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Bold and the Beautiful Teasers - March 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog The Bold And The Beautiful Teasers on 01 Mar 2018
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Coming up on Bold and the Beautiful this March 2018:

Thursday 1 March 2018
Episode 49 (7512)
As Steffy gushes about her new position as CEO of Forrester Creations, she soon learns that Thomas is offended and discouraged that he was not considered for the job. Quinn shares with Ridge the suggestion that she made to Eric in hopes that he agrees.

When Katie learns about Quinn and Ridge’s sudden friendship, and her interest in bringing the Forrester family back together, she becomes suspicious.

Friday 2 March 2018
Episode 50 (7513)
The Spencer brothers set aside their years of competition with the other when Wyatt reveals the real reason why he gave Steffy what she wanted. Pam gives Katie the scoop on what goes on behind the scenes of Quinn and Eric’s marriage.

Grateful for Quinn’s ingenious idea on how to not only bring the Forrester family back together, but repair his relationship with Eric, Ridge toasts his stepmother in a celebratory manner.

Monday 5 March 2018
Episode 51 (7514)
Upon his return from Genoa City, Eric offers Ridge the co-CEO position at Forrester Creations. Ridge happily accepts. Quinn watches the reconciliation she is responsible for with pure joy. Ridge offers to be the one to break the news to Steffy and Thomas.

At Il Giardino, Zende confides in Thomas that while he was away he realized that he wants his future to be with Nicole. Thomas admits to his friend that he’s been doing some soul searching too; and voices his unhappiness about Steffy being chosen as CEO and how he feels that she is Eric’s favorite grandchild.

When Zende leaves, Thomas continues to share his woes with a friendly stranger at the bar. Ridge is surprised by Steffy’s reaction to the news that they will be job-sharing at Forrester. Zende finds Nicole and admits how wrong he was and vows to continue to fight for her.

Tuesday 6 March 2018
Episode 52 (7515)
Ridge finds Thomas and tells him that a big announcement is going to be made at Forrester. This gives Thomas hope that he will get a promotion.

Thomas becomes angry when he finds out that it was Ridge who was promoted, and lays into his father about being overlooked for the position, having worked harder in the company than Steffy.

He lists all of the people ahead of him in line for the position before he would ever get the chance and announces to Ridge that it is time he begins to think about his own future.

Wednesday 7 March 2018
Episode 53 (7516)
Brooke returns from her trip to Europe and is stunned to find out that instead of ousting Quinn from Forrester Creations, and their lives, she made him co-CEO of the company. He tells her that he is one step closer to getting rid of Quinn, and that the new position was her idea.

Ridge attempts to distract Brooke with a kiss when she asks why Quinn would want this. Eric gathers his family together, gives a brief history of the company and then gives praise to each of his employees for their talents.

He then stuns the room with the announcement that Ridge will be co-CEO with Steffy. As Ridge makes a speech of gratitude, Brooke watches Ridge and Quinn exchange eye contact. Later, Rick and Thomas commiserate about when they will ever get their chance to be CEO.

Thursday 8 March 2018
Episode 54 (7517)
Rick and Thomas continue to sympathize with each other over being over-looked at FC. At the cliff house, Steffy tells Bill about her and Ridge being co-CEOs thanks to Quinn. Bill is stunned by Ridge and Quinn’s sudden friendship and hints that perhaps there was some breakthrough between them on their San Francisco trip.

Bill tells Liam and Steffy that he hasn’t given up on Brooke, that it’s just a matter of time before Ridge messes up and loses her. Quinn watches as Ridge kisses Brooke and displays a hint of jealousy.

Friday 9 March 2018
Episode 55 (7518)
Quinn and Ridge are put on the spot when Brooke confronts them about what secret they have been hiding from her. Ridge confesses to Brooke about his latest dealings with Quinn.

Rick feels as though he no longer has to be civil with Bill now that Brooke is no longer involved with him. Bill assures Rick that he and Brooke will reunite sooner or later given Ridge’s track record of breaking her heart.

Monday 12 March 2018
Episode 56 (7519)
Put off by Thomas’ sudden chilly attitude towards her, Steffy confronts her brother about his feelings regarding her being appointed Forrester Creations’ CEO. Thomas uses this opening to unload his true feelings about being overlooked for the position.

As Bill confesses to Brooke about how much he missed her while she was away, she reveals the real reason why she left. Ivy volunteers interesting suggestions to Liam regarding his pending nuptials to Steffy.

Tuesday 13 March 2018
Episode 57 (7520)
Ready to move on with his life without Steffy, Wyatt submits his resignation from Forrester Creations and asks for his job back at Spencer Publications. Bill recognizes Wyatt’s success at his former position and hopes to utilize his expertise within the family company.

Hoping to eradicate the tension between her and Thomas, Steffy offers to take him to lunch to delve more into his feelings of being betrayed by his family.

Wednesday 14 March 2018
Episode 58 (7521)
While discussing Katie’s personal life, Brooke questions her sister’s feelings when the topic of Eric is brought up. Katie is adamant that her relationship with Eric is strictly platonic, but, Brooke is not fully convinced.

Feeling considerably vulnerable in her marriage, Quinn confesses to Eric her overwhelming fear of losing him. Brooke pays a visit to Eric and reveals that Katie has a crush on him… a revelation which is overheard by Quinn.

Thursday 15 March 2018
Episode 59 (7522)
Determined to get Nicole to forgive him, Zende recruits members of his and her families to assist him in a plan to win her back for good. A reluctant Nicole is asked to be a model in a photo shoot for a new Forrester Creations line of clothing. Thomas finds great joy in the way that Steffy has been recently portrayed on social media.

Friday 16 March 2018
Episode 60 (7523)
Ecstatic about her engagement, Nicole shows off her ring to Maya and Vivienne. In a loving moment, Nicole asks her big sister to be her matron of honor. Zende makes a big request of his grandfather regarding the location of the nuptials.

Sasha shows up and passionately apologizes to Nicole begging to be invited to the wedding. Sally discovers online that Nicole and Zende are engaged. The Spectra gang discuss their upcoming fashion show but Sally is distracted by thoughts of Thomas. 

Monday 19 March 2018
Episode 61 (7524)
Zende greets his parents, Kristen and Tony, who have flown to Los Angeles to attend their son’s wedding. Nicole shares a tender moment with her parents before the wedding begins. Sasha expresses her gratitude to Nicole for allowing her to attend the wedding.

Pam tends to the caterers, bragging that she made the cake. Shirley enters the Spectra office with a couple of cakes, which gives Sally an idea about how to garner more publicity for Spectra. The sexual tension between Ridge and Quinn before the ceremony is palpable.

The wedding begins as Nicole appears at the top of the staircase ready to descend on Julius’ arms. Nicole notices the amazing gift that Zende made for her.

Tuesday 20 March 2018
Episode 62 (7525)
Carter is the Justice of the Peace at the wedding and begins the ceremony with a beautiful speech. Not at the wedding, Bill and Wyatt commiserate on their failed relationships.

Bill refuses to accept Brooke and Ridge’s engagement and becomes emotional thinking about his previous weddings with Brooke. Family members make heartfelt speeches before Zende and Nicole begin reciting their vows.

Wednesday 21 March 2018
Episode 63 (7526)
The attendants at the wedding all congratulate the newlyweds and the reception begins! Family members toast to Nicole and Zende. Before the reception is even over, Quinn has Nicole’s portrait taken down and her own put back up.

Thursday 22 March 2018
No Bold because of the cricket broadcast.
Friday 23 March 2018
No Bold because of the cricket broadcast.
Monday 26 March 2018
No Bold because of the cricket broadcast.

Tuesday 27 March 2018
Episode 64 (7527)
Ridge returns to the mansion having forgotten his keys. He and Quinn have a sexual-filled conversation. Bill surprises Brooke in her kitchen checking in on how she is feeling; as he learned from Liam that she was under the weather and did not attend the wedding.

Bill questions Brooke on why Ridge isn’t home by now and who he might be with. Ridge tells Quinn that he noticed her looking at him at the wedding and instructs her that she cannot look that way at him again; they continue to flirt.

Bill attempts to kiss Brooke, but she stops him. He assures her that they are destined to be together. Zende and Nicole discuss how they are leaving the following day for their exotic honeymoon.

Wednesday 28 March 2018
Episode 65 (7528)
Still fuming from what she witnessed the evening before, Ivy angrily confronts Quinn about her loyalty to Eric. Quinn attempts to justify her actions with Ivy by bringing up her past experiences and relationships with men.

Bill calls Liam to his office with the sole intention of hearing of any salacious details regarding Nicole and Zende’s wedding. Feeling a bit distracted from his last interaction with Quinn, Ridge questions Brooke about her desire to still marry him.

Thursday 29 March 2018
Episode 66 (7529)
Fresh from her confrontation with Ridge, Ivy feels compelled to have an informative conversation with Brooke before she plans her wedding.

Thomas’ months of bitterness and frustration at work comes to a head when Steffy criticizes the designs he has been tirelessly working on. Wanting to ensure that the Spectra Fashions’ debut is unsuccessful, Bill assigns a reluctant reporter to cover the event.

Friday 30 March 2018
Episode 67 (7530)
Excited by the media’s attendance to their debut, The Spectra Fashions gang pulls out all the stops to impress their guest.

Bill provides his resentful employee with specific instructions regarding the assignment on the Spectra debut. Knowing how her relationship with Thomas has become strained, Steffy assures her brother that being his sister is more important to her that being his boss.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs on SABC3 Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.


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