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This is Love Teasers - March 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog This is Love on 28 Feb 2018
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Coming up on This is Love this March 2018:

Thursday 1 March 2018 

Episode 760

Shagun turns down Raman’s suggestion for them to remarry. Will he find himself following the path of Ishita once more?

Episode 761

Teaser not available.
Friday 2 March 2018  

Episode 762

Ishita lodges a complaint against Ruhaan’s mother. 

Episode 763

Ishita becomes very emotional when she sees the Bhalla family on TV. Meanwhile, Pihu sees Ishita when they arrive at the same place, at the same time. 

Monday 5 March 2018 

Episode 764

Pihu gets herself locked in a washroom. Meanwhile, Mani tells Ishita that a company owner wants to meet him. Who could it be? 

Episode 765

Raman takes Ruhaan to his room when his health gets worse. Could this be caused by the stress of seeing Ishita every time? 
Tuesday 6 March 2018 

Episode 766

Ishita and Raman both decide to make Ruhaan an ambassador of both their companies, which Nidhi agrees to. Meanwhile, Shagun goes to Australia to look for Ishita. 

Episode 767

Santosh scolds Madhavi for giving Aditya food supplements. Raman and Mani take their contracts to Ruhaan. Will he sign them? 
Wednesday 7 March 2018 

Episode 768

Ishita becomes anxious when she has to go back to India after 7 years. Meanwhile, Ishita and Raman both arrive and enter the same flight. 

Episode 769

Raman and Ishita’s flight gets hijacked whilst Romi tries to steal information from Raman. Will everything go as planned? 
Thursday 8 March 2018

Episode 770

Simi finds Romi stealing information from Raman’s laptop. Meanwhile, the hijackers threaten to kill everyone on the flight. 

Episode 771

Ishita is held at gunpoint whilst Shagun tries to get Aditya a signed autograph from Ruhaan. 
Friday 9 March 2018

Episode 772

Ishita gets shot and Raman tries his best to rush her to the hospital as soon as possible.  

Episode 773

Ishita is registered under the name of Indrani in the hospital and it seems as though Mihika is going to be the one who has to register her. How will they handle seeing one another? 

Monday 12 March 2018 

Episode 774

Raman slaps Aditya for calling him a cold hearted person. Meanwhile, Ruhaan finds out that Ishita was shot. 

Episode 775

Ishita gets emotional when she hears Madhavi’s voice over the phone whilst Raman signs an exclusive deal with Ruhaan. 
Tuesday 13 March 2018 

Episode 776

Aditya is stunned to see that his Ishima is still alive and feels that Mihika has hidden her away from them. How will he react to this? 

Episode 777

Ruhaan receives a great cash amount for the new contract. Meanwhile, Aditya gifts Ishita with a beautiful Sari. 
Wednesday 14 March 2018

Episode 778

Shravan goes missing from his room. Meanwhile, Aditya plans on reuniting Ishita and Raman as a couple. Will he be able to achieve this? 

Episode 779

Shravan tells Aditya his whereabouts, whilst Omprakash tries to prove Santosh’s innocence with the police. 
Thursday 15 March 2018 

Episode 780

Ishita tries to speak to Shravan when she reads his messages on Aaliya’s phone. What is she about to do? 

Episode 781

The Iyer family attends Romi and Mihika’s Sangeet ceremony, whilst Ishita is angry with Aaliya for faking her identity. 
Friday 16 March 2018 

Episode 782

Romi professes his love to Mihika at their Sangeet as they share a beautiful dance together. Meanwhile, is Raman about to get stuck in a lift with Ishita alone? 

Episode 783

Ishita is dejected when Raman opens up to her about his issues. Meanwhile, Santosh thinks that Raman is having an affair when she sees him with another lady. 

Monday 19 March 2018 

Episode 784

Aaliya introduces her real self to Shravan and apologizes to him. The Iyer’s dance at the Sangeet ceremony. 

Episode 785

Ashok overhears Mihika and finds out that Ishita is alive. How will he feel about this? 
Tuesday 20 March 2018 

Episode 786

Aditya is arrested by the police when Aaliya suspects him to be a molester. Meanwhile, Raman and Ishita bump into one another at the police station. 

Episode 787

Mihika brings a lawyer to try and save Aditya from staying in prison. Will they manage to save him? 
Wednesday 21 March 2018 

Episode 788

Madhavi slaps Ishita for faking her death, whilst Santosh asks her to return back home. What will Ishita do? 

Episode 789

Ishita meets Pihu in the exact same way in which she met Ruhi. Meanwhile, Aditya wants to bring his mother back. 
Thursday 22 March 2018 

Episode 790

Mihika asks Ishita to attend her wedding. How will she feel about this? 

Episode 791

Ishita is on a mission to mend the relationship between the Iyer and Bhalla family. Meanwhile, Ruhaan attends Romi’s wedding. 
Friday 23 March 2018

Episode 792

Ishita comes up with a plan to bring the families together. Pihu wants to take a selfie with Ruhaan. Will Ruhaan give in? 

Episode 793

Ruhi tells Nidhi that she does not want Ishita and Raman to reunite. Meanwhile, Raman gets upset when he finds out about Ruhaan’s contract with Ishita. 

Monday 26 March 2018 

Episode 794

Santosh asks Aditya to hang Raman and Ishita’s wedding picture up. It seems as though Ishita is ready to come back home. 

Episode 795

Raman decides to burn Ishita’s belongings and asks Shagun to marry him. Will Shagun say yes? 
Tuesday 27 March 2018 

Episode 796

Aditya tries his best to stop his father from making the wrong decision. Meanwhile, Ishita and Raman are both asked to be a part of Ruhaan’s ad film. 

Episode 797

Ishita speaks to Ruhaan about being unprofessional. It seems as though Santosh wants to go to London. 
Wednesday 28 March 2018 

Episode 798

Aditya gets slapped by Raman after he has an allergic reaction which Ishita scolds Raman for. Is this his plan to bring them together? 

Episode 799

Pihu finds Ishita and Raman’s wedding picture. Ashok mocks Shagun with regard to her marrying back into the Bhalla family. 
Thursday 29 March 2018
Episode 800

Aditya and Aaliya help Ishita move into her new home, whilst Omprakash gets into an argument with the Iyer family. 

Episode 801

Ruhi decides to move into Ishita’s new home as her paying guest. Meanwhile, Nidhi tries her best to hide away from Raman. Is she going to hurt Abhishek in the process of hiding? 
Friday 30 March 2018 

Episode 802

Bala asks Raman to amend his relationship with Ishita. How will he feel about this? 

Episode 803

Ishita and Abhishek try their best to find Nidhi at Ashok’s house. Aditya has decided to get his father arrested. 

Premiere episodes of This is Love air on Glow TV from Mondays to Fridays at 19h00 and 19h30.

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