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Generations Teasers - April 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 22 Feb 2018
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Coming up on Generations this April 2018:

Monday 2 April 2018
Episode 91 (0871) 

A scorned fan can be a celebrity’s worst nightmare… Getty is rattled when Bra’Pops makes a re-appearance. The Diales meet Brandon for the first time.

Tuesday 3 April 2018
Episode 92 (0872) 

Smanga realises stepping over the line is always easier the second time round. Tshidi is shocked to hear how a death was covered up. Peter fumes when his story is shelved for something more important.

Wednesday 4 April 2018
Episode 93 (0873) 

Getty lies to Tau that she is fine. Wandile’s plan to fix things goes horribly wrong. Jack has had enough and decides to play dirty.

Thursday 5 April 2018
Episode 94 (0874) 

Two lovers have the time of their lives, oblivious they’re being photographed. Michael finds out how deep in he really is. Lucy is perplexed by Brandon’s strange eating habits.

Friday 6 April 2018
Episode 95 (0875) 

Namhla tries to reach out but gets snubbed for it. Fana is ready to throw in the towel. Mazwi’s had a complete change of attitude.

Monday 9 April 2018
Episode 96 (0876) 

Mrekza is in the dog box when he can’t deliver the goods. Lesedi finally stands up to Jason. Tshidi gets ravished and happily goes along with it.

Tuesday 10 April 2018
Episode 97 (0877) 

Brandon is lured into a trap. Smanga needs to change his ways to get what he wants. Lucy isn’t ready to kiss and make up yet.

Wednesday 11 April 2018
Episode 98 (0878) 

Zoe arrives at the Diales in a flat panic. Namhla tricks Fana into going to dinner with her. Pam decides partying is the best medicine for being dumped.

Thursday 12 April 2018
Episode 99 (0879) 

Things finally seem to be looking up for Getty. Michael is shocked to hear what his daughter is about to do to him. Lesedi confronts Jason about taking her phone.

Friday 13 April 2018
Episode 100 (0880) 

Lucy is stunned by Mrekza’s revelation. Smanga has second thoughts about blackmailing the chairman.
Cosmo finds the man who robbed them and teaches him a painful lesson.

Monday 16 April 2018
Episode 101 (0881) 

The Diale sisters realise their work is far from over. An angry villager storms into Ezweni demanding to see Mazwi. An ugly show-down with her father prompts Zoe to move out.

Tuesday 17 April 2018
Episode 102 (0882) 

Getty appeals to Bra’Pops’s family to help lay his spirit to rest. No one notices when a man steals a doctor’s coat and ID card at the hospital… Brandon can’t handle emotional stuff and promptly shuts off.

Wednesday 18 April 2018
Episode 103 (0883) 

Mrekza gets a taste of what it’s like to be a father. Cosmo doesn’t realise his innocent advice will lead to disaster. Sphe and Nandi are taken hostage.

Thursday 19 April 2018
Episode 104 (0884) 

Lucy has to think fast to keep Fana away from his flat. Lesedi pulls a knife on Jason. The hostage situation gets out of hand and a gun goes off.

Friday 20 April 2018
Episode 105 (0885) 

Mazwi takes things into his own hands and sneaks past the police. Skhalo shows up demanding answers about Bra Pops’s killer. Jack’s plan to save his loved ones might have come too late.

Monday 23 April 2018
Episode 106 (0886) 

A mother takes a bullet for her daughter. Namhla has a plan to put the school bully in his place. Mrekza realises his woman is not as tough as she pretends to be.

Tuesday 24 April 2018
Episode 107 (0887) 

Lesedi’s plan to get back at Jason backfires on her. Getty blurts out the truth about Bra’Pops’ death. Pam punches a guy in the face.

Wednesday 25 April 2018
Episode 108 (0888) 

Jack is furious about being front-page news again. Skhalo is ready to kill to avenge his father’s death. Zoe is the victim of a ‘random mugging’... or so she thinks.

Thursday 26 April 2018
Episode 109 (0889) 

Namhla gets angry when Mrekza sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong. Brandon is curious about what it’s like to be in love. Getty is horrified to hear what’s going to happen to her.

Friday 27 April 2018
Episode 110 (0890) 

Adam is furious when he realises Pam played him. Michael turns to the bottle when the hits just keep coming. Lucy tells her man they’re done.

Monday 30 April 2018
Episode 111 (0891) 

Zoe balks at the idea of her son having a girlfriend. Lesedi confides in Gog’Flo about what she’s up to.
Jack is shocked to hear who ratted him out.

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22 Feb 2018 15:08

We not into March but April teasers are already available. 


22 Feb 2018 16:23

Seems like lots of drama. I'm lost but that's normal cuz its only Feb. I just hope they execute these stories properly. Are Sphe and Kumkani even still together I wonder.

22 Feb 2018 16:33

What happened to Ntombi & Fana. Did she ever find out that Fana is somehow involved in her husband death. I know she found out about the payments. 

I hope they keep Sphe & Kumkani together and break up Tau & Zitha. 

22 Feb 2018 18:42

@pjvv yes Ntombi found out the whole truth. But said she'd keep quiet as she couldn't make ends meet without Fana's monthly payments.

22 Feb 2018 19:56

I guess we'll have to wait and see. I'm already bored by the Bra Pops mess before it even begins. . .  More interested in the hostage situation and a mother taking a bullet for her daughter whew! 

23 Feb 2018 08:50

I think Zitha send the faux e-mail to fool Tau and Fana.

23 Feb 2018 09:08

I also think Nandi will die from that bullet.

23 Feb 2018 13:16

Do you think @show-time? I like Nandi and Mfundi only mentioned Namhla and Getty getting chopped. Let's hope Nandi survives. Although Jack and Tshidi would be a badass power couple hey.

23 Feb 2018 20:13

I really enjoyed yesterdays episode. Namhla's first scene with Kumkani was my favourite, she actually delivered a good performance lmao 

23 Feb 2018 20:19

Sduu edited on
2/23/2018 8:22 PM

I love Pam already :-) .. LOL!!!

23 Feb 2018 20:35

Brilliant acting from Pam! I'm loving her already. Episode was clean and well-delivered.

23 Feb 2018 21:50

I also enjoyed today's episode. Jack is such a dictator yerrr! Argh shame Sphe revealing she loves Chief! Lmao! Daniel was super smart with Lucy hahaha shame Mrekza though. Why doesn't Zitha want her fiancé and Bafana to know that she actually sent that e-mail?? The Tau/ Bafana stuff is the least interesting for me right now... and the Kumkani/ Namhla stuff is the most interesting! 

23 Feb 2018 22:43

Pam is hot! Lol I'm not judging her acting yet but I love her vibe and her fashion.

24 Feb 2018 10:01

Finally Sphe confesses to Gadaffi that she loves him. But it's a dangerous love. If only she knew that just over 48hours ago, he almost got her step-sister murked.

28 Feb 2018 07:55

Guys Namhla's acting is trash lmao .Zoe and Pam are giving me life yoh .they make the sisterhood seem so real.i love Pam's facial reactions that is acting .

28 Feb 2018 09:41

Lol that lame botched kidnapping was hilarious. Not just because of Namhla's wack acting but also because realistically those two men should have easily overpowered her. The director sucks big time!

28 Feb 2018 10:10

Hahahaha, that botched kidnapping. What a ridiculous stroryline or is acting. I couldnt believe that Namhla overpowered those two guys. Am with you there Dezi...

Why didntthey kidnap her, am tired of Namhla

01 Mar 2018 11:08

@pjvv ,, hahahha hayi sana she is leaving Generation soon no worries sana,,

 Thulisile Phongolo spreads her wings in new role and music,,

 i thnk its a good thing we need new faces,,

04 Mar 2018 15:47

Michael Phillips is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters... The whole Phillips family is actually fantastic! Shame Zoe will be stuck with boring stories under Jack's influence and Sipho will be well fed with the juicy bits by Tau and Bafana. 

The scene between Tsidi and Kumkani was so funny lmao.. He does not give a damn about her anymore tyo. And on top of that, Sphe walks in the room adding more awkwardness lmfao!!


07 Mar 2018 00:22

Mrekza's storyline is so unrealistic mkmk. So I see a potential love interest for Smanga in Pam... I guess we'll how it goes.

07 Mar 2018 08:32

I agree that Mrekza's storyline is straight up dumb. But he's funny as hell so we easily overlook it lol.

07 Mar 2018 15:49

@Zodwa. I can understand why you would want tsidi and Kumkani back together but if I'm really being honest with you I would like to tell you that I don't like that. Their relationship was toxic really. Tsidi wasn't a saint but did she really deserve all that physical abuse that Kumkani gave her. The beatings the almost stranglings? 

I hated seeing that on TV. It made my heart burn and churn and what was worse the thing that really got to me was the fact that she just stood there and took it. This strong regal fierce boss lady stood for it and stood by her man despite it and that burned me. It really burned me so when Kumkani after separating her from jack expected her to come back and she didn't and instead showed him the bruises he gave her and she DID NOT GO BACK I WAS SO PROUD OF HER. SO VERY VERY VERY PROUD.

I was proud of her character growth. It made me so HAPPY to know that they would no longer be together and she was so OVER that boat. I never never want them back together ever again in this lifetime. I'm sensing that now with the return of tsidi some people maybe pushing for a storyline in which she is jealous of Sphe's and Kumkani's new relationship but I hope and pray that it didn't come to that.

A lot of people seem to hate namhla but in truth I really enjoy her character even if sometimes she's an idiot. I loved when she brought the mabaso and dial families together for Christmas. That was an interesting episode and very funny. And that's what I enjoy about Namhla. Her unique and interesting character allows her to show us more interesting and necessary storyline.

Remember when she was dating that Kenyan guy? Remember when she saved Smanga? Remember that she was the most accepting of Wandi and her status and it was because of her open mindedness and support that other people learned to accept wandi and wandi learned to accept herself! Namhla is my #friendshipgoals she is smart beautiful (so very beautiful) and above all an interesting character. In truth I don't want to see her go

07 Mar 2018 16:16

@Sharmila I would say that that relationship was a good match, they were meant for each other. Both ruthless, cunning and evil in their own different ways. They would have done crazy things together. I think Kumkani used to underestimate Tsidi, which is why she's getting away with theft. She's not on Kumkani's radar, not a suspect because Kumkani may not think that she's capable of such which is interesting for me. It's great to see such dynamic where both a man and his wife are disgusting little evil creatures. Both villains. 

We've seen the same old boring narative countless times where a male character is the main antagonist while his wife is the literal opposite of what he is or what he stands for. The same thing is happening on Generations, look at Jack and Nandi. But to see both man and woman in the relationship be both ruthless and devilish is something i'd like to see. To both respect and be intimidated by one another would be something different.

Take for instance, the film "Mr and Mrs Smith" starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie... a relationship of that kind... but love should also be factored in.

About Namhla, I like her actually, but the actress just makes things unbearable. She's terrible at what she does! There are some not-so-good actors on this show but it's just that they are not in every storyline like Namhla. Namhla is omnipresent and so we have to endure more bad acting everyday.

They did well by pinning Thabiso's abduction and kidnapping on Nolwazi... Thando Thabethe did fantastic with that storyline. Thulisile Phongolo on the other hand would have been awful! 

07 Mar 2018 19:46

I just watched Thulisile Phongolo's interview on Trending SA... She's such a great presence; so inspiring and has so much wisdom :) I wish her well in her future endeavours. 

07 Mar 2018 20:07

I think I get what you mean. I understand you better and you are right. It is fun to see people both be evil and intimidated by one another. I guess I'm also guilty of enjoying that storyline as well and I did. But kumkani just got more and more violent towards utsidi and THAT became unbearable to watch.

It made me cringe and HATE Kumkani. And honestly don't you think that's a waste of a good character? I don't want to HATE Kumkani. I want to cheer him on as he does what his gangster self does. There's so much you can forgive someone for before they become simply unbearable.

Think of it like when you watch a crime investigative show like... I don't know criminal minds. Later on in the show you find out that the murderer was maybe raped and tortured by blondnwomen and that's maybe why he's on a killing spree abducting and killing random blond women.

You maybe feel sorry for the guy. Wonder what kind of a person he would be had that not been the case. Maybe even understand him more and feel that he is justified in what he does. But the fact still remains he still stalks and murders random blond women. And the same should apply to Kumkani.

He is an awesome character. Cold ruthless and cunning but should the fact that you love him as a character excuse his abusive behavior to matsidiso? Does this mean he was JUSTIFIED in strangling her, physically assaulting her? Is he JUSTIFIED? 


07 Mar 2018 22:54

Tashi edited on
3/7/2018 11:01 PM

Such interesting comments! - you need a TV show of your own:)

07 Mar 2018 23:04

The only reason I don't want K&T back together is because I was truly tired of their story. But I don't know what the future holds for either character as Sphe and Kumkani have no future. Maybe if Nandi left, Tshidi might give it a go with Jack. But no more Tshidi & Kumkani plz.

08 Mar 2018 01:32

I agree Kumkani is a bad and abusive lover. He's the toxic one in the relationship. But I still ship them eitherway. If Tsidi was just as powerful and dangerous as Kumkani... that would be cool to see...

08 Mar 2018 11:37

Well I think Tshidi would make a powerful and fun partner for Jack. Him and Saint Nandi are boring together. Lol do they even have s*x? Cuz they sure as hell never kiss.

11 Mar 2018 07:54

Sharmila edited on
3/11/2018 7:59 AM

I guess that would be nice but I love jack and nandi. Plus if jack and matsidiso got back together that would just further ruin jack and bafanas relationship. Not to mention that it would be wierd...?? I mean imagine sphe "my dad is with my boyfriend's ex wife" that's just... Eeeuu?? If they got together that would mean that Sphe is with her stepmother's ex husband..??

As for Kumkani I know all of you love him but every character has their flaws. And like most character we love them BECAUSE of their flaws but with me and kumkani that's not the case because his major flaw to !e is his abusive behavior...

I mean remember when matsidiso refused to come back to him because of that behavior and attitude and his only response was you deserved it? You are the one who is always pushing me to do it. It was the woman's fault she was beang abused. She was the one pushing the abuser towards such abusive behaivor... Just yuck. Can you imagine him doing that to Sphe? Abusing her then blaming her then blaming her for MAKING HIM ABUSE HER.

Iknow none of you think he will do that to her to sphe but i'd like for you to imagine it please. Remember all those times he abused matsidiso and put Sphe in her place then you'll understand what I mean. Because if this were real life an abuser would never change his ways.

11 Mar 2018 08:43

I agree, he does seem to control Sphe a little. But that's just how he is and it's kinda sexy lol. But to be honest I can see him losing his patience one day and giving Sphe a slap. He's got anger issues. I still love him tho.

12 Mar 2018 16:35

Hooorya! You get it! We all think that Kumkani is sexy and rough tough but is he sexy whenever his hand slaps a woman whenever he is frustrated and or annoyed by that woman?

that's why I am so nervous about their relationship. Sphe thinks that kumkani is the one and that he will change for her but I really don't see that and I can see the rude awakening she will get when that happens. If the show carries on this is how it will go.

She thinks she is right. She ALWAYS thinks she is right. That she has the moral high ground and that was all fine and good when she would bear the consequences but what about Rori? What will happen the day Sphe crosses the line line with him and he gets physical?

Sphe has always preached about the type of environment that her daughter will live in and about how she has to make it ansafe and good one. When she wanted a divorce this was her justification. When she later on didn't want a divorce again this was the reason. What will happen to Rori when she is introduced into an environment where her mother is a victim of Gaddafi's temper? And I'm worried about all of this because no matter how much I think about it. Nomatter how much I envision it this is were my mind goes.

Or what? Do you think that they will live happily ever after that their relationship will stay the way it is now. All happy and stuff.

You know what? I want to see this happen. This will make for a very important arc and I can't wait for Smangaliso to find out and step in. I can already imagine how hard he will fight for his parental rights when faced with the idea that Thabi's killer may very well be his child's step father. That will be very exciting. He has been content with letting mazwi be daddy but Kumkani? I can't wait to see Smangaliso then. It will be exciting. And I can't wait for sphe to finally be WRONG??????; ) it will be a very very fun arc

13 Mar 2018 20:43

I saw and today and she was soooooooookk beautiful and was looking so lavish! I never realised how much I missed her till I saw her. I think I finally see what you all mean about kumkani and sphe''s relationship.

Seeing him with rori really touched me. It was sweet and now I can see why the relationship appeals to you all... but still I want to see Smanga fight for his rights in light of this.

As for all of you who ship taxis and jack... I don'the see that happening. Not again. But this partnership between them is shaping up to be extremely fun.

I want to see Tsidi CRUSH her brother and that will be fun. Now that wandi's back I want getty back as well. I want to see if she has grown enough as a person from her recent experiences to let go of her anger towards wandi. Has she developed as character.

13 Mar 2018 20:52

I think I am going to like this new Wandi. She has a new aura about her. When she left she was draining and boring. But this new her is happy, content, determined and gorgeous! I think Chi is an amazing actress to be able to act not just with her words but also with her mannerisms and general essence. I'm team Wandi all day!

15 Mar 2018 04:20

I knew that Bafana wouldn't give a damn if he was exposed as having revealed those emails lmao. The scene between him and Jack was epic, telling Jack that he's the one who crused his last enemy (AK) and that Jack is old and his time is running out. EPIC. Hahahaha

The show is under-utilizing the great talent that is Moopi Mothibeli... Smanga doesn't have any interesting storylines anymore, and it's been months tyo! 

This Chief-Sphe relationship won't last at all. It was doomed from the start. He's never even said the L word yet ncncnc

I was laughing so hard when Lucy said she wanted to see what she paid for and that Wandi should show her the "goods" LMFAO!!! 


15 Mar 2018 14:39

The past two episodes I have enjoyed immensely! Mrekza is also killing me lol.

17 Mar 2018 03:24

@Dezi same. They were incredible.Bafana is winning this war lmao! Argh shame Sphe and Fifi. Thank God she walked away from him but I was happy that she was happy for a change and dis what she wanted to do for once. 

Smanga killed me in that scene with Mdana, the actor gave a splendid performance while doing the bare minimum. Such talent!

Wandile needs to chill, ID's take a maximum of 2 weeks. Learn to be patient haybo! 

@Dezicles the other thing that made these past 2 episodes so awesome was that they were Mazwi-less woohh let's have a drink to that!

Generations is all about rivalry with the people who are supposed to love and care for one another these days. Family, friends, lovers... 
Tau vs Tsidi
Bafana vs Jack
Lucy vs Mrekza

I hope the next coming episodes are just as enjoyable. 


17 Mar 2018 12:17

Chiiiiile Wandi is 4, 5 seconds away from annoying me again with all this whining! lol Anyhoo Smanga killed it! Also the Phillips fam is blending effortlessly into the show. Love them. I agree, the show is always better when the likes of Mazwi AND Namhla are not heavily featured. But I don't mind Mazwi that much cuz at least he can act at most times. The show needs to carry on like this. Me likey a lot.

18 Apr 2018 14:47

i just love Lesedi.......

24 Apr 2018 14:51

Show-Time edited on
4/24/2018 2:53 PM

Even after Nandi getting shot, I can still see Jackalas saying, "the development must still go ahead, we can't let a simple shooting get in the way of our progress". That is how self-absorbed and selfish he is.

24 Apr 2018 14:58

Sis Pat has just oppened hell's gate for Getty! Sad that such a loving, caring, innocent soul will suffer for being broke and owing a vicious loan-shark.

Taffytuff Killer
26 Apr 2018 00:28

i think skhalo can act as a godfather of gangsters

Taffytuff Killer
26 Apr 2018 00:30

Skhalo is a good actor he makes it look real

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