument about how he keeps pushing her away, and it finally comes out that he’s still upset about Eric.

Xander confronts Serena about stalling and making excuses about the diamonds. He makes a veiled threat about what will happen to her if she doesn’t turn them over. Serena won’t give him anything without assurances about her cut…and Eric’s safety. 

Jennifer has a private word with Eve, telling her Paige and JJ are getting back together. Eve thinks Jenn’s getting ahead of herself. Later, Eve corners JJ at school, and they get into a heated argument. 

Melanie asks Clint about the vials. He claims he’s a vet and she doesn’t believe him. Wasted Theresa comes out from the bedroom, and Melanie wonders if she’s okay. 

Thursday 25 May 2018
Episode 12556

Serena’s caught off guard by Eric’s arrival at her hotel room while she’s with Xander. It’s revealed Xander also knew Eric back in Africa, and Xander handles it smoothly, claiming he wants Serena to write an article about his new company. Eric suggests they all have dinner together. 

Daniel intensely questions JJ about Paige, Roxanne, and finally the leather coat he borrowed last fall. JJ’s rocked but admits nothing. He then calls Jennifer to say he thinks Daniel knows about him and Eve! Jennifer heads over to confront Daniel. 

Friday 26 May 2018
Episode 12557

Theresa confides to Eve she’s finally getting the best of Melanie, believing her rival is jealous. Later, her good mood is ruined when she reads Clint’s goodbye note.

Jennifer stonewalls Daniel, who makes it clear he knows what happened between Eve and JJ. Jennifer continues to deny and urges him to back off. Nicole arrives and when she eavesdrops on their conversation, she mistakenly believes Daniel is trying to reunite with Jennifer. 

JJ learns from Paige that she told Daniel she once believed he slept with her mother all those months ago because of the jacket left in the living room. JJ barely covers his nerves – he is even more convinced Daniel knows the truth. Later, Jennifer comes home and confirms this. 

T realizes Will cheated on Sonny. They both learn Sonny left the club with Paul, and Will charges out to find them. Meanwhile, Paul has a heart-to-heart with Sonny. 

Monday 28 May 2018
Episode 12558

Eve comforts Theresa, who’s feeling lonely and emotional but isn’t exactly sure why. She knows it can’t just be about Clint leaving. Maggie gets a call from Sarah, and Melanie remembers her grandmother was once a surrogate – and this privately sparks a crazy theory. 

Kate stokes Ben's jealousy of Chad by suggesting that the young DiMera is now free to pursue Abigail now that Jordan is gone. 

Kate complains to Lucas about Stefano's treachery but Lucas calls her on her own machinations. He’s appalled when he realizes she may have her eye on his job.  
Tuesday 29 May 2018
Episode 12559

Eve meets up with Cole, plotting to break up JJ and Paige in a way that keeps her hands clean.  JJ reluctantly goes to Daniel, who seeks confirmation of his suspicions. JJ finally admits he slept with Eve. But he also makes it clear he wants to be with Paige, which means keeping the truth from her.

Serena meets up with Xander, and they talk about their past relationship – which Serena now regrets. It led to her helping him smuggle diamonds. 

Will downplays his problems with Sonny to Rafe. Meanwhile, Sonny thanks Paul for donating blood when he was stabbed. Paul explains he didn’t tell Sonny because he didn’t want him feeling he owed Paul anything.    

Ben apologizes to Abigail for making the snide comment about EJ. Ben admits he felt threatened by Chad and was jealous he and Abigail connected over her father’s book. 

Wednesday 30 May 2018
Episode 12560

Will tells Lucas he’s determined to go ahead with the article revealing Paul is actually a DiMera unless Paul leaves town. Lucas warns his son it will backfire.  

At the square, everyone gathers to set up for the charity benefit. Marlena makes a surprising discovery when she gets an accidental peek at Will’s tablet and sees the article he’s working on about Paul. She’s horrified to learn he’s blackmailing Paul’s mother. 

A vulnerable Adrienne reveals Justin confirmed he’d been having an affair and so far as she knows, he’s gone back to Dubai to resume it.  She and Lucas come together in a kiss – and it’s clear they won’t stop there.

Chad thanks Stefano for helping him plant the quotes about Jack’s book – it succeeded in making Abigail see him in a better light. 

Melanie runs into Theresa and might reveal the suspicions she’s having about Theresa’s pregnancy but they end up fighting so Melanie keeps it to herself. 
Thursday 31 May 2018
Episode 12561

John and Aiden’s fundraiser for underprivileged kids is in full swing, and while Ciara and Chase have fun, Aiden and Hope share a little romance. 

After Will realizes John might be Paul’s father, he deletes the article on Paul and tells Marlena he’s seen the light.  John tells Marlena he ran into Tori – he had a one night stand with her years ago when Kristen married Tony and Marlena was working things out with Roman.

Marlena’s wheels begin to turn and she calls Will on the real reason he deleted his article – not because it was none of his business, but because Paul isn’t a DiMera, he’s really John’s child! 

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