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The Queen Teasers - March 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog The Queen Teasers on 16 Feb 2018
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Coming up on The Queen this March 2018:

Thursday 1 March 2018
Episode 154 

The Wedding

The big day has finally come for Tembisa’s favourite couple, but not everyone seems to be happy. Gracious gets a dreaded call, where she’s forced to save someone she cares about.

Friday 2 March 2018
Episode 155 

A Hurricane

Bakang decides to tell everyone the truth. Shaka leaps to Gift’s defence. Refilwe makes an important announcement.

Monday 5 March 2018
Episode 156 

I've Hurt You

Vuyiswa is desperate for Jerry to hear her out. Shaka sets out on a mission impossible, all in the name of love. Jerry and Boi have a sad farewell.

Tuesday 6 March 2018
Episode 157 

A Sea of Pain

Mmabatho attempts to save Shaka’s life. The Khozas expect the worst. Boi reaches the end of her tether.

Wednesday 7 March 2018
Episode 158 

Finding a Healing

Tension between Shaka and Goodness is still alive and well. Cleo announces her great expansion plan. Bakang officially ends a Maake marriage.

Thursday 8 March 2018
Episode 159 

How To Love

Shaka plans to pull out all the stops to win back Mmabatho. Kea goes on a date, but it doesn’t go as expected. Vuyiswa finds unusual opposition as she tries to get her life back.

Friday 9 March 2018
Episode 160 

Pretty Woman

Shaka needs help to win Mmabatho back. Vuyiswa feels under attack. Kea is swept up in a whirlwind romance.

Monday 12 March 2018
Episode 161 

Falling Fast

Kea is in love. Kagiso wants to expand their business out of the country. Meanwhile, Vuyiswa is rushed to hospital.

Tuesday 13 March 2018
Episode 162 

A New World

Tebogo comes for dinner and receives mixed reviews. Kea falls under Tebogo’s spell. There's tension between Bakang and Vuyiswa, but they forge on.

Wednesday 14 March 2018
Episode 163 

Unforseen Arrest

Tebogo loses his temper over breakfast. Kea gets a call from Tebogo’s ex. Vuyiswa cuts her break short and makes an arrest.

Thursday 15 March 2018
Episode 164 

A Linger of Doubt

Skhumbuzo threatens to leave Gracious. A dangerous woman sneaks into the Khoza mansion. 

Friday 16 March 2018
Episode 165 

Queen of Bullets

Kea sees a side of Tebogo she didn’t expect. Gracious’ finds unexpected opposition when she tries to get Kaizer out on bail. Brutus is worried that Kagiso is still not over Goodness.

Monday 19 March 2018
Episode 166 

Bad Judgement

Kea is conflicted as different voices tell her how to handle Tebogo. Gracious makes a bold move to get Kaizer out of jail. Bakang tries to offer Vuyiswa his support.

Tuesday 20 March 2018
Episode 167 

Sudden Proposal

Mmabatho suspects something is going on in the house. Vuyiswa finds out that the van belongs to Gracious. Zack offers to negotiate lobola.

Wednesday 21 March 2018
Episode 168 

Unwilling Makoti

Gracious’s manipulation seems to be working on Captain Radebe. Vuyiswa rejects Bakang’s support. Kea overcomes her initial reservations about Tebogo.

Thursday 22 March 2018
Episode 169 

Small Joys

Bakang explodes and Vuyiswa is finally honest. Vuyiswa is triumphant. Kea is ready for the next big step is her relationship.

Friday 23 March 2018
Episode 170 


After working tirelessly to get evidence, Vuyiswa finally makes an arrest. Kea gets the shock of her life from someone she cares deeply about.

Monday 26 March 2018
Episode 171 

The Slap, The Bribe

Kea deals with the aftermath of Tebogo’s actions. The Colombians cancel the cocaine supply run and Goodness doesn’t know what to do. 

Tuesday 27 March 2018
Episode 172 

Darkness of Love

Kea fears for her life when Tebogo’s true colours show. Shaka finds himself in bed with an old enemy. Tebogo worms his way into the Khoza empire.

Wednesday 28 March 2018
Episode 173 

Bail Out

The Khozas encourage Kea to stay with Tebogo. Prince’s confrontation with Tebogo does not end will. Gracious asks the worst of Goodness.

Thursday 29 March 2018
Episode 174 

Mama's Gun

Tebogo and Kagiso make peace. Harriet suspects not all is rosy between Kea and Tebogo. Gracious asks Goodness to commit a crime.

Friday 30 March 2018
Episode 175 


Goodness locates Kaizer and Jomo’s hideout. Harriet and Aunt Thulile exchange ugly looks. Tebogo makes a big announcement. 

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16 Feb 2018 21:52

Goku edited on
2/16/2018 9:54 PM

Boring wth capital lettar B..... Only want 2 know who is Tebogo

17 Feb 2018 09:09

The writers are focusing on the River soapie ,now this one is so boring. There is nothing interesting anymore

19 Feb 2018 11:48

Goku and Max85 , sana i thnk they can employ us in the meantime,, its soo damm and boring now,, i just want Mmabatho 's clothes mna lol..

20 Feb 2018 11:06

the queen is so boring 

22 Feb 2018 10:54

especially tht Onica sex charector,,,hayi i thnk the River can move to channel 161 then The Queen to 103.. its soo expensive bathung nale dstv.. yiuuuuu

27 Feb 2018 20:55

Lmao March is gonna be a long month. So boring

28 Feb 2018 13:36

I kinda loved Vuyiswa and Jerry but hey, this secret is not gonna work. 

then Vuyiswa also sleeping with father & son in a matter of a month apart. It was bound to blow

28 Feb 2018 13:37

Can this soapie end please, unless if you change story lines

28 Feb 2018 15:07

i wonde who is going to be Tebogo????? Kea's new boyfrnd..

28 Feb 2018 15:08

i thnk Lunga Tshabalala from Selimathunzi.. please correct me sana if i am wrong.

01 Mar 2018 12:42

so dollar will not find out that kea is the one who blackmailed him.

05 Mar 2018 14:38

@qaqamba u wrong 

06 Mar 2018 10:34

Yesterday's episode was sad, too much crying and emotions. But Vuyiswa should have told Jerry the truth, maybe they would have reached an agreement. 

Boi was chasing Vuyiswa, that was pure hypocrisy. She knew Vuyiswa was with Bakang before, but iyhoo, the way she chased her.

That Refilwe, hmmm, i think she wants Jerry for herself. Trust me, one day she will sneak into his bed.

07 Mar 2018 10:56

@jahblessed,, sana they are employing same ppl wethu,, hahahaha but i heard Fezile Makhanya: The Queen's new master manipulator.. .. nam i also want to wrk for Fergusonscheeky

07 Mar 2018 11:43

Ya that Refilwe, eish i dont really like her. i guess then she is happy, its now her lo dadyJerry kkk

07 Mar 2018 12:27

@qaqamba u can be the best writer @ fergusons films 

12 Mar 2018 10:38

@jahblessed ,, sana do you think so????? i will start by showing ppl Babomncane's background before tht fleshy life.. lol.. Shaka he like the phrase "khawungi balances Babomncane",, always on his lines.

Taffytuff Killer
13 Mar 2018 02:34

Vuyiswa needs to let go and she needs to move on because Jerry is not going to take her back
Vuyiswa needs to be a drunkard and a prostitute

Taffytuff Killer
13 Mar 2018 02:35

Vuyiswa needs to take care of the child only

Taffytuff Killer
13 Mar 2018 02:37

I Support Jerry nobody is going to take care of somebody else's child

13 Mar 2018 11:27

wht happened with Mara Louw aka Boi and the Fergusons?????? i was sleeping i heard Nomakula on TSA SA saying why Mara Louw ???????

13 Mar 2018 18:29

I'm sure she's gonna miss that role, coz she was basically playing herself, an alcoholic who was famous long ago but its now irrelevant and old. 30 ·

13 Mar 2018 18:43

The actress has claimed that part of the reason she left was because of copyright infringements she saw within the drama's storyline. Marah explained that the storyline had resembled an incident she had written about in her biography - It's Me Marah. "I refused because the storyline resembled an incident that is in my book. I told them that I was not going to r-enact my life in a soapie. I refused because it is the kind of incident that I would not want to go through again, let alone talking about it. I told them that they got the story from my book and there is a copyright issue involved. They asked another actress to act in the episode, which still hurt me." After declining to act out the role, Marah said she was then summoned to a meeting with the producers of the show who told her that they had run out of ideas for her character. Disheartened by the sudden news, Marah then went straight home and contacted her lawyer. Ferguson Films have not yet commented about the incident.

Lawrence Kanyayi
13 Mar 2018 20:12

I Agree with Taffytuff Killer nobody needs a wife who slept with your son no matter what 
real men don't share wives with anyone and I will never share her with my son

Lawrence Kanyayi
13 Mar 2018 20:15

once you sleep with my son or anyone before me it's going to be over

14 Mar 2018 12:58

go well Marah louw aka boi maake 

14 Mar 2018 12:58

were is sello maake 

15 Mar 2018 12:48

Tebogo is abusive'
on serious note the queen should just be cancelled 

15 Mar 2018 21:24

Tebogo and Chulu from Broken vows same whatsapp group??

Taffytuff Killer
16 Mar 2018 03:33

why does keabetswe date rubbish guys

Taffytuff Killer
16 Mar 2018 03:34

first it was kwanele then now tebogo c'mon

Taffytuff Killer
16 Mar 2018 03:38

keabetswe needs a real man not tebogo

Taffytuff Killer
24 Mar 2018 21:07


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