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Young Love Teasers - October 2017

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Young Love Teasers on 29 Sep 2017
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Coming up on Young Love this October 2017:

Monday 2 October 2017

Episode 687 

Jagdish lies to Grandma Kalyani when she questions him. Meanwhile, Anandi moves out of their room and sleeps by herself.  

Episode 688 

Four years have passed and Jagdish is officially a doctor. Will things be the same between him and Anandi?
Tuesday 3 October 2017

Episode 689 

Anandi tries to share Jagdish’s excitement with regard to his success. Will they be able to rekindle their relationship?

Episode 690 

Grandma Kalyani wants to build a hospital for her grandson to work at when he returns home. Will they manage to build it in time?
Wednesday 4 October 2017

Episode 691 

Jagdish returns home to a grand welcome from his family and the village, but he seems to only have Gauri’s last words on his mind.

Episode 692 

Gauri spends some quality time with her family, whilst Jagdish gets upset when he hears the conversations of his family discussing his stay with them forever.
Thursday 5 October 2017

Episode 693 

Could Gauri be the other young girl that Grandma Kalyani got Jagdish married to when he was younger?

Episode 694 

Bhairon is completely upset with Jagdish’s attitude and selfish behaviour. How will he deal with this?
Friday 6 October 2017

Episode 695 

Sugna is hurt when she finds out that her brother wants to settle in the city forever.

Episode 696 

The whole family tries their best to convince Jagdish to stay. Meanwhile, Bhairon feels sorry for Anandi.

Monday 9 October 2017

Episode 697 

Jagdish speaks to his sister and Shyam in a very rude and arrogant manner. How will they react to this?

Episode 698 

Anandi’s parents come home to visit Jagdish but he leaves before they can arrive. Meanwhile, Anandi refuses to move out and stay with Jagdish.
Tuesday 10 October 2017

Episode 699 

Jagdish meets Gauri’s uncle whilst Bhairon and his family try their best to convince Anandi to go to Mumbai.

Episode 700 

Phooli convinces Anandi that staying with Jagdish is the best thing for their relationship to work out. How will she feel about this?
Wednesday 11 October 2017

Episode 701 

Anandi gets ready to go to her husband but is uncomfortable under their current situation.

Episode 702 

Grandma Kalyani pampers Anandi as she believes that she will bring her Grandson back home. Is she being genuine with her affection towards Anandi?
Thursday 12 October 2017

Episode 703 

Phooli’s late husband’s family wants her to marry their younger son so that she can provide them with a child. How will she feel about this?

Episode 704 

Gauri and Jagdish are on a mission to find a house that they can stay in. Meanwhile, Phooli gives in to her parents request when her father threatens to attempt suicide.
Friday 13 October 2017

Episode 705 

Jagdish lies to the landlord that he and Gauri are married. How will Gauri feel about this?

Episode 706 

Anandi suffers from a really bad stomach pain as all the wedding festivities begin. What could be wrong?

Monday 16 October 2017

Episode 707 

Sumitra is distraught when she finds out that her son doesn’t want to come back home and Bhairon wants to send Anandi to Mumbai. How will she handle this?

Episode 708 

Jagdish gifts Gauri with an anklet whilst the anklet that he had given to Anandi breaks off. Will Jagdish allow Anandi to come to Mumbai?
Tuesday 17 October 2017

Episode 709 

Bhairon and Sumitra are hurt by Jagdish’s rude behavior. Meanwhile, Phooli tries to give her new husband emotional support.

Episode 710 

Phooli is overwhelmed with happiness when she receives so much of love and affection from her in-laws.
Wednesday 18 October 2017

Episode 711 

Anandi’s health gets worse as each day goes by, but everything they have tried doesn’t seem to be helping. What could it be?

Episode 712 

Jagdish tells Anandi that he no longer loves her and she is his biggest childhood mistake. How will she handle this?
Thursday 19 October 2017

Episode 713 

Anandi needs to be taken to hospital. Will Grandma Kalyani give her go ahead? Meanwhile, Jagdish chooses Gauri over his wife.

Episode 714 

Shyam figures out that Jagdish has been lying and has been making up excuses. What will he do about this?
Friday 20 October 2017

Episode 715 

Anandi suffers from heartbreak while she is badly ill. Meanwhile, Bhairon wants to meet Jagdish personally to solve the matter. Will he find out the truth?

Episode 716 

Bhairon finds out the facts and that he has been lied to by Jagdish. What is he about to do?

Monday 23 October 2017

Episode 717 

Bhairon breaks all ties with Jagdish and declares that his son is officially dead to him. What will Jagdish do about this?

Episode 718 

Jagdish is shattered by his father’s decision and turns to Gauri for moral support without disclosing the truth.
Tuesday 24 October 2017

Episode 719 

Bhairon cries as he pleads for Anandi’s forgiveness whilst Grandma Kalyani is completely taken aback by the truth. What will she do?  

Episode 720 

Nandu’s purity and innocence is the only thing that gets Bhairon out of his room. How will the family deal with their current situation?
Wednesday 25 October 2017

Episode 721 

Anandi is completely shattered when she finds out that the girl that Jagdish loves is Gauri.

Episode 722 

Jagdish is put in an awkward position when Lal Singh’s wife invites all his college friends for dinner. Will he attend?
Thursday 26 October 2017

Episode 723 

Anandi opens up to Anandi about Jagdish never loving her again. Meanwhile, Bhairon has an emotional breakdown when he cannot contain his anger.

Episode 724 

Sumitra has decided to leave the house to bring her son back home to his wife. Meanwhile, Jagdish feels guilty when Gauri talks about child marriage.
Friday 27 October 2017

Episode 725 

Jagdish and Gauri get a gift for Lal and his wife. Meanwhile, Sumitra gets lost in Mumbai.

Episode 726 

Sumitra tells Jagdish that she knows the truth and still wants to forgive him when she requests him to come back home with her. How will he react to his mother’s request?

Monday 30 October 2017

Episode 727 

Sumitra gets angry when Jagdish gives her a reality check, leaving her with regrets towards her son. Is she about to disown him?

Episode 728 

Jagdish takes out his anger on his father via a phone call. How will Anandi deal with all the drama going on which Jagdish blames her for?
Tuesday 31 October 2017

Episode 729 

Sumitra requests Anandi to remove Jagdish from her life and not live as a widow, but as her own daughter. How will everyone feel about this?

Episode 730 

Bhairon and Sumitra announce to everyone that they are considering getting Anandi remarried as their daughter, and take on that that responsibility for her. How will Maasa feel about this?

Young Love airs in double bills on Glow TV Mondays to Fridays at 19h30. The omnibus is on Saturdays at 10h00.


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